Alisons new job

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stood beside her desk she parted her booted legs and pissed into the waste basket, soaking her tight black leggings banner2

Alison had been out of work for several months and her bills were mounting, she'd applied for lots of jobs, but hadn't been offered any work, and now she was getting desperate, her savings were fast running out, and when they did she knew she faced losing her home.
She'd been offered a weeks trial with a construction firm, not in the office, but out on one of the sites, at the interview the manager had gone out of his way to make it clear to her that being on-site meant she'd not have all the facilities usually available when working in the main office, but if she wanted a job, that was all that was available, she gladly accepted.
Monday morning arrived with the loud beeping of her alarm, it was six AM, she showered, did her hair and makeup, then spent about 15 minutes scanning through her wardrobe wondering what to wear, normally it would be a skirt, blouse, and heels, but she didn't think that suitable for being on-site and settled for a smart top, black leggings and a pair of knee-high black leather boots with a sensible heel.
She had her breakfast, and a coffee before jumping into her car and driving the short distance to site where the site manager showed her into his office, there were 2 desks, one for him that appeared a bit untidy, covered in all kinds of construction items, and one for her, all nice and neat with a phone and a computer for her to do her job. He handed her a coffee in a large mug, explained her duties, mainly answering the phone, typing up reports and ordering materials, then he asked her to type out an order for some timber while he dealt with a problem on-site before disappearing out of the office.
Alison typed the order and e-mailed it to the supplier, also sending a copy to head office, each e-mail she sent had to have a copy to the main office so they knew exactly what was happening at all times, it was pretty standard practice in the construction industry. She'd just finished when the door opened and in walked the site manager, John, he smiled, asked if she'd managed to sort the order, then, without asking if she wanted one, poured 2 cups of coffee, and placed one on her desk, "people say I drink far too much coffee" he said, then added, "mind you, it's a good job the toilet is not far away". Alison nodded and took a gulp from the coffee mug, suddenly she felt a slight pressure in her bladder and remembered that she herself hadn't used the toilet since leaving home, and that was before breakfast.
John chatted to her about nothing in particular while they drank their coffee, then he said he'd take her for a tour of the site and handed her a hi-viz jacket and a hard hat,he glanced at her leggings and boots, "should really be wearing safety boots, but we haven't ordered yours yet, so just watch where you walk" he told her, she nodded adding, "ok I'll keep my eyes open".
They left the office and began a walk around of the site, it was still in the early phase of construction, the concrete slabs for the buildings were in, but they hadn't started erecting them yet, in parts the ground was quite muddy and she felt glad she'd opted for the boots, if she'd worn her heels they'd have been covered in the thick grey mud by now.
He showed her the stores, the drying room where the men hung their damp clothes in bad weather, the tool store, and the materials store, finally they came to the mess cabin, "this is where the lads come to eat their meals, most bring sandwiches, or go to the local chippy, but you don't need to eat in here, we eat in our office" he told her, finally there was one last cabin, a small blue fibreglass structure about 2 metres tall and 1 metre square, he opened the door and she looked inside, "this is the men's toilet, rather basic isn't it?" he told her, and so it was, it was a typical site portaloo, a chemical toilet and a small sink with a foot pedal that you pressed to get cold water to wash your hands.
They headed back to the office, Alison felt another twinge and realised that she'd soon need to relieve herself, but where was the ladies toilet? surely there must be one". She asked John about this and he replied that, as yet, there wasn't one, she was the only woman on site and they'd ordered a portaloo for her, but it was only arriving on Friday, he jokingly replied that he hoped she'd be ok 'til then, at least she hoped he was joking, another twinge hit her and she crossed her legs slightly, hoping he wouldn't notice, but he had.
She sat behind her desk trying not to squirm, as, for almost the next hour John chatted about his time in the construction industry and all the projects he'd worked on, pausing only once, and that was to get them both another coffee, her bladder was almost screaming for relief and she was amazed she had managed to hold on for this long when John suddenly stood up and excused himself, “all that coffee has gone right through me, god knows how you're managing to hold on for so long” he chuckled as he headed off to the portaloo. Alison squirmed and crossed her legs, ' yes, I was wondering that myself' she thought, 'and I really don't know how much longer I can hold it in'.

