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Mom's big surprise on son's 18th B-day

naughtyharshith   September 12, 2018   | 153816 Views
It was a few months until my 18th birthday. Mom wanted to spend my special day with me, and asked me not to make any other plans. She did say I could have a 'small' party the weekend before my birthday, but wanted to spend time with me the day after. I agreed, and kept my calendar cleared for that Friday, the day after my birthday. banner1

It was a few months until my 18th birthday. Mom wanted to spend my special day with me, and asked me not to make any other plans. She did say I could have a 'small' party the weekend before my birthday, but wanted to spend time with me the day after. I agreed, and kept my calendar cleared for that Friday, the day after my birthday.

My dad left us when I was twelve. It was hard for my mom dealing with me and my two younger twin brothers. It wouldn't be until two years later that I would finally step up as the 'man of the house'. Mom really liked that. It was tough enough on her with two young mischievous boys, let alone me being a pain in the ass. Don't get me wrong, I was still that at times, but I tried to help my mom out the best I could. 

As My birthday came closer, mom asked her sister, my Aunt Varsha, if she could take the twins for that night. Aunt Varsha agreed. She too was amazed that I was going to be eighteen. 

"Wow! I can't believe Gary is going to be a man." She said giving me a one arm hug. "It was just yesterday I was babysitting you as a toddler."

I left the room as Mom and Aunt Varsha were still talking. I heard Aunt Varsha ask my mom what she had planned for my birthday. Not wanting me to listen in, she whispered her answer to her sister. I only heard Aunt Varsha tell mom how nice that was, and how I would enjoy that. 

It was the weekend before my birthday. Just as mom said, I had my 'small' birthday party. Mom and Aunt Varsha helped with the party, putting up decorations with banners and balloons say 'Happy Birthday'. My friends and I had a great time. I really got a laugh watching my Aunt Varsha screw with some of my sex crazed friends, as they tried to think they had a chance to score with her. They were admiring her tattoos, and were begging her to show them the ones on her ass, and near her pussy. Of course, as far as I knew she didn't have any tattoos there, but like I said, she liked to screw with their heads. 

Mostly everybody gave me a card. While a few gave me presents. This one girl in particular, gave me a bottle of Polo cologne. I saw my mom raise her eyebrows and give a 'you know she likes you smile' when she saw the gift. After everybody left, my mom asked me if I had a good time. I told her yes, especially when Aunt Varsha was messing with some of my friends. Mom laughed as well, saying "That's your Aunt Varsha. She loves teasing men." As mom and I cleaned up the mess, we continued to talk. 

"It seems like someone was interested in you tonight." She said throwing pizza stained paper plates in the trash.

"Who?" I said shyly.

"That girl who gave you the bottle of cologne. You must've done something special to get a gift like that."

"Oh you mean Courtney? Yeah, she's had the hots for me since the beginning of the school year. Her birthday was three months ago, and I bought her a couple of CD's of her favorite band. So I guess she thought she'd be nice and buy me this cologne."

"Well I hope she's not tough competition." She said as she handed me the garbage bag to take to the trash bins.

"HUH!!! WHAT!? Um...What did I miss?" Looking at her with confusion. 

She didn't respond. She walked toward the living room, heading upstairs to bed.

"Don't forget to lock the door when you come back in, and fill Harshith's bowl." Mom said as she walked up the stairs.

I was still trying to figure out what she meant by tough competition. Oh well. I took out the trash. let Harshith do his thing. Locked the door. Fed Harshith, and went upstairs to bed.

It was the day after my birthday. Mom told me to get dressed up,because she was taking me someplace special. She came down the stairs looking like a movie star making her grand entrance. She was wearing this sexy red dress that came down just above her knees. She also had a mini white cape that that was tied around her neck lime, and was d****d around her shoulder, down just past her breast. She wore a slick black belt around her waist, black stockings, and black shoes. Her straight blond hair was curled all around the ends. She had some make-up on with ruby red lipstick. I couldn't believe this was my thirty six year old mother. I only saw her dress up once, and that was for her dad's funeral. There she was dressed in all black. But here, I mean like WOW!! She was drop dead fucking gorgeous. My Penis actually started to rise in my black trousers as I watched her walk down the stairs.

