Husband's Fantasy

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They made there way to the bed room; Angela peeled off her dress and stood there naked in front of her husband. Lesbian

Angela and Jake had been married 12 years and were comfortable in their relationship but both wanted to spice things up sexually.  They had toys they played with together and outfits they wore to role play with each other.

One night over dinner Angela asked “What fantasy do you have that you would like to happen in real life?” 

Jake was reluctant to answer and was not sure how Angela would react but replied “I fantasize about you having sex with another man”

Angela was shocked, she would never want to hurt Jake and naturally she thought her having sex with someone else would do just that.  All she could say was “wow that is interesting”.  The two sat in silence each thinking about what had just been said.  Jake thought to himself “I should have dodged that question”  Angela thought to herself “why would he want me to do that” but the thought of sex with someone else did intrigue her.

The two sat in silence eating for a few minutes, Angela finally asked “would you really want me to have sex with someone else?” 

Jake relied “well the thought of it does turn me on and sometimes I imagine it when I masturbate.” 

Still somewhat confused Angela asked “So you want to watch me have sex with another man?” 

Jake said “yes that would be ideal but it could be kind of hard to find a guy that would agree to me watching maybe you could just give me all the details after.”

Angela now getting a little turned on by what Jake was saying let her mind ponder the possibility. 

She told Jake “well that is kind of exciting and would defiantly spice things up but I don’t think I would ever really do that but maybe we could try it as role play some time”.  

Jake was pleased with that as well but thought it was really something he wanted to happen now that he had finally admitted his dark fantasy to Angela so he asked “if you had a chance to have sex with anyone else who would it be”? 

Angela was surprised by the question and answered “ I don’t know Jake I have never really thought about it”, 

Even though she had thought about it before and sometimes wondered how sex now would be with one of her ex boyfriends named Nate.  Angela and Nate had dated in the high school and were quite the active couple sexually but both were so young and inexperienced then that they never explored much beyond quick sex in his car.

Jake pressed the question “surely there is someone who you might want to have sex with”?

Angela sat for a minute contemplating if she would answer honestly or dodge the question again.  She finally decided since Jake was so open with her about his fantasy she would be honest and she replied “Nate”

Jake look up at Angela with a grin, he knew Nate was her high school boyfriend and Angela had shared a few stories with Jake about when her and Nate where dating.

Jake asked “why did you pick him”

Angela replied “we were so young when we dated I just think we could have a lot of fun now that we are older and more experienced”

The two finished supper both feeling excited after the conversation.  That night they had incredible sex with each other.

The next morning Jake left for work and Angela began her chores around the house.  Both spent most of the morning thinking about their conversation the night before.  Angela still was not certain that Jake would be alright with everything if she really did have sex with Nate again.  She decided to test Jake a little.  About noon she sent Jake a text saying “I looked up Nate on Facebook”

Jakes phone went off and he look at the message from Angela he immediately got excited and could feel his cock swell in his slacks.  He replied “that’s great did you message him”?

Angela saw his message on her phone and replied “do you want me to”

Jake replied “yeah if you want to”

Angela was excited now and was surprised Jake was so eager for her to contact Nate, maybe he did really want her to have sex with someone else.  She sat at her computer trying to decide if she should and if she did what would she say.  Finally she decided she would send him a message.  She sent “it’s been a long time, how have you been?’

She text Jake “message sent”

Jake replied “awesome”

Angela was excited and felt herself getting wet.  She leaned back in the chair and rubbed her pussy over he sweat pants.  She was enjoying the feeling when she noticed Nate had already replied to her message.  She sat back up at the computer and read his message and replied and then several more messages back in forth, before she knew it they had been chatting for an hour.  In the end they had traded phone numbers over the chat and she had learned that he would be in a near by town for work the following week.

