The Bar Adventure Aftermath

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Hector and Juan grabbed me and held me tight, as Tito game over and tore the blouse open popping all of the buttons off. He found the recording devices and ripped them off me, but kept them active. Then he undid my bra and took it off me exposing my bare breast. Luxury

The Bar Adventure Aftermath – Coerced into the Sex Trade

It’s been some time since I wrote a story. This occurred right after “My Bar Adventure” story. I didn’t write about it earlier because it was a very demeaning event, but I have to admit it made a promiscuous slut. As I often think about that weekend, I now realize that I am such an immoral horny woman. I have become exactly what the Mexicans told me I would turn out to be afterwards. But now it’s time to tell what happened and how I became this wanton woman.


After I had sex with three guys in the bathroom of this Hispanic bar, I tried to forget what happened. “Was this really me”, was the question I kept asking myself. That night the bar owner Mo rescued me or I would have been gang banged by many more Chicano's. Tito, the leader, had planned on taking me back to their house and wasn’t happy that Mo intervened. As he was leaving, he threatened to see me later. I tried to ignore him but instead just smiled. I guess me smiling meant something to him. Because, he chuckled and told me that I was now on my way. I asked him what he meant. He didn’t answer but just laughed and walked away. I was really confused and didn’t know what to expect. Mo told me not to worry that he was just playing a mind game with me.

As for Geri, a tall skinny cute blonde with long legs and small breast, looked trashed when I picked her up at Tito’s house late Sunday night. She didn’t want to talk about what happened to her and I didn’t mention my ordeal at the bar. The next week at work she was quiet about the whole experience, but looked worried. She didn’t say anything until Friday at lunch. That’s when she showed me a text from Juan; the guy who took her back to the gangs’ house and where she was used sexually all weekend.

It said, “Don’t forget to show up at our house tonight. Dress like the slut you are. We will even pay you this time, that is, if you behave and do what you are told without the BS you gave us last weekend. We all know you had fun once you accepted your fate. But if you don’t show, here is a clip of what will be sent to everyone who knows you. Only it is hours long. And puta we know where you live and work.”

She clicked on it. There was a video of her agreeing to have sex and then many tattooed Mexican men fucking her. It was only a few minutes long, but we got the gist of it. And now she was being coerced into going back to be used for sex again. Only this time she was going voluntarily. I instantly thought about how Mo saved me or this could be me too. I was lucky. I asked her what she was going to do.

With tears forming in her eyes she answered, “I don’t know Kathryn. If I don’t go, my family and everyone would see me making a sex video with gang bangers. I’ll be devastated if it ever got out. Maybe this will be the last time. If I don’t fight them, it may even be fun this time. I did eventually have a few orgasms last weekend. What do you think I should do?”

Why was she asking me? Going to that bar in Santa Ana was all her idea. And now look at what has happened. They got me drunk on Tequila shots and then took me in the men’s restroom, while she was being processed as a whore. I’m sure of it. It also won’t be the last time. The only solution was calling the police. Tell them how she was kidnapped and forced to have sex. That is what I told her to do. She thanked me for the advice and would right after work. But as we were leaving the office and in the parking garage, an older black van pulled up and stopped. Juan came out with Tito and they talked for a few minutes with her. They grabbed her arm and she was forced into the van. As they drove away, Tito saw me. It stopped!

He rolled down his window and said, “Look at what we have here! You’re such a nice looking puta and now can join your friend. Get in. We still have some business to finish.”

I told him no and began to walk away, but then heard the squeaky side door of the van opening. Just then my boss came out of the elevators. Seeing him, Tito uttered, “Next time puta. I know we’ll be seeing you again.” Afterwards, they quickly drove away.

My boss didn’t notice any of it. I guess I was lucky again. I didn’t think any more about it, but went home and checked my emails. I had just started advertising on a dating site. I did find one message that caught my interest and set up a date that weekend. It went well and was the first time I had sex with an older man. He was in his sixties and a complete gentleman; nothing like the previous weekend with the Mexican brutes.

The time went by quickly and I didn’t think any more about Geri, but when she didn’t show up for work on Monday, I began to worry. I called her several times and it went to voice mail. I didn’t know what to do or who to tell. She finally showed up for work wearing a short black skirt and a light weight jacket hiding her top on Tuesday. She looked tired and I saw a few bruises on her legs.  After work, she asked if I wanted to go for a drink. Of course I did! I had to find out what happened.

