Alison's new job part 4

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Alison was tied spreadeagled across a table and hands groped all over her. cheating



The party had been in full swing for several hours now and quite a few of the men had left, many more were thinking about leaving. As Alison stood sipping her drink one of the junior managers made his way towards her, he took her almost empty glass from her hand and replaced it with another very full one, then he led her out of the main room, apparently un-noticed by the remaining partygoers.

He led her into a small toilet and locked the door behind them, almost immediately he began to grope her pert breasts through the thin material, “now listen to me, I know what goes on in that office, and so do a few other people, now if you want to keep your job, and the gaffer to keep his then I suggest you start by giving me a bit of what he's been getting, understand!”

Alison nodded, “good, then we understand each other” he replied, with one hand he roughly pulled and squeezed her nipples through the thin material, the other went down to her crotch, expertly his fingers forced aside her panties, now only the thin red material stood between her tight little cunt and his probing finger. Forcefully he pushed his finger into her hole, taking the material with it, he began to finger her, smiling as he felt the soft fabric become wetter and wetter, eventually he pulled it out and began to rub her clit, despite the roughness of his actions she could not help becoming aroused and with a gasp and a shudder, she creamed her suit.

“That's it, that's what I want to see, now turn around and bend over”, she turned away from him and leaned against the cistern, instantly his hand was groping her pert rear as once again after pushing her panties to one side, a probing finger found it's target, her tight little anus!

Within seconds it was inside, taking the thin material with it, he continued to push until she thought the suit would tear, it didn't and eventually his finger was up as far as it would go, he laughed as he probed her roughly. “oh yes, that's one tight little shitter, not had much up there have you” he commented not expecting a reply. Alison just stood there as he probed around inside her bottom, eventually, seemingly satisfied he pulled his finger back out, saw the stain on the material and smiled, “looks like you've shit your pants” he chuckled, Alison shook her head, “no I haven't” she protested, “I know, but it's going to look like it to everyone else” he laughed, “fancy that eh, little miss perfect is actually a dirty little tart with a dirty little arse”.

He told her to stand up and turn back around, he unzipped his pants and took out his semi erect cock, “now, I made you cum, so you make me cum” he instructed, she began to wank him slowly but her attention was distracted by something else and he sensed it, “what's the matter, can't you concentrate?” he growled, Alison shook her head, “I need to wee” she replied “may I use the toilet please?” he shook his head, “no you may not, you can hold it, or better still, piss your pants, that's what you do for the gaffer isn't it!”

Alison looked at him in shock, how the hell did he know?, the toilet was tantalizingly only a couple of feet away, but it might as well have been at the other end of the building, it was a he knew she knew situation, he knew she desperately need to relieve the pressure in her bladder, and she knew he wanted to see her piss herself!

She sighed softly, closed her eyes and relaxed, she felt the warmth as her piss poured out of her and ran down her legs before pooling inside her boots, “that's better isn't it, and so sexy to watch, you didn't get a drop on the floor, is that how you do it in the office, I bet it is” he leered, “imagine how the gaffer feels, watching you piss yourself and then knowing you're spending the day with it slopping around inside your slutty boots, I bet you have to wank him off don't you?” he placed his hand against her wet crotch, then added, “or maybe you prefer him to fuck you, I bet he's had his cock up your arse too hasn't he?” she shook her head, “no never, he's never touched me” she lied, hoping she sounded convincing.

“Well, now you've relieved yourself, perhaps you can relieve me” he replied, placing her hand back on his semi hard cock, she worked on it for the next 5 minutes until suddenly he splattered her left thigh with a massive load of thick white cum, “oops, best get that off hadn't we” he chuckled, and before she could say anything he began to empty his bladder down her leg, washing the sticky white mess down into her boot.

When he'd finished he led her back into the canteen, by now the only people left were her boss, 4 other men, and the junior manager. She went to get another drink and as she was making her way back to her boss she noticed the junior manager talking to him, her boss didn't look very happy, but the junior manager had a rather smug look on his face, as Alison returned to his side the junior manager turned to his boss, “I'll give you a few minutes to try and make her see your position, and if she doesn't, well, you know how it's going to end”

He walked across the room to the other men and said something, there was a chorus of crude comments in response to whatever it was. Alison's boss looked at her with a grave expression on his face, “I,m afraid we have a real problem, somehow he's found out about what we've been getting up to and has decided to inform head office, so we're both going to be out of a job by next week, unless he can be persuaded not to”.

