The Temptation.....

CharlieFreeman   May 23, 2020   | 9763 Views
Malini is so tempted during the workout in the gym. Laid her eyes on a prey. Her sexual desires met her peaks. Sanjay dropped every bit until it dripped from Malini's heavenly caves. Luxury "The same regular day, my lousy husband and his limitless business meetings!"
Malini's thought filled her mind with disappointments.

"I basically hate this limp dick, but still it's him who pays for all this lifestyle. All I ask is for my womanly desires to be satisfied"

She steps out of her Mercedes and picks up her gym bag.

A royal Enfield continental GT approaches, she hears the sound of the roaring Café racer approach the parking lot.
Pulling down her shades "My my! What a hunk!"

Sanjay parks his bike and didn't even bother to look at Malini.
He was just in a T-shirt held on to his body with a brown leather jacket on him and suitable goggles like an Airforce Major.

She started her workout and already dripping sweat or her panties wet.
Malini could not stop looking at Sanjay working his biceps.

Malini finished her workout and Sanjay was almost done.
She made a move to the basement after checking his name and details tipping the receptionist.
She knew it was illegal to do such, but her desires were on fire 

She waited for him leaning on to the car she owned. Nibbling her phone checking for Sanjay on the social media platforms.
He walked towards the café racer and with his goggles on. He scanned the image standing infront of him.

Sexy Malini in her 45, her brunette hair in a pony tail, her tight racks held to her workout top and her blue/black leggings hugging her thighs. Her V spot was a wet spot, she needed a release of harmones and sweat.

Sanjay put he key on and sat on his bike.
Malini was about to approach him but..

"Hey Mrs Kapoor? Having trouble with car? Need a ride home?"
She almost dropped her iphone 
"Yes, I need a ride home"
"Why don't you hop on then?"
She picked her bag and didn't bother to take another look at her Merc.
The ride was subtle and no words were exchanged but the tension between them was lit.
He felt her firm tits rub and she intended to get much closer to rub herself.
His aroma was tempting her, she made a move to feel his shoulders.
He glanced over the mirror for her facial seductive expressions.
He parked right infront of her house which was empty dead but huge space with servants.
"Here you go Mrs Kapoor"
"How do you know my address?"

He got down the bike and removed off his goggles and looked right into the beautiful brown eyes of the goddess standing infront of him confused.
"Everybody knows who you are Mrs Kapoor!"
"Call me Malini please! And what do you mean everybody knows me?"
"Malini you're the fantasy MiLF, in the gym, layout, party, wherever it is"
"MiLF? Look Mister! Have you been stalking me?"
"Not atall! I just wonder why are you around me most of the time and I see you with Mr Kapoor mostly"
"Well thanks for the ride, I hope I don't see you around much anymore!"
She turned around and took a walk towards the gate and she paused a bit.

"Malini! Why did you check my details in the reception?"
Shit! The receptionist let me down! Her thoughts smacked.

"I was just!"
"Stop it now! And I want you as much as you want me, so can we quit the drama?"
"Why don't you come in so we can talk? It's not right to talk here!"
"Why don't you come to my place so we can talk in detail!"
She didn't think twice and hopped onto the bike and they left.

As soon as the door was unlocked.
She pounces on him and he lift her up pushing against the wall.
They smooch, wild liplock and her hands running through his hair, she gripped his shoulders, arms across him, legs crossed.
His hands rubbing her thighs, her waist and he held her so tight as he sucked and bite her lips and as hard as he sucked she moaned.
"Sanjayyyyy!!!! Fuckkkkkk"

He put her on the couch and stood infront of her.
She pulled of her top and the yogapants in no time, her eyes looking at his and the eye contact don't break. Filled with all lust.

His t-shirt off and his pants down and his cock lining the jockey...
She rubbed her hand over his cock and his was getting hard as rock.
She pulled down the underwear still looking at his eyes.
She bit her lips and the lower lip, the cock jumps out and she's amazed.
"Oh my! I don't think I can take it!"
"Suck me now babe!"

She licked the tip and then the mushroom and pulling the foreskin down. She used both her hands to lick the entire cock.

She said, "I wanted this, I just want this! I had been waiting for ages now"

"Arghhhh yeaaa it feels good in your mouth! Ohhh babe eff fuck suck me babe!"

"Slllurrrpppp!! eehmmm!! Sllllurrppppp!! Ohhh myy"
He held her head and pushed her head deep.

She pulled out for air! Her brown eyes with little bit suffocating tears but she enjoyed it.

Now she rest her back on the couch and pulled her panties down, spread her legs, rubbing her wet clit.
Sanjay bent down on her and kissed the pussy lips, tongue licked her inner clit caves.. made it more wet as she moaned.

"Ohhhhhh fcccckkkkkk meeee"

He rubbed his hard pecker on her wet pussy, looking into her eyes deep ocean like.
He slid in her and she moaned.
She pulled his head for a kiss.
They smooched and he humped.
Deeper and deeper.. pulled out and went deep as she moaned his name.
"You look so perfect, my own Karishma Kapoor"

"Your my fucking Brad Pitt now! Fuck me Mister!"
He pounded her..
She moaned and she was oon the ultimate ecstasy..
She put her head back.
Arching her tits still covered with the push-up bra she wore.
Sanjay played his hand and pushed her tits out and played with her hard nipples.

Round brown hard nipples poking out.
She swirled on the couch.
Sanjay on the edge pounding in and out her pussy slamming.
Her multiple orgasms and shivers, dripping wetness from her pussy.

Slamming sound of both the hips. Made the room fill with music of moans and lustful talks.

"Sanjay please cum inside! I want to feel your cum!"
"Ohhhh yeaaa I'm cumming babe!"
After a 30 minutes fuck and she asked for it.

He came deep inside her.. she arched and moaned.
"Ohhh Sanjay!!! Yeaaahhh"
"Arrrrghhhh yeaaahh!!! Fuckkk you babe!"

She pulled him for a liplock and make out for the climax!
"Kiss me! Kiss me hard "
"Ohhh I love this!"

Both sweat and exchange juices and make out on the couch.

The cuddled in the couch and slept for a while resting after workout and the chill-out.

They coupled like made for each other and said love lines while he held her from behind and bit her shoulder.

He rubbed her tits from behind, she was naked and rubbed her back and her arse for the hardening dick.

They had multiple sex later and tried anal.
Originally when they looked in the mirror while having shower.
Malini said,
"We sure make a perfect couple! Brad Pitt and Karishma Kapoor right?"

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