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Forgotten anniversary

Raillerie   April 11, 2019   | 26231 Views
After she was satisfied that dinner was as ready as it could be before Eli got home, she pulled off her apron and ran upstairs to shower and get ready. It had been a couple months since they had been intimate. Which was probably nothing to most married couples, but was a long time for her and Eli. They had tried to resist their attraction for each other in the beginning, but once they gave in they could not keep their hands off each other. Lesbian

Rebecca took another lap around the kitchen.  After she was satisfied that dinner was as ready as it could be before Eli got home, she pulled off her apron and ran upstairs to shower and get ready.  It had been a couple months since they had been intimate. Which was probably nothing to most married couples, but was a long time for her and Eli.  They had tried to resist their attraction for each other in the beginning, but once they gave in they could not keep their hands off each other.  

She stripped out of her clothes and tossed them in the hamper in the corner of her closet. Then went to the drawer that held her naughtiest unmentionables.  She chose the red strappy lace balconet bra and matching thong panties.  The underwear didn’t hide much, but that was kind of the point tonight.  She chose a black lacy cut out sweater tank top and a high low maxi skirt with a red and black abstract print that had a deep V up one side. The fabric crossed over itself when she stood still, but would reveal all the way to her hip if she moved just right.  She didn’t want to be to obvious about where the night was headed or they would miss dinner.

She took the clothes into the bathroom and shut the door.  She crossed the warm tile floor and cranked the shower on.  She was so glad Eli had insisted on in-floor heat when they had remodeled the master bathroom.  She walked into the large shower and felt the warm spray hit her.  It raised goosebumps on her arms, until she was completely wet and the steam had filled the room.  Luckily, Eli had been on a business trip since Monday.  He got home late last night and headed back to the office early this morning.  Not enough time to notice the thorough wax job she had done a few days ago.  She marveled at the smoothness and sensitivity of her skin after being waxed.  She’s done bikini and leg waxes before, but never the full Brazilian.  It was painful of course, but she had a feeling it would be worth it!

Once she had washed all her bits and pieces, trying not to let the handheld sprayer linger too long on that sensitive part.  She reluctantly turned off the water and grabbed the towel off the warming rack.  Her husband had a refined sense of luxury, that was for sure.  She hung the towel back on the rack and went to the sink to brush her teeth.  Her mind wandered, I hope he likes dinner, and isn’t too tired, I hope he’s in the mood after the movie...  I hope I’m not missing something, surely he hasn’t been involved with someone else.  As soon as the thought entered her mind, she banished it.  There was NO WAY Eli would ever cheat on her.

When she heard the garage door open she ran back down stairs to meet him.  She heard the door slam and the thud of his briefcase on the floor, before she rounded the corner to the kitchen and paused.  It wasn’t like him to drop things all over.  She quietly peeked around the corner and watched him yank off his tie.  Must have been a rough day.  He tossed the tie on top of the briefcase and leaned on the counter, his head hanging between his shoulders.  He sighed heavily.  She slipped up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist.  He sighed again but this time she felt him relax a little.  He turned in her arms and captured her mouth before she could even ask how his day was.  He was instantly more aggressive than usual, his day must have been bad.  He turned them around and pinned her between his body and the island.  She let him have his way for a while.  He grabbed her ass and crushed her against his growing erection.  She moaned into his mouth and he lifted her onto the counter tweaking her breasts through her shirt and biting along her jaw.  She grabbed his cock through his slacks and rubbed firmly.  He licked her neck and groaned, thrusting into her palm.  

