Wife Learns Pleasures of Two-man Sex

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A trip to Europe provided the opportunity for this wife to take action on her hubby's oft-repeated suggestion that she experience a new man. stepmom The following true report is being shared with the writer’s permission by Joan Vegas:

Wife Learns Pleasures of Two-man Sex               

Dear Ms.  Joan, Curator of "Joan's Library of True Adventures in Extra-Partner Sex"... 

I never thought I... of all people... would be writing to you.  But I am, because I have just enjoyed a summer of crazy fun sex with my husband and other men... and just me with other men.  Wow!  My god, I never thought I would do the things I have done.  But, I am glad I did, and I just have to tell you about it. 

A bit about me and my husband first.  We both had been married before we met, and we married three years ago.  I am now 29 and have two kids from my first marriage.  My first husband was an abusive jerk.  That's why I divorced him.  I was single for nearly two years before I met Clark, my dear husband. 

Clark is 32.  His first wife was killed in an automobile accident five years before I met him.  They had no children.  From our first date, Clark and I just "clicked."  Yes, I had a few sexual liaisons while I was divorced (until that time my first husband had been my only sex partner).  And, Clark admitted to a variety of sexual activities while he was single. 

We had been married about a year when Clark first made a comment like, "I'd love to see you share that beautiful body of yours with other guys."  At first, I could not believe what I heard him say. 

Upon questioning him, he admitted that while he was single he had been invited to join a few couples in "bedroom fun," and found what he called "MFM experiences" exhilarating and mutually rewarding. Upon further questioning he explained that most of those couples were friends, where he was a friend of both the husband and the wife, and they had often socialized before they invited him to join them in their "bedroom fun."  He said that some of the other couples were people he had met while traveling. 

At first I could not believe that those other guys would just let their wives have sex with him.  I thought maybe they were affairs behind the husbands' backs.  But Clark assured me that "in every case" the husbands had either been present, or were fully aware that he was being intimate with their wives. 

It took me a while to wrap my head about what he had told me.  I began thinking about his comment that he would like ME to share MY body with other guys, and silently I questioned whether or not he really loved me.  I thought that surely a man could not fully love his wife if he thought it was OK for her to have sex with other men.  We talked about it a lot... particularly while we were alone in our bedroom and having sex. 

Clark pointed out that I obviously loved sex (we usually made love several times a week), that I loved to wear sexy clothing when we went out, and that I had garnered the approving stares and whistles from a large number of men while we were out, or at the beach.  He assured me that he loved it when he saw other guys casting "lustful" eyes toward me.  At that point I told him, "that's fine, but I am NEVER going to have sex with another man... you are enough for me!" 

The truth is that I have always enjoyed the attention shown me by other men.  It has always been good for my ego, and I never discouraged it.  I have a respectable shape, and Clark always calls me "beautiful."  Who am I to challenge that?  But, I had never given any thought to actually having sex with any of the men who "came on" to me. 

My confidence in Clark's love for me returned.  I just thought my husband's ideas were a bit far out, but I could tell that he cherished me as much as ever. 

Sometime after that Clark was trolling the Internet and found your web site.  He began printing out various stories he found on your site.  Then, when we were alone together at night in bed he gave them to me to read out loud as he sucked my breasts or went down on me.  Obviously my libido was in high gear while I read those stories, and soon I found myself genuinely interested in those reports from couples who seemed relatively normal, and yet they were reporting on situations where husbands invited other guys into the sex life they shared with their wives. 

I began asking Clark for more details about the times he joined another guy in making love to the other guy's wife.  He was pretty candid with me.  Like in the stories on your site, Clark stressed that when two guys shared a bed with one woman, it was all about increasing the woman's pleasure (Clark is strictly heterosexual).  He assured me that he and the husband always came away well satisfied too... but that the women consistently told him they enjoyed the sex in ways they never did when it was exclusively one-on-one sex with their hubbies. 

One evening Clark got a phone call from an old friend who was calling from the other side of the country.  They talked for a while as I put my kids to bed.  When we met up in our bedroom, he said the friend was the male half of one of the couples he used to "party" with.  He said his friend (Tony) and his wife (Annette) would be calling back in a few minutes so he could introduce me to them on the phone.  To be honest, I was a bit flustered. 

The phone rang as we were getting into bed.  Clark answered the phone, and I could tell he was talking with a woman.  Soon Clark handed the phone to me.  I didn't know how to handle the conversation. 

