The VIP Visitor 1

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welcoming a company VIP visitor turned out to be a wonderful threesome, read and enjoy banner2 The VIP Visitor 1

By Dina Petro

Our company is a branch of a major international firm where its head office is located abroad at another country. Being the public relations officer in charge of our company’s Special VIP guests, who usually come to visit our company for some business, I was informed of a visit by a VIP specialist who would be investigating a case locally.

I had prepared all needed paperwork, reserved a hotel suit for him at a nice five-star hotel, an arrangement was done for some personnel for meet, assist and pickup from the airport on a weekend, later that evening, my boss phoned me saying:

“Hi Jenifer, I know it is the weekend and we do not have to work, I also happen to know you have done a great job for all arrangements for our VIP guest, but, I believe out of courtesy, you and I should pay him a visit at his hotel suit this evening, to welcome him properly, maybe have a drink with him, which would make our company look much better, especially that I am the general manager and you are the public relations office”

“Yes sir, I agree with you, besides, I am free, when should we meet and what should I wear, it is the first time I meet this man, but you have met him before?”

“Great, I will pick you up at… and the way you are dressed now would be just fine, it is not a formal meeting or anything, formalities would be tomorrow at the office.”

Giggling, “you don’t know what I am wearing now Jim, what if I am fully nude?”

Laughing loud, “In that case I will come now, pick you up, since I am married, I have to take you to a hotel room and take a good care of you myself.”

Laughing as loud, “I would not be surprised, you have done that many times, at the office too, but do not worry about me, I got what you mean, the least clothing, the better?”

“It sounds excellent and erotic to me, I know you always have your ways with such guests, which I do not mind, but I am not sure about him, I may lose control myself after the second drink, anyway, wear whatever suits your gorgeous, sexy body darling, I will be there on time.”

My boss was right, I do have my ways of seducing such rich VIP guys, especially that I am a bit lose when it comes to fun and sex, and on the side, I usually make great tips out of them. My boss has no objections to anything I do, simply because he always has his share of my body, mostly at the office. Being his executive secretary, he usually likes me dressed sexy for work, showing my sexy assets under some short skirts and dresses, he also asks me to work pantie less and braless sometimes for his own pleasure at work, which is totally fine with me as it gets me anywhere, I want at my job.

Jim, my boss, arrived on time, I got into his car, before pulling out of the parking space, he placed his hand under my short, light dress, laughed loud saying “I love the whore who knows what she wants and goes for it direct, pantie less as usual, what about the top?”

I giggled placing a couple of fingers under my elastic, low cut dress’s top, pulling it down revealing my tits and saying, “I hope Mark likes what he sees, I have seen his pictures and heard everything about him ahead of his present visit?”

“yes, he is a good looking, young businessman, but from what I have known, he is a very serious business guy, having nothing to do with women.”

“honey, there is nothing true about a man who has nothing to do with sexy, hot women, any man would kneel so fast among some hot assets flashed to his eyesight, especially while relaxing and drinking, don’t you agree? Anyway, we will see how much he will resist my slutty charm.”

We got into Mark’s suit after he greeted us, my boss introduced me as his assistant and the public relations officer, we sat down at the sitting area in his suit, forming a triangle facing each other, my boss likes to get his share of what would be flashed under my dress, although he had seen it all, felt and got right over everything I have under my dress, but, he likes it always, finding it a big turn on for him. Although my dress was very short showing much of my legs and thighs, but I managed to glue my legs together to start with depriving them both of any suspicious view.

Almost a couple of hours of discussions, chatting, drinking, laughing, and joking, which was enough for me to realize how nice and easy-going Mark was, he admitted to both of us he wastes most of his time on serious business matters. In between chats and laughter’s, I managed to be a little generous flashing some upper and inner thighs, but never my pussy till then.

Mark, “I heard a lot about how beautiful your country is guys, I hope I would get a chance and a little break to look around and see some of its gorgeous parts?”

Jim, “Absolutely Mark, Jenifer here, would be the most suitable person to take care of that and show you around, it is part of her job anyway.”

During that while Jim was looking at Mark explaining such things, Mark was looking at me, and I had decided to reward him with a quick flash of my fully waxed pussy, I felt his eyeballs sticking out, aiming right under my dress and he said:

“That would be so kind of Jennifer of course, if she gets the time for me, besides, I do not want this to be any part of the job, I want it on my own free time and on here’s, and of course I can take a good care of her pay during that private time of here’s.”

I said, “Of course Mark, I have all the time you need to enjoy sight seeing in our country, do not worry about if it was work or outside, no need for discussing the pay of that.”

Mark, “Thanks for being so kind and so sweet, but I Insist, or let us call it special tips not the pay you get from the company.”

