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Michael and Sophia: The Shower and the Storm

StellaraDarkQueen   June 06, 2022   | 1576 Views
Her ample breasts pressed against his masculine chest, and her nipples hard as pebbles were causing his cock to stir. stepmom

Michael and Sophia: The Shower and the Storm

The storm was fierce.  Michael and Sophia huddled together on the couch.  As he held her, he could feel her shivering with fear.

Her ample breasts pressed firmly against his masculine chest. Her nipples, hard as pebbles were causing his cock to stir.

Sophia was afraid of the thunder. Every time it crackled, she squeezed him tighter. Her hard nipples pressing against his chest stimulated her pussy as well.  Her juices flowed, puddling on the leather sofa.

As the storm intensified, Michael came up with an idea. He wanted to take Sophia's mind off of the storm.  He decided they would play Boss and Assistant which she loved. Both of them enjoyed playing adult games.  He whispered in her ear suggesting they play and Sophia agreed.

The couple rose from the couch and headed to their play room.  The room was filled with costumes and toys used in their scenarios. As he prepared the room, Sophia decided to take a shower.  He watched her as she walked away naked.  His dick stirred, anticipating what was to come.  Hurriedly, he finished preparing the room.

In the shower, Sophia grabbed the hand-held.  Aiming the steady stream onto her clit, she closed her eyes. The sensation was so intense, her sensitive clit swelled and hardened. Moaning, she bucked faster and faster against the stream until her orgasm overtook her.  As her orgasm erupted, she rode the warmth engulfing her body.

After Michael finished preparing the room, he headed to the bathroom.  He opened the door and stood in silence. He observed Sophia’s sweet passionate explosion just as it hit. His dick grew hard upon seeing the vision before him. Quickly unzipping his fly, he began to undress so he could assist in releasing her tension.

Michael stepped inside the shower.  He reached out and began twisting her hardened nipples. Sophia quickly opened her eyes in surprise!  She didn’t know he was there watching her naughty playtime.

Seeing this, Michael bent forward kissing her as he continued to torture her nipples. This sent Sophia over the edge!  Aiming the water stream on her now very sensitive clit once again.   She came hard, bucking, squirming, and shouting his name. 

Her intense orgasm exploded throughout her body once again. Faster and faster she bucked forward almost fainting. Michael let go of her nipples just in time. He quickly grabbed her around her waist to stop her from falling.  Sophia fell into his embrace, dropping the shower head to the floor.

Michael spun her around, bent her forward spreading her legs wide. Aiming his huge cock at her glistening pussy covered in water and cum.  Shoving his dick deep inside her, hitting bottom.

Sophia screamed loudly as he began to pound her hard, holding her by her hips. He pulled back and thrust forward once again.  This caused her pussy to grab his huge dick, pulling it in deeper.

Faster and faster he fucked her.  Backing her ass up, forcing him deeper inside her hot, wet, hungry pussy.  The walls pulled him in deeper and deeper.  His dick hitting the g-spot. Juice squirting out, mixing with the cascading water from the rain shower head. The feeling was so good that they forgot about the bedroom playtime.

Fucking, bucking, slamming his cock deep inside her pussy.  Michael reached around with one hand and began to pinch her clit between his fingers.  He rolled it back and forth gently. Sophia increased her speed sliding back and forth. Bucking her ass up and down she came hard once again. She screamed and creamed at the same time.  Her body convulsing in pleasurable jerking motions.

Michael groaned and grunted loudly as his orgasm crept up on him as well.  Her pussy walls sucking the cum from his balls.  He shot his load deep inside her hungry hole. Sophia screamed as she came hard once again.  Fucking his hand as he continued to torture her angry clit.

Faster and faster, the two of them fucked, not wanting to stop. They both came again hard!  He finally released her clit.  He braced both of them so they wouldn't fall forward. The two of them finally released the rest of their tension and broke their tight embrace.

Michael pulled her up and spun her around to face him. Her eyes were glazed over with pleasure, as we're his. He bent down and placed a passionate kiss on her hungry lips.  Then without any words being spoken, they washed each other thoroughly.

Michael decided the playroom could wait for round two. To be continued..."Play Time"

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