RV Sex (and friends)

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He got up to give it to her, but she said , “No, I’ll get it.” She was seated directly across from Chris as we were eating around the campfire. She put her plate down spreading legs as she pulled up her dress showing her whole snatch. She leaves her bush with hair, which I love, so it was quite a contrast to Ruth’s pussy. I thought she had made a mistake and would pull her dress down, but she didn’t, in fact she said nothing, but finally arose and walked over to Chris bending over and giving him a great shot of her awesome tits. She has great nipples and huge areolas, I could tell Chris loved the view, Ruth was staring at me and smiling. I have to admit my cock was hard as I watched my wife showoff her wares. rings


My wife and I love to use our RV, a 30 foot trailer I pull with my Ford diesel.  Normally we bring our daughter and one of her friends.  Often we meet some friends or  the in-laws which makes for a busy weekend.  Every now and then it is just the missus and me.  I love these times because this is when my wife is the most free to fuck, suck and let me do the things I love to do to her without any inhibitions.  Don’t get me wrong, my bride loves sex too, but like any good mother, she is a little nervous about having passionate, wild sex with the kid in the house.

So I was so excited to see that we had scheduled five nights with just the two of us in our favorite place, Davis State park.  This is a beautiful place in the Texas Mountains near Fort Davis.  I had been gone for ten days on a very cool trip to Civil War battlefields while my girls had a camp of their own to attend. When I returned we had already scheduled a trip with friends and my daughter, and while I love those trips, I longed to fuck the hell out of my wife in the great outdoors.   We left on a Monday at noon and my cock was already rock hard, it didn’t help that I was only able to fuck her once in the last week due to “family issues”. 

So when we left I was excited to be hooking up the camper and excited to be hooking up with my hot wife later that afternoon.  My wife recently lost forty pounds and looks incredible.  I thought she looked great before, did I mention her tits were huge!  But I am so proud of her for losing all that weight and I am even happier that her tits remained almost the same size, they are fucking awesome.  Often I ask her to send me a picture of her tits, which she does and I love it!  She always makes excuses, but comes through with a great photo, not just a simple picture, but one that is posed and gives me a woody every time. 

So when I thought about the next few days with just my beautiful wife, I was excited, actually I had a hard on for much of our 180 miles to Fort Davis.  We arrived around five and after setting up and getting settled it was about six in the evening.  We had one beer and went on a walk where my wife teased the shit out of me along the way by pulling her shirt up, licking her lips seductively and grabbing my cock and once pulling her pants down only to narrowly escaped being seen by hikers coming up the other side of the trail.  On the way back to camp she asked me if I was interested in licking her clit?  YES! 

She mentioned she might suck my cock if I did a good job on her clit.  Now, I’m not bragging, but I can really lick pussy.  I lick around her hole and between her asshole (which I adore) and her perfect pussy.  After a while I stick my tongue in her slit and tease her swollen clit before sucking and licking it until she moves my head away.  If I have time I will lick her asshole too.  Sometimes her hips buck as I do and other times she seems to want my tongue on her clit, I always try to oblige, after all, a happy wife is a happy life! 

She was teasing the hell out of me and I had to wait until after dinner to get my face wet.  We ate and had beer and wine and retired early to the confines of the RV and I licked her until she came, twice.  I sucked her nipples and licked her asshole and clit until she shuddered with delight and came.  She didn’t even ask me as she rolled me on my back and proceeded to give me the most incredible blow job of my life.  She licked the shaft from balls to tip and then slowly began sucking on my engorged member.  She put her tongue between the slit on the tip of my cock, I thought I was going to cum then.  She grabbed my balls and deep throated me and alternated with running her tongue through the slit in my penis and down the shaft.  Finally she slowly stroked my cock with rhythmic movements of her mouth and I unleashed a torrent of cum in her mouth.  To her credit, she swallowed it all eagerly.  I lovingly rubbed her head as she helped me unleashed a month of frustration and desire.  She looked up and smiled and asked if I wanted a kiss?  I said sure, and she kissed me on the mouth with her tongue probing mine and seemingly asking for more.  After a few minutes I passed out after a very long day of driving, setting up the RV and anticipating the moment I just experienced.

We awoke the next morning to a glorious day.  The sun was shining and it was going to be a balmy 85 degrees with almost no humidity, a perfect day for hiking and relaxing outside the RV and I hope, much fucking.  I love having sex outdoors.  When we are home I love going to the patio at night and fucking her.  We have these bar stools that are the perfect height for fucking.  She can sit on the stool and spread her tan legs as I enter her creamy wetness standing up all the while being outdoors.  My bride tends to be nervous we may be caught by our neighbors if we “do it” outside, I say the neighbors would love to catch us.  Nonetheless we rarely have sex outside, much to my chagrin.  However, I am hopeful this night will be different as the distance between campsites is large and we have no neighbors. 