Several minutes later the door opened and John walked back in, “god I so needed that, I was pissing like a racehorse” he chuckled, “there's nothing like a good piss when you're desperate”. Alison looked at him across the desk, “I know what you mean” she found herself saying, somewhat unexpectedly, “ I'm already dribbling in my panties”, she blushed when she realised what she'd said, and what made it worse was she'd said it, not only to her boss but to a comparative stranger!

John handed her another coffee, “hope you've got room for this then” he grinned,then added, “if not, you can always make some room”, Alison blushed and replied, “I hope I don't have to, at least not in the way I might, these boots were rather expensive, plus I don't fancy sitting here in wet pants for the rest of the day”

John leaned over her desk and looked at her, there was something about the look that Alison found rather unsettling. “well, we do have the drying room, and I'm sure a bit of water wouldn't irreparably damage such a sexy pair of boots, are they genuine leather?” Alison nodded, “they certainly are, I bought them when times were better, I could afford decent stuff back then”. John smiled, “and you will again, trust me, you could be here for a long time if you play your cards right, and as I said, we do have the drying room, and there's always the heater beside your desk, so why worry, now relax, and drink your coffee”.

She slowly sipped her coffee as the pressure in her bladder increased, at 25 years old she'd not wet herself since she was a small child, well apart from once a few years ago when she'd missed the last bus after a night out and had to walk home, but then she'd been alone and nobody had seen her as she'd stood by the roadside and flooded her tight blue jeans.

She stood up for a minute, in an attempt to ease the pressure on her bladder, it didn't work, John glanced up from behind his desk, he could obviously see she was struggling to hold on, “Tell you what, lets walk over and check if that delivery has arrived yet” he told her, adding, “ and if it has, we can check it's all there”.

Alison stepped nervously toward the office door, deep down she'd resigned herself to the fact a wetting was imminent, she'd just hoped it would happen whilst she was alone, John, however, seemed to be doing his best to prevent this.

They walked across the site, several of the workers gave her more than a cursory glance as Alison walked rather awkwardly beside her boss, hoping that she'd hold on until she was alone, she let out a stifled gasp as first one, then another, slightly longer spurt shot into her red silky panties and she began to wonder, if the worst did happen whether he'd really expect her to sit at her desk in her panties whilst her leggings dried out over the heater, the way things were going she didn't think she'd have too long to wait until she found out.

The order had not arrived so John said they'd have to go back to the cabin so she could ring the supplier and chase it up, she felt happier hearing this, at least when she was sat down the urgency wasn't as great. She entered the office as John followed behind, sat back at her desk and picked up the phone,she dialled the number, and, just as it answered, John, placed another cup of coffee on her desk, “drink up before it gets cold” he said with a smile, Alison slowly sipped her coffee as the man on the other end of the phone did his best to find out why the order had not arrived, by the time he'd done she'd finished her coffee and was squirming quite visibly.

She hung up and explained to John that the order was late due to a breakdown, but would, the man assured her, be arriving before 8.30 the following morning. He held out a sheet of paper and asked her to type it up and e-mail it to head office, she stood up to walk the short distance to his desk when another spurt leaked into her panties, “oops, almost lost it then” she exclaimed blushing, John smiled, “never mind, you have your heater don't forget, and besides, the workers never come in here, its just us, so what happens in here stays in here”.

There was something about the way he said this that made Alison begin to wonder about things, he'd known well in advance that she'd been working there, so why had the portaloo not been ordered earlier, and why did he keep mentioning the heater, or the fact that no-one else came into the office, and now she came to think about it, the statement he'd made earlier, about how she could be there a long time if she played her cards right, what exactly did 'playing her cards right' actually mean?

She pondered this in silence for several minutes, finally she spoke, “John, are you actually expecting, possibly even hoping I'm going to wet myself today? “ she asked, John smiled a wry smile, “well Alison, we work until 4.30 and it's only 2 o'clock now and you're really struggling, so unless you are able to hold on for the next two and a half hours, then, as I see it, you don't really have many options,do you?”

