A picnic in the woods

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“Yes!” I screamed, “I fucking love your hard cock ramming into my wet cunt and filling it with spunk!” As I made that admission, and it was a heartfelt admission, I had the most wonderfully intense orgasm. It shuddered through my entire body. rings

You may have noticed that we jumped from Friday morning to Saturday breakfast in the last part. Well, not to put too fine a point on it, all day Friday we fucked, and slept, and made love, and fucked and.... well you get the picture I'm sure. We only left the bed to use the facilities and freshen up. Toni made occasional forays into the kitchen to rustle up sustenance. We discovered that I have orgasms very easily and multiple ones at that. They're not all massive earth shaking explosions but each is very, very enjoyable. Just thinking about Toni's cock makes me wet. On the other hand Toni lasts forever, he can fuck until I beg for a rest and still not empty his balls into me. When I have recovered he just needs a little hand and he can pick up where he left off. He says he doesn't feel as if he has missed out in anyway and I always makes sure he is fully satisfied when he wants it.

You'll also have noticed a subtle change in my language :-). That's all Toni's fault. Sometime Friday afternoon when I was kneeling on the side of the bed with Toni behind me pounding my wet cunt with his solid cock he said “Betty! You're a damn good fuck and no mistake! I could happily fuck you forever.”

I soaked his cock and balls instantly. I heard him laugh with pleasure then he grabbed my hair and pulled my head up. “You like the sound of that, do you?” he demanded, “you like the thought of my rampant cock fucking your cunt until you're senseless then pumping it full of spunk, don't you?”

I whimpered a plaintive “Yes”

“I didn't hear you,” he shouted.

“Yes!” I screamed, “I fucking love your hard cock ramming into my wet cunt and filling it with spunk!”

As I made that admission, and it was a heartfelt admission, I had the most wonderfully intense orgasm. It shuddered through my entire body. My cunt clamped hard around Toni's cock and I kept driving back and forward on it as I came. I felt Toni's cock throb and pulse as he unloaded deep inside me.

We stayed locked together, gently swaying back and forth until finally, exhausted, we collapsed on the bed. We kissed and cuddled and when I had recovered my breath enough to talk coherently I simply said “What the fuck happened there?”

Later that evening he gave me a wonderful compliment. He told me that I was a greedy bitch!

After breakfast on Saturday we fucked. Mid afternoon I allowed him to pack me, all clean and scrubbed with my freshly ironed blouse on and freshly washed knickers in my pocket, into a taxi and send me home. I had strict instructions to ring him as soon as I arrived. He was in my 'phone as 'Toni the Guy'. If Bernard saw it in my contacts he would think I had mistyped my hairdresser, hopefully.

I returned to my empty house. The house may have been loveless but I was full of love and full of Toni's spunk! I had made very sure that he didn't feel that he had missed out in any way before letting him send me away. I phoned my hairdresser and told him all was well, that I loved him and wanted his cock soon. I then set about doing lots of urgent housework.

I changed all the beds, cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed, polished and dusted then started on the kitchen. By 10pm I was satisfied with my efforts and utterly exhausted. I rang my lover to tell him that I loved him and that I would be there for him at 10:30 in the morning. We spoke for half an hour.

I locked up and staggered upstairs, soaked in the bath then crawled into the spare bed, the next time I slept in the marital bed I planned to be with my lover. I followed Toni's instruction and using my fingers and my mind brought myself to a very satisfying orgasm.

I awoke early, long before the alarm and still bright and cheerful. I threw the sheet back and sat up. There was a damp mark on the bottom sheet and I smiled inwardly at the memory of its cause and reminded myself that, if everything went according to plan, the marital bedlinen would be in a much worse state the following morning.

Remaining naked I headed for the kitchen, it felt so liberalising being naked and I resolved to do it as often as possible, but not while Bernard was home. I didn't want to be interrupted by the radio so hummed along to the radio in my head, which always played all my favourite tunes, I set about making a breakfast of tea, toast and marmalade. The something would have to wait until 10:30. I did a sweep of the house checking that all was as it should be then cleaned the windows to the conservatory, inside and out and naked. That felt so naughty and good.

Once satisfied I went through the connecting door to the double garage, tidied and vacuumed my little Jazz then used Bernard's waterless car wash on the outside. I'd earned a cup of tea and it was still only 8 o'clock. Up in the attic I dug out the F&M wicker picnic basket then took it into the garden and cleaned it up. It went in the boot of the Jazz and I went upstairs for a bath and a trim.

At 10:25 I pulled up outside Toni's block of flats. He was ready for me, naked! My dress was off before we reached the bedroom door. We fucked to Toni's completion, an hour or so, and with my pussy full of his spunk we shopped for food and drink for our picnic. As we walked around the supermarket I could feel his spunk leaking onto my legs. Back at the car he lifted my dress and I sat on two pieces of kitchen roll to save my seat and my dress.

It was a beautiful day and had we headed for the beach we would have spent all day sitting in a traffic jam. Toni, being born and bred local, directed me out into the country and a lay-by next to a five bar gate. We followed the public footpath through the woods before veering off down a side track until we reached a small clearing. We rolled out our picnic rug in the shade of a large beech tree. It was perfectly still, the silence broken only by the sound of birds. Toni helped me remove my dress and I helped with his shorts and shirt then we made soft and tender love.

Then we fucked! He had to put his hand over my mouth to stifle the sounds of my joy. Outdoors, warm sunshine, naked and fucking my lover! I defy any woman to remain quiet! We laid, cuddled together and listened to the sounds of nature and made love again. After the picnic lunch we threw the rug over the hamper and our clothes and went for a stroll, hand in hand through the woods. Toni said that in all the years he had been coming to these woods he had never seen anybody else off the well used path. At one point we stood a little back from the edge of the trees and watched a party of ramblers walk past and ten minutes later, when a party of four marched past as if on a route march, he finger-fucked me hard, daring me to cry out as I orgasmed.

We returned to the picnic site, finished the food and reluctantly prepared to leave. Toni helped me with my dress and I passed him the trousers and shirt from the shopping bag.

On Thursday, I reflected as we walked back to the car, I had gone to the building society to bank the FIT cheque where I met a man. Since then I had spent two nights in his bed, made soft, wonderful love, learned to fuck, had discovered that hard sex turned me on and I'd just spent close to five hours naked in a wood having sex with the most wonderfully man on the planet! What more could a girl want?

I hadn't realised how much I had learned just by reading stories on the internet.

Thank you internet.

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