Wife enjoys Indian husband's bisexual side

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This is not a fantasy, nor a story. It is a series of events that happened in the last few months and has changed my life so completely. I do not expect all readers to understand or appreciate since it involves a willing adulterous relationship within my marriage. For those who are looking to experiment and take it further, the rewards are simply fantastic. I have tried to cover the details as well as the bigger picture in this story. Hope to enjoy reading. Natasha, Mumbai 2021 banner2

The Genesis of an Idea:

We had both just turned 55. Married happily for over 25 years. Our children had flown the nest. That eventful night as I was preparing for bed after a late-night party (my 55th birthday) I noticed streaks of white in my long lustrous hair. I wondered if I had gotten old. I was about 5’4” with a nice 36” bust and had kept myself trim. Vinod was fair skinned and had in recent years gained weight around the midriff, still, he was good looking. I loved my sex life with Vinod and was in no mood to get old. In recent times I had enjoyed reading and watching porn where young men who fancied older women/couples leading to hot sex. I read these stories with great interest and was genuinely curious about experiencing the same. I was concerned by social issues as well as sexual health concerns, but I knew these were solvable. However, I tended to keep these thoughts to myself instead of being open with my husband and telling him my desires. Strangely, I was willing to have sex with a stranger but  was being shy with the only man that I loved, trusted and was married to; and the only man I would go swinging with! I realized that if this dream was to ever become a reality then I had to let my shyness go. I was 55 and still good looking. I did not want to regret growing older by not even trying something I desired. I was sure that if not the destination, at least the journey of discovery could be interesting! I looked myself in the mirror that night and said to myself ‘Natasha you are going to ger for Vinod and yourself the most mind-blowing sex of our lives’. Now with my mind clear and committed I decided to share my thoughts with him, there was a small problem though, or starters he liked women and I liked men, so I had to get him to change his sexual line!

The First Seduction:

I had put on some hot lingerie that I had not worn in years! Then I dolled myself up with a bright lipstick and perfume. Wearing a peach satin robe, I went into the living room where he was watching TV. He did notice me in a robe but said nothing. I then sat close to him, letting him smell my perfume and started to touch myself sighing sensually. Vinod immediately shut off the TV looking in my direction. I smiled, having gotten his attention and slipped my wet fingers under his shirt caressing his nipples. I proceeded to remove his shirt and licked his nipples. He was hard and erect. Now that I had his attention sexually, I decided to be the one to start my sex talk. My objective was to see how far he was truly willing to go with me without discomfort.

Me: “Honey I want to say something to you. I have thought about it deeply and I know exactly what I am saying. I know that we have fantasized about us experimenting sexually with another woman.  I need you to know that I too want to experiment sexually with new partners and you. I get very excited at the prospect of having sex with you and another man. I know that we spoke of swinging with another woman, you know I like men. I see us having unhindered erotic experiences with male lovers. I know you are straight; however, I have a confession to make. I get totally wildly turned on by the idea of watching you have gay kinky sex exploring bisexuality. I want to be your hot wife. I know I have always been concerned about sexual diseases. I also know that, if we find ourselves a committed lover who we can trust and test it will not be a problem. What do you say sweetheart? Lots of sex and men for US?”

Vinod was hard as a rock listening to me. He had never heard me like this ever. I had practiced what I wanted to say to him in my mind a couple of times and I could see it had the required effect. He was straight. Had always been and had a strange look on his face as well as a naughty smile.

Vinod: “What if I don’t like being with a man?”

Me: “Then we will look for a couple Vinod to experiment. All I want is dirty sex”

Vinod: “Dirty! How dirty?”

Me: “Like slutty, horny dirty. I want to be wet for hours. Feel new cocks. Milk them. Suck them, fuck them and see you with a man. Just lusty sex. No inhibitions for either one of us”

Taking off only my panties, I mounted him, his cock entering my very wet hole. I looked into his eyes saying

Me: “Do you imagine watching me with my lover inside me like this? How excited would you be to watch a young hard cock inside me and hear me groan? Watch me deep tongue kiss him? Have him suck my tits! I have read that the most stable 3somes are only with 2 men. Women eventually get jealous of each other. I imagine you and him pleasuring me. I have  imagined you plus two men pleasuring me.

I began to move faster. Vinod was now very excited. He had never heard me be sexually so open about this desire of mine.

Me: “Baby I want you fuck me after our lover/s has cum inside of me making me silky smooth, hot and stretched”

Vinod: “Very exciting with no condoms especially you’re saying that??”

Me: “Honey I am past childbearing. I loved your juices. We won’t settle for any man who’s we don’t like, so yes, hot sex with all the juices, definitely no condoms”

I could see that Vinod was both excited and interested. He was now groaning. I slowed down the pace of fucking. I wanted to share all my thoughts openly for the first time and I didn’t want him to come so fast.

Me: “Let’s find a guy who is bisexual. Young. Unattached. Preferably from out of town living in Mumbai. We can put advertisements on the internet and check them out. We can check them out together. It will be so much fun to engage with willing young men who know that they are meeting an older couple exclusively for a sexual pleasure.

