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Mexican Nights

Writing Adventure   May 05, 2019   | 26377 Views
How long we slept I'm not sure. But when I awoke the room was dark and the girls were no longer cuddled up against me. I heard some giggling, kissing, and sighing in the room as my eyes adjusted to the dark. I saw two sexy silhouettes kissing and touching each other. They are kissing deeply, tongues exploring each other. Their hands are on each others breasts at first, caressing, rubning, and pinching. I see one hand leave a larger breast, Jess's hand I realize, leave Maria's breast and glide down her belly and between her thighs. I distinctly her Maria gasp and sigh and I can imagine Jess's fingers slipping between Maria's pussy lips and brushing over her clit. I can just make out Jess's hand moving slowly up and down, rubbing over Maria's clit. Her hand starts moving faster and I hear Maria's rapid breathing as she she starts moving her hips, rubbing against Jess's hand. Maria let's out a little cry as she cums. rings This was to be a vacation of growth and pleasure for my wife. She wanted to leave inhibitions behind. No one would know us there and she was feeling good about herself. The results were clear, she only packed sex dresses, skimpy bikinis, and sex outfits. She wants to be care free and just enjoy herself, and enjoy we did!

We were on our second day there, the first full day there. That morning we had slept late and woke slowly. After long slow make out session we decided to put off anything more till later. We dressed for the beach since we would be heading there after breakfast. We ate a light breakfast then slipped off to the beach. When we claimed our lawn chairs Jess slipped off her cover up and my job dropped. She was in a skimpy black bikini, one that covered just enough, yet showed off the curves of her breasts and ass perfectly. She look at me with a warm smile, did a little spin, and asked "Do you like?"

"Oh my yes." I replied with an evil grin.

"Good. Would you oil me up?" She asked handing me a bottle of sunscreen. I poured a generous amount to into my hands and began to rub it all over her. My hands ran over her shapely calves and thighs. Since the bikini left a generous portion of her ass bare, I made sure to cover it as well, with slow firm strokes. When I was sure her bottom wasn't going to burn, she sat close in front of me while I rubbed her back.

"Don't forget the front." She asked slightly breathlessly I comply and slip my hands around her. The bra of the bikini is so skimpy, and I just could let those beautiful breasts burn, so I slip my hands inside her top and rubbed the lotion all over her breasts. I could feel her nipples stiffen and she let's out a lown moan. She leans her head back and thrusts her breasts into my hands. "As good as that feels, this isn't the place. Behave and I'll make it up to you later lover." She whispered in my ear. I oblige and finish oiling her up.

We spend the rest of the day alternating between sun and shade, mojitos and water. Jess gets many appreciative glances from all the guys and even some of the women. She look sexy and beautiful and she was loving it. We flirted and exchanged glances and caresses through out the day. As 5 pm approached we decided to go back to our room to shower, have a little fun, then go out for dinner.

While Jess showered I prepared the bedroom. I turned back the bed, lite some candles, and put on some music. I also opened up the patio door so we could hear the waves crashing against the rocks below us. It was loud, but a soothing sound. I was staring out the windows, letting the warm ocean breeze blow over my naked body, when I heard a sound behind me.

I turned to see Jess kneeling on the bed waiting for me. She was completely naked, her skin mostly a golden brown from today's sun, just small triangles on her breasts and one between her thighs remained a creamy white. She looked sexy and beautiful. Even more than the day we wed.

"You are gorgeous my love." I say to her. She blushed a little but opens her arms for me to come to her. I kneel on the bed and take her into my arms. Her breasts press against my chest as we gently kiss. Our kisses start out slow and gentle, but as we continue they deepen slowly. Our tongues explore each others mouths. Even though we've been married for 15 years, it feels like our first time. We take our time exploring and rediscovering each other. Our hands roam all over each others bodies. Running up our sides. I caress her breasts and gently tease her nipples, feeling them stiffen. Her hands run over my ass, then grab it, pulling my hips tight to hers. She can feel my erection, pressed against her and I can feel her heat radiating from her.

We are both so wrapped up in each other and with the music and waves we never heard the knock at the door. The door opens and I belatedly realized that we had not locked it. We pull each other together, hiding most of our bodies together as the house keeper walks in.