Alison looked at him, she too had a worried look on her face, “how are we going to do that, what's he after, money I suppose?” he shook his head, “no I'm afraid it's not that easy, there's only one thing he wants in order to not report us, and well, I'm afraid it's you!” She looked at him in amazement, “what do you mean, they want me?” she asked, “exactly what I said, the only way he'll keep quiet is if they can have you, not permenantly, you understand, just once, each”.

Alison's face paled as she hoped against hope that he didn't mean what she thought he meant, “you mean they want me to” he interrupted her, “yes, I'm afraid that's exactly what I do mean, they have spent months watching you come and go in your sexy outfits, and now they want to, well, see if you're as good as you look”. Alison thought for a moment, “oh I see, and when do they want me?” he looked towards the group of men, “well that's the thing, now, tonight”. She looked over at the men, they were watching her intently, one smiled at her and made a rude gesture, she realised she'd no option, other than to meet their demands. “ok, lets get it over with” she replied, and began walking across the room towards them.

One of the men handed her a large glass of Brandy, “here you go, you're gonna need this” he said, smiling as he ran his eyes over her slim body. She drank the contents of the glass in one and it was immediately taken from her, the junior manager stepped forward, “right, this is how it works, for the next couple of hours we own you, you will do exactly as we tell you, any hesitation, any refusal, and head office will hear about exactly what your job as 'personal assistant' to the gaffer entails, undertand?. She nodded her head, yes, I understand” she replied, looking down at the floor and wishing it would open up, unfortunately for her, it didn't!

She was instructed to kneel down in front of the table, with her back to it, one of the men stepped forward and undid his zip, he took out his semi erect cock and held it inches from her pretty mouth, “you know what to do with one of these I assume?” he said, she moved forwards slightly and began to lick the tip of his cock until it was fully erect, then she opened her mouth and took it inside, geipping it between her lips she slowly moved her head up and down along the shaft, the man took hold of her hair quite roughly and began to face-fuck her, a few minutes later an he fired his load into her mouth, holding her head tightly, forcing her to swallow, silently he stepped back, then just as she thought he'd finished, he bent down and lowered the zip on her suit, exposing her pert tits encased in the skimpy bikini bra, he smiled when he saw them and then to her horror, began to relieve himself, spraying his warm piss onto her cleavage, she could feel it running down her cleavage and soaking her suit from top to bottom, seemingly satisfied he took a step back and another man took his place, he didn't say a word, simply pulled out his cock and pointed it at her face, once again she took him in her mouth, once again she was forced to swallow his cum, and once again he relieved himself over her tits before walking away laughing.

Eventually she'd performed oral on all four men, the only one left was the junior manager, he stepped forward and took his place in front of her, he was rougher than the rest and seemed to be doing his best to make the experience as unpleasant for her as possible, he took much longer than the rest to ejaculate, and when he did, he held her head forcefully, he didn't release his grip even after she'd swallowed, and with good reason. Before she knew what was happening he began to relieve himself into her mouth, she gagged and coughed and struggled, but he held her firm, what she couldn't swallow escaped her mouth and ran down onto her now sodden red catsuit. Finally he stopped pissing, looked down at her and laughed, “bet you need a piss yourself now eh bitch?”,Alison nodded, “great, now stand up and lets see you do it then” he told her.

She stood up and began to lower the zip on her suit, despite the fact it was already soaked with the mens piss, she really didn't want to let them see her piss in it herself.

He grabbed her hand roughly, pulling the zip back up, “oh no, piss in your pants, that's what you normally do isn't it!”. She sighed softly, resigned to her fate and under the laughing gaze of the group of men, she pissed herself, there were cheers, catcalls and crude comments as it ran down her legs and into her already quite full boots, more laughter came as finally they began to overflow, leaving her stood in a puddle of warm piss.

She glanced across the room at the clock on the wall, still an hour to go, what, she wondered was next, she didn't have to wait long to find out.