We went to a Mexican restaurant for their great tasting Margaritas. Once in a booth away from others, she ordered a pitcher of Strawberry Margaritas. I asked her what happened and if she was okay. She didn’t look trashed like she did the weekend before. But when she took off her jacket, I noticed a light weight white blouse sheer enough to make out her nipples. I could see bars through her nipples protruding under the blouse.

She teared up and answered, “I’m fine Kathryn. But you were right. This is never going to end. I have to go back this weekend again. They gave me $500 for the weekend of being a puta. It wasn’t as bad as you think. I did have fun. But there were a lot of guys that took me. I just got used to it and the guys did tell me I was beautiful as they enjoyed me. I know they left happy.”

The waitress came by and dropped off our cocktails. We began sipping the yummy drinks, while Geri continued her description of the events. But when I asked what was in her nipples, she grinned and replied, “Oh those. I had my nipples pierced and those are silver bars. The guys really liked seeing them in me too. But that’s not all. They gave me tattoos too. Look here.”

She moved the hair away from her left ear and behind it was a small J6 tattooed in red ink. Then she moved to the side of me, looked around and pulled her blouse off her back. On her lower back and in black ink was tattooed SC22 in a fancy font. Under it in smaller letters, but all caps, was the word OWNED.

I bellowed, “Oh my god Geri! What did they do to you? We need to go to the police. This isn’t right.” She told me to be quiet.

I asked her what they meant, but I had a good idea. She had been tagged. Just as I was about to talk her into seeing the authorities, her phone beeped having a message. Like coming back to reality, she began to whimper, when she showed me the message on her phone.

“How’s my newest Puta doing today? Don’t forget to be at the bar on Friday night at 6 and dress slutty for action with no under garments. We have a special date all lined up for you and they are picking you up there. Make sure your slut friend Kathryn comes along too. You know what will happen if you both don’t show. Remember we know where you live. And if Kathryn doesn’t show, it won’t go well for you either. You need to persuade her to join the fun. I know she liked us fucking her. She just has to admit it.” (Eventually I did admit it!)

I was in complete shock. I gathered they thought they owned her to farm out. But wanting me to come along made me terrified. I pondered on what reaction I should give Geri. As I paused she sniveled, “What should I do Kathryn? They have video of me agreeing to have sex with them all and now I was paid for prostitution. Tito threatened to show it around, if I don’t come back again and again. But now he really wants you too. Would you even consider coming along?”

I wanted to help, but had no intention of showing up. I got a taste of what he had in mind the previous weekend. I wasn’t going, but I had to help my BFF. I called my brother’s friend Sid who was a deputy sheriff. These guys had to be stopped, but I didn’t know how and hoped he had some ideas.

I met with Sid at lunch the next day and brought Geri along. She told him what was happening. He contacted the city’s police and they devised a plan. Tito and his gang have been suspected of human and drug trafficking, but were smart and careful. They seem to always know whenever a sting was in the works. Without prove or witnesses willing to testify, it was difficult making an arrest stick. They had tried a few times before. But with me and Geri being willing to help, they were confident that they could finally convict them. With Sid’s help we texted Tito a few times with me agreeing to show up too.

That Friday after work, we went to a police van for our wires. Sid wanted us both to wear surveillance gadgets for the meeting, but Geri got cold feet and refused. Her concerns with wearing just a short mini skirt and top without a bra would make it easy to find. Her outfit already said that she was a slut and the cops did suggest that she wear something else. With tears in her eyes she told them that she had to wear that outfit. She whined that if they caught her with the equipment, they would hurt her. It was like she already was under their mental control and was afraid to disobey. How they accomplished that, I had no idea, although it wouldn’t be too long until I found out.

I, on the other hand, happily put on the wire under my black pants and white sleeveless blouse with a bra. Tito told me to wear short skirt and no bra, but I was defiant. After all, I was only going to catch these thugs kidnapping me. I had no intention of having sex with any of these gang bangers. After I was fitted and tested to see if it worked, we went to leave. But as we were getting in my car, Sid told us that whatever happens; do not get into their vehicles. He walked over to me and put a silver bracelet on my arm. I was seated on a ledge when he took a photo of me.