"Hola. Housekeeping." She says as she walked in and the door closes behind her. She stops in shock, seeing us naked in our embrace. She drops the towles in her hands and swallows. She is a vision of loveliness. She must be in her early 20s. Her carmel skin is flawless. Her dark hair is back in a ponytail. Her breasts are large and stretching her uniform to the max. Her hips and ass are just as shapely and tightly constrained by her uniform. She looks at us with a heat in her gaze and says "I was wondering if you needed more towels," she hesitates then adds "or maybe some company."

I'm in shock and very turned on by her offer. I'm trying to figure out how to politely decline, knowing there is no way that Jess would agree to this when I feel Jess end our embrace and turn to face the women, exposing her breasts and pussy to the women. She holds out her hand in a welcoming gesture and says "You would be lovely company, please join us." I glance at her in shock and she whispers to me "No inhibitions. You can do anything you like, but you will only cum inside of me, okay?" I nod with a smile and turn to face the women. I can see the name on her tag is Maria.

"Join us please Maria." I invite.

Maria picks her lips, smiles, and begins walking forward. As she walks she undoes the buttons on her uniform and let's it drop to the floor. She is not wearing a bra and her breasts are large, full, and have the perkiness of youth. She is in a lacy black thong, that she removes before reaching the bed, showing off a neatly trimmed patch of black pubic hair cover her pussy. Maria accepted both of our hands as she climbed of the bed with us.

Since Jess had spoken first, it was only fair that she get the first kiss. Jess and Maria kissed gently, exploring each others mouths. The each reached a hand out to caress each others breasts. I have to say there is nothing hotter than two beautiful women kissing like that. It was so soft, so gentle, so sensual. First I just observed, but then grew bolder and reached my hands out, placing one on each of theirs. I'm a firm believer that only another women knows how to touch another women and this was my one chance to learn. I guess they both agreed with me since they moved their hands over mine and began to guide me on how they liked their breasts touched. It was a learning experience! To get the rhythm, pressure, and areas to focus on.

Maria and Jess's kiss ended as softly as it began and then Maria turned to me and I got my turn to experience it. Jess's hand left mine and I move it to Maria's ass, cupping one cheek, while Maria's hand continues to guide my hand on Jess's breast. While my mouth explores Maria's I feel another set of lips on me as Jess kisses my neck and shoulder. I feel Maria's free hand move around Jess and draw her in closer. I reluctantly remove my hand from Jess's breast and cup one of her ass cheeks, bringing her even closer. Now we are holding each other, alternating kisses. Tasting and exploring each others mouth, neck and shoulders.

Maria decides it's time for things to progress and guides Jess to lay back, propped up against the headboard. Maria and I position ourselves on either side of her and start to explore. I take Jess's chin in my hand and turn her face to me for a long lingering kiss. While I am doing that Maria kisses down Jess's body. She licks Jess's nipple, then gently blows on it to stiffen it. Once it stiffens her mouth covers it, sucking on it. I feel Jess's body arch and she moans in pleasure into my mouth. I deepen our kiss while with my free hand I caress her breast, demonstrating my new found skills. I caress and tease her other nipple to a stiff bud, then give it a pinch. This elicits another moan from Jess. She is beginning to squirm on the bed and her breath is coming faster. Maria starts kissing further down Jess's body, so I replace her at Jess's breasts. I pay equal attention to both of them and her breathing is coming even faster. I stop though when Jess let's out a loud moan of pleasure.

I look up to see Maria kneeling between Jess's legs, her head between Jess's thighs. As I said the best way to learn how to pleasure a women is to watch how another women does it. I watch as Maria gently licks the lips of Jess's pussy, before her tongue parts the lips. Her tongue brushing lightly over Jess's clit, causing her to jump and lift her hips. Maria slips her hands under Jess's ass, holding her pussy to her mouth. I'm entralled watching this, so I jump when I feel an oiled hand grasp my cock and slowly stroke it. I look over to see Jess, eyes on fire with passion, gasping and moan in pleasure. Our eyes lock as she starts stroking me, alternating speed and motion, eliciting a groan of pleasure from me. She was so focused on teasing me that I think her orgasam sneaks up on her. Her hand suddenly stills, her body arches rigided and she cries of "Oh God!" Before her body she's and bucks. As it subsides she melts to the bed with a quivering sigh of contentment. Her hand goes lose and falls away from my cock.