That night I cooked steaks as we sat outside under a cloudless sky.  The day had been perfect.  We hiked twice, took a nap, once I feigned being tired as she grabbed my cock in hopes of a nooner.  As much as I would have liked to plow my cock into her turgid pussy, I wanted to wait for the night: outdoor fucking.  I was wise in my patience.  We drank beer before dinner, wine with dinner and afterwards out came the rum we became more and more tipsy.  As my lovely bride continued to drink she becomes more agreeable to fucking outside in front of our RV.  The sky was perfect and we had zero neighbors, a perfect storm as it were. 

She told me she was very horny and needed me soon.  If she only knew I had been plotting this all day in addition to what she told me next.  She said, but first I have to pee.  “I have been drinking all night and haven’t peed at all”. 

I love to watch her pee and sometimes she will pee on me.  I know, sounds dirty, but it is so hot when we are really horny as we were now.  I told her she can pee out here.  Usually she would say no, but she said, “sure”.  I said, but I want to lick you while you pee. 

She said, “I was hoping you would say that, I’ve been holding it and waiting for you”.  I got an instant hard on!  She grabbed her chair and said follow me.  We moved closer to the edge of the campsite away from our RV and the lights she loves to hang up.

As she moved from the lights she took off her shorts and panties.  She looked at me and asked if I was going to let me cock stay hidden.  I gladly stripped my shirt and pants and walked to the back of the camp site by her.  She removed her shirt and let her 34 C’s tumble from her tank top.  I have always loved her tits, they are perfect.  She has great natural boobs with huge areolas.  Her nipples are very sensitive and have she has been known to cum while having her nipples sucked, it’s hot. 

As I moved around her she grabbed my cock and pulled it toward her mouth and hungrily sucked and licked me until I had to tell her to stop lest I cum in her pretty mouth.  I moved down between her legs and positioned her ass so if she peed it would land on the ground instead of the chair.  I asked if she had to pee and she used my line,” like a race horse”. 

I told her it made me horny and she said she “You better hurry because I’m going to pee now”.  I moved my tongue over her slit and inside her soaking wet pussy.  She moaned and told me it was coming soon.  I moved my tongue up to her clit and over her pee hole, as I did she let out a deep throaty moan and said, “Oh fuck, here it comes”.

She let her bladder go and I licked up as much as I could.  She moaned with ecstasy as I continued to lick and suck as she gave me her golden nectar.  She came twice as she peed in my mouth.  When she finished I stood and plowed my dick into her soaked flesh and hammered her with long strokes.  She begged for me to cum in her and I happily obliged.  I let go with a huge stream of cum, five long spurts pleasured us both and I fell onto her exhausted.   We used the outdoor shower to rinse off and fell into our bed naked and very satisfied.

We had three more glorious nights ahead of us and I had big plans.  I was eager to do all of our fucking outside with some more piss sex and if I played my cards right, some ass fucking.  I love to fuck her ass, but she almost never likes it.  Every once in a while she gets really horny and if I ask will let me fuck her in her tight hole and even cum while I do it.  I love it!  I was hoping that being away from the kids and in the outdoors it would create a mood that would beg for her to ask me to fuck her ass. 

But the next day we had an RV move in on our right side.  I was hoping my bride didn’t notice, but as they were setting up she said, “There goes the outside sex”.  I was disappointed.  We had more hikes planned for the day and we love to read.  We spent the morning hiking and afternoon reading.  I was making a big meal that night in my Dutch oven.  I had learned how to use a Dutch oven at this very park and I really enjoyed it.  Tonight was lasagna and I always made more that we could eat.  She was going to make the salad and we had a nice bottle of wine to accompany our meal.  In truth we had several bottles of wine, but one special bottle. 

As I prepared dinner our new neighbors had just returned, they were gone all day and we hadn’t seen them until just now.  My wife and I are not old, but our younger days are behind us, I am 52 and my bride is 49.  We both are in good shape and very attractive.  We are professional educators and value intelligence and the ability to hold and intelligent conversation.  Plus, we also enjoy attractive people. 