Then he whispered, “Don’t take this off. It has a GPS chip in it and good for 30 miles. I don’t trust these cops. I feel they have someone on the inside helping them.” He kissed my forehead.

We were running late because of being with Sid. Geri got a nasty text from Tito, asking her where we were. She told him that we would be there is a few minutes. As we pulled into the bar lot, he had us drive to the back and park under some big trees next to a beat up white van. The van and trees hid my car. Anyway, we sat in the car for some time, until Tito pulled up in the black van and parked next to me opposite side of the other van. The trees and vans hid my car.

Four guys got out, walked over to Geri's side of the car, opened the door, and pulled her out. Hector put his hand over her mouth and told her to be quite or they'll hurt her. She looked scared and I was surprised. I didn’t say anything because it happened so quickly. As she stood next to the white van, Hector groped her as if he was looking for something. He whispered something in her ear and then she loudly shouted, “All I could think about all week was spending another fun weekend with you guys. I can’t wait to go.”  

Hector laughed and loudly replied, “That’s great puta. I see you dressed like you were told. Go over to Tito and he’ll help you in our van.”

But instead, the side door of the white van opened. Two Mexicans grabbed her from behind and pulled her in. Another guy gave Hector an envelope full of money. Then they slowly drove off. A few minutes later I heard Tito’s phone beep, he looked down, smiled and whispered to Juan standing behind him that no one followed them. Since I was still in my car, I don’t think Sid heard any of that commotion and I was speechless to say anything in my mic.

Suddenly, my door opened and Tito reached in, undid my seat belt, and pulled me out. I expected him to say something incriminating, but instead he was friendly. “I’m happy that you decided to show up to party with us. Your friend did say you like partying for a fee. Here is the money I promised you for just your time. I guarantee there won’t be any sex, unless you ask for it. That will be your choice and the fee is not for sex. That’s not why you are escorting for a few of our friends. Also you can leave any time you want. You are very eye-catching even without the requested outfit. But that doesn’t matter. You voluntarily came, so I know you are eager for a good time. Now aren’t you Kathryn?”

I didn’t know how to answer him, so I didn’t. I was still flustered, but didn’t want them to know about the wire. He was supposed say something incriminating, so they could record it and then arrest him. But instead he was respectable and pleasant. As he continued talking, he made it sound like it was all my idea to be there as a willing participant. I didn’t know how to react or what to say. I was totally befuddled. All I had to do was talk and ask for help, but for some dumb reason I didn’t.

A minute later I finally came to some sense to ask for help. When I went to speak, Hector put his hand over my mouth and I suddenly felt a huge electric shock on my lower back with some sort of prod. Hector with his hand over my mouth my yelp wasn’t muffled. Then he whispered in my ear to open the envelope and pull out the money. As I did, he held my head and Juan stuck something in my ear. Then a voice whispered to say exactly what I’m told or he’ll hurt me and Geri, although I was zapped again to comply. I got the point.

I was frightened and thought he would kill me, so I repeated these words. “Thanks for the money. I know you won’t be disappointed with my escorting abilities. I can’t wait to start partying. And yes Tito I was looking forward like Geri to this weekend.”

Then with his hand back over my mouth and being zapped again, the voice in my ear whispered, “That’s a good little Puta. Now let’s get you out of those listening devices.” Oh my, I instantly thought of how in the hell did they know?

Hector and Juan grabbed me and held me tight, as Tito game over and tore the blouse open popping all of the buttons off. He found the recording devices and ripped them off me, but kept them active. Then he undid my bra and took it off me exposing my bare breast.

The voice whispered, “Say I want to taste some cock before the party.” I shook my head no, but they zapped my butt a lot longer. Trembling, I said whatever they told me. Afterwards, he threw the listening device in the back of their van. Then he took a wand and scanned my body with it going off, as it was waved over the bracelet. He laughed and said something in Spanish. He took it off me and threw it on the floor of the van. Hector got in the driver seat of the van with another guy in the back. As he sat down I heard him say, “You’re very pretty Kathryn. You said you wanted some cock. Come here and start sucking.” I heard him making sucking sounds, as he closed the door and they drove off.