I feel a different soft hand push me back to lie next to Jess. I take Jess in my arms and she melts next to me. Maria now begins giving me similar attention. She alternates, licking, sucking, and stroking my cock and I'm beginning to realize the pleasure Jess had just went through. Oh my god! It was mind blowing. Jess had revived and captured my mouth, kissing me deeply. With her hands, she teased and pinched my nipples. It is all getting to be a bit too much for me and I'm afraid I might cum, when Maria'so mouth leaves my cock.

She motions Jess to straddle my hips, then looks at me as says "Do not move, I want to teach your wife something you both will enjoy." She guides my cock into Jess's waiting pussy. It was so hot and wet, it was like heaven. There is no greater pleasure than when Jess and I are joined like this. If there is a heaven, this is it.

Maria straddles my legs behind Jess. She is pressed up against Jess's back, her hands on her breasts caressing them. She is whispering in Jess's ear. I finally hear Maria say "Got it?" Jess nods and starts to move, but immediately Maria says, "No, not like that." Her hands move to Jess's hips and starts to guide her movements."Like this." The feeling is incredible! We both gasp and say "God! I've never felt it like this. I'm feeling places I never have before." Maria tries to guide the pace, but soon Jess is moving rapidly, too near the edge. I'm loving every minute, having never felt so much, yet I'm not near to cumming. Jess cries out, body spasming, pussy clinching around my cock, before melting to my chest and rolling off to the side. I cradle her to my side. Her head on my shoulder. We kiss once.

Maria is sitting there. Her full breasts tipped by hard nipples, she has yet to take any pleasure. She stares at my hard glistening cock, then glances at Jess. Jess nods her approval and that is all it takes. Maria straddles my hips, my hard cock sliding into her pussy. It is as tight as Jess's and just as hot and wet. She immediately starts to ride me, using the same motion as she had Jess use. It is unbelievable! As Maria rides me, her pace increasing, her hands go to her breasts, caressing them and pinching her nipples.

Jess whispers in my ear "My God! I've never seen anything so sexy. I'm ready to cum again just watching. You must be ready to explode."

All I can do is moan and nod. I close my eyes, trying to hold on. I feel Maria'so orgasam wash over her. I'm not sure I can hold out an longer, but I promised Jess that if I cummed in anyone, it was to be her. I feel Maria climb off me and Jess leave my side. Suddenly there are two hands on my cock, stroking me rapidly. That is all I can handle. I explode, my cum shooting all over mine, Maria's, and Jess's chests. They keep stroking as spurt after spurt shoots out. When my cock is finally finished and softening, the girls lay downot next to me, each with a head on my shoulder. Their cum covered bodies press against me while they rub and play with the cum on my belley. We are starting to nod off, sexually and physically exhausted when Jess starts.

"Do you have to go back to work?" She can only be asking Maria.

We hear Maria's sleepy voice reply "No senoria, you were my last stop and am I glad you were." We all smile and start to doze.

How long we slept I'm not sure. But when I awoke the room was dark and the girls were no longer cuddled up against me. I heard some giggling, kissing, and sighing in the room as my eyes adjusted to the dark. I saw two sexy silhouettes kissing and touching each other. They are kissing deeply, tongues exploring each other. Their hands are on each others breasts at first, caressing, rubning, and pinching. I see one hand leave a larger breast, Jess's hand I realize, leave Maria's breast and glide down her belly and between her thighs. I distinctly her Maria gasp and sigh and I can imagine Jess's fingers slipping between Maria's pussy lips and brushing over her clit. I can just make out Jess's hand moving slowly up and down, rubbing over Maria's clit. Her hand starts moving faster and I hear Maria's rapid breathing as she she starts moving her hips, rubbing against Jess's hand. Maria let's out a little cry as she cums.

