On holliday my wife Julie fucked a stranger after watchinging a live esx show in Holland

Davy Smith   July 21, 2018   | 233373 Views
My wife jumped off me and we turned to see a man watching us with his trousers down slowly wanking a massive erection. He smiled at Julie, then gestured to his penis. Julie looked at me and asked "can I?" rings

Some 30 years ago we were on holiday in Holland, and in the red light district passed a flashing sign saying 'Live sex shows'. "Lets go in there" I said to Julie. "No! It looks seedy." But I was determined.
At the end of our week, I persuaded her to go. "Wear your split leather mini skirt." She never wears panties & protested someone might see her hairy pussy. "So much the better" I said. Her pussy flaps are huge, and I enjoy watching my cum frothing out of them after sex.
"As long as I don't have to do anything" she said. I assured her we just watch the show.

Reluctantly, she put the split mini skirt on, the split is full length down the right side with a buckle belt top, wearing hold up black stockings,high heels, a white blouse and shorty black leather jacket.

We got there at 7pm and went in. There were about 40 seats divided by an aisle, and the place was nearly full, with mostly couples. It was dimly lit,enough to see by, but then the lights went down and the curtains opened.On the stage was a girl, pretty brunette, her hair tied back, on a short black plastic bed, her back raised up by the bed, but her ankles and wrists strapped down. A domina was pacing up and down in high heels and wearing a red latex dress, long latex gloves and tapping a riding crop on her thigh.
The girl was wearing a black pvc mini dress that had horizontal slits down the sides, her pussy visible.
Then led in by the domina, came  the slave, who was being commanded in Dutch. He was bearded, tattooed, and HUNG LIKE A DONKEY!!!
Even Julie gasped "Look at the size of that!"

The domina kept tapping his cock with the crop, then began to wank him until it stood up maybe 9 inches.
The girl pretended to be worried, and at a command the slave began licking her pussy. Her shook her head from side to side, then another command and he slid his cock up her. A little at first, then all the way in. The girl moaned loudly, and he began pumping away at her.Her ankles were unstrapped and she wrapped her legs around his hips.I looked at Julie who was staring in amazement. I put my hand up her skirt to finger her pussy, but she stopped me. A few minutes later, more fucking on stage, and I tried again. This time, she let me carry on.
Julie's pussy was dripping, and she allowed me to finger and massage her.

The slave pulled out of the girl, he moved around to her face and masturbated over her, she turned to face him, took him in her mouth for a while, then he pulled out and came on her mouth and face, spurt after spurt.The curtains closed, I was still fingering Julie. I asked what she thought. "That was unbelieveable. My God. His cock was massive. I would love to have a cock inside like that."

The next act was two lesbians with sex toys and oral, not Julies thing, or mine. Then there was an intermission and the lights went up a little.  Julie nudged me and said "look, that couple are having sex in the aisle, and theres a woman riding a man over there!"
I took my chance and said "come on then let's do it.Take a risk."

"No, somebody might see" she said, "look for gods sake, other people are doing it"  "OK"she said .

I unzipped my trousers and eased my bum up off the seat so Julie could pull them down. Then she stepped over, straddled me, parting her split skirt, then guided my dripping cock between her wet pussy flaps,into her. I was in heaven.
She was so wet, it was like liquid velvet. She began to slide up and down my pole, asked me is that good, and oh yes it was.
Then suddenly she stopped, dismounted me and looked to the aisle.There, standing in the aisle with his trousers down, was a man in his 40's, watching us and masturbating a huge cock. Nearly the size of the slave on stage, but this was particularly fat. He grinned at Julie, then gestured to his pulsing cock.Julie looked at me and asked me the dreaded question. "Can I?.... Please?.... It was your idea to come here, not mine.... You can have one of the women." He isn't wearing a rubber, I said, " I don't want him to put one on, I want to feel  the spunk spurt inside....Please just this once, Go on, for me ". Reluctantly I  agreed. 

She stepped over me into the aisle, pulled her split mini skirt aside and up, and lay on her back in the aisle. The man lay on top of her, and as she drew her knees up, she guided him into her. He began thrusting away vigorously, and I wished it was me. He must have been German began he kept muttering 'JA' while Julie was saying 'yes, oh yes.Thats lovely. Yes. Oh yes,I need your spunk,yes, MAKE ME A BABY, yes' I could tell her pleasure was fantastic.

As I looked around other couples were fucking, but now Julie and the man had an audience of a few people.

I could make out slurping sounds coming from Julies pussy over the wails of other women doing it, Julies eyes were closed, her hips were bucking in rhythm with his thrusts, and she was trying to kick off her stilletto shoes. I pulled them off for her, her toes were curled, and her feet began a stabbing motion in the air. Then she let out a loud gasp, her head writhing from side to side, she wrapped her legs around him and I knew she had orgasmed.
But her new lover wasn't finished.
He carried on a few minutes more, then said a final'JA', jerked his head back and spurted inside her.
Julies hips were convulsing as she was having her second orgasm (something I never achieved) then they stopped. Their audience began to clap!
He pulled out of her, got to his feet and pulled his pants up. He helped her to a feet, said "Danke" then walked away. The' audience' went back to their seats

"Was that good?" I asked her. I could see her face was flushed. "It was brilliant, I'm still shaking. He spurted hot jets of cum time after time after time.His cock was much longer than yours and so fat and It hurt,a bit like having a baby in reverse but it was good, I can feel cum dribbling out. Have you got a tissue?"
Then as I asked if Icould  I do it with a woman I fancied in the audience, I was told "NO! I want to go back to the Hotel.We'll do it together there." One rule for her and not for me I thought. And, we missed the other two acts.

In the taxi I felt her pussy under her skirt, and spunk was dribbling out,and as I pulled my fingers away a long string of spunk and pussy juice was attached to my fingers. She  grasped my fingers and put them in her mouth, licking off the juices, then turned to me and we kissed, tongues in, but not my favourite idea because it wasn't just her own juices.I didn't like the idea of tasting another man's spunk.

However, I have never known her so turned on!

We hurried up to the room, she pulled my pants off and stepped out of her skirt,my cock was at attention and dripping pre-cum, then she lay back on the bed.
Her pussy hair was matted with cum, her vagina lips puffed up and open, glistening white with her prize sperm. "Quickly, put it in, I want more sperm."
I slid my dick inside her, lubricated by her lovers cum, which squelched out as I thrust.
"Deeper, faster" she begged, "Pretend i'm the girl on the stage, yes..keep going, deeper.Right up to my cervix. He was fatter than you, but keep going, I want spunk right in the middle of my belly, yes, fuck, fuck, oh yes, fuck"  After only about three minutes I spurted inside her as as I felt her vagina muscles tighten around the head of my cock and she came. Spasms and contractions waved down my cock. We lay still for a while, then I pulled out. She looked down at her pussy, pulled her lips apart, examined the mess, then said "put it back in." I did, but was going limp, and came out of her.
There was a mess on the duvet which I said we better clean up, but she lay limp asking to be left. Then, as I watched, then she began massaging the sperm around her clit,up and down her splayed pussy lips then spent the next half hour masturbating.She arched her back climaxing and gasping twice more.Then she was finished.

Definitely an experience to remember, our  friends thought we had made it all up. But,true, though stupid, with the risks of STD's, and she could have been made pregnant-but very, very exciting.

4 years later we went back, but the club had gone, though our memories remained, and while we have sex now she still tells me about the feeling of the stranger spurting inside her as I pump away at her, getting more turned as as she tells me.

Happy days!

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