Candy’s big night.

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I got my wife Candy to start reading sex stories. She was getting so hot and sloppy wet reading how women were getting fucked. cheating I got my wife Candy to start reading sex stories. She would get so hot and sloppy wet from reading. 
Candy didn’t know that I had ordered some toys from an adult toy site. I planned a hot night of fucking for the weekend. My package of toys arrived on Friday. I waited until Saturday night to take our sex to a new level. Candy spent the afternoon reading stories and I could tell she was really getting into them. Candy would sit on the couch reading and I noticed she would rub her legs together and stretch her feet and toes. I knew she was getting really horny. Around seven, I started getting ready. I shaved my face, trimmed my pubic hair and shaved my cock and balls. I knew Candy loved my balls and cock shaved. I took a quick shower and washed all the new toys so they would be clean. I got my new prostate anal plug and put it in my ass. It felt so good! I put on a thong that candy loved, and a pair of silk boxers. I was walking to the living room and every step I took, the butt plug would rub against my prostate. It was making my cock really hard! I told Candy to go to get herself ready to be fucked like a good little slut whore. She saw my bulging cock in my boxers. We went into the bedroom and I got on the bed and Candy went in the bathroom to get herself ready. She came out dressed in a white half bra that let her big breast show with her hard nipples fully erect and a white pair of lacy panties. I had removed my boxers and was laying on the bed in my thong. She was really surprised and moved to the bed. We started kissing and I felt her sloppy wet pussy. Candy moaned as I slipped a finger into her sloppy pussy. I reached and picked up a g spot vibrator that I had bought. I started playing with her pussy and inserted it in. She asked where I got the vibrator? I said not to worry but to have a good time. I moved down between her legs and started to lick her swollen clit. Candy arched her back and hips . She began to moan and soon had her first orgasm. I told her to move to the bench at the foot of the bed and get ready to be fucked hard! Candy got on her knees and her sweet asshole and wet pussy were glistening with her juices. I took off my thong and reached behind me and retrieved a huge strap on that I bought. It was hollow and nine inches long and really big around. I inserted it into Candy’s pussy slowly and she let out a painful scream! I told her to relax and enjoy her new cock! Screams then turned into moans. I asked how it felt? Candy said painful at first but now was fucking great! I began to sink that cock deep and fast! We fucked for several minutes and Candy let out a scream! Fuckkkkkkk I’m cuming! Juices squirted out of her pussy and ran down my legs! Candy had the best orgasm of her life! I pulled the cock out , removed the strap on and told her to move back on the bed. I got on top of her and put my cock in her stretched out pussy! It was hot and full of her cream! I started sliding my cock in and out of her swollen pussy! Every thrust , the plug would rub my prostate and soon I was cumming! I moved down to her pussy and licked up a mouthful of my hot cum! I went up and kissed her while my cum entered her mouth! Not waiting a moment,I put my cock back into her pussy and fucked Candy hard! I arched my back and dumped another huge load inside her pussy! Then I rolled over and fell onto the bed exhausted! After a few moments I asked Candy how was that? She said it was the best fuck she ever had! She didn’t know I was so naughty!I asked if she wanted more of that kind of sex? Candy looked me in the eyes and said hell yes! Then she said if her pussy got too loose , Icould start fucking her asshole and her mouth! We fell asleep with her in my arms completely exhausted!
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