A busy afternoon

sue1973   August 28, 2018   | 41111 Views
Mr Walker stood behind me, pulled my g string to one side and plunged his cock straight into my willing pussy. Luxury

  I returned to the agency website on Wednesday evening to check emails. Tuesday's meeting with Alan had been somewhat successful. Although it had been my first job, I had handled it very well and was feeling a lot more confident .  There were about twenty offers to be chosen from. I read through them carefully and deleted most of them. 
  I selected a job for mid day on Thursday. Peter from Lower Saintfield road, One hour, full sex and Oral as a lead up. I was fine with oral as long as the guy had good personal hygiene.  I put a note about that in with my acceptance and moved on. A half hour job in a city centre office at 1.30 pm with a Mr Walker intrigued me.  There were dress requirments with this job. The client wanted me to wear a black skirt with a full length, two way zip at the back. I didn't have a skirt like that, but had seen some  in a shop in Castle Court recently.  I also selected a job at 2.30 Pm This was just to meet a client called Roger In The Crown Bar. No sex involved in this one.  My instructions were that when I arrived, I was to sit near the bar and wait till Roger approached me. This was just a companion job for one hour and the rates were much lower for that sort of meeting.  All three added up to £140.00 after agency fees.  I had bills that needed paid and a car which needed work done it. For now, this is my only option.
  I got up Early on Thursday and drove to Castle Court in Belfast.  I picked up the required skirt and a few other things as well. Stockings, g strings, 2 half cup bras and suspender belts. I arrived at Peter's house  right on time. 
  Peter welcomed me in and we sat in the lounge and chatted. He seemed very nervous. I knew by his profile that he was new to the agency. I told him that he was only my second client, to try to put him more at ease. I asked him, "Do we fuck here or in the bedroom?  Peter stammered, "The b b bedroom miss if thats ok. I smiled at him and said, "c'mon then" and ran upstairs. 
  I disrobed and knelt on the bed, wearing just my bra, g string and stockings. Peter got naked and lay  on his back beside me. I knelt over him and took his cock in hand, licking and kissing the tip gently. Then slowly working my way up his shaft, before returning to his cock head and applying some suction. I went deeper and deeper on Peter in stages and soon had him fully in my throat. 
   Peter's cock was as big as i've ever deep throated, easily 8 inches long and a good thickness too.  He  lay there moaning and reaching out now and then to touch me.  Well, after half an hour of oral my throat was starting to get sore, I asked him if he wanted to ride me and lay on my back.  Peter climbed aboard and entered me and I pulled him deep.  After  a few strokes, I could feel his cock starting to soften.  I gave him some head and got him hard again, but as soon as he mounted me again, he went limp.   More oral, he stiffened. I suggested doggy this time and he again entered me from behind. Slightly better this time, but only for a short time and then he went limp again.  I was already over my time limit and had to ask Peter to stop.   He was visibly upset, so I reassured him that it happens to everyone now and then.  I asked him could I have a quick shower, as I had no time to go home to freshen up.  He told me to go ahead. Peter was gentle and had manners, not to mention a potentially, very fuckable cock and while I showered, I thought things over.  As I was leaving, I told him that I'd phone him later.
  I drove straight to my Meeting with Mr Walker. I entered an office where two women were doing paperwork. I said that I had an appointment with Mr Walker and was told to go on into his office, he was waiting.  Mr Walker was sitting befind a desk and on the phone, he gestured to me to snib the door and then to take a seat.  He finished his call and asked me to take my jacket off and stand facing his desk with my hands on it to support myself.  I did so and Mr Walker went behind me and ran his hand over my bottom. Then  He went to the zip on my skirt and opened it from the bottom to nearly the top. He pulled my g string to one side and rubbed my clitty.  It did nothing at all for me, but i moaned and said, "mmmmmm".  Mr walker asked me to roll a condom on to his cock and then I was asked to resume the position. He stood behind me and again pulled my g string to the side and plunged his cock right into my willing pussy. I gasped and he started to fuck me as fast and as hard as he could.  He said, "How do you like that, slut,     whore"  Well, I didnt, but I said, "mmmmm, I love it, fuck me harder" and he did, but not for long.  He shot his load in the condom and pulled out.  I stayed in the position for a few moments. Mr walker said that I could go now and I did. I was glad that this one was over. On the way out, the two women gave me a good look over, but said nothing. I heard one of them snigger as I left. I didn't care.

  I went to the ladies room in Castle court and freshened up, changed the skirt and got ready to meet Roger.  I arrived in the Crown Bar fifteen minutes early and sat on a bar stool near the bar. A group of four men sat at a table near me and I recognised one of them as Roger, from  his profile picture. After a short time, Roger came over and sat on a stool beside me. He offered to buy me a drink, "Iced water and lime please, I don't drink alcahol"  The object of this meeting seemed to be for Roger to impress his friends by showing that he could pick up a bit of skirt in a bar easily.  I just had to play along. We went  over and joined his friends and he introduced me to them.  It all seemed a bit strange, but the guys were all mannerly and we chatted for the next 45 minutes. Then I said that i'd have to go and it was nice to have met them all. Roger left me to the door and said, "Nicely played Sue, I'll be in touch again". I smiled, he kissed my cheek and I left.

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