Juan was now holding me tightly, as I watched the van drive away. They duct taped my mouth, which gagged me. Then they tied my hands in front of me. I did try to fight, but they zapped me again a few more times. I fell as Juan held me up. Lifting me over his shoulders, he carried me to the rear of my car. Opening the trunk, they threw me in. Frightened I laid on my side. The plan I had of arresting these bastards quickly dissipated.

Before he closed the lid he had me take off my pants. Then he said, “Now you behave Puta and don’t make a sound or Geri will be hurt. Your friends will be surprised when they find the empty van in the desert. You on the other hand, will be on your way to a fun weekend of becoming our newest whore. If you are an obedient puta, we’ll let you go on Sunday. Otherwise we will keep you until you fully cooperate, which you eventually will.” They both laughed as the trunk closed.
I heard them walking away. As they were leaving, I heard them laughing and saying stuff in Spanish. Suddenly, soft music began playing in my ear. Whenever it stopped playing for just a few seconds I could barely hear someone saying “You’re a whore. You always wanted to be a whore”. Other times I would make out, “You love sucking cock and fucking many guys. You only live to fuck.”

I’m guessing these phrases were subliminally infused with the music and absorbed subconsciously in my brain. Oh my god! Now I know how Geri was so easily controlled. She has been brain washed into wanting sex all the time. A terrible fear overcame me. I realized that I would be their next victim and it seemed like there was nothing I could do about it. I just hope Sid would rescue me before that happened. But then the soft soothing music made the fear go away. I relaxed and listened to it.

 Sometime later, I heard a car drive up and someone getting out. I’m guessing a cop because I heard the communication asking him to check my car. He said something about my car being there, but no one was around or inside. I kicked the trunk so he could hear me. I even tried screaming, but it was muffled from the gag. He said something in the mic about leaving, but then walked over to the trunk and whispered, “Puta you were told to be quiet. If you do it again, they’ll hurt you. Just relax. You’ll be on your way in a minute.” A few minutes later he drove off.

As I lay in the trunk, all I thought about was what was going to happen to me and if Sid would rescue me like we planned. My mind wandered to different very bad scenarios. But for some reason, I was becoming amorous thinking about sex. But then I realized that Sid knew who I went with, so eventually they would have to produce me. All I had to do was get through the weekend without being controlled. I was sure that I would be gang banged. Then mentally I became filled with sexual desires.

It was some time until Tito and Juan returned. He got in and we drove away. When we got to where they were taking me, they opened the trunk and roughly pulled me out. But the music didn’t stop playing in my head. I was in a dark parking lot with some sort of warehouse behind me. They took the gag off and I went to scream. Tito laughed telling me that no one will hear me. When I screamed again, Tito sprayed some bitter tasting liquid in my opened mouth. I coughed and with my mouth still open he sprayed some more in me. Then the music stopped.

Snickering he said, “That should make you more agreeable once it kicks in. I should punish you for not keeping quiet. But if you are an obedient puta the rest of the weekend, I won’t. It will be up to you. All you have to do is what you are told. Hell Puta you may even have fun like when you were in the bar. But eventually you’ll get used to it and succumb to your new reality, which is, being our whore. Your friend finally did.”

I was walked into this building and I didn’t resist. I figured whatever was going to happen to me would no matter what I did. I no longer was scared but becoming somewhat horny. Once inside they took me to a large bright room with a large white couch. They pushed me on it and I feel on my stomach. As I lay there, I could hear them talking in Spanish. Then a couple of guys came in and more talking with lots of laughter. Then they stood me up and untied my hands. A naked guy came over to me, pushed me to face a wall, pulled down my panty to my knees and forced his cock into my tight but very wet pussy. Others watched and cheered as he fucked me for a short time. I closed my eyes and for some reason was enjoying the sex. When he finished squirting his load in me, I heard Tito saying something about getting started. They pulled me back to the couch by my hair, but now I only had my shoes on.

When I opened my eyes, everything was blurry. I could see many naked men rubbing their cocks looking at me. It was like looking at an out of focus movie. Suddenly, Juan asked in the ear piece, if I could hear him. I nodded I could. He told me to repeat whatever he says or I would be punished. Tito came over and slapped my face hard on each side. The voice in my ear asked if I understood. I said I did, as my cheeks were stinging in agony.