She couldn't really believe what he'd just said, he was hoping for she'd do it, it was all too clear, “and would that be part of 'playing my cards right?” she inquired, he nodded his head, “well, you keeping your job all depends on how satisfied I am with your performance, sadly the other 2 previous young ladies were not up to my standards, so head office let them go, now you on the other hand, given your financial situation, well, I feel you'll give much better service”

Alison sighed to herself, so that's how it was, running the office was not all she'd have to do to keep her boss happy! She stood up and walked toward the door, turned the key and locked it, then she headed over to the window and looked outside, everyone was busy working, nobody was likely to come to the office, at least not for a while. She turned her back and leaned her shapely bottom against the wall, looked firmly at her boss, then, “ look, John, I'm very sorry, but I really do think I'm about to have an accident at any minute, I don't know what you're going to think of me, if I'd thought about it I'd have brought a change of trousers, or at least not worn my sexy red undies, I imagine you're going to find it a terrible distraction, me sat behind my desk with just my top, boots and wet panties on”, she smiled as she saw the look on his face, “did you say red panties, Alison?” he asked, “yes, I'm afraid so, you'll have to put up with knowing I'm wearing no trousers behind my desk, unless you'd like me to put my coat on?” she replied, “oh no, I don't think you need to do that, besides, you won't feel the benefit of it later, when it gets cold going home” he replied, smiling.

Alison relaxed and there was a soft hissing sound as her bladder began to empty, soaking her red panties, pouring down her black leggings, some went over, but most went into her long black leather boots! “oops, told you I couldn't hold it much longer” she giggled, “oh dear, you'd better take those wet trousers off and hang them on the heater, let me help you” replied John, feigning concern, he stepped towards her and pulled off one of her long black boots, tipping it upside down he chuckled as warm wet liquid poured out, then he did the same with the other boot. Alison slowly pulled down her wet leggings and hung them over the heater before stepping back into her damp boots, she could feel Johns eyes staring at her as she walked back toward her desk and at this point she stopped and bent over to pick up a paperclip from the floor, she heard him gasp as her wet panties clung even tighter to her pert bottom.

She had been sat at her desk for barely 5 minutes when John asked her to come and sit on the edge of his desk while he dictated some letters, his eyes kept wandering down to the floor, then up, past the long black boots, over the shapely thighs and up to the damp red panties, oddly enough rather than drying they remained damp, probably due to the fact that, if the truth be known Alison was beginning to find the whole thing quite a turn on.

Eventually the letters were dictated and once more she returned to her desk to type them and send them off, and once again, John began to bring out the cups of coffee, by 4.30, she was once again finding the urge to relieve herself was becoming stronger, this time she decided to seize the initiative and be in control of the situation.

“John, would you bring me the wastebasket” she asked, rising from her chair, John picked up the metal basket and brought it to her desk. “good, now just place it beside my chair” she instructed, then with a cheeky smile added, “I'm so desperate for a wee, and I don't think I should do it on the floor, do you?” John shook his head, “I guess not” he replied, wondering what was about to happen.

Alison stepped to one side, one leg either side of the basket and relaxed allowing a couple of drips of warm piss to drip from her red panties, then she stopped, “no, I don't think I should wet my panties so close to home time, pull them to one side please John”.

He could hardly believe his luck and gently slipped a finger into the crotch of her panties and was about to pull them to one side when she began to piss, it soaked her panties and sprayed onto John's hand, she heard him gasp as it happened, and wondered what other effects it was having on him, she noticed the growing bulge in his trousers and realised that if she played it right, she would be the one in control!

The following morning she arrived in the office at the usual time, but what she was wearing was certainly not usual, well not for work anyway, the black knee-high boots had gone, replaced by some long shiny red ones that disappeared beneath her long black coat, John gasped audibly, when, on removing this, he caught sight of what she was wearing beneath!

