My first home visit

sue1973   August 24, 2018   | 29135 Views
I arrived at Alan's house. The automatic gates opened and I drove into his driveway. The gates closed behind me. The next hour was going to be a big test for me. rings

 My new  neighbour, Joan had told me all about the agency which she worked for. I decided to join up and a few days later, Joan called round.  We got the site up on my computer and I filled in all the relevant online forms and submitted them. All I had to do now was to submit the sesults of a blood test to the agency to prove that i wasn't carrying any STD's.  

 I paid a visit to my doctor and about a week later, I got the results back. They were clear. I went online and submitted a copy of the results to the agency.  The next day, I recieved an email which confirmed that I had been accepted.  Other emails arrived the same morning. These were about appointments with clients,  who used the agency. 
 There was full feedback on every client, including pictures and all I had to do was either accept or not accept. There was no pressure to accept any of the clients. I clicked on a client called Alan from Belfast. His feedback was good and he had used girls from the agency over 20 times. His requirements were for a home visit on Wednesday at 2 pm for one hour, for full sex. I clicked, accept and then was directed to a page with full contact details, including Alan's address. I was now committed to fulfill the contract. 
 On Wednesday morning, I showered and packed what I would be wearing for my meeting in a small travel bag and drove across town It was 1.30 pm, I was early. I arrived at Alan's house. The automatic gates opened and I drove into his driveway. The gates closed behind me. The next hour was going to be a big test for me.
 I parked and walked to the door. Alan opened it before I knocked. He had a beaming smile and kissed me on the cheek. "Come in and have coffee Sue. I've read your profile, white, no sugar". I smiled and he laughed. I felt at home with Alan already. We chatted while I drank my coffee, I could feel that alan was doing his best to put me at ease. He knew from my profile that he was my first client. 
 When I finished my coffee, Alan took me to a bedroom. He said, "When you get changed, you'll find a robe on the bed, I'll have a quick shower" I got changed into a black cupless basque, black g string, stockings and short leather mini skirt. I put on the white robe that Alan had placed on top of the bed.  
 The door opened and Alan came in, wearing a similar bath robe. He asked me to stand and he peeled off my robe and let it fall on the bedroom floor. I did likewise to Alan. He was naked and semi erect. He asked me to sit on the bed and he sat down beside me and lay back. I took his cock in hand and gently massaged it. I could feel it growing and getting harder. I lowered my head and licked the tip. Alan moaned softly, I took his cock head in my mouth and tongue flicked it for a while. Then I shocked him by going down hard and deep throating him.  I knew  that Alan was shocked, because he said, "Wow, I didn't know that was coming"  
 After a few minutes of oral, Alan asked me to lie on the bed. He removed my g string and licked my pussy, paying great attention to my stiff little clitty. Then he reached over to a bedside cabinet for a condom. I took it and rolled it on to his erection. He parted my legs wide and raised himself above me. He thrust himself right inside me and started to ride me hard. He let go of my legs and I wrapped them around him, pulling him in tighter and deeper. Alan rode me harder and faster. I could feel an orgasm building up, which was the last thing that I expected.  Then Alan moaned loudly and I felt his hot sperm fill the condom. At that point my own orgasm triggered and we lay there, holding each other tightly and kissing.  
 After a few minutes, Alan got  off me. I removed his condom and tied it in a knot to stop any leaks. Alan laughed.  He told me I could have a shower and left the room.  I showered and dressed. Alan was in the hall and saw me to the car.  He said, "Thanks Sue, that was fun, see you again? I nodded, yes and got in my car and drove off.


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