I quickened my pace fucking his cock faster. Vinod was so excited that he came immediately. We kissed each other and fell asleep.

Our adventures with Nick the young man

The next morning, I set up a new email account and put an advertisement on the sex dating sites. I took pictures of Vinod and myself in swimsuits, with our faces hidden and published the same. Within hours we had hundreds of messages in our inbox. Our rules were simple. We would not meet unless we first understood the person by speaking and also doing a video conference first.

Amongst the number of men, we connected with over the internet Nick was the most interesting. A 26-year-old from Pune, he had just returned from doing his Bachelors in the UK and was working in an IT company in Mumbai. With Covid it was work from home and no social life. He was average to look at and not too tall but was full of vivacious energy and seemed decent. Our first meeting was at a Café. He seemed even more likeable in person. He was bisexual. Had no girlfriend since his return from the UK. He had been in a relationship with a man called Dave who was a Brit while he was there. Since Covid broke out he had not had a single date in almost a year.

We found him to be honest, healthy, hygienic and likeable. We told him that we wanted to see him again but the same would only happen if we all three went for mandatory medical tests together and we were looking for a person who would be committed to us while we were together, despite the fact that we had not decided on anything at this stage.

Nick was in agreement. We met a couple of times and by that time we have become really  comfortable with each other emotionally. Vinod and he seemed to really hit it off like men do. Then again Vinod was always straight. On our third outing went for the medical tests together; post that we decided to meet the coming Saturday late at night at a Café.

Me: “The test results were all clear. I must admit that I got excited seeing that report and he seemed to like us a lot and got along well with you”

Vinod: “So what’s on your mind sexy?”

Me: “Let’s take a drive instead of a coffee it a lot quieter”

I texted Nick to meet us.

Me: “Would you like to come home for a drink instead of going to a Café?”

Nick: “Sure, those places are too noisy anyway”

We reached our apartment. Vinod got the whiskey out and I put on some music. Still the tension was palpable. I knew I would have to do something quickly or this evening would become too quiet.

Me: “I proposed we have a drink together and talk about our fantasies in privacy”

Vinod: “Be careful Nick she is beginning to sound naughty”

Nick: “You are a really lucky guy Vinod. Natasha is so much fun and incredibly beautiful and sexy”

Me: “You are nice looking too, which part of me do you find sexiest”

Nick: “Definitely your tits, the size and shape are perfect”

Me: “You can feel them if you desire, would you like to?”

Nick was sitting on the sofa. I went over to him and taking him by his hand brought him to the floor to dance with me. I smiled and drew him closer to me. I let my hands slide down Nick’s back and squeezed his taut buttocks seductively. Nick moved his hands to my buttocks and began to fondle them. I pressed myself against his chest. I could feel Nick’s hardness through the fabric of his trousers, and it excited me further. He moved behind me and began to grope my breasts squeezing them. I was getting so excited. This is what I had been dreaming about for years and it was coming true. We went and sat on the sofa with me in the middle of the men. Turning to Vinod I kissed him passionately. Nicks’ hands were still squeezing my breasts now going under my shirt and bra and touching my erect nipples. I turned to look at him, with a slight nudge of encouragement from Vinod who gently pushed my head towards Nick we began to tongue kissing passionately. I was taking turns enjoying kissing the two men their hands groping me all over. Vinod made the first move and removed my T shirt and bra to reveal my breasts. Taking one breast in his hand he began to suck my nipple, Nick and I continued kissing when:

Vinod: “Nick, she has always liked her nipples sucked. I have the one on the right, why don’t you do the left one!”

Hearing my husband encourage Nick to get sexual with me was so hot. Soon both men were licking my nipples. The pleasure was unbelievable. With both were busy with my breasts, I opened Nick’s belt and pulled off his pants that revealed a large erection. Like us he had shaved his privates. Nick’s hands had traveled up my thigh. Vinod also put his hand up my skirt tugging my underwear to one side. I was already groaning when Vinod motioned me to stand up to remove my clothes. Normally I would have been too shy to do so in the front of a stranger but not today. Soon we all were all fully naked. Nick’s penis seemed both slightly longer and thicker than Vinod’s. Taking it in my hand I began to masturbate him. I could feel his precum juices flowing from the tip. By now Vinod had gotten me to spread wide and was performing oral sex on me, making me feel even more lusty. I so desperately wanted to taste my first new cock since marriage, pulling Nick close I licked the top of his cock. I felt a jolt of lust inside me and the throbbing of my cunt when tasting his cock. I sucked it gently,  my mouth opening wider than it does with Vinod. Nick groaned with pleasure. Vinod was still licking me and with all this sexual tension I felt my first orgasm rising.  I wanted to be fucked hard.