Then Tito said, “That was Jose who just fucked you. He has to get back to his patrol before he’s missed. I’m sure they are all looking for you by now, but they won’t find you.” Then he laughed, “Because you are here with us. Puta we are going to start filming, but first we need to ask you some easy questions.”

Turning to the guys in the background that was operating the cameras, he told them to start filming. They had me sit at the edge of the couch with my legs spread apart. As I sat there, I was confused with my mind wandering without any thoughts. Then the questions started. “What’s your full name? How old are you? Do you like sex? Are you here of your own free will? What are your measurements, height, and weight? Do mind if we film you having sex? Do you want all of us to fuck you? Will you prostitute yourself for money?”

I answered, “Kathryn Anne Kelly, 30, yes I do, NO, I’m 5’4”, 34C-23-35, red hair blue eyes and weigh 108 pounds. Yes I mind if you film me and NO I don’t want to be gang banged.” I was zapped and slapped a few times for not saying what they wanted.

Tito in a very nasty voice said, “Now Puta. Just answer like you are told. Let’s start again.”

This time I answered correctly. There were so many more questions that I can’t remember because everything was becoming fuzzy. All of my answers were what I was told to say, but mostly yes. Then they had me stand, rub my breast while smiling and saying stuff like, “I hope you like what you see. I’m getting so horny for cock. I can’t wait to feel all of your throbbing hard rods in me.”

My mind was in total disarray. I had no thoughts of my own. The music came back on and the voice in my ear guided me to say and do so many unspeakable things. They stood me up against a wall and they lined up to fuck me. As one after another pushed their throbbing manhood in me, I repeated how good it felt over and over again. I turned around many times to beg for a cock. But for some reason I was really enjoyed the ravishing. Feeling a hard cock pounding in my pussy and then ass was fantastic. Although when they started on my ass, I remember panting in pleasure even though I yelled it hurt. I know I screamed many times to stop, but it never did. Even when they put two cocks in my ass, one in my pussy and one my mouth, it felt really uncomfortable. But at the same time it gave me such nice pleasure. It seemed like they were trying to make my holes stretched open as wide as possible, especially my ass. It went on for the longest time. I remember having lots of uninhibited bare back sex, but I also eventually started to have orgasms too. I stopped fighting and enjoyed the sex with multiple orgasms.

As they started to spew semen in my mouth I had to exclaim, “Oh yes, give me all of that yummy cum! That’s it squirt it all over my face. I want all you can give me. I love how tasty it is; Mmmm!”

When they finally were done with me, they took me to the back of the building and hosed me off. I can still hear their laughter as they drenched me with the cold water. When they bent me over and stuck the hose up my ass, one guy snickered at how easily it fit and how much of the hose they got in me. Once back inside, they gave me a see-thru net two piece bra and panty outfit to put on. Then I was taken back to my car and thrown in the trunk again. The music started to play in my ear again and I guess I passed out. When I was woken, I was dragged passed some guys and into a motel room. I heard a couple of them say something about the whore is finally here and she’s really hot. They had me open my mouth and sprayed some stuff in it. It tasted different. Then I was introduced to this big burly Hispanic guy they called Cisco. I was told that he was in charge and to obey him.

As I was sitting on the bed Tito said, “You’ve done real good Puta. Even better then Geri. I’m happy you liked our seed. I’m sure you’ll get enough of it to drink the rest of the night. Just to let you know that we have over 2 hours of you fucking. We will be happy to share with your work, family, friends and load on the internet for all to see what a slut you really are. I’m sure they would like seeing you air tight with four cocks in you. I bet your sheriff friend will love hearing you begging to be fucked. To stop that from happening, all you need to do is come back every weekend and be a good little puta. And the best part is that you will be paid for your services. But first we have to know that you will behave and follow instructions, before we send you out on the street. The rest of the weekend you’ll be here as a cheap whore, servicing the many truckers and servicemen that will stop by. I hope you will enjoy yourself too. But if you don’t, that will be on you. One last thing, you will not raise your head and look at anyone who is fucking you. Always look down or away. You got that Puta?”

He slapped my face hard. I didn’t say anything and he slapped me again. I finally looked up at him with a nasty stare and said, “Yes I understand.” But for looking up at him, he slapped me harder and yelled at me to look down.