She called Jake on his way home and filled him on all her and Nate had chatted about, both of them were excited.  Jake suggested that she should text Nate and see if she could meet up with him next week when he would be close to have lunch or something and catch up.  Angela put Jake on speaker phone and sent the text to Nate.  Both her and Jake were excited as the continued to talk as Jake drove home.  She got a text back from Nate saying he would love that and he would text her later in the week once he knew what his trip schedule would be.

When Jake got home he grabbed Angela kissing her passionately and grabbing her ass as he forced her back against the wall, his hand found its way under her shirt pushing up her bra so he could squeeze her breast and tweak her nipple between his thumb and finger.  Jack stepped back long enough to pull her shirt over her head and unhook her bra before closing the gap to take her nipple into his mouth.  Angela moaned and threw her head back enjoying the attention Jake was giving her breasts.  Before long Jake had Angela bent over the back of the couch and lined his cock up to her wet swollen pussy, Jake slammed his cock in balls deep with one quick thrust causing Angela to gasp.  He grabbed on to her hips and began quick hard thrusts.  Angela reached between her legs and rubbed her hard clit and teased Jake’s balls until he thrust deep and held it as his cock unloaded his cum deep in Angela’s pussy.

Once finished they caught their breath and cleaned up for dinner.  At dinner they talked about Angela meeting up with Nate the following week and decided it best to let Nate think that Jake had no idea she was meeting with him.  That way he wouldn’t think he was being setup for something taboo.  And Nate thinking Jake didn’t know about it could make that odds better that he would make a move on Angela.

The following few days seemed to drag on for both Jake and Angela as the wondered and waited to see if Nate would text about his schedule.  Finally on Friday afternoon Angela got a text from Nate saying he had a pretty full schedule for the week but was flying in Sunday and would love to meet her from a drink Sunday evening at the hotel bar.  She quickly replied to his text saying “that sounds great”.  She called Jake to let him she had got a text from Nate and he wanted to meet her Sunday evening.

Finally it was Sunday evening and Angela was getting ready, she took a shower and shaved her legs and pussy smooth, spent extra time on her hair and make up.  She had picked out a short flowing sun dress that showed off her cleavage and legs, Jake convinced her to not wear anything under her dress which excited them both.  She gave Jake a long kiss before getting in her car to make the drive to the hotel bar.

She arrived at the hotel and parked the car she could feel her excitement and she walked and the air whisked up her dress making her very aware of how wet she was getting.  Her nipples were hard and visible through the fabric of her dress.

She found a seat at the bar and ordered a drink, Nate arrived and took a seat next to her and they began chatting about old times and memories they had from high school together.  The talked effortlessly for more than an hour and Angela barely noticed Nate’s hand on her thigh until he moved it higher to the hem of her dress and was slowly drawing little circles with his fingers.  They continued to talk and Nate continued to rub Angela’s leg.  Angela could feel her clit begin to throb and her nipples harden even more than before.   Nate leaned in and kissed Angela softly and she responded with a more aggressive kiss.  They broke the kiss after a few moments and Nate asked “would you like to come up to my room?”

Angela only nodded.

Nate took her by the hand as the walked to the elevator.

Angela was excited but nervous she thought about Jake and was she really sure he would be okay with his fantasy becoming a reality.  She was horny and wanted to go through with it.

When they got to Nate’s room he unlocked the door and they stepped inside, she told Nate she needed to use the restroom.  She shut the door to the restroom and pulled out her phone to text Jake “in his room now are you sure about this?”   She nervously waited for his reply.  Soon her phone buzzed in her hand with Jake’s reply that said “YES have fun and enjoy yourself, I can’t wait to hear the story when you get home”

Angela come out of the bathroom, Nate was sitting on the end of the bed.  She sat down next to him and leaned in to kiss him.  The kissed passionately and their hands roamed over each others bodies.  Nate moved over pushing Angela onto her back, he continued kissing her neck down into her cleavage with his hand reaching under her dress to find she wasn’t wearing any panties and her pussy was hot and soaked.  He rubbed over her clit and teased her pussy with his fingers before sliding two fingers deep in her pussy as his kissed and sucked on her neck.