Annette introduced herself and congratulated me on "snagging" Clark.  She said that she and her husband considered Clark a very special friend.  Then, hesitantly, she began to tell me that some years ago she and Tony had invited Clark to spend the night with them... and that as the evening wore on they all ended up in Tony and Annette's bed.  She waited for my reaction. 

There was silence on the phone for a few moments, and then I admitted that Clark had told me about his times with them.  There was a sigh of relief at the other end of the phone after I revealed that I knew of those times in the past.  We talked some more, and Annette told me that she and Tony did not consider themselves Swingers, she said they just occasionally enjoyed bringing another guy into their shared love life.  "You are a luck gal," she said.  "As you know, Clark is a very skilled and thoughtful lover." 

I had to smile as I said, "Yes he is."  Then Annette  handed the phone to her husband. As Tony told me about the many non-sexual things the three of them used to do together, Clark was nibbling on my pussy.  When Tony finally got around to telling me how he loved watching my Clark "deep fuck" his wife, an orgasm overtook me, and for moment I could not talk. 

After Tony hung up, Clark looked right at me and said, "What do you think, hun?  Did they sound like weirdos, or normal friendly people?  I had to admit that they sounded quite normal to me... and they certainly were friendly. 

Clark rolled on top of me and his dick slid inside me.  As he gently pumped me toward another orgasm he said, "Honey, if the opportunity ever presents itself, I would be totally OK with it if you had sex with another guy."  I am sure I said something like, "Don't be silly," but he went on.  “Babe, I think sensual gals like you should experience sexual variety... like Annette does.  All I ask is that you tell me all the details later."  I didn't respond. 

Over the following weeks Clark gave me more printouts of stories from your web site.  Sometimes I read them alone, and sometimes I read them aloud while Clark stimulated my body.  I confess, the idea of... as Clark had said, experiencing "sexual variety" started to stimulate my imagination. 

Clark periodically repeated his claim that it would be OK with him if I had sex with another guy, and he even seemed to suggest that he would regard my reports on such "adventures" as highly erotic for him.  I usually refrained from commenting. 

Fast forward two months...  to last June (2018). 

Clark came home from work and informed me that he had to make a business trip to Austria... and that he wanted me to travel with him.  He said we could extend our stay into a two-week vacation alone.  That sounded wonderful to me. 

We made arrangements for my folks to watch our kids, and I was able to take time off my job.  By June 14th we were in the air and on our way to Vienna! 

I had been to Europe on two earlier occasions; once to Switzerland for a short vacation trip while I was single... and once with Clark to Germany shortly after we were married.  I loved both trips, and was looking forward to seeing the many cultural attractions of Vienna. 

As a sidelight, during those two earlier trips I learned first-hand about adult nudity being commonplace in many European spas.  While in Switzerland I had occasion to use the spa in the hotel where I was staying.  The pool area was quite normal by US standards.  Everyone wore swimsuits.  But, when I retired to the sauna (still wearing my swimsuit) I was startled to find several other folks inside the sauna were totally nude... men and women, of various ages.  By my third day there I finally broke down and "did as the Romans do".  I quickly learned that nudity in those places was no big deal.  There were no sexual overtones. 

While traveling in Germany with Clark we both decided to "do as the Romans do" in several of the saunas and steam rooms we visited.  To ourselves, we laughed about the "European openness", but we eventually became comfortable with such situations. 

When we landed in Vienna we took a cab to the hotel Clark's company had booked for us.  It was very nice!  We took showers, went down to the in-house gourmet restaurant, had a great meal and a few drinks, then we decided to head for bed.  Clark had a business appointment early the next day. 

Clark and I had breakfast together the next morning, and I told him I would check out all the tourist brochures in the hotel lobby while he was at his business meeting... so we could plan what we wanted to do while in Vienna.  He kissed me goodbye, and I thumbed through the brochures on display, taking several back to our room. 

Back at the room I picked up the hotel directory and learned that there was a roof top swimming pool and spa in the building.  I decided to take a swim. 

The hotel provided plush robes for guests, so after I put on my rather skimpy bikini, I covered myself with the robe for my journey down the hall and up the elevator to the pool. 

The spa/exercise/pool area was quite luxurious.  The lady at the desk took my room number and told me all the facilities were free to guests.  I saw doors leading to "Spa", "Massage Services", and "Dressing Rooms".  The lady directed me up one more flight of steps to the pool. 

