Granny Vacation Part 1

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I don’t have much experience with story writing so please excuse my grammar and structure.   From the beginning, I had been invited to go stay at my friends summer condo… Luxury

I don’t have much experience with story writing so please excuse my grammar and structure.


From the beginning, I had been invited to go stay at my friends summer condo for a few weeks, luxury vacation with beaches and bitches I was told, the only condition is my friends grandma will be staying there so we needed to help her with painting the outside of the house and whatever else she needed in the duration of our stay. Hell yeah easy work and then all play, or so I thought.


We had arrived at the condo after a super quick 2 hour flight, beautiful blue sky and a bottle of beer in my hand, the day was looking great. I walked into the condo with my luggage strolling behind me, my friend calling out for his Grandma with no sign of her, I decide To drop my luggage and take my beer outside for a smoke. I walk through the screened doors into the back yard area eyes glued to my phone I light up my cigarette and take a quick seat on a bench just outside the door. 

My dumbass didn’t notice there was a pretty Thick mature woman sunbathing in a bikini on the lounger outside, I had only noticed because of the music feedback from her headphones. My eyes wouldn’t leave her body, her bikini barely covered her huge Breasts and her thighs where absolutely delicious, I could see beads of sweat dripping down her body as she lay there in the sun unknowingly with my creepy self lusting after her. I’ve always had a thing for older women and  in my early 30’s that hasn’t changed. 

The lady had sunglasses on so I figured myself invisible and moved to a seat closer to her lounger forcing two gentle coughs to try make my presence known as I finished my cigarette but no response.


“There you are grandma” yells my friend stumbling through the doors holding a sandwich and beer, I was pretty startled more so when the grandma shot up and pulled her headphones out in excitement.

“Oh this is your grandma I tried to say hello but I noticed she had headphones in haha” It was a lie but why else would I be so close, she introduced herself and then insisted she get out of the way and for us to enjoy our time and she will be cooking dinner later and headed back inside.

“Sorry about that visual” my friend stated, I joked it off like I wasn’t completely aroused by her but whatever why is his grandma so fucking hot?.


Being the first day at the condo we decided to stay in, freshen up and get an early night to be ready to get up and go in the morning. The condo had a shared bathroom which wasn’t ideal but hey it is what it is, I jumped in the shower and got ready before dinner. Drying off I noticed a wicker basket next to the sink which I thought had towels in it, turns out it was in fact a dirty Laundry bin.

Instantly the sensation to do something I shouldn’t consumed me, my cock instantly hard I pull the clothes out the bin in hopes of finding some panties, I do.

Purple French laced underwear I fold inside out to find pussy juice stained in the center, jack pot, my dick throbbing at this point I put the panties to my face and start rubbing my dripping cock. The musk of her panties was so strong it made my balls ache as I held pressed into my face, I could feel myself getting close when

*Knock knock knock*

“Dinner is ready when you are darling” I heard gently spoken through the door from my friends grandma. I panicked whipped my rock hard cock into my pants near snapping it in half and threw the panties into the laundry basket. 

“I’ll be right there thank you” I said and flushed the toilet for no reason at all and left the bathroom.


As I enter the kitchen my friend formally introduces me to his grandma, she raises her arms in the air for a hug saying “I didn’t get to hug you earlier in my swim wear nice to meet you sweetheart” she pulls me in and kisses me on the cheek. I pull my hips back avoiding pressing my still hard cock into her but something caught her by surprise she seemed startled and confused for a moment then insisted I sit down for dinner.

We ate and conversed about our plans for the vacation and discussed what she needed help with around the condo.Grandma had poured herself a big glass of red wine and advised she was getting an early night and would see us in the morning, my friend tired and drunk decided he was going to head to his room also, I still had a jack off date with dirty underwear to finish so I go to my room and finish my beer.  I had tried talking myself out of it but my balls where aching, I needed to smell her juices and cum so bad until I did it I couldn’t move forward so I decide to head to the bathroom to continue my pervy action. When I open the wicker basket lid the panties were gone, the rest of the clothes remained but they had gone. Fuck. 


Surely she noticed them and just moved them because we are here, she couldn’t know could she? I decided there was no reason to allow my anxiety to get the best of me and headed back to my room, I tossed and turned all night with the feeling of dread for the morning, what am I going to have to deal with!?. 


Morning approached and I could smell breakfast cooking downstairs with the distant chatter between them, time for me to bite the bullet and get down there and headed down. 

“Good Morning” wished my friend

“Morning sweetie” wished his grandma, good morning I wished them and sat down for breakfast.

“Wow this looks delicious” complimenting her cooking whilst not making any eye contract atall.

“Eat up guys, big strong men like you  need to start the day with a good breakfast “ she said whilst gently pressing my shoulder as she walked past me, she was super sweet and I was starting to feel terrible about my attraction to her. She left the room.


“ your grandpa not staying here?” I asked my friend, “he’s on a fishing trip for a few weeks, that’s why we have to do all this choir bullshit”.

I didn’t care, a small price to pay for a lovely vacation. 


After breakfast we decided to rent a couple of bikes from the store down the road and go out for a cruise around the beach town we were staying in, my friend immediately cat calling any girl that would turn around, we got bored of riding around and decided to call into a local bar he insisted was the spot, was his spot. 

Immediately as we walk in he is greeted Witt screams from the female bartender who runs from behind the bar and dives onto him, there was history there and wow was it boring, they flirted and rambled on about nothing for what felt like hours and all I could think about was sweat dripping down his grandmas thighs, I felt my dick go hard under the table, thankfully it wasn’t my round. Shortly after I decided I was gonna head back to the condo, I was already drunk and very bored and my friend had zero intention of joining me so I said my goodbyes and told him I would catch up with him later. 


So riding a bicycle drunk is a lot harder than it seems but I make it back to the condo, all but the kitchen lights are out so grandma must be in bed already. I decided to grab a shower and head to bed, checked the laundry basket again this time its completely empty, oh well don’t be a perve and get over I’m thinking to myself, I get washed and head to my room closing the door behind me whilst responding to the txt off my friend who surprise surprise isn’t coming back this fine evening. 


At this point I was sobering up, tired and bored so I put a streaming platform on my phone and decided I needed my headphones so I got out of bed and headed to my bag which lay on the floor just next to the bedroom door, as I bent down to grab my headphones from the bag I had this overwhelming scent of pussy hit me from nowhere, I couldn’t understand until I noticed on the inside of the door handle was the pair of missing panties hanging there. I immediately grab them confused to find they are drenched with new pussy juice, my heart is beating out of my chest my dick immediately dripping with excitement cum I lay in the bed with the wet panties to my face feeling my cock pulsate in my hands, her pussy scent drove me wild, I almost forgot to question what the fuck is going on before I heard a gentle knock on the door.


To be continued....











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