Now before I continue, I want to mention a fantasy of mine.  I have been married for almost thirty years and find my wife more attractive today than ever.  I have no desire to do anything to put my marriage in jeopardy and no desire to be with another woman, although I do notice attractive women.  My wife is dedicated to the same view, but I suspect she appreciates attractive smart men as well.  I have told my wife many times her naked body is the most beautiful thing God ever created, with all other women being second and I mean that.  But I think it would be very sexy to have sex while another couple had sex next to us or at least close by, watching us as we watch them. 

I have never told my wife, I’m not sure how she would take it.  I have no desire to have anyone touch my wife, but I am so proud of her body and how she is so good at sex, I think it would be awesome to “share” that experience with someone else.  It would make me hot to think they were getting off seeing my beautiful wife’s pussy being pounded by my cock, I know, kinky.

Well as fate would have it, our neighbors were RV newbies, I could tell the day before as they were backing it in.  The woman was giving the man instructions as to where to back it and the man was yelling at her.  They finally got if backed in a set up, but they had disappeared into their rig that night.  The man walked by and said hello and ventured into our campsite asking if we had an extra lighter.  I said sure, let me get it.  I went into the RV and grabbed the extra lighter we had and told my wife what I was doing, she sighed and said she wished they would have parked two places down, I shrugged. 

I exited the RV and gave the lighter to the man, he introduced himself as Chris.  I had just popped a beer and asked if he would like one, he said yes if I could spare one.  I told him I always came well stocked.  It turned out we had a lot in common, he was also a teacher and loved read and hike too.  We talked and one beer turned into two and then three.  As he was opening the third beer he realized he had left his wife next door.  I said bring her over and dinner is almost ready, why don’t you both join us.

 He hesitated and I said just go ask your wife.  He did and I informed my wife I had invited guests for dinner, she was not as enthused as I, but she is a polite Texan and agreed.  Chris and his wife returned, his wife was quite attractive and younger than we were.  Chris was too, they told us they had been married one year and were both approaching 40.  They were attractive, athletic and great conversationalists. 

We ate and drank three bottles of wine as daylight gave way to darkness.  It was another beautiful evening, warm to the point of being almost hot.  My wife was wearing a sundress with a jacket.  She had put the sundress on with no bra or panties, she told me it was for me to “anticipate”, but when company came over she put on a jacket.  Chris’s wife too had a jacket and sundress on; I couldn’t help but wonder if she was making Chris anticipate along with me.  AS it got warmer both girls removed their jackets and it became clear Ruth, Chris’s wife, was not wearing a bra either.  She had large tits and huge nipples that were jutting out for all to see. 

My wife noticed me looking at Ruth’s tits and uncharacteristically said, “Honey look at my tits, my nipples are hard too”.  It must have been the wine because she would have never said it otherwise. 

We all held our breaths for what seemed like an hour, but finally Ruth laughed and said, “Chris loves my nipples and with all the wine I’m a little randy”.  That set the mood and we all realized that we wanted to say goodbye and do some fucking and sucking.  Chris and Ruth thanked us for a wonderful evening and left. 

I looked at my wife and said, what got into you?  I can’t you believe you mentioned her nipples.  She said, “Well if I didn’t you would have bored a hole in her dress with your eyes”.  I blushed and she said, “Relax, I noticed too, she was ready to fuck Chris with all the sex talk you boys engaged in”.  What, I said?  She told me she didn’t miss the sexual innuendo and neither did Ruth.  I said I only have eyes for you love, she laughed and said, “Honey I know you like to look, but you would never touch, besides, Chris isn’t so bad himself”.  

“Oh really”, I said as I feigned indignation.  She said, “Relax, your cock is the only one I ever want and I am interested now, are you”?

Oh yes, I was very interested.  I was hoping for a repeat of last night, but my bride was in a huge hurry for satisfaction.  She pushed back on the picnic table and unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants.  My eight inches escaped its cotton confines, as it did if flipped up and my pre cum flipped up into my wife’s face, she licked it from her mouth and said she was very horny, all of the wine and sex talk got to her. 

I told her, “You must be horny, Chris and Ruth barely left our campsite, they might hear us”. 

She said, “Who cares, let them watch, I know you would like it!” With that she raised her dress and sat on my rock hard cock.  I asked if she was serious about fucking in front of our neighbors, she said we will see and with that started riding my cock.  It was so hot, she said “Don’t move,  I have to pee again.” 