"You look very stunning." She said fixing my bow tie. 

"You look beautiful." I said scanning my eyes up and down her body. If you weren't my mom, I'd take you on a date and parade you around for all to see who I'm with."

Mom smiled and gave me a peck on the lips. We then got into the car and headed to our destination. Mom parked at one of the city's parking garages. From there we walked until we came to the front window of a restaurant. 

"De Ricco's." I said looking at the sign. "We're having dinner here?" 

De Ricco's was a fine Italian restaurant. It was also expensive to eat there. But I heard their food was the best in the state. That according to food critics. 

"Mom, we don't have to go here. There are plenty of places we can eat at." I said knowing she couldn't afford it, and didn't have to spend so much money on me as a birthday present. Then I started to wonder if mom was envious of Courtney, and wanted to 'one up' her.

"Why? You don't think my son is good enough to have the best on his birthday? This is mommy's treat. It's not your concern what I can afford, and what I can't."

Wow!! It was like she read my mind. And she's right. I guess I'd do something like this for my k**. We went inside waiting by the check in counter. 

"7:30 reservation for Suresh." My mom said to the greeter. 

"Yes. Suresh. Party of two. Right this way please." 

We were taken to a table mid center of the restaurant. The place was packed. Doctors, lawyers, businessmen and women were all here to enjoy the great food and drink this place had to offer. I felt out of place. I never been here before, and I wasn't accustomed to be dining with those of the upper middle class. My mom has been here before. As a para legal working for a law firm, she's had dinner with her boss, and clients celebrating a victory case. 

"This place is beautiful, isn't honey?"

I nodded, not saying a word as I scoped out every bit of the dining area. I watched how the waiters, and waitresses, bustled about bringing food and drinks to their customers. It was amazing to watch how graceful they were, never bumping into one another, weaving and swerving around each guest filled table. Then a very attractive brunette girl came to our table. 

"Hello. I'm Judy and I'll be your waitress tonight. Are you ready to order?" she said smiling at Gary.

We placed their order and drinks. Mom ordered a grilled chicken with raspberry sauce, and I ordered a London broil with mashed potatoes carrots About twenty five minutes later, their food was brought to them. We really enjoyed their meal. Mom had a couple of Fuzzy Navels, while I had my non alcoholic cokes. After our meal, we sat for a while talking. 

"So what do you prefer?" My mom asked.

"What? What do I prefer?" answering confused.

"Yeah. Do you prefer blonds, brunettes, or red heads?"

"Oh...Um, I don't know. It doesn't matter to me." I said drinking the last bit of watery coke. 

Our dinner paid, we got up and left the restaurant. We walked back to the car a little slow, staring at the store windows as we passed one building after another. Mom put her hand in mine. It's been a long time since we held hands walking down a street. But when she use to do it, her grip was firmer back then, but here, the way she held my hand was softer, and I could feel and see her thumb caressing the back of my hand. 

"What was going on here?" I thought to myself. "Maybe it's the alcohol. Yeah....It must be the alcohol."

We made it home. Mom turned on the lights as I sat on the couch. She sat at the opposite end removing her shoes. She gave a sigh of relief as she wiggled her toes. 

"Ahhh. Mommy needs a foot rub." She said putting her feet on me. I began to rub her feet. I noticed her legs were spread slightly apart, but enough to see up her skirt. 

Seeing her panties, along with thinking about the busty waitress, got my Penis growing. Then mom got up and dimmed the lights. She went to the stereo, putting in a CD. From the speakers, Elvis began singing 'Love me Tender. 

"May I have this dance?' She asked stretching out her arm. 

I got up, grabbing her hand with mine. We got close as we slow danced on the living room floor. She put her arms around my neck, as I put mine around her lower back. She put her head on my shoulder. Slowly, my head bent down, burying my face in her sweet smelling golden locks. My hand began to instinctively slide down her back toward her ass. She didn't resist as my hand was squeezing her right ass cheek. As a matter of fact, I could feel my neck getting wet with her tongue licking me. Her hand was holding on to the back of my head, massaging the back of my scalp with her fingers. 