Me: “Somebody fuck me hard; I want to come with a hard cock inside me”

Vinod: “Go ahead Nick she is so ready for a new man”

Spreading my legs Nick entered me with a swift stroke and began to fuck me gently at first. The first thing I noticed was how much thicker his cock felt inside me. I was not expecting this having been used to Vinod all these years. As Nick pushed deeper, I realized that he was a lot longer than Vinod then what I initially imagined as I could feel him deep inside. Vinod now turned his attention to once again licking my nipples. Nick increased his pace, his long hard strokes becoming faster. Within a minute I came with a loud scream; my body shuddering with a strong orgasm. Nick had not yet come, he kept fucking me for another minute more with me screaming in pleasure with stroke of his, till he spurted a large amount of his hot cum into me groaning with pleasure.

The two of us just flopped on the sofa. Vinod too stopped playing with my breasts.

Nick: “Gosh Natasha that was just amazing. You are so sexy! I have not had sex in over a year. This felt so nice”

Kissing my lips with an open mouth he sat down on the floor. I was still shivering, from the intense orgasm that I had just experienced. Vinod was sitting next to me with a huge sexy smile on his face looking so satisfied!

Vinod: “I can see that this has been nothing short of wonderful for you, I have not seen you fuck like this in years. All I can say is WOW this can easily be habit forming! How do you feel sweetheart?”

I turned and hugged him tight feeling mixed emotions of love, satisfaction and lust simultaneously. We hugged for what seemed like a long time kissing each other till my quivering stopped.

Me: “Are you okay my darling husband? Are you feeling angry or jealous?”

Vinod: “Neither baby. Watching you like this is emotionally so satisfying that I cannot explain how happy I am to be here with you and you?”

Me: “I feel a sexual awakening in me. I loved it and am so ready for a lot more”

I saw his cock was hard and wet with semen. Taking Vinod’s hand in mine I got him to to move his fingers inside me and feel Nick’s juices.

Vinod: “Your pussy feels so hot, wet and horny baby”

Me: “Horny as a slut who wants more of this, I am so ready to fuck another cock.  What do you think of  fucking your wife’s sloppy horny pussy? I am told that it’s one of the best experiences that only a wife can give to her man”

Vinod: “Sweetie despite being straight, after watching you with Nick I am excited to fuck your hot, wet and sloppy pussy filled with our lovers’ cum”

Clearly the two of us had found a new pure unadulterated lust between us. A spark that we had forgotten for some time now.

I spread my legs inviting my husband to fuck me. Vinod slid into me easily and began to fuck me slowly.

Vinod: “Gosh baby, this is too good, I feel like I am fucking you with a tube of KY Jelly. Although you feel larger than normal, this feeling is inexplicable and so erotic”

Nick started to caress Vinod’s nipples from behind. Vinod groaned at Nicks touch and began to fuck me harder. Seeing Nick’s hands pinching Vinod’s nipples and with his humping I was coming again; this time my voice was louder. Vinod exploded spraying his hot love juices excitedly inside me. We both kissed each other’s lips and cheeks like young lovers who had just discovered sex! Vinod sat up on the sofa. The three of us were there fully naked and in a perfect triangle of a relationship of lust.

The juices from between my legs were flowing down the sides of my thighs like a thick cream. Normally, I would rush to the bathroom to clean up but not today. I was enjoying this new sensation. Remember I said dirty. We looked at each other to see if all of us were comfortable with each other. Clearly, we wanted more. Or as I realized the men wanted more. I had at two orgasms already. But the excitement and sexual tension was undiminished. Vinod was looking at me lying there naked. Nick seemed to have getting hard again. I guess that was the power of this situation and his youth. I was lying on the sofa watching them absorbing the look of their nakedness.

Vinod: “In my life I never imagined feeling a man’s touch on my nipples when I was fucking you would bring me such a deep pleasure”

Me: “You mean it honey? Was is so good?”

Vinod: “Yes, it was so intense and different”

Me: “Do you wish to to experiment more? Nick seems quite ready and I definitely want to watch”

Vinod: “Watch the raw sexual pleasure that a man can experience only with another man without emotional baggage?”

Me: “Oh baby, that is so sexy. I have been fantasizing about this day”

Nick: Natasha you are so beautiful and sexy but believe me when I say that your husband is a very sexual person and you are giving him a gift that ONLY you can give him in the world”

Vinod came back to the room with some water for us to drink. We moved to the comfort of the bedroom. I started by kissing Vinod with Nick caressing Vinod. First his hands, then thighs and stomach. I could see that Vinod was not moving away from the touch of a man, in fact he seemed to be enjoying the feeling. Now I began to caress Nick and got Vinod to explore his body. Vinod was touching Nick’s buttocks, both men getting really sexually charged. He slowly moved his fingers in the space between the bum. I was getting really horny just watching these two men. Finally, he turned his attention to Nicks nipples. Bending forward he began to lick them softly. Savoring the taste of a man’s body. I joined in  licking Nick’s arched back his neck enjoying the sensations moaning ever so sweetly. I was feeling the throbbing of my pussy again. Using my right hand, I began to masturbate watching my husband emerge from his shell.