She knew he needed release, he wouldn’t relax until she took care of him.  Although he was usually the dominant in their marriage, sometimes he needed her to take over.  She used his cock as a handle and pushed him back so she could slide off the counter.  He growled at his loss of contact, but she squeezed the head of his cock through his pants and he groaned.  “Becca, I...”. “Shhh” she planted her finger against his lips. She moved away and grabbed his tie as she lead him to the living room and pointed to the chaise lounge chair.  He obediently sat down.  They had chosen this particular chaise because of its unique shape.  Not totally flat, it had a slight rise where your legs rested and curved into the back rest.  It was shaped a lot like the tantra chair in their bedroom, but more incognito for the living room.  She flicked her fingers at him and he slid back into the seat of the chair.  His feet still on the floor to one side of the chair, she knelt down and untied the laces, pulling both shoes and socks off.  Next she worked on his pants, unbuckled the belt, button and zipper, she pulled the pants and boxers down just far enough to release his cock, which gave a satisfying smack against his belly as it came free.  She then pushed his chest back until he was leaning against the cushions behind him.  She lifted his legs so he was reclined against the total curve of the chair.  Finally, she unbuttoned his shirt and left it hanging open as she pulled one arm, then the other to the sides so she could use the tie to secure them across the back of the chair.  He let he’s head relax against the back of the chair and watched her as she surveyed her work.  Satisfied he was where he needed to be, she disappeared into the powder room and quickly stripped.  This was all for him, efficiency was key.  She grabbed the lickable lube from the cabinet, left the bathroom and knelt beside him on the plush rug.  Raking her nails along the inside of his thigh, he hissed as she reached his balls and began massaging them, her other hand skimming down his abdomen towards his hard cock.  When she has each part of him in her hands went to work, pausing only to add lube.  The strawberry scent filled her nose and she felt him shift and groan when she resumed her massage.  Eventually she joined him on the chair, her knees on either side of his, her wet pussy resting on his legs.  She bent forward and took him in her mouth and really started working him.  Keeping one hand on his balls, kneading as she sucked his shaft, using the other hand for balance and leverage.  He was groaning and panting in time with her strokes.  She felt him tense and almost stop breathing, she stopped her mouth and used her tongue to swirl around the sensitive rim of his cock.  He jerked hard and cried out as the first spurt of cum hit her throat. She swallowed and used her tongue to work the rest out of him.  His grunts if pleasure filled her ears.  As the last shutters subsided his body went slack and she slid off him, returning to the bathroom to grab a towel.  She washed her hands and wiped her face, noticing the flushed color in her cheeks reflected in the mirror.  She grinned to herself, that was fun.

When she re entered the living room he had his eyes closed and was resting his head against the chair.  She quickly untied him and handed him the towel to wipe up the remnants of her saliva, the lube and his cum.  Once he pulled his pants back into place he looked up, “Hi” he grinned at her.  “Hi” she grinned back.  “Dinner’s in the oven if you’re hungry.”  “Famished.” He responded.  He pulled himself up and followed her into the kitchen.  They sat at the island and ate.  He told her about the awful client he was working with and she listened.  Once he had purged his demons, she refilled their wine glasses and stood up.  She carried their plates to the sink and returned to his side. “Happy anniversary babe.” She whispered in his ear. He choked on the wine he was sipping and gave her a pained look through his gasping and coughing.  She suspected he forgot, with his business trip and stress at work.

“Oh, baby, I’m such an ass!”  He almost looked like he was going to cry.  She just laughed at him.  “It’s fine, really. I know you’ve been stressed.  I remembered for both of us”   He searched her face looking for clues she would hold this against him later.  Once he was satisfied that he found none, he relaxed again.

“I had a movie picked out for after dinner, if your inclined.”  He raised his eyebrows and nodded.  “Sounds wonderful”

He picked up their glasses, dodging back for the bottle, and followed her into the living room.  

They slid into the comfy overstuffed couch and Eli pulled her into his lap and wrapped his arms around her.  She leaned her back into his chest and folded her arms over his.  He leaned forward and she felt his warmth surround her.  “I love you so much.” He whispered I her ear, “you know that don’t you?”  

She grinned to herself.  Of course she did.  That’s why she put so much into tonight, to remind him she felt the same way. “Of course I do, I just hate you working so hard.” She leaned back and caught his mouth with hers.  She let the kiss linger for a minute but then reluctantly pulled away.  She wanted this to last.  He huffed, and nibbled her ear.  “You know, we could skip the movie and go upstairs.”  He suggested as he continued the assault on her ear.  She could feel the growing bulge at her back under his slacks, he was as insatiable as she was.  When she didn’t respond he reached around and slid his hand under her top.  She halted his hand before it could reach its destination.  “Not yet, you naughty boy.  That’s for later.”  She could feel him frown as he groaned in her ear.  “What is this movie then that’s postponing my dessert?”