A man was swimming laps in the pool when I arrived.  Otherwise the place was empty.  I put my robe and towel on one of the lounge chairs and stepped into one end of the pool.  As the man reached my end of the pool he stopped, looked me up and down, smiled and said, "Welcome to my pool".  He extended his hand to me (I noticed it was rather large), and said, "Well... it is not really MY pool... but welcome anyway.  He went back to swimming laps as I did my own form of swimnastics.  I noticed that the guy was a few years older than Clark... but very handsome and in good shape. 

Eventually the guy got out of the pool and said, "Have a good day".  I noticed what I later learned was a French accent. 

About 15 minutes later I decided it was time to check out the spa.  I thought some relaxation in the sauna would help relieve some of the kinks from travel the day before.  Down the stairs I went... and through the door marked "Dressing Rooms".  A door at the other end of the room was marked "Spa Entrance".  No one was there, so I stripped my bikini away, put it in a locker, grabbed my towel, and headed through the door to the spa... totally nude... like I knew others would be. 

I passed the exercise area where a couple of older women had their towels draped over the seats of stationary bikes, and were sitting there peddling away.  They hardly noticed me as they chatted away.  A young couple was sitting in the hot tub, apparently also nude.  I saw a couple guys open the steam room door and enter.  Through the steam I saw two younger women who were sitting nude on one of the benches. 

I found the sauna and pulled the door open.  To my surprise the man from the swimming pool was sitting on one of the lower benches.  I greeted him, put my towel on the opposite bench, and sat down.  He reached his hand across and said, "My name is Andre... what's yours?"  I gave him my name and started to look away.  That's when I noticed Andre was studying my nude breasts (they are C-cup with big nipples, and have virtually no sag). 

"I see you are checking out parts of my body that were covered up at the pool," I boldly said to him.  Just as boldly he replied, “Yes, they are big... and lovely!"  About that time I glanced down to see a rather large dick lying between his legs.  So, I decided to keep up the repartee.  "Now that your full body is exposed, I see that you have something pretty big yourself". (I couldn't believe my own boldness!!!!) 

Andre let out a hearty laugh.  His large hand moved to his manhood and he stroked it gently while saying, "I would love for you to see it when it is fully awake".  I blushed.  There was silence for a few minutes.  We were still alone in the sauna, but someone could have come in at any time.  I finally broke the silence by saying, "I'd like to see that thing when it is 'fully awake'."  Again, I could not believe I said that.  I must have been influenced by Clark's encouragement to be more sexually open... and the stories on your web site.  After speaking those words I turned away until I heard Andre say, "I just happen to have a few hours of free time.  If you will come to my room, I think my sleeping giant would like to wake up and meet you." 

Thoughts of my husband's words some weeks earlier started floating through my head...  "if the opportunity ever presents itself, I would be totally OK with it if you had sex with another guy," and "I think sensual gals like you should experience sexual variety... like Annette does."  The thoughts brought a smile to my face.  I think my smile encouraged Andre. 

Andre told me his room number... and repeated it a few times.  Then he stood up and said he was going to return to his room.  He assured me he was traveling alone... and he said he hoped to see me in a few minutes.  Since he was standing, I was staring directly at the thick man-meat between his legs.  He made no attempt to cover himself. 

Slowly I looked up at him and (to my surprise) I heard myself say, "I have to go to my room first.  If I decide to come, I will be there in about 15 minutes."  He turned and left.  I could not believe what I had told him... but his body and his rather sizable manhood had gotten my pussy wet and my mind churning. 

A few minutes after Andre left I picked up my towel, went to the dressing room to gather my bikini.  I didn't put it on.  I wrapped it in my towel, and wrapped myself in the thick white hotel robe.  Carrying my towel and bikini, I headed back to my room... still remembering Andre's room number, and wondering if I would dare accept his offer. 

Back in the room I dialed Clark's cell phone.  To my happy surprise, he answered.  After some quick "hellos" I blurted out, "were you serious when you said it would be OK with you if I had sex with another guy?"  There was stone silence on the other end for a moment.  Then I heard his words.  "Baby, if you have found a guy with whom you want to have sex... do it.  It is absolutely OK with me.  Just tell me all about it later when I get back there... and... enjoy yourself!" 

