A Hint of things to come

sue1973   August 11, 2018   | 14781 Views
Things get a bit steamy when a new neighbor moves in next door. stepmom

 I'm sue, 44 and have been divorced now for 2 years. I haven't bothered much with men since hubby and I split up, just over 4 years ago. There have been a few, but only one night stands, so to speak.  I never arranged a re-match.
 At the start of July a lady bought the house next door to me. She looked to be around my age and she dressed expensively anddrove an up to date BMW convertable. After a few days, she spotted me in the garden. I was hanging out washing and she was sunbathing, topless in her garden. She called me over to the dividing hedge and introduced herself as Joan.   Joan made no attempt to cover up and all she had on was a g string.  She said  "I'll put the kettle on, come on round, the front door's open"
 I entered Joan's house and she shouted "I'm in the Kitchen"  Thankfully, she was wearing a robe. It wasn't as if her being almost naked offended me, she had a georgous body, I just felt a little bit embarrised. 
 Joan was full of chat and told me about her plans to extend the kitchen and remove the dividing wall between the two main rooms. Money just didn't seem to be an object.  I just barely exist on a wage from a part time job and I drive a 20 year old car, but I get by.
 I asked joan if she had a good job and she said, "Well Sue, no point in beating around the bush, I do a lot of work for an agency and it involves providing certain services for gentlemen, who are registered with the agency, In short, I'm a high class whore"  I was in shock for a few seconds and Joan looked at me and just laughed. "don't worry Sue, I won't bring  any clients here, I'm not going to turn my house into a brothel.
 I was more than a little shocked, but found myself to be intrigued at the same time. I asked her what services she actually provided. Joan Said that she had sex sometimes with the clients, but more often she provided other services such as dressing as a sexy maid and doing some cleaning, or simply spending time as a companion. "Sometimes, I need help, Sue. If you feel like helping out some time, I'm sure we could arrange something"   I just smiled, but I wasn't ruling anything out.  I liked Joan and I liked her frankness.  We finished  our tea and I left. Joan said, "Just drop in anytime Sue, the door's always open when I'm at home.

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