She grinned and hit play in the controller.  She watched his face as the title rolled by on the screen. Fifty shades of grey.  He looked sideways at her and raised an eyebrow.  She just grinned and snuggled back into his warm embrace.  She had seen the movie with a friend when it was released in theaters.  She had come home so horney she had practically raped Eli.  Not that he had complained about it.  He wasn’t a big fan of chick flicks as he called them, but he discovered early on in their relationship that a few R rated sex scenes would usually equate to sex for him so he happily sat through them knowing he would be rewarded at the end of the movie.  Sometimes sooner if Rebecca had already seen it, which would likely be the case tonight.

About halfway through the second sex scene she felt Eli adjust his position behind her.  When she leaned back she could again feel his growing arousal. She wiggled her back against him and heard his quick intake of breath.  She grinned devilishly to herself, should she put him out of his misery now, or make him wait.  She let a few more minutes pass but after she felt him adjust his position again and could feel the ridged definition of his lust through his slacks, she took pity on them both.

She slid her hands down his arms that were wrapped around her middle and laced her fingers through his. She tugged them apart and slid his left hand down her thigh and the right hand up over her top to her breast.  He leaned down and hummed deeply in her ear.  “Are we moving to the bedroom?”  His warm breath sent goosebumps over her body.

"Mmm, I think so."  she purred as she leaned away to stand up.  "but first..." she turned toward him and pushed him back against the couch so she could kneel back on the couch.  straddling him and finding that hard bulge in his pants with her clit.  she ground against him as she found his mouth with hers and he groaned, pushing back against her, and applying just the right pressure and friction. Between the strap of her panties, and the bulge in his pants, she could almost feel the orgasm building. it wasn't quite enough yet, but she knew it wouldn't take long once he took control.

He let her lead their sex play sometimes, but like in the courtroom, he liked control in the bedroom too, and she loved letting him have it.  Apparently about five minutes was all she would get tonight.  When he decided she was good and turned on, he slid his hands into the positions he knew would drive her crazy.  One down her side and under the slit in her skirt, he kneaded her ass cheek forcing her clit harder into his swollen shaft.  she hissed at the tingling waves it sent through her body.  the other hand dipped beneath the hem of her top and slid its way up her rib cage.  when he hit the bottom of her bra, it was his turn to hiss.  he loved this bra. it was definately his favorite.  he pulled back and grinned wickedly at her as he pulled the top over her head.  She heard it land with a soft thud in some corner of the living room.  she didn't particularly care where it ended up when his hand and mouth went back to her breast.  she leaned her head back and moaned as she felt his teeth scrape down the strap across her nipple.  he wrapped one arm under her butt and the other across her back and stood up.  "Bedroom" he mumbled into her breast, as he carried her towards the stairs.  all she could manage was another moan as he carried her up the stairs to their room.

he laid her on the bed and stepped back in spite of her squeak of protest.  he quickly began stripping out of his clothes, his eyes burning into hers.  "this is why we usually do this more often." she reminded him as she slid backwards up the bed, pulling her skirt off as she went.  "I know." he replied, "But sometimes delayed gratification has its own rewards." he growled as his slacks hit the floor and he was left in his boxer briefs.  she could see the outline of his cock through the tight material and her mouth watered.  she slid her hand down between her legs and found the throbbing bundle of nerves that needed some relief.  She rubbed and swirled as she watched him watch her.  he quickly slipped his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts and shoved them to the floor freeing that beautiful member she loved so much.  he wrapped his shaft and gave himself a few slow strokes before he groaned and crawled onto the bed and up her body.  he slid his chest up her body between her legs until he found his prize.  he paused a minute when he got close enough to see her smooth pink flesh clearly. he ran his hand up the inside of her thigh and over her hairless mound.  "Good God, Bec, you'll be the death of me yet.  but at least I"ll die happy."