Nate slid down to his knees at the end of the bed pushing Angela’s dress up around her waist.  He pulled her legs up kissing and running his tongue up her legs almost to her pussy then down the other leg teasing her before finally reaching out with his tongue to lick her swollen clit.  This send a jolt through Angela’s pussy, Nate continued to lick and suck on her pussy and tease her clit with his tongue as he did he slowly moved two fingers in and out of her pussy. 

Angela could feel her orgasm building as Nate began sucking on her clit.  She was now at the edge and her orgasm over took her.  Her legs slammed shut on the sides of his head her pussy gripped and squeezed his fingers.  Finally she relaxed and sat up pulling Nate up in front of her.  She undid his belt and pants pulling them down, she reached and pulled the waist band of his boxers down revealing his semi hard cock.  She leaned forward taking cock in her mouth, she could feel it begin to harden and thicken in her mouth as she moved her lip slowly up and down his thick shaft stopping on each stroke to tease his swollen head with her tongue.  Angela squeezed and played with his balls as she worked his cock in and out of her mouth.  She could feel he was getting close and stopped not wanting it to be over to soon.  She stood up and pulled her dress over her head leaving her standing there naked in front of him.  Nate leaned in to suck and nibble on Angela’s nipples as he did he pushed her back down on the bed.  He grabbed her hips and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed where he rubbed his cock up and down her soaked pussy covering his swollen head in her wetness.

Nate slowly slid his cock in Angela’s pussy, her pussy stretched around his thick shaft.  He lifted her legs up to his shoulders and made long slow strokes in and out of her pussy making her already wet pussy even wetter.  Nate quickened his pace stroking faster in and out.  Angela reached between her legs and rubbed her swollen clit quickly back and forth while also using her fingers to feel Nate’s cock slid in and out.  She was on the edge of another orgasm she could feel her pussy spasm and grip Nate’s thick cock.  Nate slowed his pace as Angela’s orgasm rippled through her body, when she finished, he pulled his cock out of her and flipped her over on to her knees and slid his cock back in her hot pussy.  Nate slapped her ass as he slid in cock in quickly causing his balls to bounce off Angela’s clit.  He picked up the pace thrusting hard and fast while smacking Angela on the ass leaving her pale skin hot and red.  Nate thrust hard and held his cock buried deep in Angela’s pussy as he flooded her pussy with cum, feeling his hot cum fill her pussy Angela had another orgasm her pussy gripping his cock milking out the last drop of his cum.

Angela got up and went to the restroom to clean up and send Jake a text, she sent him a picture of her wet pussy full of cum.  Jack replied “OMG I am so hard right now”  Angela knew she had made the right decision in fulfilling Jake’s fantasy and could wait to get home so he could fuck her used pussy.

Angela returned to the room and put her dress back on and talked with Nate briefly.  She told him she had better get back home then gave him a kiss and left his room and the hotel.

She hurried home, when she got there Jake met her at the door and kissed her, he stepped back with a huge smile on his face admiring her.

“Tell me everything”  Jake said.

Angela reached and grabbed his rock cock over his gym shorts and commented “ wow you really are turned on right now”

They made there way to the bed room; Angela peeled off her dress and stood there naked in front of her husband.  Jake immediately grabbed her lying her down and the bed and thrust his cock in her pussy while sucking hard on her nipples.  Angela began telling Jake the story of her night with Nate.  Jake was so turned on by her story that he unloaded his cum in her pussy quickly, then cuddled up next to Angela as she continued her story.

Both were still turned on and horny through out the night and had sex two more times before morning.  In the morning they laid in bed talking about the events of the previous evening and opened up to each other about their feelings.  Both agree it was exciting and enjoyed this new kink.  They decided it was something they would like to do again.

To be continued…..

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