Tea, toast and marmalade or something?

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The bed was very comfortable the pillows were perfect and my breathing returned to near normal very quickly. My thoughts? If I had any they wouldn't have included my husband nor that I shouldn't be laying naked on a strangers bed eagerly awaiting his return. I closed my eyes contentedly and listened to him doing things in the kitchen. The faint gurgle of the washing machine starting suggested that I wouldn't have much longer to wait. Luxury

Tea, toast and marmalade or something?

His bedroom was neat and tidy. The bed made and the pillows plumped up. It put mine to shame! I had just thrown the duvet over and pulled it a bit straighter, after all who was going to see it?“Good job it's Thursday,” he said almost reading my mind, “I changed the bed linen this morning.”He pulled the duvet and top sheet back and invited me to get comfortable. I laid, totally naked and utterly relaxed. I really didn't have a care in the world. I smiled up at him and he bent towards me, kissed me gently on my forehead, the tip of my nose then his lips brushed gently against mine. He stood.“Get your breath back and collect your thoughts while I put the washing on, I'll not be a minute.” he told me.The bed was very comfortable the pillows were perfect and my breathing returned to near normal very quickly. My thoughts? If I had any they wouldn't have included my husband nor that I shouldn't be laying naked on a strangers bed eagerly awaiting his return. I closed my eyes contentedly and listened to him doing things in the kitchen. The faint gurgle of the washing machine starting suggested that I wouldn't have much longer to wait.“Still here? That's good,” he said, “I managed to get a lot of the chocolate off first then did the area with a quick rub of vanish. I put your panties in as well, all on delicate/quick wash. I'm certain I can find a shirt to make you look respectable but I'm not sure my boxers will do the job. If your panties are not dry by the time I have to escort you home, you'll have to go commando.”His smile was infectious and I smiled back at him. “Thank you.” I told him, waiting for him to join me on the bed. He sat beside me, leaned and once more kissed my forehead and the tip of my nose. When his lips brushed against mine I kissed back happily, put my arms around him and eased him closer while kissing him back with increasing enthusiasm. I had to let him up for air eventually but it was his own fault. Nobody had paid me the least attention for far too long.“May I?” he asked indicating the other side of the bed.“Yes, please,” I told him without any feeling of 'I shouldn't be doing this'. As he walked around the foot of the bed I rolled onto my side so that I would be facing him when he joined me.He kissed me. I kissed him back then we kissed each other, rolling around the bed like teenagers except that while I was naked he was still fully clothed. “Won't you get undressed?” I asked, almost pleaded.“Ahh! The impatience of yoof,” he smiled. “Not yet, I'll have enough problems trying to remember what to do with you without wondering what I should do with me!”He laid beside me and we cuddled close for a while as his fingers danced over my body going close but not close enough, to those places where I wanted to feel his touch again. He teased me! As he teased so I wriggled and he chuckled which made me giggle and so we played, happy relaxed and comfortable in each others company.He took my left wrist and held it beside my head, my right arm was behind his back cuddling him, he held my wrist loose in his left hand. Hardly holding it at all really, more a token restraint.“Well, young Miss,” he uttered menacingly, “At last I have you at my mercy. To use and debauch as I see fit! What do you say to that?” He did have a really wicked grin!“Yes please?” I suggested invitingly, lifting my head towards him and offering my lips to his.He started with my breasts, circling them with a finger, tracing their curves until they reached the puckered areola before finally climbing up my nipple and holding it fast between thumb and forefinger. He watched my face as he pulled gently. My eyes closed and a soft sigh escaped my lips.“Nice?”I nodded briefly. He tweaked it. I sighed again, shuddered and moaned softly.“Who's a clever girl then?” he murmured in my ear.“Who's a clever boy then?” I responded very softly.He abandoned my hard, erect nipple and my breast. I felt nothing for a few moments then his touch, fluttering across my cheek, tracing my jawline and down my throat. More sighs of pleasure and moans of anticipation from my captive body. I had no thought to struggle, happy to be his prisoner and my foot fell obligingly off the side of the bed as I moved to try and entice his finger ever closer. Now I was fully open to him, completely exposed and totally available. I ached for his touch.He circled my other breast. I waited for him to reach the top, the gentle pull followed by the tweak but he stopped. I cried in frustration, opened my eyes and stared daggers at him. He chuckled at me then kissed me hard on the mouth. When we broke apart I felt his hand back on my breast and sighed with relief. He used the palm of his hand forcing the nipple to follow his movements round and round in circles. The pressure increased and soon my whole breast was obediently following his hand. Still he massaged my breast. The heat and the pain and the exquisite pleasure grew until suddenly he grabbed a handful of breast quite hard and squeezed forcing my nipple and areola up between his thumb and fingers then sucked them into his mouth running his tongue all over them. Instantly I shook, shuddered and came. I think I wet myself a little as well.I stretched up and kissed him then flopped back on the pillows exhausted once more. “You're a cruel beast!” I told him.