Initiation to a new kind of sex

sue1973   August 14, 2018   | 14503 Views
Joan asked me if I had ever kissed another woman. I told her,"Well when i was much younger, my friend Kim and I kissed a little, but I think all teenagers go through that phase. banner1

 Joan had recently moved in next door to me and we had become quite friendly. She had confided to me that she did some sex work for an agency and had even suggested that I could help her sometime in the future, if she needed another girl on the job. 
  Last monday morning I nipped round to Joan's for our usual cup of coffee and a chat at 10 am. I let myself in and found Joan in the back garden, starkers and lying on a sun lounger.  It didn't bother me, I had become used to Joan's lack of clothing and inhibitions.  "Be a good girl Sue and make the coffee and youll find some biscuits on the worktop"  I went inside and made the coffee and came back with  two mugs and the biscuits. we sat and chatted and Joan told me that she had had a busy weekend. "I wont ask" I said and Joan laughed.  Joan said "Get the other sun lounger and join me, Sue, the early morning sun is the best" "I'll go get my bikini" I told her. Joan said "why bother, no one can see us, unless you're shy"  I stripped off and lay on the lounger. It seemed surreal in a way, both of us naked and drinking coffee, eating jaffa cakes and talking about every day things.
  Suddenly Joan asked me if I had ever kissed another woman. I told her,"Well when i was much younger, my friend Kim and I kissed a little, but I think all teenagers go through that phase.
 "Will you Kiss me now, Sue, Im not a lesbian, but I just want to see how you kiss. It's for a reason, come over"
 I got up and walked the few steps to where Joan was lying. She sat up, i knelt down and we kissed. Her tongue darted between my lips and I did likewise. She pulled me towards her and we kissed for what seemed ages, but it was probably only about a minute. 
 We parted and Joan said "You'll do"  I looked at her, puzzled, so she explained that she had a client who wanted to watch her and another woman making out.  She said that sex wasn't involved, although it could get a bit messy.  then she laughed and I told her that I understood and laughed along with her.
 "Ok Sue are you up for it?  I said yes and joan said that she would have to kit me out because the guy wanted both of us to be dressed in the same lingerie.  "34B size 12 she asked.  I nodded yes and she told me "Wednesday evening at 8 pm, we'll go in my car.
 We took in the sun for another hour or so and then I went home.  Joan had an appointment with a client. I thought about what may happen on Wednesday evening and should I change my mind, but I'd promised Joan and I decided to go through with it. After all, I could do with a few extra quid.
  Wednesday evening came around, I showered and got ready. Joan rang me  at 7.30 pm and said "i'm outside, lets go"  I got in her car and we drove across town to Upper Malone and pulled into the tree lined driveway of a very smart house.  Joan got out and walked to the front door, I followed.  
 The door opened and a tall, good looking man in his late 50's ushered us in. He looked approvingly at me and said, "I'm Peter" Joan walked straight to the bathroom and I joined her. "Change into these" She handed me a black 1/2 cup bra, suspender belt, stockings and G string. I put them on and she did likewise.  She got me to stand in front of the mirror and she took my hand. We were like twins. apart from the fact that her boobs were much larger. "Ok, ready Sue?. I nodded and we walked  back to the lounge.
 Peter stood with his back to us, he was now naked and was masterbating gently.  Joan and I sat on the sofa and kissed. Her hands drifted to my boobs and mine to hers.  We kissed passionately and Joan then sucked on my  breast. Peter came closer and jerked  harder.  I could hear him moan loudly as we kissed eachother's breasts. Then peter said" On your knees and Joan did so, pulling me along with her onto the floor. His cock was pointing right in our faces and he was jerking wildly.  Joan's tongue flicked the end of his cock and she gestured to me to do likewise.  That was all peter could take and he shot a thick wad of cum on to Joans cheek and another on my shoulder and over my breast. he pumped hard and covered  our breasts with his cum.   Then joan started massaging it  over my skin and I took the hint and did the same to her.  Peter watched for a while and then abruptly left the room.  Joan and I went to the bathroom, had a quick shower and left. Later on, Joan called round with an envelope containing my fee. There was still £60.00 left after the cost of my lingerie. I was content

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