When she took off the coat he could hardly believe his eyes, the boots went all the way up to her crotch and along with that, all she was wearing was a white lycra catsuit, and beneath this, some skimpy black panties!

Alison smiled, she knew by the bulge in his trousers that she had him where she wanted him, and sat seductively on the edge of her desk, one long booted leg swung over the other. John walked over to the corner and rather predictably poured 2 cups of coffee and handed one to her, taking it from him she smiled, “better not have too many of these today, after all we wouldn't want a repeat of yesterday would we, or maybe we would.

There wasn't much work to be done that day and the two of them spent most of the morning chatting, Alison asked if he wanted her to ring the hire company and ask if the toilet could be delivered earlier, he said it was best to leave it as arranged. Shortly after she laid back in her chair, parted her legs and pissed into her pants, John was only aware of this when he heard the pattering sound as the urine hit the floor, “oops, I did it again” giggled Alison, as she stood up to reach a file from the shelf, giving him a long glance at her black panties, clearly visible now through the tight transparent material.

Several cups of coffee later and it was lunchtime, John rose from his seat and told Alison that he was popping to the sandwich shop, adding that he would have to pop to the loo first as he was, 'on the verge of pissing himself' he was just about to leave when she stopped him and locked the office door!

“you really got off on making me piss myself yesterday, didn't you?” she asked, John nodded, “yes, it's always been a fantasy of mine to see an attractive woman wet her pants” he replied, Alison smiled, “I thought so, well now I think it's time I watched you piss, come over here and get your cock out”. He stepped toward her and she stepped from behind her desk, “seeing the excited look on his face, and the bulge in his trousers, she decided to take things further, “now, get your cock out, and hurry, before I piss myself” she encouraged.

He pulled out his semi-hard cock and aimed it toward the waste bin, “no, not in there, in here” she ordered, pointing down at the top of her left boot. He stepped closer, the tip of his cock less than two inches from the top of the shiny red boot, she could see it growing stiffer, much longer and he'd not be able to piss, she thought to herself, “ that's right, piss in my long sexy boot, fill it with your hot steaming piss” she encouraged.

John began to piss, slowly at first then harder, it sprayed onto the thin white material above her boot and ran into it, he corrected his aim and soon was pissing directly into the long red boot, after what seemed like ages he was finished. Alison then closed her legs and relaxed, piss ran down her thighs and into her boots, none went onto the floor when she'd finished the crotch of the suit was soaking wet and transparent, her black panties clearly visible.

She sat back on her desk and ran one of her booted legs up Johns's thigh, stopping just below his still exposed cock which began to harden almost instantly, she rubbed it with the pointy toe of the boot, “now lets see you wank off, nice and slowly, I want to see you splatter my sexy boots with your cum” she instructed, John began to stroke his cock, slowly at first, then faster, a few minutes later and a hot sticky load hit the top of her boot and began to trickle down the shiny red leather, she smiled as she watched the warm sticky white fluid make its way down the outside of her boot. “that's made a mess hasn't it?” she said, looking at John, he nodded, “now go and get some lunch for us and we'll see about doing the other boot later” she said, then added, “perhaps I'll have a wander around the site later, you know, just to check on the deliveries, or would you rather I stayed here?”.John said it would probably be best if she remained in the office given what she was wearing, he left the office saying he'd go and get lunch and would be back in about ten minutes.

When he returned he was shocked to find Alison sat in his chair with her legs spread wide apart on his desk, her left hand was frantically rubbing her soaking crotch through her suit, her panties had been pulled to one side by her right hand, she smiled when she saw him.

“good, you're back, now get that cock of yours out and give my other boot a good coat of your hot sticky spunk” she told him, he hurried to obey and began to wank frantically, he had found the earlier experience of wanking off over her sexy boots very arousing, but this was something else, wanking off over a sexy young woman's long boots, as she wanked herself off was the stuff of dreams, but this was reality, he let out a loud grunt as once more he dumped a sticky load over her long red boot, she let out a long sigh, climaxed into her panties, then relaxed and pissed in her pants, and all over his chair.




End of part one.

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