“And you're a magnificent beauty,” was his instant response. He let me rest a little a very little.“You OK?” he asked after very few moments.I nodded, Ummmm'ed and said “Oh yes!” in a very satisfied way. His fingers started to move again butterflying irregular patterns over my tingling flesh. A finger would trace a straight line, headed exactly where I wanted his finger to be heading, then veer to one side, change to a butterfly and flutter away before returning to somewhere quite different to start all over again. Such delicious anticipation!I was relieved that I had 'freshened up' after using the loo and dismayed that I hadn't kept 'down there' tidier but he didn't seem to mind and at last, at long, long last I felt his fingers teasing my bush. They didn't flutter away but teased their way through the undergrowth ever closer to my very need. A finger each side opened the way and his index finger stroked across the top of my engorged clitoris. I shook! He kissed me and circled my clitoris as he had circled my nipple. The trembling started at that point. I had no control over my body, my mind or my voice. I gave free vent to my joy as his finger pleasured me. It slid down the slippery slope to my eager entrance, circled it once then eased inside. My trembling became more urgent. He slipped it out then, before I could register complaint, it slipped back in a little further. Out, back in a little deeper, out, in until I could feel that I had as much finger as he could offer. The tip pressed against my cervix and circled the very tip. Again he stopped, waited a few moments then I felt his finger curl upwards applying pressure against the front of my vaginal passage. He stopped then carefully, slowly eased his curved finger out, back towards the entrance. It felt glorious. As the finger moved the wonderful feeling altered. It was a subtle change at first but then it felt like all my nerve ending had come together. I shuddered and groaned loudly. He moved nothing but pressed harder. What little control I might have had fled out the window. Opening my eyes I stared unseeing upwards as I shook. He pressed again and again I shook then jerked. On the third press I lost all control of my arms, legs and body as they all tried to go in different directions at once. Once I had calmed a little I grabbed his wrist and held it firmly. Not to drag it from my ecstatic body, not to force it further inside me but to ensure that it stayed exactly where it was for ever and ever and ever.Then it moved! Just the merest fraction and the whole world exploding, planets colliding process started afresh. As I thought I was returning to nowhere near normal so it would move again and we went round and around until I was so wonderfully exhausted I had to beg him to stop, for a while.I knew I had slept because the clock on the bedside table said 4:40 and we had left the Charity shop before 1pm. He must have sensed my awakening as he asked if I was OK and if I would like a fresh cup of tea. I snuggled into him.“In a minute,” I mumbled contentedly.We sat leaning against the bed head I was still naked and he had removed his crumpled shirt and creased trousers. I said nothing about his boxers, I was just pleased he was close. The tea was very welcome and he promised to lick off any chocolate that I dropped onto my chest. I was very tempted!“Would you do me the honour of dining with me this evening? There is a very good Italian restaurant at the top of the High Street.”His shirt looked quite fetching tucked loosely into the top of my skirt and the sleeves buttoned at the elbow hanging down my forearms. I had to forgo the offer of a pair of boxers and he suggested that a bra wasn't really needed under his loose fitting shirt. I felt wonderfully naughty as we walked up the High Street. The restaurant was lovely. The waiters greeted him like a family member and he spoke with them in fluent Italian as they showed us to a quiet corner table close to the kitchens.We sat, a bottle of wine was placed on the table and it seemed that all the staff came over to greet us one by one. I heard my name mentioned in the flow of rapid Italian and eventually we ordered our meal. He told me that his mother had been a war bride from Napoli, he used the Italian name, and he had grown up bilingual, spending all of his school holidays visiting his mother's family. When he had first visited the restaurant he had recognised the accent and spoke with them using the local patois. They had treated him as a family member ever since. When I asked what he had told them about me he laughed. “I told them that you are a dear friend that was helping me to hang onto my memory.”We talked fast and ate slow both knowing that at the end of the meal we must surely part and bring to an end that perfect day. The waiters also seem to understand, they didn't rush us despite the place being very busy. All too soon we were again standing outside facing the row of taxis on the other side of the street. He took my hand in his and gave it a little squeeze. I returned his little squeeze with one of my own. Neither of us said a word, we just stood holding hands.“Errm,” he said breaking the terrible silence, “what do you normally have for breakfast?”I thought for a moment, my heart skipping a beat. “Oh, you know, tea, toast and marmalade or something.” I responded.“I make my own marmalade,” he said matter-of-factly.
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