I could hardly believe it, she knew I loved when she was this horny and I loved it when she peed on my cock.  I was so horny from Ruth’s nipples, the sex talk and the idea my wife was toying having sex in front of our new neighbors.  She said, “Shhh, don’t move I think I can pee, oh yes I’m peeing.”  She pissed all over the table, my cock and the ground.  I couldn’t take it any longer and drove my throbbing cock into her pussy past her luscious labia and came like I have never cum before.  She threw her head back and moaned and said, “Oh yeah babe, fuck me, fuck me,  oh fuck, I can feel your cum”, and with that she moaned a loud moan and climaxed as the walls of her pussy grabbed my cock and pried the last of the cum from my still hard cock and huge ball sack.

I couldn’t but think we were loud and wondered if Ruth and Chris could hear us as they were the only campers close to us.  We cleaned up as we did last night and fell into bed with my hands on her ass and tits.  We awoke late that morning and sat out under our awning and drank our coffee.  Ruth  was walking her dog and waved as she walked by.

 I let my gaze linger a little longer than my wife liked and hit me on the arm.  I said, “What” I’m just looking no touching, but it looks like her nipples were still hard”, she agreed. 

I went inside to clean up and make some more coffee.  While I did Ruth stopped by and I poured her a cup of coffee and went back inside.  Ruth stayed about thirty minutes before leaving, I sensed the girls were talking and didn’t want me around so I waited and went outside after Ruth left.

 I asked what they were talking about and my wife said, “Wouldn’t you like to know”.  I would , but she mentioned nothing else and asked if we could go into town, we needed more wine and beer after last night.  We both showered and left about an hour later.  We stayed in town much of the day and returned around dark. 

As we pulled in Ruth and Chris waved and Ruth pulled Chris up from his chair and walked over to our campsite. 

Ruth was wearing another sundress that revealed even more than the one she wore last night.  It had very thin straps and was cut very low, it was obvious she had no bra, but she still had ample cleavage.  The dress was up above her thigh and I did indeed stare.  My wife took notice and just smiled, which was odd.  She too was wearing a very tight fitting sun dress that was not quite as short, but showed her beautiful curves as well, maybe too well, I noticed Chris couldn’t take his eyes off of my wife either.  Wow, I needed them to leave so I could fuck my wife again!

Little did I know I wouldn’t want them to leave.  We all sat down around the campfire pit, I was in the process of making one.  The girls got wine and the guys opted for beer.  I mentioned we had tons of leftovers from last night and we needed  to get rid of them, Chris and Ruth readily obliged. 

I said, “Let me get the fire going and we can eat after a couple of beers”, they agreed.

As I was getting the fire ready I was bent over getting some kindling and wood,  that put me at knee level of the girls, who were wearing those beautiful short sundresses.  I knew one wasn’t wearing any panties and the thought of that was giving me a hard on.  Chris excused himself and said he had to get a couple of beers we had to try.  As he left Ruth moved in her chair and spread her legs slowly giving me a perfect shot of her snatch, it was shaved and glistened with moisture, and good night she was horny.  I acted as if I didn’t see it, but when I looked at her she smiled and left her legs open.    I panicked and looked and my wife who was staring at me and smiling, I was confused. 

She said, “Do you like that view, we thought you would”.  She then spread her legs and said “Don’t forget to look at mine.”

I must have looked really stupid as they both laughed and with that Chris returned.  He said, “What did I miss?”  I wanted to say something but couldn’t speak, the girls said they were laughing at me and my fire starting abilities.  I let it go for the moment. 

We drank the beer and chatted around the fire and ate our leftovers.  After dinner the girls cleaned up and we drank some rum and cokes.  One turned into a few and soon no one was feeling any pain.  I was very horny and was trying to wrap it up, trying to encourage our neighbors to leave so I could get to my wife’s pussy ad tits.  I said,, “Well it has been a great night” hoping they would get the hint, but to no avail.

However, what I didn’t know was the girls had planned something so bold I never would have guessed it. However, judging from my “snatch viewing” and what happed later, I should have guessed something was up.

During dinner my wife had asked Chris if she could use the salad dressing he was using.

 He got up to give it to her, but she said , “No, I’ll get it.”  She was seated directly across from Chris as we were eating around the campfire.  She put her plate down spreading legs as she pulled up her dress showing her whole snatch.  She leaves her bush with hair, which I love, so it was quite a contrast to Ruth’s pussy.  I thought she had made a mistake and would pull her dress down, but she didn’t, in fact she said nothing, but finally arose and walked over to Chris bending over and giving him a great shot of her awesome tits.  She has great nipples and huge areolas, I could tell Chris loved the view, Ruth was staring at me and smiling.  I have to admit my cock was hard as I watched my wife showoff her wares.

