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Return to Mexico pt. 1

Writing Adventure   June 09, 2019   | 14773 Views
It had been a year sinice our last visit to Mexico. A year since Jess had discovered her more adventurous side. A year since we had met Maria. banner2  It had been a year sinice our last visit to Mexico. A year since Jess had discovered her more adventurous side. A year since we had met Maria. Jess had surprised me with a trip back to our favoirite resort in Mexico, not telling me where we were bound until we were already in the air. Our marriage had become much more adventurous in the last year and this was not the first trip like this we had done, though it would be the first one taking us out of the country.

We landed safely in Cabo in the early afternoon, grabbed a quick bite to eat and then caught our shuttle to the resort. We were greeted at check in with a warm welcome and good sipping tequila. The front desk informed Jess that the same room we had last year was reserved for us and that everything ready. The wording seemed strange to me, but dismissed it as we accepted our wristband and key cards. Finishing our tequila we headed off to the room.

The room had the same fantastic veiw of the water and the waves crashing on the rocks below. We got our clothes put away and Jess glanced at the clock, then suggested that we shower and wash off the airplane germs. I was very surprised, but pleasantly so, when she moved to join me in the shower. First we were all business, lathering and scrubing until we felt clean again. Once that was done and we had rinsed the soap away we took some time for some enjoyment.

I put my arms around Jess and pulled he close to me. Her warm wet skin against mine was intoxicating. I cupped her ass cheeks squeezing them and holding her tightly against me. Her soft breasts pushed against my chest and our lips met. The kisses start out slow and soft. A gentle exploring of each others mouths, but as the fire caught between us and grew, the kiss grew deeper, hotter, and more passionate. I spun Jess around, so that her back was to me, then pulled her ass tight against my hard cock. I kissed her neck and shoulder while my hands cupped and squeezed her breasts. Her hands reached back and grabbed my ass pulling me even tighter to her. She let out a moan of pleasure as my tongue traced a path down her neck.

I broke off with a start when i heard a noise.

"What?" She asked, frustrated that my attentions had stopped.

"I thought i just heard the room door close."

She turned back to face me, "I'm sure it was just the neighbors." She said, now kissing my neck and collar bone.

"Maybe I should go check." I said and started to reach for the shower curtain.

Jess stopped me, "You could, or maybe you should stay here and enjoy." With that Jess went to her knees and gently grasped my cock. She licked up its length, from my balls to its head, before taking me into her mouth. She burried her nose in my pubic hair as she took all of me in. My god it felt toe curling fantastic. She doesn't give me a blow job very often, but she sure knows what to do. All thoughts of the room door left my mind when her mouth and tongue worked its magic. I could feel a tightening in my balls and i knew i was going to cum soon at this rate.

"If you keep that up I'm going to cum and i can think of better places for my cum than in your mouth or on your tits."

Jess removed my cock from her mouth and looked up at me with a wicked smile, "Where would that be?"

I pulled her back to her feet and kissed her hard before replying "In my favorite place, that hot wet pussy of yours."

"Well I wouldn't want to deny you that." She laughted wickedly and shut the water off.

We toweled off quickly, but did pause to kiss and touch in the process. We were walking out of the bathroom hand in hand when Jess said "You know i have one other surprise for you."

I looked at her and asked "what's that?"

"Me." Comes an accented voice from the bed. I turned to look at the bed and there is Maria, in all her naked glory. Her golden skin is tanned all over, no sign of a swimming suit ever covering that body. Her breasts are large, but perky. The only change from last year is thst her pussy, once covered in dark curly hair, is now as bare as the day she was born.

"Maria and I have been in contact since the day we left. She has given me all sorts of tips and ideas to try with you. I know we've both missed having a third with us at times. So she helped arrange this week, and will be able to spend it all with us if you would like, and this time you can cum wherever you want."

I must look absolutely shocked at all this information. I pulled Jess too me and kiss her passionately. "I love you so much." I then took her hand and we walked over to the bed. Maria was waiting for us with her arms open.

We took each other into our arms and shared kisses. Jess's and my passions where already high from our fun in the shower, but it seems that Maria's was as hot as ours. Maybe she had watched us? Either way we were all hot and ready. In no time Jess and Maria are rubbing each others clits and fingering each other's pussies. While this was going on i was alternatingly ravishing Maria's and Jess's breasts. Licking, sucking, and gently biting their nipples while massaging their globes. At one point the ladies use their free hands to slowly stoke my hard cock. I think we were all about to explode, but Maria had other ideas.

She pushed Jess down on to her back and climbed between her legs, attacking her pussy. Jess let out a cry and grabbed Maria's head, grinding her pussy agaist her tongue. She was well on the way to an explosive orgasm. I moved over behind Maria, whose lovely ass was up in the air while she was eating my wife's pussy. I took my cock and ran its head up and down Maria's dripping lips, making sure to rub it over her clit. Maria let out a moan. I slide it into her pussy and reveled in the feeling of that heat surrounding me. Jess was shaking on the bed, lost in her orgasm, when Maria looked at me, her face wet with Jess's cum. "Dio! You feel so good. I feel full when you are inside of me. I want to fel you cum inside of me"

I was shocked at her request and looked at Jess. She had a dreamy look in her eyes as she was still coming down from the orgasm that Maria gave her but she replied "Go ahead. It is safe and she has earned it. Pound her like you like to do with me then show her just how full she can be."

Her hot words made me even harder and must of turned her on as well because she sits up to watch and begins to pinch her nipples and rub her clit. Maria lowers her head to the bed and braces herself, all the go ahead that I need. I place one hand on her round hip and one on her shoulder. I slide out till just the head of my cock is in her. I feel the cool breeze on my wet cock, making me want to warm it up again. I slam forward hard, burrying myself deep into her pussy. Maria lets out a moan. I repeat the process, faster each time. Maria's ass ripples and tits sway with each thrust. Each time her moans get louder. Jess's hands are busy, rubbing her breasts, pinching her nipples. She has two fingers in her pussy and her thumb on her clit and her eyes locked on us. The way she is moving she is going to cum again soon.

Maria begins to talk between moans, "Dio! Thats it! Give it to me! Give it all to me! Split my pussy! Harder!" All the while she is rubbing her clit hard and fast. It is all too much for all of us. Jess cries out as she cums even harder than before. Maria's orgasm hits next, her pussy clenching around my pounding cock. That pushes me over the edge and I explode, shooting a massive load of cum into Maria' greedy pussy. "Oh! Dio! It is so good! So much of it and it is so warm!" She cries while her pussy milks my cock, squeezing every last drop from it. As my cock softens and slips out of her pussy, Maria's legs get weak and she collapses into Jess's waiting arms. She holds her close as I get on the other side and hold them both. We nap at that point, sexually sated for now. What a vacation this will be and it is only day one.
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