A Friend comes over

Mr.W   February 04, 2020   | 17091 Views
Hello everyone, my name is Mark and I want to tell you my story that happened to me with my wife Ariel and her friend Jessie.    It was a long Friday at work and when 5 o… banner2

Hello everyone, my name is Mark and I want to tell you my story that happened to me with my wife Ariel and her friend Jessie. 


It was a long Friday at work and when 5 o clock rolled in, I just wanted to go home and relax. As I pull up to my house, I see Jessie’s car in our driveway. “There goes my night of relaxation” I said to myself, or so I thought. As I walk into the house my wife and Jessie are on the couch talking. I greeted both of them, giving my wife Ariel a kiss telling her I was going to jump in the shower. My wife spanked my ass as I walked away getting me excited in my jeans. As I shower I couldn’t stop thinking about my wife’s friend Jessie. 


My wife has known Jessie for 10 years or so and she is very conservative like my wife. I have always wondered if her husband was fucking her right because it was a shame not to. Jessie stood about 5-4” with a slim body but a very big ass. Her boobs were not big but looked very perky. Jessie always said she wished she had big breasts like my wife’s. My wife Ariel has big DD bought breasts which I love to kiss and squeeze. She stands about 5-6” with a big juicy ass like Jessie. Both women are very hot! As I shower and think about the 2 hot women just feet away from me, my schlong begins to swell but I think to myself so much for me fucking my wife tonight due to Jessie being over, boy was I ever wrong! 


The shower was nice and helped me relax. I put on some red joggers and a white shirt and decided to watch TV in the room and let the girls have a girls night. After awhile of this and hearing the girls giggling, I get a text from Ariel saying she needed me to come to the living room to show Jessie something. I get up from my comfy bed and go see what my wife wants. Both of them are giggling as I walk in and I ask what I can help them with. Ariel tells me that Jessie has been with her husband for about 10 years and thinks her his favs is very big and probably one of the biggest. Ariel wanted to prove to her that they come bigger and wanted to prove it. Jessie asked if I could pull it out so she could see. I was in awe to what my wife was telling me and that Jessie wanted to see my size! I could feel myself getting harder through my joggers and they both stared at it as they could tell too! I stood in front of them and stated to pull my joggers down, Jessie gasped as she saw my full naked schlong spring to life from my joggers. Jessie said “I can’t believe it is sooo long and thick” as her eyes were fixed to my package. “My husband is 5” and that is big for me! how big is this!?” Ariel said let’s find out and went to the kitchen cabinet and pulled out a sewing tape measure. She handed one end to Jessie to help her measure. My wife grabbed the base of my cock while Jessie grabbed the tip and proceeded to measure. “OMG you are close to 9”, that is 4” bigger than my husband! There is no way I would be able to handle a cock like that” Jessie said. My wife looked at me and then her with a devilish look she said” do you want to find out!?” I nearly came right there! I could not believe I was standing there with my wife and her friend, my joggers down to my ankles with both women still holding my cock and my wife asking her if she wanted to try me! My wife grabbed Jessie’s hand and still holding the base of my schlong, led us to the bedroom. 


She then pushed me on the bed as I watched Ariel and Jessie stood begin to kiss. Watching my wife kiss Jessie and watching their hands explore each other was a sight to see. I watched as Jessie began to pull of my wife’s top exposing her big beasts. Jessie began to squeeze and kiss her breasts as my wife began to work Jessie’s belt and unbuttoning her blue jeans. This seems to be happening in slow motion as I couldn’t believe my eyes. My wife pulled down Jessie’s  jeans exposing her black lace thong. My wife ran her hand down to her mound which led Jessie to release a moan of pleasure. My wife pulled off Jessie’s top and then proceeded lay her on the bed next to me. My wife proceeded to open Jessie’s legs and started to kiss her inner thighs working her way to clean shaven pussy. After a few minutes my wife asked Jessie if she was ready to see if she could take me all way. Jessie got up and began to straddle me as I lay there. I could feel her nervous body as this would be the first different schlong she would have in 10 years and it was bigger than she was used to. Her wet gleaming pussy was straddling right above my hard schlong as she grabbed me and guided me to her awaiting pussy. My cum was oozing as she rested the head of my cock at the entrance of her pussy. She then began to make my cock disappear as she slowing lowered her body down on mine. She let out a big moan and stopped herself about 3/4” of the way down on my schlong. “That’s as far as I can take it, it’s hitting the bottom! It feels so good!” she said as she looked over to my wife who was next to me rubbing her clit. “it’s all yours for tonight” my wife told her as she got up and started to sit on my face. Jessie was going up and down on my hard cock as I tasted my wife’s wet wet juicy pussy. Her juices tasted so sweet and Jessie’s pussy was so tight. I could feel the head of my cock bottoming out on her pussy. Both women began to speed up their pace and I could feel my wife’s body begin to tense up. She grabbed the back of my head and started to pull it into her pussy. I could tell she was building up to a big orgasm. 


At this time I grabbed Jessie’s ass and pulled her all the way down my cock! She let out a huge moan I have ever heard! I proceeded to thrust up into her pussy making her clit hit my pelvis every time. Ever time my schlong was fully inside of her, she would let out a big moan. As I was upping my pace on Jessie’s little pussy, my wife’s body began to shake and began to squirt all over my face. Both women began to orgasm simultaneously. I couldn’t hold back anyone and released my warm cum in Jessie’s pussy. This lasted for a few seconds as both women collapsed, their body drenched in sweat. I lay there with 2 hot women and a night i would never forget! 

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