By this time the drug they gave me was taking effect. I was becoming energized and my pussy was becoming hot. I had felt this way during the Vegas gang bang. Also my mind was still in a muddied state. The only thing that mattered was relief of the hot feeling radiating between my legs. I was now in total submission to everything they were going to have me do.

They had me spread my legs apart, took some lube and squirted it in my pussy. Turning me over, they did the same to my already sore and gaping open anus. They wrote obscene degrading things on me and laughed as they did. When Tito said good-bye and to have fun, Cisco took photos of me and then fucked me first. Then like a conveyor belt of horny men, they started to arrive. As the music continually played in my head, one after another came in and spewed their loads with me as their sperm receptacle. I enjoyed all of the sex even when they spewed their semen on or in my mouth. I don’t remember much about that night. I don’t even remember passing out.

When I woke up the next day, my body ached. As I got up to go pee, I stepped in something sticky. Looking down, it was a used condom and there were a many more on the floor. Sitting down to pee, I looked down and my inner thighs were bruised. I saw the words ‘Fuck Me’ written in black above my pussy. As I was at the sink to wash up, I looked at my face. The word slut/whore was written in red on my forehead. There was some dried scum on my cheeks and chin. I washed it off and luckily the red words washed off too. Looking down, I saw written on my lower stomach at the panty line; “I’m a Puta Fuck Toy” on the top line. And under it was written, “Use All of My Holes”.

I remember them writing on me. Taking the bar of soap, I began trying to wash it off. I thought it would wash off like my face, but it didn’t. As I kept scrubbing, I heard someone behind me say, “That’s not going come off anytime soon Puta. We used a permanent marker.”

Then he laughed as I turned to look at him. It was Cisco. He quickly walked over to me and slapped my ass with a hard smack. I winced in pain. Turning on the water, he threw me in the shower and barked, “No looking at me Puta. Just remember my voice. Next time I’ll whip you. Now clean yourself up. You have a lot of spunk still on you and in your hair. You have a big day ahead and we are running late. Also there is a dress on the bed. It’s the only thing you need to put on.”

After the shower and washing off the dried sperm, I walked out and saw this nice white cotton dress. It was a size 0 and I wear size 2. I put it on and it was tight against my breast making my nipples visible. The length was about 6” above my knees, but it was of a crepe material and could be pulled up to barely covering me. Cisco came in, like he knew exactly when I was ready. I kept my eyes down, as he took my arm and walked me to my car.

This time I was allowed to sit in the front seat. He was quiet until we stopped at a Denny’s restaurant. Turning to me he nicely said, “Are you hungry Puta. You can look at me.”

I looked up and answered, “Oh yes, I’m famished.”

Laughing he said, “Well then you should eat a lot. This will be your only meal, unless you like sperm for dinner again.” I gave him a disparaging look.

I’m vegan and tried to order a salad and anything I could find that was veggie. Instead, he told the waitress to bring me a chief salad and ordered me to eat everything including the ham, turkey, cheese and egg. He even had them put blue cheese dressing on it. I was starving and ate the whole thing.

During the diner stop, I felt men staring at me. Cisco noticed my dismay and told me to get used to being a looked at like a slut. Then he told me to uncross my legs and spread them apart. I did open them up just a little. Grabbing one knee he pulled my leg wide open.

Then he nastily said, “You’re a whore. When in public, you should be advertising all the time. You are always available and maybe someone here will want to buy time with you.”

He chuckled, but I was completely stunned and humiliated. As we left, a couple of truckers thanked me for the view. Cisco told them where I would be working at night and to stop by. I have no idea if they did.

Afterwards, we drove surface streets until we were in an old part of town. He stopped and parked in front of a lingerie shop. But instead of going in, he had me walk a block down the street to a tattoo parlor. I could feel the stares from people we passed. A couple of Hispanic guys even honked and whistled at me as they drove by.

Once inside, I had to take off my dress and the guy Cleaver chuckled at what was written on my ass cheeks. He turned to Cisco and asked if he needed to tattoo that on my ass too. Cisco laughed, “Just do like normal and have Jade do my tits like the girl last week.”