We told each other again how much we love each other, and then we both hung up.  I sat there thinking "should I?"  Then I put my towel and bikini on the bed and headed for the door... wearing only my robe.  No one would know I had nothing on underneath.  I confidently walked down the hall. 

Room 419.  There it was.  I knocked.  Andre opened the door, stepping back behind it as he did so.  He only had a towel wrapped around his waist.  He smiled when he saw that I had really come... and he closed the door behind me. 

As he stepped up to me his towel fell to the floor.  He scooped the robe off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor too.  He was visibly pleased to see I was nude before him.  He used each of his large hands to cup and fondle my breasts as he bent over and gave me a gentlemanly kiss.  Then he slowly sank to the floor in front of me and began to lick my pussy and clit. That just naturally caused me to spread my legs a bit to give him more room.  I just stood there, eyes closed, and enjoyed the sensations between my legs. 

I felt myself shiver.  Was I cold... since I was nude?  Or was it the delightful things Andre was dong with his lips and tongue.  Clearly it was the later.  I put my hands on Andre's head and encouraged him to continue his ministrations.  Then my shiver turned into a full-blown shake as the wonderful feelings between my legs shot to my head. 

Andre caught my shaking body and lifted me to the bed.  Until then I had not noticed...  but his "sleeping giant" had awakened.  It was pointing straight out, firm and thick.  I had to inspect it up close.  I rolled to the edge of the bed, reached out to take hold of it, and nudged Andre closer to me. 

At that point in my life I had seen and played with a few different cocks, but clearly Andre's equipment was exceptional.  I brought my face closer to his cock... and began to lick its head, then down along its sides.  I heard Andre moan his approval.  Then he pulled back, pressed me onto my back in the middle of the bed, and said, "It is time for your pussy to meet my 'little man'." 

Andre climbed onto the bed and spread my legs.  'Gawd,' I thought... 'it was about to happen!  I was about to have sex with someone other than Clark!' 

He leaned over me, and I felt his hand reach down to guide his 'little man' toward my opening.  As he pressed against me I felt the head of his cock slip inside.  I admit it... it felt great!  I mean REALLY great! 

"Are you OK," he asked while studying my face.  "Yes," I confidently responded, "push it all in."  He did... slowly.  I felt so full when he bottomed out.  "Still OK?" he asked.  "Oh yes, I sure am", I responded.  Then he started pumping.  At one point the room went dark as streaks of pleasure shot throughout my body and numbed my brain.  I don't know how many times I came, but I know Andre went on pumping me for some time. 

Finally I felt him increase his pace, and I knew I was about to receive some French cream.  I had momentary comforting thoughts about the birth control pills I was on...  just as Andre let loose within me.  I felt totally filled... and sated. 

That afternoon Andre and I explored a variety of positions as we fucked and licked each other.  Finally I told him I had to go.  I put my robe back on and said goodbye as I left his room.  He said, "I'll be looking for you back at the spa tomorrow. 

Back at our room I showered and used the hotel bidet.  Still nude, I lay back on the bed and fell asleep. 

About 5 PM I awoke to find Clark looking down at me... with a big grin on his face.  "Yep," he said, "you look like a woman who has been very well fucked."  I blushed, bent forward and kissed him.  He yanked his coat and tie off and lay down next to me.  "Did you enjoy yourself hun?" he asked as he showered my face with little kisses.

Having never before done what I did that day, I had a hard time opening myself to Clark... but piece by piece I told him all the details of my day.  "Hoorah for you," he finally said, as I concluded my report. 

Then he surprised me.  "I'd like to meet this Andre," he said.  Getting no actual response from me he went on, "Give him a call and see if he wants to join us for dinner."  "Really?" I asked.  Really!" he replied. 

I went to the phone and dialed Andre's room.  To my surprise, he answered.  I had barely said hello when Clark took the phone from me and said, "Hey Andre... I am Clark, your afternoon playmate's husband.  Thank you for treating her so well.  I can tell she loved every minute of your time together."  There was a brief silence while Andre must have said something.  Then Clark said, "Andre, we would love to have you join us for dinner.  Any suggestions on a place to go?" 

When Clark hung up he said, "It's all set.  Andre will meet us in the lobby at 6 PM, and he says he knows a great little restaurant nearby."  Now that was not a turn of events I had anticipated. 