She found herself being lifted onto the table, face down, her hands were stretched out in front of her and tied to the table legs, at the other end her booted feet were pulled roughly apart and they too were tied down, she was spreadeagled face down totally helpless!

She felt hands all over her body, someone was rather roughly forcing his fingers into her wet cunt, well forcing the flimsy material into it at any rate, the same was happening to her rear, she could feel a thick rough finger forcing the material deep inside her anus, more hands squeezed her tits roughly, as she was taking all this in someone stuffed his cock into her mouth and began to fuck it, she had something in every hole and all she could hear was the laughter from the group of men.

The one fucking her mouth soon shot his load and was replaced by the one who'd been fingering her arsehole, the fingers came out of her sopping cunt and almost immediately planted themselves firmly up her arse, she gasped, much to the appreciation of the group, one by one they took their turn, fingering her arse and cunt, feeling her tits and fucking her pretty mouth, she glanced up at the clock, still thirty minutes to go!

She felt her bonds being untied and once more was handed a large glass of Brandy, this time by the smirking junior manager, “here, slut, you're going to need this” he leered, handing her the glass. She'd barely had time to drink it when she felt herself being pulled down the table, her feet landed on the floor and were tied roughly one to each of the table legs, her hands were tied together and then tied to one of the opposite legs, she was now bent over the table, legs apart.

She felt a hand groping between her legs, surely not more fingers up my arse, she thought, and she was right!An unseen pair of hands began to pull roughly at the thin material of the catsuit, this was followed by a tearing sound as the material gave way, exposing her shapely buttocks, she felt a stiff cock thrusting roughly at her sodden cunt hole and she yelped slightly as it rammed deep inside her, for the next five minutes, she was roughly fucked by one of the men as the others yelled out encouragement. Finally, he gave a hard thrust and she felt him unload inside her, before it had fully registered he'd pulled out and was replaced by another, and another and another, all the while the junior manager stood by watching, and smirking.

Finally it was his turn, he rammed his cock deep inside her, then to her shock, he pushed two fingers deep into her tight little arsehole, this drew cheers from the men watching, “go on, do her,”called out one of the men, “how's her arse” yelled another, he carried on slowly fucking her sopping cunt as he slowly fucked her tight arsehole with his fingers.

“how's her shitter, is it full?” someone called out, “not completely, but it soon will be” replied the man, pulling his fingers out of her arse and replaceing them just as quickly with his hard cock, he could feel it pushing against the contents of her bowels, “jesus, if she was any more full I wouldn't have gotten my cock in, still it's a tight little arse” he laughed as he pounded away she suddenly felt rather uncomfortable and knew it wasn't just the fact he had his cock rammed up her arse, ' oh god no' she thought, as the sudden realisation hit her, she needed to empty her bowels!

She looked at the clock, just over 5 minutes to go, he was still pounding away, obviously intent on using up all of the agreed two hours, she felt the familiar twinge in her bowels once more, 'please no, let me hold it' she thought to herself, and instantly began to piss herself, it poured onto the floor making a sound like heavy rain, once again this drew laughter from the group, once more she looked at the clock, just over a minute to go, and still he pounded away at her ever slackening arsehole, finally as the second hand on the clock indicated the end of the two hours he let out a grunt and fired his spunk deep into her arse, he pulled out and silently walked away, his entourage followed leaving her tired and wet, she suddenly farted and the spunk he'd deposited inside her moments earlier spurted from her well used arsehole, realising what was happening she clenched her buttocks in an attempt to prevent the escape of anything else.

A few more minutes went by and she heard someone else enter the room, whoever it was began to untie her, and she realised to her relief, that it was her boss, he helped her to her feet and looked at her, she was a right state, he poured a couple of drinks sat down at a table with her and handed her a drink, “you look like you need this” he told her, then added, “thanks for what you did, I only hope it wasn't too much of an ordeal” she sipped the drink and smiled,”no I'm fine, and don't worry, because by the end of next week I'll have worked out a way to get rid of him, and his mates, after all, it's me that handles all his paperwork isn't it” she said, a wicked grin appearing on her face.


The end.

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