Nick: “Hey Vinod let’s give Natasha another orgasm and then I can concentrate on you, as we say ladies first. After all its thanks to her efforts we are here”

Nick moved between my legs and began to lick my clitoris. I gasped in passion. Nick then motioned Vinod to join him in licking me. Vinod did not hesitate a bit. I was still leaking lots of cum and he seemed to enjoy that taste.  Both men were licking me alternatively, their tongues tasting the mixed juices flowing out of me. Vinod came up to kiss my lips. His mouth smelling of sweet sex.

Me: “Sweetie how do I taste down there?”

Vinod: “Darling I must admit, this is definitely better than the taste of any woman I have ever tasted! I am enjoying it immensely; it’s making me feel so horny”

By now Nick was thrusting his tongue deep inside me. All this excitement was too much for me to handle and with a shudder I came once again. While the orgasm was not as intense as the previous one physically, mentally it was so special! I just lay down to watch my personal porn show.

Nick now turned his attention to my husband. Nick faced him and looked to kiss Vinod on his lips who instinctively first withdrew. Nick put his arms on Vinod’s head and drew him gently closer and this time the men’s lips met. I was both shocked and surprised. This I knew was the final transition for Vinod to enter into this new world of bisexuality. In what seemed like eternity both men now lip kissed gently. I was watching dumbstruck. Nick sat down and motioned Vinod to lie down. Nick began to deep kiss Nick their tongues meeting. Clearly, he was teaching Vinod the art of bisexual pleasure.

Me: “Oh baby this is so hot to watch don’t stop till I have had my fill”

The men kissed lustily for a long time, their bodies entwining. My darling husband had gotten hard as a rock with a man’s touch so fast! The kissing showed no signs of stopping. Both guys were alternating between kissing each other’s necks, nipples and lips. Vinod now made the first move between Nick’s legs and slowly began to lick his cock. He seemed to like the taste and within a minute he was sucking Nick’s cock greedily! Soon Nick’s hips began to buck with pleasure. However, Vinod was an absolute natural. Taking each hip movement of Nick in his stride till Nick began to come and Vinod seemed to love the taste was actually swallowing every drop of his cum! Nick came loudly his body shaking like a leaf in the wind. He flopped down emotionally and physically exhausted. Vinod sat next to me.

Vinod: “Wow, I can now tell why women love to give blow jobs. The feeling of making a hot hard cock coming in the mouth is just incredible. I totally loved that”

Nick: “Wow is not the word Vinod you are just too good”

Me: “Sweetie I can see you are wonderfully erect from all this sexual activity, what does your heart desire?”

Vinod: “Another go at your sloppy cunt my darling wife, once was not enough”

Vinod fucked me again that night. All through the fucking Nick kept kissing his lips gently  while I played with his nipples, watching closely how sexily my ‘straight’ husband was enjoying a man’s touch for the first time in his life.

Before going to bed I washed up. It was such an emotionally satisfying feeling of having so much love juice in me. Husband and wife slept beautifully all night in each other’s arms. I had prepared the guest room for Nick.

Vinod was already awake when I awoke. I went for my morning piss and shit feeling quite amused at myself and the situation. Here we were in the bedroom with a lover in the next room.

After brushing my teeth, I went to Vinod who was chatting with Nick in the next room!

Me: “So what do you think baby? Did you like our dirty sexual escapade last night? I was so  satisfied, how about you?”

Vinod: “Darling you’ve opened a new door for us. You brought us here, now I am going to drive this forward and keep it DIRTY”

Me: “So cute, this sounds wonderful. Its Sunday today shall we continue from where we left off?”

Vinod: “Yup, messaged Nick and getting him to join us for a bath!”

Any doubts that I might have had that this was a bad idea were dispelled the moment we were in the shower. Both men took turns rubbing the soap on me and gently washing my hair. It was all very erotic. Nick then asked Vinod to turn around as he soaped my husband’s bums and anal region making Vinod erect. Nick was already erect, and I took both cocks in my hands and began to masturbate the men. As they moaned, I noticed how they reached out to touch each other’s nipples, taking turns smooching me and each other. While we were a young triangle, it was clear that sexually we were almost like a non-gender. All three of us were sexually attracted to both partners. Getting out of the shower Vinod decided to fuck me doggy style. I now realized what the two guys were texting. Nick positioned himself in front of me. In the daylight his cock looked much bigger and sexier. I began to suck it gently but with Vinod pumping me it was difficult to sustain this position like in porn movies! So, both men went behind me and took turns fucking me. As each one felt he was getting ready to orgasm, he would come out and let the other continue. After almost 10 minutes of constant fucking I began to come like a bitch on heat with ecstasy. Both men had obviously planned this move. Nick then positioned his cock between my tits and began to tit fuck me. Vinod was encouraging him holding my breasts together. Soon Nick came spraying all over my breasts. Vinod had begun to enjoy the taste of cum so much that he licked me clean! We were truly enjoying uninhibited dirty sex.