I lay on my stomach, as this skinning weird looking guy with a lot of piercings, began pricking the small of my lower back. It hurt and he yelled for me to stay still. It took him a while. When he finished, I asked what he did. He took a mirror and had me look back at this work. It was the same writing that Geri had with the word OWNED in caps under it. I also saw what was written in black marker on my ass cheeks. The left side was ‘Cum Slut’ while on the right side was ‘Cheap Whore’. Then he had me sit up and pull my hair to one side. Behind my right ear and just under the hair line, he tattooed ‘T16’ in small red ink. With the hair over it was not visible. Then he told me how to take care of the tattoos for a week. I asked him if he knew what they meant.

He chuckled and said, “The back tats are their gang ownership tag, while the one under your ear is for Tito with the number of girls he has. I'm guessing that you're his sixteenth. I did one on a blond last Sunday that was J6. But now Jade has one last thing to do, before you go.”

I got up and he led me over to this skinning, tattooed, nose pierced, middle aged woman. She saw me and said, “Another slut so soon. Tito must be doing something right having such pretty girls. Come here sweetie. Sit and don’t move. This will only hurt for a second.”

She took a tool and grabbed my nipple making it longer, than she pierced it. I cried that it hurt. When she took the other nipple, I knew what was coming. I held onto the chair arm, as she pierced it. Afterwards she squirted some numbing spray.

She snickered and said, “I usually spray this stuff on beforehand, but Tito likes his sluts to feel the pain. Now you have a choice of silver or gold bars.”

I chose silver bars. She went and got gold ones instead, but gave me a pair of silver ones. She showed me how to put them in and gave me some antiseptic for later. When she finished, I was taken naked to a back room. A few minutes later Cleaver came in and told me that I had to pay for the art work. I asked how.

He laughed and answered, “Sex slut. I’m going to fuck you for payment.”

And he did bare back with two loads of spunk being shot in me. Being the first sex of the day, I have to say it hurt a little. My pussy was still sore from the night before. I was happy that he had such a small cock or it would have hurt more. I didn’t even have an orgasm.

When finished, Cisco was waiting. It took a while to get back to the motel. Once back inside, I went to release Cleaver’s cum out of me, but Cisco instead had me dump it in a large bowl. He laughed when he said it would be my dinner later. I didn’t think that was funny.

Then he had me get naked except a pair of black stockings. Opening the drapes to my room, he had me stand looking out. A couple of black truckers saw me. I had to dance and rub myself to entice them to come in. Cisco went out collected some money. When they came in, I was fucked together with many loads of cum. Now they had huge cocks and it hurt, but I had a few orgasms with them. They were the first black men that I had sex with, which made me feel really cheap. Proper white girls aren’t supposed to have interracial sex or enjoy it. But I did both.

When they left, I was back on the table enticing others. Doing that was very degrading to me, which is probably why he had me do it. Since it was late afternoon, I only danced for a few more men. Then just like the night before, the men started to come by and I was used as a cheap skank. Only this night I wasn’t given the sex drug. It was strange, because I was actually enjoying the guys fucking me. I couldn’t wait for the next man to come in and use me. It wasn’t that was hot and horny liked the night before; it was because it felt so good being a puta.

My mental state was in total submission. I was no longer was in control, but just an object for men to use. With all of my holes being well filled with large and small cocks, I had become a dutiful puta and loved it. I never knew I had such power over men, making their cocks get big and hard from just looking at me lying naked on the bed with my legs open. I really began enjoying how happy I made the guys. It was fast becoming an addiction. In just two nights I found my calling. I was quickly becoming a whore.

Some guys were fat and sweaty, as I was on my back relishing the fact that I was making them blow their loads. As their bellies were slapping against me, I knew they enjoyed my body. I giggled when they blew their seed on me. I had somehow become the cheap obedient whore that they wanted me to be. As a new guy came into the room, I was asked many times of how I was doing. My answer was always that I was okay and hope that he would enjoy me. Most of the time, they would smile and answer something to the fact that they would. But when a hunk came in to fuck me, my juices really began flowing. It was my turn to enjoy him, but most of the time I was placed on all fours.

The last thing that pushed my mind over the edge was having the guys watching me drink the saucer full of semen. Cisco had me crawl around the room picking up condoms and then squeezing its contents into the bowl. Guys had their phones out snapping photos and video of me swallowing the disgusting stuff. I knew whenever this ended; I would never be a Lady again. Since I enjoyed the weekend, I was now a whore.