She could only grin as his mouth descended on her sensitive flesh.  He licked up the strap of her panties from the opening to the quivering bundle of nerves at the top.  and even with the thin strap of material separating his tongue from her flesh she cried out at the increased sensitivity of her skin.  she could feel his grin as he licked again and hooked his fingers in the straps around her waist and pulled the material off.  the bra was quick to follow and he drank in her hairless body with his eyes.  "you like?" she asked grinning.  "Oh, baby, yes." he practically moaned the words as he bent closer to where she needed him most.  she laid back against the pillows at the top of the bed and watched as he inspected her new hairless form.  "Mmm, I like this." he mumbled, more to himself than to her.  he slid his fingers up the inside of her thigh and gently stroked the soft skin on either side of her opening.  she whimpered at the bare sensations it shot to her core.  luckily, Eli was merciful on her.  he parted her skin with his fingers and again licked from opening to clit.  She cried out at the shock of sensation, then moaned as he sucked and rubbed against her clit with his talented tongue.  keeping her flesh parted with one hand, he rubbed along the opening with the other.  she moaned and panted and begged him not to stop.  he knew exactly how to make her cum.  luckily for her he didn't make her wait long, he dipped his finger inside her wet opening and curled his finger against that sensitive spot inside.  at the same time he continued to suck and grind his tongue into her clit.  She felt the spasms start on her toes, "oh god, don't stop. don't stop. yes, baby, right there, oh god."  she knew she wasn't making sense, but she was lost to his mouth.  one more flick of his tongue and she was lost, all her muscles spasmed and she screamed his name, over and over, "YES, ELI, ELI, AHHH BABY, ELI." As the last spasms rocked her body he slid his finger out and gave her another lick, which caused another tremor through her body and she groaned.  he looked over her abdomen and grinned at her.  oh, he knew he was good.

She flopped her head against the pillows and tried to calm her rushing heart.  he sat up on his knees and grinned again as he stroked himself from root to tip.  god he turned her on,even after such a crushing orgasm she wanted him again. she held out her arms and wiggled  her fingers.  he stalked up the bed on all fours and stretched out beside her, his hard cock propped against her leg. She wrapped her hand around him and stroked gently.  he pressed his hips forward into her hand and grunted.  oh yes, this man was hers. 

She curled her legs up a few leaned forward to kiss him.  Keeping his hard cock in her hand, she squeezed and released as she scraped her teeth along his lip.  He groaned and slid his fingers between her legs.  She spun around so her hips were next to his shoulders as she leaned forward and sucked his cock into hurt mouth.  His head hit the pillow and he moaned loudly.  She ran her fingers across his ass and cupped his balls, gently kneading as she sucked.  He moaned and growled as she kept up her play.  He had his hand on her ass and she felt his fingers slid down into her wet pussy.  It was her turn to moan around the cock in her mouth as he slid his fingers into her opening, using his thumb to rub her clit.  She moaned again and squeezed his balls, making him moan in return.  His hips were thrusting into her mouth when he stilled and shoved her away. Rolling her onto her back and pinning her with his body.  He slid his hips between her legs and slid his cock up her wet slit and against those nerves.  She howled again at the pleasure of it.  He was done with the playtime now, the look in his eyes told her aggressive Eli had arrived.  She felt her body loosen and prepare to give him whatever he demanded of her tonight.  

He sat back on his heals and roughly shoved her legs apart.  Then pulled her thighs toward him he leaned forward and guided his cock back to the entrance of her pussy. “You ready” was all the pause she got, as soon as she bobbed her head he slammed into her and they both cried out.  She loved this aggressive side of him, although she didn’t see it as often as she used to.  He pinned her knees back with his arms and started riding her.  She moaned at the feeling of his dick hitting her cervex and his balls slapping her ass. She grabbed her nipple in one hand and stroked her clit with the other.  He growled and pounded harder.  She knew he was close and was waiting for her.  Her fingers practically vibrated against her clit as she watched him pound her pussy.  Her toes curled and she knew she was falling.  Her legs tightened and she was screaming his name when her muscles clamped around him and she lost herself to the waves of pleasure.  When he felt the signs of her orgasm he threw his head back and shouted as he followed her into his own pleasure.  His hot seed hit the walls of her pussy sending more ripples of pleasure through her.  He slowed his movements and released her legs, rolling to the side.  They were both breathing heavily and sweaty.  “I think I need another shower.” she grinned at him.

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