We got some breakfast. The sexual tension was palpable amongst us. Nick played footsie with me during eating. At times making sexy remarks. All of us looked horny and were ready for me. As we headed back to the bedroom Nick whispered into my ear

Nick: “Do you have any KY jelly? If so, I would love if you would lube my anal canal”

Never having tried that even with Vinod I was unsure whether I wanted to do this. However, Vinod encouraged me to try this new act and with Nick guiding me by lying on his back, his legs spread out, I slowly inserted my finger full of KY and went deep into Nick’s soft anal hole. Soon I was finger fucking Nick anally. With every movement of my finger he squirmed with pleasure. It seemed to me that he was loving this more than his cock getting fucked!

Me: “Vinod put your fingers into Nick’s anal hole your fingers are much longer and thicker than mine and from the looks of it he will like it more?”

Vinod needed no encouragement. Taking my place in between Nicks’ legs he gently eased his finger into Nick who further squirmed with joy. Within a few minutes Vinod was finger fucking Nick with gay abandon enjoying pleasuring a man. Nicks’ cock was semi erect but was wet with semen while being anally finger fucked. For both of us this was something totally new. We had seen it in porn but never tried it! Nicks’ eyes were rolling with lusty pleasure. We had been finger fucking him for over 5 minutes and he seemed like this could go on for longer. I was getting all horny again. Bending over I began to caress and lick Nick all over his body. He just kept getting hornier but not harder! His cock was leaking a lot of semen without sperm which I kept licking enjoying the flavor from a half erect cock.

Nick: “Vinod why don’t you fuck me anally, I would love that. Just remember to put lots of lubricant on your cock when you enter. Once you enter you can fuck me harder”

Saying so Nick went on all fours and positioned his sexy ass towards us. Vinod had never had anal sex even with me. He was excited to do this. I lubed his cock and Vinod positioned himself behind Nick with me guiding his cock towards his anal hole.

The moment Vinod entered Nick both men gasped in pleasure.

Vinod: “Sweetheart this hole is so much hotter and tighter than a pussy, it feels just too wonderful”

Starting slowly, Vinod kept increasing the pace. His balls slapping onto Nicks bums with every stroke till my darling husband cried with the intensity of the orgasm depositing his cum deep inside of Nick.

Both men virtually fell on top of each other on the bed fully exhausted. I had never seen nor experienced anything like this before. For an instant I was jealous that Vinod’s orgasm with a man seemed to be much more intense than that with a woman. Then I got over it, knowing that I wanted to be fucked anally now. If a man had an anal hole to be fucked so did a woman!

Me: “What happened Vinod”

Vinod: “That orgasm was so intense and strong baby. It drained me emotionally. All I felt was pure lust for that man’s anal hole and kept fucking till I dropped”

Me: “Happy to experience bisexuality? Are you ready for more?”

Vinod: “Very sexually aroused with this aspect of my life, thank you so much for making me experience what would have been impossible otherwise. You were so right about wanting me to experience sex with a man. It has been so good beyond explanation. Yet I know it’s only possible for me to do this with you encouraging me to be a sexual being”

We decided to head out to lunch. The three of us had made great use of our time from last night. Post lunch we just slept tired from all the activity till late afternoon.

The horniness was still there that evening. I decided to change the mood and went and wore a hot lingerie with garter belts, stockings and push up bra. I put on red lipstick and lots of expensive French perfume. Then I made a deal with the men that this evening they would only do like I asked them. I wanted to play a mistress of desire.

When the two men saw me, they were awestruck. I positioned Nick behind me pressing his hardness against my back. His hands fondling my breasts. Vinod could only watch. As I got hotter, I told Nick to fuck me from the back-doggy style anally! Vinod could only watch. It would be my first anal fuck ever in my life. I was concerned about the pain but knew with Nick’s experience I would manage. Taking lots of care and using a lot of lubrication Nick entered my anal hole. Initially I felt some pain when he was entering and was on the verge of asking him to withdraw when suddenly he slid deep inside. This was unlike anything I had ever felt vaginally. There was a sexual response from my anus, but it was different from my pussy.

Me: “Fuck me Nick like a bitch. Vinod my darling, watch me getting fucked and enjoy every moment. I am your personal porn star. However, you cannot touch me or him except what I command”

Nick entered me from behind and began to fuck me deep and slow. This was just fantastic. I wondered why Vinod and I had not tried this before?

As his pace increased so did my feelings of anal sexual satisfaction. I knew that I would not orgasm, but this was different. It was deep, dark and dirty. For a woman who had only had sex with Vinod for 25 years, I was enjoying Nick’s cock inside my anal hole.

Nick came with a loud moan emptying his load into anus. It felt nice.

Me: “Hubby now fuck your wife’s anal slippery hole”

Needless to say, Vinod was only too willing in light of his last anal experience and this session ended in another massive orgasm for him with him trembling from that orgasm. My hole was leaking they’re cum and both men seemed exhausted emotionally! I realized that anal sex was highly satisfying for men. Both penetration and being fucked.

We decided to call it a night. Vinod slept almost immediately.

The next morning none of us were willing to get to work. We were like teenagers who has just discovered sex. Although I was the center of attention I could see Vinod was getting more attracted to Nick’s body each time he was near us.