It seems the girls had talked that morning and the conversation turned toward the previous evening.  My wife apologized to Ruth about the remark she had made last night.  Ruth said “Please don’t apologize, we had the best sex ever last night.  Chris was so hot and I must admit we heard you two fucking last night, and because of your moaning he practically destroyed my pussy.”  So I should thank you.  My wife said she knows I would never step out on her, but he thought you were beautiful, Ruth agreed and said, “Chris asked if we could come over and watch you two fuck, he said he would love to see your ass as he stared at it each time you got up last night.” 

My wife concocted a plan and asked how bold Ruth was, Ruth said it might depend on the amount of wine they drank.  They made a plan to wear those short dresses with no undergarments and would “show off” for each other’s husbands and if all went as planned, would fuck around the campfire while they watched each other.  Both women agreed it would be a stretch, but they were willing to see where the night would go.

I had no idea this was in the works and as I ready to jump my wife when she walked over to my chair and sat on my lap facing me.  She pulled her dress up, exposing her ass to Chris, and kissed me on the mouth, a passionate kiss that said fuck me.  I was confused, but when she pulled her dress over her head and asked for me to suck her tits, it became clear tonight was going to be very interesting.  I began to gorge myself on her luscious nipples and areolas.  I looked past my wife in time to see Ruth doff her dress and do the same thing with Chris, who couldn’t  take his eyes of my wife’s ass.  I was so horny I thought I would cum through my shorts.  The thought of my naked wife sitting on my lap with Ruth and Chris doing the same and watching us was almost too much to take. 

My wife stood up and stripped my clothes off of me as my cock bounced out of my shorts Ruth couldn’t take her eyes off my cock.  She licked her lips and watched it disappear into my wife’s dripping wet pussy.  My wife positioned herself so Chris had a perfect view of her ass as she rode up and down on my very hard eight inch member.  Chris and Ruth had yet to start fucking, they were playing with each other and watching us, which made me as horny as I had ever been. 

I mentioned that Chris and Ruth were watching her, she said, “Oh fuck this is hot!”  Chris broke the silence between us and said, “Your wife has the most perfect asshole I have ever seen, oh my, it is fucking perfect”.  My wife stopped and pulled ass cheeks apart for a better view, he said, “Yes, that is perfect, great asshole” and with that Ruth began sucking his cock as we resumed our slow fucking. 

This went for a few minutes and I was ready to explode in wife as I was watching Chris fuck his wife when Chris said, “Let’s have a contest, last one to cum wins and cooks dinner tomorrow night and supplies all the booze.”  He said, “But we have to use our rules.”  He said that he and Ruth love anal sex and after watching my wife’s asshole he was ready to get into Ruth’s asshole. 

Ruth was already reaching into her bag for the lube she brought along with her.  We watched as she lubed her ass and rubbed some on Chris’s cock.  She offered some to my wife, who looked unsure.  However, we watched as Chris eased his cock into his hard – bodied wife’s asshole.  Ruth moaned and said, “Slow baby we are going lose, I’m already wanting to cum”. 

Ruth said, “Well honey (talking to my wife), are you going to let that big cock play our game?” 

My wife turned and kissed me hotly and said “Let’s do it and we better win.”  I could have cum right then.  She lubed her ass and my cock and she bent over like Ruth and I slowly entered her perfect little asshole.  I don’t know if she was super relaxed from the wine or super horny, but when I put my cock in her ass she moaned and said, “Oh yeah, fuck my ass baby, fuck.” With that the contest was on!

We had positioned ourselves so that the girls were bent over facing each other and the men could see each woman’s tits bouncing as our cocks slid in and out of their assholes   It was clear that I didn’t care if I lost and as I thought this Ruth said, “Oh fuck I’m cumming, I’m cumming”, she began to buck and fuck Chris like I have never seen, we stopped and watched as she moaned and her whole body shuddered.   I began to hammer away at my wife as she was close to cumming herself, Ruth turned around and let Chris shoot his load all over her face, it was the hottest thing I have ever seen.   

At that moment my wife shuddered and had the most intense orgasm of our 28 year marriage, squirting all over me as I emptied my balls into her hot ass for what seemed like minutes. 

When we finished I grabbed her face and kissed her with a fervor not seen since our dating days.  We all sat in our chairs naked and spent. 

Ruth said, “We lost, yeah”  I found no losers that night.  As we finished our drinks Chris and Ruth didn’t even bother to get dressed as they walked back to their campsite.  We sat in the open air for a while before my wife said she had to pee, I said, “Oh yeah baby”.

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