Things were getting more relaxed, more open between all three of us, we all have had more than three drinks each already, mostly tipsy, and so happy. My boss, Jim was looking at me at that moment with a smile, of course realizing that was my goal anyway, to please the guy and to make some extra money on the side, once Jim looked at me, I flashed my pussy to his eyes, he smiled saying:

“Hey Jennifer, Mark is a kind colleague of ours, he deserves to enjoy his time at our country, I am sure you would be kind and sweet with him as well, besides, he is a generous man and I do not think you would turn down any of his gifts, would you?”

By that time, I had already ignored all the care I needed to take covering under or over the top of my dress, feeling tipsier and more relaxed, I had slid further down on the seat, allowing my legs to spread wider, rewarding both semi-drunk guys with a full look at my, shiny engorged pussy by then. I was not the only one being turned on, I had clearly noticed bulges under both men’s pants building up and growing up faster than they could try to hide, till they felt there was no need to hide their building hard on anymore.

Both men’s eyes were fixated under my dress without worrying about being clearly noticed by me, it was flashed for them to look and enjoy anyway, too late to cover up or act otherwise. Looking directly at my shiny pussy under my dress, Mark had smiled saying:

“Not only your country is gorgeous Jim, it seems that you also have super gorgeous, hot girls as well in this beautiful country.”

Looking at Mark’s eyes and how fixated they were over my pussy, so were his’, Jim laughed saying, “That is a true fact Mark, not only they are gorgeous, but shiny and so tasty as well, if you ever taste the special nectar they produce, you will want to always visit our country.”

Jim knew exactly that Mark was so hooked on the hot scene of my pussy, getting as horny as he was, he acted bravely and naughtily by pushing his hand under my dress, passing his finger over my wet pussy, then he brought it back to his mouth and sucked his finger saying, “The sweetness of sugar is nil compared to the natural sweetness of our girls, if you taste it, you would know what I am talking about?”

Mark, “I could tell by looking at its honey flowing all over, I wish I could taste it my friend?”

It was my turn to interfere and ease things up further by spreading my legs wider, lifting my dress up further while looking at my own pussy and saying, “what is stopping you from tasting it yourself Mark, you would not know he was right unless you taste it yourself.”

As if Mark was waiting for that sentence out of my lips, he got up, got on his knees in between my legs, without a word, he pushed his face in between my legs and started licking my pussy in a nice erotic way, making my moans louder and louder. Jim wanted part of the scene, he was looking at me rubbing his hard cock over his pants, I waved for him to come and sit next to me, I unbuckled his belt, lowered his pants and boxers with his help, got his cock out, leaned over his lap and started sucking on his cock.

I had already had my first orgasm being licked by one man while sucking another man’s cock, Mark pulled his tongue out, got rid of his pants and stood next to me, offering me his hard cock. I stopped sucking Jim’s cock asking Mark to sit on the other seat, I got on the floor, on my knees between his legs, parted my lips, took his rock-hard dick in my mouth, and started sucking on it, pushing it further in my mouth till I was deep throating it.

Jim wasted no time, he stood right behind me holding his cock in hand and started rubbing its shiny helmet to my flooded pussy, he applied a little force, and he was easily sliding in my cunt inch after another, till he was balls deep, he fucked me like that for ten minutes making me cum the second time while I was sucking Mark’s cock. Both men switched places for another ten minutes.

We stopped, Mark held my hand, walked me into the bedroom, Jim joined us, I asked Mark to lay down on his back, I saddled his body coinciding my pussy with his cock, lowered my body slowly till he was sliding into my pussy, I pushed down till he was balls deep in my cunt, I danced over his dick for a few minutes, then I leaned over him, kissed him on the lips allowing Jim to do what, him and I had on mind, a double penetration fuck. Jim got right behind me, holding his cock in hand, and started pushing it up my ass, Both Jim and I knew I could easily handle his cock in my ass, he had fucked me anal many times before, he had also shared me with other friends of his in double penetration.

I was literally being double fucked by both guys, ass, and pussy for at least 15-20 minutes, I cam twice during which, I felt both cocks starting to get thicker in my fuck holes and fucking paste was getting faster, along with their harder breathing. As of a sudden, without any signs from me, both cocks were pulled out of my fuck holes. I turned around got on my back while both men got on their knees in front of me, I was sucking on both cocks alternatively, until they both rewarded me with lots of cum loads, in my mouth, over my face, tits, belly and everywhere else.

We all relaxed next to each other on the king-sized bed of Marks bedroom, I got up, got cleaned up and put my clothes back on, so did Jim, while Mark stayed as is, nude and relaxed, we said goodbye to Mark, I leaned over, I gave him a short kiss on the lips saying, “see you tomorrow at the office.”


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
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