Me: “Discovering your bisexual side and getting turned on by a man’s boy sweetie?”

Vinod: “It’s so full of new discoveries and feelings. Although I sincerely doubt I can ever fall in love with a man and ever leave you my wife. Truth be said, you were right about a male cock being much more interesting than a female vagina, especially when there is an even more anal hole available”

Me: “You are so ready to explore my fantasy of watching you seduce and have sex with a man with. I really want to guide, watch and masturbate. Just abandon all shyness and shame and enjoy this sweetheart. I have fantasized this for a long while so do it for me. First go for a shower with him and let me see you kiss him deeply holding him by his butt. When the kissing gets intense spread his ass cheeks and feel his anal hole with your finger and push it inside gently.”

Vinod invited Nick for a shower who was only too happy to join. I had already finished and was sitting in my peach satin gown. With the hot water flowing, Vinod began to caress Nick who reciprocated. Soon both men were hotter than the water and were playing with each other’s anal holes. At one-point Nick went on his knees and instead of sucking Vinod, he turned him around and got him to spread his ass cheeks wide. He then proceeded to rim my husband’s virgin anal hole. Vinod’s eyes closed and look ecstatic. We proceeded to the bed where Vinod went of all fours like a dog and Nick continued to lick his anal hole with Vinod getting hard as a stone. I had my hands between my legs and began to masturbate clitorally. At this point Nick lubricated his finger (the KY was kept near the bed openly) and inserted the same into Vinod who squealed with ultimate delight. He kept going deeper till his entire finger was inside Vinod and now began to finger fuck him. Vinod was groaning non-stop. I had never heard him groan so much. Also sex never lasts more than a few minutes anyway. Having a finger fuck your anus can go on for much longer. As he was getting used to the sensation of one finger, Nick put a second finger inside Vinod. This time Vinod screamed sensually. His cock was leaking cum but was half erect! I was enjoying this scene so much that I stopped masturbating and began to passionately kiss Nick while pinching his nipples from behind.

Me: “Nick this is so hot, I want you to fuck that virgin anal hole of my darling husband and make him scream”

I applied lubricant on Nick’s cock and positioned him perfectly behind my husband. Nick entered Vinod, slowly at first. Vinod was so ready to accept him after the two-finger fucking that his sphincter did not contract and accepted this big cock easily. The moment Nick went fully inside we heard the loudest grunt of pleasure I have ever heard from Vinod.

Vinod: “Nick this is just too good fuck me my man”

Nick needed no more goading. His balls slapping against Vinod’s buttocks he fucked him deeper and harder till both men were in a synchrony of pure sexual bliss. I was watching them groan and moan with each thrust. My eyes met those of my husband who was in seventh heaven. He looked so horny, lusty and lost in sexual ecstasy. I smiled at him approvingly. In what seemed like a long time, Nick finally came gushing and grunting. The tight virgin anal hole of Vinod no doubt being the reason. Both men lay down on the bed sweating. Although Vinod was still erect, he did not seem to be in a hurry to fuck. He was in another zone.

Vinod: “Natasha, I can get addicted to this for sure. I want so much more anal sex baby. It’s the best dirty sex I have ever had in my life”

Me: “I agree and will get you fucked here as long as you like and as many times. You’ll love it with my dildo I am sure although it cannot cum like Nick. How is the feeling of a man’s juices inside of you?”

Vinod: “Just wonderful, like I said I can get addicted to this for sure”

Taking his cock into my hands

Me: “Now you have so many options, my pussy, anus, mouth or Nicks mouth or anus or ….”

Vinod: “As do you so with double the cocks, tongues and hands for your pleasure”

Vinod was still hard and taking his cock into my hands I began to suck him. Nick joined me his lips and tongue meeting mine over my husband’s cock. We both licked him for a few minutes with him cumming all over our mouths and faces. At that point we did something that was really erotic. We had a three-way tongue kiss. It was so damn hot. All three of our tongues licking up the juices from our faces.

Vinod: “ I would love to try that with Nick and you sometime, looked so hot”

For the first time we lay on the bed discussing more than sex. About our lives and people. One could tell that Nick was clearly in love with Dave and he was expected to be in Mumbai later that week. Nick was helpful around the house helping me clean. All three of us were horny and the discussions did not last more than an hour. By now both the men were erect again and I was the sole object of their attention. I sat between them holding them by their waists while taking turns in tongue kissing each man. Now having gone through a few rounds of sex, I was ready to savor the feeling slowly. While I kissed Nick, I would get Vinod to lick my pussy and vice versa. Then get them to lick my breasts. Get both of them to finger me gently. I was so wet. Finally, I turned to Nick and told him to fuck me from behind doggy style. Nick’s big cock entered me as I groaned and began to move. Vinod suddenly positioned himself under me and began to lick my clitoris as Nick was fucking me. The feeling of being licked and fucked at the same time was intense and within moments I started to writhe with a massive orgasm. Nick came earlier depositing his load inside me, but Vinod continued to lick me like no tomorrow. I later realized that as much as he loved licking me he enjoyed the taste of cum from me so much that he kept licking and licking. I came yelling god! And pushed my thighs together unable to handle any more clitoral pleasure so Vinod had to stop licking. He turned me around missionary style and began to fuck me. By now I was writhing in sexual pleasure, having multiple orgasms that I could not control and while it was so sexy it was too much pleasure. To make matters even worse Nick began to suck on my tits while Vinod was fucking me. For once I screamed