The shadow show was so arousing and my cock began to harden. The girls noticed that I was awake, looked at each other and giggled again. They both crawled over to me and my stiffening member. One reached out and took a soft hold of my cock. Both bent down, their hair falling forward and I was able to see no more. But I was able to feel, and what I felt was amazing. The feel of two tongues on my cock, teasing it and each other, was amazing. I felt a mouth take the head while two different hands stroked me. Had I not cummed so hard earlier this evening I probably would have exploded right then, but instead I was just able to enjoy. The girls were enjoying themselves while teasing me. I was gasping and writhing on the bed. It was still totally dark in the room, so all I saw was silhouettes when they stopped teasing me.

They both straddled me, one over my hips and one pressed up behind her. I few a gentle hand on my cock as it is guided to and engulfed in a hot wet pussy. I know right away, just by feel, that it is Jess. I would know that pussy anywhere. I hear Maria whispering to her, half instructions and half dirty talk. "Yes like that. Do you like the feel of that hard cock in you, filling you up so much, touching you everywhere. No, slow down, let it build. Yes like that, ride that hard cock, nice and slow." Jess's breath is as ragged as mine.

This feels spectacular for me and must be the same for her. I have to see what is going on and I'm able to reach a light and turn it on low. Oh my what I see! My gorgeous wife is rolling her hips slowly, riding me. He mouth is open in a silent oh. Maria is pressed up against her back. Her hands full of my wife's breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples. Maria is kissing her neck and nippling her ear in between instructions and encouragement. "Does that feel good?" She asks and Jess nods, to lost in pleasure to speak. "How about if I do this?" Maria asks as she moves one hand from Jess's breast, slides it down over her belly to her pussy and clit. I see her hand start to rub. Jess makes a wordless cry of pleasure and starts moving faster, riding me harder and grinding against Maria's hand. It is too much for both of us. I feel Jess's pussy spasm around my cock. Her body goes first rigid then shakes as her orgasm crashing over her. I'm right behind her, my cock exploding, sending my cum into her pussy. We ride our high together, then she melts against my chest. I hold her close and we share a tender kiss.

Maria sits back on her feet watching us with longing. I whisper to Jess, "I think it is our turn to tease Maria." Jess gives me an evil grin and we both sit up. We push Maria to lie back on the bed like she had us do earlier. Jess and I get on either side of her. We both kiss her deeply, our tongues exploring her mouth. First Jess kisses her and then me. While I am kissing Maria, Jess kisses her way to Maria's left breast and begins to tease it. Soon after I am athe her right breast. While we are teasing her we can hear Maria's gasps and increased breathing. I feel Jess's hand on mine as she guides our hands over Maria's rippling belly and down between her thighs. She guides our hands through the thick patch of pubic hair to in between her wet pussy lips. Jess guides me to Maria's clip and shows me how to touch and tease it. The effect on Maria is instantaneous, she gasps and cries out "Dio!" Jess's hand leaves me to continue on. She leaves Maria's breast as well and kisses down her belly. She is soon between Maria's thighs, licking her pussy. I remove my hand from Maria's clit and let Jess's tongue take over. It is so hot watching my wife work, eating Maria's pussy. I learn a lot from watching. Maria is getting close to cumming. She is gasping, her hands playing with her breasts, squeezing them and pinching her nipples.

The whole scene is so hot, I stroke my cock slowly as it is hard again. Jess is on her knees, head buried between Maria's thighs, ass up in the air, licking and going to town in Maria's pussy. It gives me an idea. I crawled behind Jess and guided my cock to her pussy. When she feels the head enter her, she pushes back hard against me, driving my cock deep into her pussy. I place my hands on her hips and start moving slowly, but ramp up quickly, trying to time it so all three of us cum at near the same time. We almost hit it perfect. Maria cries out first, grabbing get Jess's head and grinding her clit against her. Jess goes all in redoubling her effort before pulling her head away. She cries out and I feel her second orgasam in an hour go through her. That is more than enough for me and I find myself cumming again, filling her pussy up more. The three of us are exhausted at this point. We collapse back onto the bed and cuddle together, falling to sleep.
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