Clark and I got freshened up and dressed.  I wore a rather short skirt, blouse with a low cut neckline... and (gulp) no panties or bra.  Andre was waiting for us in the lobby.  The guys greeted each other like old college classmates.  I couldn't believe it.  Andre surveyed my outfit with an approving smile.  We got a cab and were soon at the restaurant Andre had chosen.  We were sitting in a small circular booth with me in the middle. 

The dinner and wine were delicious.  During the dinner I felt my husband's hand caress my bare leg under the table, and I noticed Andre enjoying the view down the front of my rather open neckline.  As we finished dessert my hubby said, "Andre, if you have recovered from this afternoon, we would like to invite you back to our room... so you and I can BOTH ravish and pleasure my beautiful wife."  I just sat there... not saying a word... until Clark said, "You'd like to have both of us play with you... wouldn't you babe?"  What could I say, after spending the afternoon with a man other than my husband?  How could I say no?  Why would I want to say no? 

When we were back in our room my hubby came up from behind me and cupped his two hands over my thinly covered breasts.  He bent over and kissed me as Andre watched.  Then Clark removed his hands to begin unbuttoning the back of my blouse while saying, "Andre... its your turn to play with her magnificent boobs". 

Andre stepped forward, cupped my breasts with his hands, and kissed me on my neck.  Removing his hands for a moment, my blouse fell away, and I felt Andre fumbling with the zipper on the side of my skirt.  My husband had done his job.  He began to strip away his own clothes. 

Andre had opened my skirt enough for it to fall to the floor.  He was on his knees, kissing my pussy.  I felt his tongue work its way around my clit and slip between my pussy lips.  Clark had put soft music on the radio.  He came up behind me again, this time totally nude, and held me tight against his chest as he again cupped my breasts and tweaked my nipples.  I love that! 

Andre moved away to remove his clothes.  By the time he returned Clark and I were lying on our sides, facing each other on the bed, kissing and fondling each other.  Andre laid his body behind mine, tight against my back while kissing his way through my hair and along my neck.  I felt that "little man" of his rising to the occasion.  I reached back and stroked it.  That's when it dawned on me to reach forward and stroke my hubby's cock at the same time.  That was kind of nice... having a hot hard cock in each hand! 

Without getting into all the details, over the next two hours my dear husband and Andre took turns sucking and fucking me.  I especially loved it when Clark held me in his arms and necked with me while Andre screwed me from behind... until he filled me with more of that French cream. 

Over the following days we did lots of things with Andre.  We learned that he is separated from his wife, is fairly well to do, and travels a lot.  The three of us joked and got along very well.  Clark was not jealous even one time!  (that improved my self confidence level a lot).  One evening the three of us were up at the spa again, sitting in the sauna.  Clark said, "Andre, I want you to fuck my dear wife right here.  I'll watch the door and let you know if anyone comes this direction".  Andre didn't have to hear that suggestion twice. 

I stood up and leaned over, supporting my nude body on the upper bench.  Andre slid his "little man" right between my legs and up inside me.  I felt wicked, letting myself get taken in such a semi-public place.  When Andre felt my body shake he knew I had had an orgasm.  Rather than pumping himself to orgasm within me, he said, "Clark buddy, my turn to watch the door as you pump your pretty wife to another orgasm."  They switched as I stood there, and I quickly felt my own hubby's cock pumping within me. Another orgasm overwhelmed my body and I almost fell to the floor.  Both guys laughed and said, "We'll get ours when we get back to the room".  No one had interrupted us. 

We put our robes on and soon were back in our room.  Another three hours of sweaty three-way intimacy drew more orgasms from me, and big loads from both of them.  That night Andre spent the night with us. 

When our time in Vienna was over we said goodbye to Andre and vowed to meet him again someday. 

Since our return in late June, Clark and I have had many hot conversations about what we did in Austria.  On three occasions this past summer Clark made arrangements for the kids to be with their grandparents again, and on each of those occasions he invited a different male friend to join us for some threeway play.  As McDonalds says, "I'm lovin' it!"  I have gotten much more at ease with my own body and its potential for pleasure. 

Clark tells me that next month Tony (remember him) will be visiting our city for a week, and Clark has asked him to stay with us in our basement guest bedroom.  Clark feels we can play there after the kids go to bed.  I am looking forward to meeting Tony, and letting Tony 'meat me!'  My goodness... I am getting bad!  But... as I said... I'm loving' it! 
(Name withheld at writer's request)

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