Tea, biscuits and a mouthful of ...

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“I can see your beautiful pussy, the swollen inviting lips and engorged clitoris. And it shines when you are wet and needy. Very inviting!” He painted a wonderful picture. Thinking about it made me even wetter. Lesbian

My husband is due home tomorrow, Sunday, so I would like to bring you as much up to date as possible.

As I said at the very beginning, I had read 50 Shades then found the internet to fuel my fantasies. I now realise that many of the things that I had read about were very enjoyable and it was highly likely that Toni and I might enjoy more of them in the future.

Two things struck me very forcibly in those stories. The greater majority of the ladies had a smooth cunt whereas I had a bushy pussy. And almost without exception the ladies sucked cock enthusiastically and swallowed the issuing spunk with relish. I've never done that nor even contemplated sucking a cock much less to completion.

I had trimmed my bushy pussy for Toni and despite spending most of the day with him naked in the wood he didn't mention it once. How would he react to a blow job?

More to the point could I give him a blow job??“It's a big garden!” observed Toni as we stood looking out of the conservatory window, “that's the one thing I miss, not having a garden.”

“It's a big wilderness, you mean,” I chided him, “Bernard used to keep it tidy but hasn't time now and I'm not much into gardening.” I said by way of excuse.

“You pruned your bush very nicely.” he smiled.

“You noticed? You didn't say anything! Is it OK?” I rushed out.

“In reverse order. It's wonderful, I didn't want you to think that I didn't like it untrimmed and I very definitely noticed. Does that answer your questions or do you want to gabble some more out?” He gave a massive grin and took me into his arms.

“Do you prefer me bushy, trimmed or would you like me totally smooth?”

“Don't mind,” he admitted, “whichever you prefer is perfectly fine with me.”

“Why would you like me bushy?” I tried.

“I can tug your hairs one by one and make you twitch and shudder.” I liked the idea of that.

“And trimmed,” I persisted.

“I can see your beautiful pussy, the swollen inviting lips and engorged clitoris. And it shines when you are wet and needy. Very inviting!” He painted a wonderful picture. Thinking about it made me even wetter.

“And smooth, just a clearer view?” I suggested thinking that made it simpler.

“Far from it!” he stated, “smooth means you will be better able to feel my tongue exploring your delicious sex. It will allow your juices to flow more readily for me to lap up and you will feel my cock head more surely as I explore before sliding deep into you.”

“Will you help me shave it smooth?” My mind was made up, a smooth cunt was required. He was obviously happy to give me oral pleasure and I wanted to feel his lips on me, his cock exploring me but was I able to reciprocate?

“Won't your husband wonder why you're smooth?” It was a reasonable question.

“He hasn't seen me since the last century! In that way, I always wear pyjamas and he wouldn't dream of coming in while I was in the bathroom.” I admitted, “whereas with you, by Saturday I didn't even bother to close the loo door much less sing!” I told him.

“Nevertheless, maybe we should trim it bit by bit and see if he notices, then if not, go for smooth!”

I took him to my bed after dinner. My Marital Bed, with the express intention of making a mess of the bottom sheet for purely carnal reasons. I'll make no bones about it. I wanted to be able to see, in my minds eye, my lover laying where my husband was. I wanted him to make my juices flow and spoil the sheet, hopefully to penetrate and permanently stain the mattress beneath. I wanted to make his juices flow to join them. In short I wanted to make my marital bed our bed and I put Toni on my husbands side of the bed.

We started gently, he used his fingers and quickly had me begging for respite and more in the same breath. I got no respite from he exploring fingers. Despite my frantic wriggling he managed to stay firmly inside stroking and pressing my buttons. The pale blue sheet soon had a dark blue wet patch and his cock hadn't even been near me. As always we fucked. As I have said, he didn't cum quickly whereas my orgasms were almost instant at times. We would fuck, rest, fuck rest until I could take no more and he had shot his spunk into me. From first touch to a pussy full of spunk could take many glorious hours.