Me: “Stop, stop, stop, uhhh, uhhhh, ahhhhhh, oh please stop I cannot handle this anymore, uhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

It stopped with Vinod coming inside me filling me up with his cum as well. I looked at my husband with love in my eyes and hugged him tight for over a few minutes.

Me: “Thank you my sweetie, this has been so special for me in more ways than you can imagine”

Vinod: “Me too my love and this is just the beginning of our journey”

We met Nick as many times as possible over the coming week and had literally lots and lots of sex. We experimented with all types of positions and combinations

Dave comes from London

The next weekend Dave came to visit Nick. Nick invited us to meet with him at our Café. Although he was clean and safe (Nick got him tested the day he arrived) the chemistry of Dave and us would first have to match. The moment my eyes fell on Dave I just wanted to tear his clothes off. Dave was thin and about 5’ 9”. He had golden Blonde with curls and blue eyes. He had almost zero har on his body and his lips were pink. He was not handsome. He was simply beautiful. Dave was a natural charmer, in less than an hour we had already turned to the topic of how Vinod and I decided on the journey of sexual experimentation in our lives with a man? When Dave discovered it was my idea he said

Dave: “Natasha I have met many women in the world, but you are the first that know how to make your husband happy after 50. So, let me tell you a fact. Straight men enjoy gay sex with other men ONLY when encouraged in a non-judgmental way by their partners. And typically, if he has been straying in the past it is because of his strong sexual needs which he will discover only another man can provide within his marriage! I am bisexual and prefer only men but in your case I am already imagining myself with you. You say you are 55 but to me you look a hot mid 40’s woman and I have NOT had the desire to have sex with any woman in over 5 years! And I find myself very very attracted to you sexually”

Vinod: “That is the most honest and straightforward sexual approach any man has ever made to my wife. I think we should head to the privacy of our love nest if she fancies you as well”

Dave: “To be honest I fancy only men. Nick surely and now definitely you. Your wife Natasha exudes a sexuality I have not seen in a woman”

Hearing this from my husband was enough to make me feel sexually empowered.

Me: “Nick your friend is a massive distraction and just too cute”

Nick: “I know, and he is a wonderful person and has a surprise for you guys”

On the way home I decided to sit in the back car with Dave as Nick drove.

As we moved Dave slipped his hands under my skirt and began to caress my thighs. My legs parted naturally. Vinod was watching from the co-passenger’s seat.

Vinod: “Although Dave is gay/bisexual and prefers men I am surprised, he has put his hands on you, I can tell he finds you hot”

I turned to kiss Dave who was nothing short of a fantastic kisser. I let his tongue linger on mine. His hands were groping all over me squeezing the right spots and enticing me to start sighing softly. His body was smooth as silk and when his pink nipples got erect they became a good size larger. I definitely wanted this man to fuck with us.

We reached home and within seconds our clothes were on the floor. Three men undressing me was very hot. Each trying to kiss another part of my body. I bent down to pull off Dave’s purple underwear and shrieked with shock. He was HUGE. Longer and thicker than Nick. Cute pink in color and hard as a stone.

Me: “Wow Dave that is a surprise package although I can say it won’t be easy to fit that in my mouth”

I licked the tip of his cock. Suddenly both other men also stood in front of me. With three cocks to choose from I took my time licking the semen from each one slowly enjoying the taste. All three had a different flavor and smelled different too. My pussy was wet with anticipation and I felt the familiar throbbing.

Lying down on my bed I spread my legs. Dave and Vinod were busy sucking on my tits driving me crazy. Nick eased himself into a very wet and willing pussy. Today was not a day of slow fucking and straight off he began to hump me hard. My orgasm began to rise when Nicks’ cock tightened and came with a loud grunt deep inside of me. He pulled out and motioned Dave to take over. With his big dick I wanted it doggy style and went on all fours.
I screamed when Dave entered me. I felt so full. He went in so deep that I had no idea how far back he was. Taking his time, he began to fuck me making sure that I was not in any pain. Mercifully Nick had stretched me a bit before Dave entered and it was easier, still he was huge. Within moments of him fucking me; my orgasm began building and Vinod went under me to lick my clitoris. Within half a minute my whole body started shaking like a leaf with me coming loudly. Dave was still pounding me, and Vinod was enjoying the taste of his wife’s  and Nick’s love juices when Dave started to orgasm with extra ordinarily large amounts of cum flowing into me. I gasped in awe enjoying every moment.

