Lockdown spent well with the neighbour

Bigdickl   May 07, 2020   | 31603 Views
Hello readers find out how I got into the panty of neighbour during lockdown when her husband was away. stepmom

Hey guys, this is S from Bangalore and I’m back with my new story.

Now coming to my stories. My readers know that I’m a guy from Bangalore in the twenties and most of my encounters took place here. Without boasting about my physical attributes, I’ll quickly move to the story.

This is a story about my Bengali neighbor who is a complete milf and a perfect sex bomb. I have been in good terms with this couple and her hubby is a friendly man. On talking usually, I came to know that she is a woman with a very high libido.

Let me introduce her. She is a chubby milky white 36-year-old Bengali bhabhi with stats around 38c- 30-38. I peeped into her cleavage at times on the staircase and she looked annoyed by it.

Anyways, moving to the incident. Her husband was on an official trip to Delhi when the lockdown was announced. Since then he’s stuck there. I came to know that it was their marriage anniversary on 30th March. But they couldn’t celebrate due to the lockdown.

So on the same day, I was unaware that they had their anniversary and decided to bug her when I was bored. It was around noon when I entered their house and called for her. On not receiving any answer I sat on the sofa thinking that she may have gone downstairs to get something.

What happened next was completely unexpected and took me by shock. The washroom opened. She was coming out of the washroom with only her panty and the mobile in her hand with music playing. I was mesmerized by the view. Those white soft fluffy huge melons were hanging unravished.

I couldn’t remove my eyes from it. She almost screamed at me and asked what was I doing there? To which I replied that I was looking for her and had shouted out her name also. She hurriedly tried to run back to the washroom. In that, I got a view of high round spotless ass. Those were the huge balls to die for.

I apologized and left. The next day I ran into her at the staircase and asked if she was still angry about the last time. She said, “I can’t scold you here, come to my house I’ll tell you.” I was confused and followed her. We sat on the same sofa on which I was sitting that day and the conversation went as

Me- I’m sorry but that wasn’t intentional and you know it.

She- Achha? Was it actually unintentional? I know what you’ve been looking at.

Me- Believe me, I didn’t intend to…

She – You’ve seen everything and you think a sorry would do?

Me – Then what should I do?

She stood up and started walking away denoting that the conversation was over and I may leave. But the very next moment I felt someone grabbing my hair and pulling my head back violently as if trying to hit me. My eyes closed to my  reflex. The next thing I remember was I felt something near my face.

I opened my eyes. To my surprise, she pushed her pussy against me and was continuously pushing my face against it. I was skeptical about it but I was in no mood to miss this opportunity. “Eat me now, you scoundrel. I know what you’ve been looking for,” she said.

But my readers know that I don’t make it so easy for women to forget it after some days. I always intend to make it a lifetime moment. I pinned her down on the couch and raised her nighty. But I started with her earlobes and side neck. Biting and licking every inch of her earlobes.

My warm steamy breath in the vicinity was hellishly turning her on. I could feel this by her breath getting deep and intense. Then I moved to caress and lick her neck and finally to the boobs, leaving hickeys everywhere.

Those huge balls were the best thing I’ve ever experienced. Perfectly shaped, well-toned and the nipples were protruding as if an invitation. As my tongue explored the sidelines of her nipples, she started moving uncontrollably. Then I sucked them like a wild beast leaving it completely red.

She was completely out of control by now. She wanted me to go down, to which I obliged. I went down but stopped at the navel only to caress it with circular motions by my tongue. Then moving down I started exploring her inner thighs. Those were completely spotless white soft spots, never explored before.

After biting and licking every inch of them, after expressions were priceless. Head bent back, eyeballs in a circular round motion, mouth completely wide open. She was moaning like anything.

I didn’t directly go to the pussy. Rather, I licked all around and started teasing her. She couldn’t take it anymore. She banged my face against her pussy and crossed her legs. I was being suffocated and then I started the tongue finger combo. My tongue was sucking her clitoris and fingers fucking her.

Initially one, then two and then all three of them. This was enough for her. The moment I exchanged, my tongue was fucking her and hands stimulating the clitoris. She got an orgasm. It was a wriggling orgasm and she kept wriggling for 20 seconds.

Usually, after orgasm, women are dry and want some rest. But it was the opposite of her. “Fuck me now, put it in, I want you in now,” she moaned. I said let ne bring the condom. To which she said, “Not possible for me to wait. Just fuck me and don’t cum inside me.”

I obliged and thrust my dick into her. As soon as I put it in, her eyes and mouth got eye open and she screamed. She wasn’t fucked for a month and she told me this later. As I increased the pace, her boobs kept jiggling. My one hand was holding her neck, another one squeezing her boobs.

The dick banging her was an amazing sight. Suddenly the doorbell rang and it was the milkman. She wore her nighty, slapped me, pushed me down and said, “It isn’t over yet, shut the fuck up and sit her still till I come.”And we continue fucking till evening since I had to return home when mom has called.

If you liked it till here and want to read further, ping me at [email protected].
Women can also ping me for discreet, secret relationship or a fuck buddy. Stay home, stay safe, keep fucking!

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