During one rest period with me snuggled up close I ran my finger tips through the hair on his chest. My fingers worked down across his tummy... Now I had Toni's cock well within my reach. It looked pretty and I wanted to give him pleasure so much. I reached out and took it into my hand. That was no problem at all, nor was wanking him off and watching his spunk spurt from the head. I loved that. I even loved the spunk dribbling down my hand as I finished him off but....

I moved my head down to his thighs and turned my head to face his cock and looked along his body to his face. He was smiling. I wanted to suck his cock. Moving my head forward a little I licked across the top of his ball sac and onto the root of his cock. I felt it twitch and heard him sigh contentedly. Holding him firmly in my hand I nibbled up his length, like chewing gently on a fresh corncob. I almost reached the top, hesitated then rolled the foreskin up and over the glistening tip, kissed it then worked my way back down to the base. I had bottled out!

Twice more I tried and twice more I failed to put my lips around the very essence of his being. “Fuck me.” I pleaded.

He made no complaint whatsoever, he rolled me over, knelt between my parted legs and eased his rampant cock gently into to me. He made me cum almost instantly which made me feel even more wretched. Despite my internal turmoil he brought me to many a climax then placing his forearms either side of my head he whispered in my ear “Don't worry my love, I understand.” then kissed me deeply.

We made love and fucked many times. Between times he finger-fucked me, sometimes moving his head down towards my pussy, licking and kissing all around at the same time ensuring I was always tingling with excitement or anticipation. It felt wonderful, so intimate, so sexy, so personal.

It was past midnight, we lay resting and cuddled close. Instinctively I started to stroke his cock. It responded and I felt it grow in my hand. I moved my head down to his tummy, stroked and watched in the dim light from the bedside lamp. I raised myself above his groin then lowered my lips down to kiss his cock just behind the shining head. I worked my lips down to his balls and very, very tenderly sucked one ball carefully into my mouth. I could feel his hardening cock against my cheek. Releasing that ball I sucked on the other then worked my lips back up his cock. There was no foreskin just the beautiful purple head straining to escape like a Saturn rocket awaiting lift off. I ran my tongue around it. It didn't taste unpleasant. I placed my lips on the very top and again teased around the very top. I felt it twitch again and heard Toni sigh contentedly. Parting my lips I slowly worked my mouth downwards. It didn't feel so bad! It didn't taste of anything particular, a hint of my pussy juices but nothing too bad. I started to move up and down. Toni didn't move but he did make encouraging noises. I was beginning to enjoy his noises of appreciation. It felt good. He was enjoying it but.....

I worked my mouth up and off his cock, I couldn't complete.

I crept forlornly back up the bed. He kissed me long and deep and murmured, “Thank you.” and held me tight. I apologised and he said that it didn't matter. He stroked my wet pussy making me cum yet again. We dozed.

It was three in the morning, we had just finished a long hard fuck session and Toni still hadn't emptied his balls into me. And that, I felt, was my fault!

I let him rest awhile then again moved my hand to his cock. I felt it twitch a little but not so much as the first time. It grew though and I moved my mouth towards it as it continued to get firmer. I knew I could kiss it and take it into my mouth. I didn't hesitate and started to stroke and lick as I had read in the stories.

Suddenly he got a lot firmer as if he realised that I wasn't going to back out at the last moment. I carried on licking, sucking and stroking.

“Betty! I'm going to cum!”

I ignored him.

“Betty! Betty,” much more urgent now, “Betty, if you don't stop I'll cum in your mouth!”

I didn't stop, I put more effort into it.

“Bettyyyyy!” I had a split second to decide. Move my head out of the way or....? I pushed my mouth down on his cock and followed the first spurt of spunk up with my fingers. I made no attempt to keep it in my mouth but swallowed as fast as I could then wanked the rest out and onto his belly. I had given my lover a blow job, my very first!

It didn't taste too bad, a little salty. It didn't feel too bad, a little slippery. It clearly wasn't a physical problem but a mental one and I hoped I could quickly overcome it.

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