" I want to make love you you Gary." She said staring now into my eyes. "I want to make you a man." 

With Elvis still singing 'Love Me Tender', I leaned closer to her, kissing her lips. They started out as small pecks, then our mouths opened. Our tongues had touched and our heads were now shifting this way and that. I laid her on the couch, as we kissed even more. I rubbed her dress and bra covered tit, as she ground her knee into my crotch. My Penis was ready to burst out of my trousers. I began to unbutton her blouse, revealing her black laced bra. We got up off the couch. She unbuttoned, and removed my shirt, as I unbuttoned the rest of her blouse. I then loosened and removed her belt, as she undid my pants. Pulling her arms out of her sleeves, her dress flowed down onto the floor. I got out of my pants, as she stepped out her dress. We stood there now in our undergarments. We embraced again, kissing passionately as a new song played on the stereo. I unsnapped her bra, showing a very perky pair of B-cup tits. She had very wide nipples, and I bent down, taking her tit in my mouth. She moaned as I sucked on her breasts. Her nipples getting harder, and pouting out, looking almost like a red bullet. 

Next I removed her garter straps that were attached to her stockings. I removed her garter belt leaving her with just her black panties, and stockings. Then kneeling down, I removed her underwear. Her pussy was shaved smooth. I never ate out a woman before, but I always wanted to taste a pussy. My mom opened her legs apart, giving me better access to eat her out. 

"Stick your tongue right here." She said pointing to her clit. Lick it up and down. Put some pressure on it as your licking me."

So I did just as she said. Before long, she was moaning something fierce. She told me to let her lay on the couch. When she did, she told me to get in between her legs. I began licking her clit again. Then she told me to stick my finger inside her pussy. Again, I did as she said. Her moans became louder and more frequent. Her hips began to shift from side to side,lifting her ass off the couch as I ate out her pussy. She gave out a series of "Oh Gods" before her body tightened and quivered on the couch. 

"AIYEEE!" She cried as her body suddenly rose up, getting stiff before crashing back down on the bed. 

"Have you ever done this before sweetheart?' She said panting

"No Mom. This is the first time." I answered, wiping the pussy juice off my chin.

"Well for your first time, you're not too bad."

She had me now lay on the couch. She pulled off my underwear, exposing my hard Penis. She looked at it, putting it in her hand.

"Hmmmm It's nice and hard. Pretty big head. Have you ever had a blow job?" She asked.

"No." I answered back. 

She put her head up by my Penis.She began licking just under the hood. Then licking upward, she stuck my Penis into her mouth. It instantly jumped as I felt her warm, moist tongue gliding over the top of my hood. She sucked me for maybe five minutes or so, licking and sucking my Penis, as she tickled my balls. 

"I'll make you cum another time. Right now I want this baby inside me."

She got up on top of me, going on all fours. Guiding my Penis towards her pussy, it slipped in. My Penis felt the same warm, moist sensation as it did when she blew me. Her hips thrusted up and down, riding my Penis hard and fast. My Penis would slip out now and again, to where my mom would slip it back in. Then we switched positions. Now I was fucking her missionary. I couldn't believe I was fucking my own mother. But this is what she dreamed of for a long time. Now I understood what she meant about competition with Courtney. It was my mom who wanted my virginity.

My Penis was beginning to hurt from the pressure that was building up. Before long, I was cumming inside my mom. It was so quick, I never had time to take it out. 

"Oooooh, honey. I felt that." She said holding me down on top of her.

"Did you enjoy it? Did you enjoy making love to mommy?"

"I did mom. I really did." I answered. "Can we do this more often, or was this just part of my birthday present."

" You like to make love to me again? Of course. As long as you only have sex with me." 

I told her it was a deal. Fifteen minutes later, we were back at it. We fucked until 3 in the morning. then we went to bed.

We would try to fuck as often as we could. A few months went by when I heard my mom getting sick on three consecutive days. I asked her if she was alright. She said she was. I later was told that I was going to be a daddy. So much for turning 18 and getting laid to become a man.

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