Vinod: “The more I taste cum from different men the more I am falling in love with it’s taste. Especially when mixed with my wife’s love juice”

Me: “I know baby which is why we have a surprise planned for you. Right now, I have something I want to do with us and only we are at home. I want to blindfold you and tie your hands and legs”

Vinod agreed. I blindfolded him tight. Tied his hands and legs spread eagle on the bed with the side posts. Vinod looked so sexy lying there in his satin black underwear. I went close to him and began to kiss him and caress his upper body.

Knowing how sensitive his nipples are Nick and I started to lick them. Vinod was moaning asking for his bonds to be opened.

Me: “Sweetheart tonight is dedicated to you as a gift from me so enjoy my darling hubby”

I motioned Dave to join us. Dave immediately started to tongue kiss Vinod. He was such a good kisser that Vinod kissed back with fervor. Dave put the tip of his soft limp cock on Vinod’s lips. His cock was covered with his own and Nick’s cum. That taste was irresistible to Vinod who began to suck on it eagerly getting Dave slowly turn hard  again. Next Nick also positioned his half erect cock on Vinod’s lips. I noticed now that Dave’s cock was longer than Nick by at least an inch longer and a bit thicker. It felt nice though when inside me. Vinod began to suck on both cocks now beginning to get harder in his mouth.

Vinod: “I smell and taste two different cocks. Wow, sweetie I love the surprise and I am excited. Now untie me”

Me: “Would you have pure male bisex for me to watch tonight baby? I really want to masturbate to an orgasm watching you. Once my fantasy is fulfilled you and your friends are welcome to fuck me. But not until you have had dirty bisex for my viewing pleasure and I am here with you”

Vinod: “I will do it for you and me”

Dave and Nick took turns first kissing Vinod, who clearly preferred kissing Dave. With Dave still kissing Vinod, Nick now entered Vinod anally. Vinod was clearly waiting for this to happen. After Nick had come, Dave pushed his big cock into Vinod. Vinod screamed with pleasure. Vinod was enjoying the feeling of the big cock so much that without any touch on his cock he began to cum on the bed. Apparently Dave had hit his prostrate with his big cock. Both men literally collapsed on the bed after Dave came inside of Vinod.

I enjoyed the show. Vinod had this big smile on his face. His anal hole was leaking cum of his two lovers.

Me: “You don’t need to wash sweetheart. It’s a beautiful dirty feeling that we both have earned”

Dave: “Man your anus is so hot and tight Vinod. I have not had such a beautiful fuck in years, hope you’re going to want more”

Vinod: “I came with your thrusting only. Yes, I can take it again a lot more”

What followed that day was the most amazing porn I had ever seen. The two experienced bisexual men really made Vinod squirm with pleasure non-stop for over an hour. They indulged in lots of touching and kissing and finally had anal sex again.

In my life I had never seen my husband in so much PLEASURE. I felt regret that I had not encouraged him to experience anal sex with a man earlier in his life. Then again, I could have lost him to a bisexual man!

In bed he later confirmed that each time a cock enters him, he feels like he is in heaven. His whole boy shuddered for almost 10 minutes after being fucked anally. The pleasure was so intense that when Dave decided to fuck him, with his longer cock Vinod could not wait for it to happen. I had masturbated to two orgasms.

The next morning, he arranged for all three men to take turns fucking me non-stop.

I swear the fucking lasted over 20 minutes. I was sore by the time Vinod came inside me and I was flowing like a waterfall. He could barely feel the walls of my pussy as it was so stretched with Dave’s cock and full of cum from two previous men. I did not indulge in anal with Dave as he was too large. But Vinod loved it.

Dave proposed that Nick and I double penetrate me. One in the anus and the other in the pussy. We tried it a couple of times but was uncomfortable for me. I did discover new ways to make the men hard like putting my dildo inside them and massaging their prostrate. Vinod loved to suck them off when I was tired. We spent the entire month with Dave and Nick. At the end we were all sore. Partly because Dave was also so big. Having experienced three men satisfy me I was like a bitch on heat. Thank goodness I was post menopause and did not have to use condoms. I cannot imagine how boring our sex would have been without the love juices. I realized that for me that 2 men was perfect. Three was fun for a few times, but even though I liked dirty, it got at times a bit much.

Dave with back in the UK, Nick stays with us. He is a good friend and a great sex partner. Although Vinod does not mind me having sex with Nick alone, I am not interested. On a couple of occasions when Nick was very horny I enjoyed giving him a hand job in the bathroom in front of the mirror and into the washbasin. Vinod of course knows about it and teases us about the same. Maybe one of these days I will give him a handjob in the bathroom in front of the mirror.

If anything is changed in our lives it is that our sex lives have skyrocketed. We are much happier and hornier. Mostly we have straight sex. However, I still get a kinky pleasure of watching Vinod suck Nick’s cock and he loves doing that. For anal sex the big dildo produces as much pleasure for Vinod.

One of these days we are planning to go on the sex cruises. He is convinced that I am open enough to enjoy lesbian sex with a couple. Yes, I am open to it and we will find out.

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