Once everyone left, Cisco had me take a shower and clean up. When I was nice and fresh, he proceeded to fuck me, only he did me bare back. He spewed two loads of cum in my ass. Then he put a big thick black anal plug in my hole and had me sleep with it in me. It wasn’t hard. By that time I was totally drained. I finally found a spot on the bed that wasn’t a wet semen puddle. Once I did, I instantly fell asleep.

Being Sunday morning, I usually went to church. But instead I was woken up by Tito and Juan. They were standing over me, when I opened my eyes. I saw them staring at me and I immediately looked away.

I heard Tito laugh and say, “I see you learned a lot in just two nights. You don’t look the worst for ware. A little bruised up, but still very fuckable. I love the gold bars in your nips and I see the guys got creative with the writing on you. Turn over let’s see the art work on your back.”

I slowly turned on my stomach. He snickered and said something in Spanish to Juan. Then he pulled my hair back to see the other tattoo. He chuckled and said, “Cleaver sure does good work. And his wife does a good job too. I hope he fucked you for payment or I’ll have to pay him.”

Then just when I was going to answer, Tito gave me a hard smack on my ass. I yelped just as Juan spanked the other ass cheek. Turning back I whimpered, “What was that for. I’ve done everything that was asked of me. I had so many men treat me like a cheap whore and swallowed so much semen. Why hurt me now?”

Juan gave out a hoot and answered, “Because Puta it says too on your back. Someone wrote, ‘Spank Me Hard’ right over the top of your ass. What you didn’t know?”

I tuned over on my side and looked down as I said, “No I didn’t, but now it makes since all of the guys were spanking me.”

Tito was laughing when Juan came over and said, “Now it’s my turn to fuck that hot body of yours. I wanted to a few weeks ago, but you never showed. Tito has some business to discuss with Cisco and while he’s doing that, I’m going to fuck you really hard.”

He took down his shorts and his big cock popped out. He told me to suck him hard. As I was rubbing it and swirling my tongue over his head, he was pulling on my sore pierced nipples. It hurt, but I didn’t say anything or stop taking most of his cock down my throat. I got real good at swallowing large cocks too. When he was ready, he had me kneel on all fours. He chuckled, when he saw that I had an anal plug still buried deep in my ass. As he started to push his throbbing rod into my pussy, I was so freaking sore that his big thing really hurt. So I begged for him to use some lube. Instead, he immediately pushed as hard as he could into my tender pussy, making me shriek in agony. Then he pulled out and did it again and again. I wanted him to stop, but he slapped my ass really hard a few times. Then as he began to really fuck me, my pussy began lubing itself and some of the agony subsided.

“That’s it Puta,” he started to say. “You have such a hot body and now this is going to be your life. Tito and his bros are going to enjoy fucking you for a long time. And you’ll be making us lots of money. I already know a dozen rich guys that will pay handsomely for a piece of an attractive whore like you. This weekend worked out well for all of us, but especially you.” He chuckled again. “You are now an owned whore and from what the guys told Cisco, you seemed to enjoy it too. That’s good you did, because it will make your transition so much more rewarding.”

He kept up the pace and I began building up to another orgasm. I already had so many the nights before. When Tito came back he blurted, “Aren’t you done with the puta yet? We need to get going. Being Sunday the traffic back to is going to be really bad.”

Juan answered, “Almost there! Where do you want me to dump it?”

Tito replied, “Her mouth. I want to see her swallowing it down her throat. We won’t have time to stop for food until we get back to L.A. It will be her breakfast.” Juan Laughed.

I swallowed every yummy drop. I was now used to the taste of semen. It was no longer disgusting to drink sperm. It was just another thing that a Puta like me is supposed to do. In my mind I had accepted the fact that I was now their owned whore. It was written all over me. I was no longer a good decent girl. I was exactly what they were training me to become. All of my will power, inhibitions and moral code had disappeared in just one weekend; just like Geri.

As I was cleaning up in the bathroom and getting the white dress and stockings back on with a pair of panties as directed by Tito, I heard Tito tell Juan, “Look at what the Puta made this weekend. It’s more than expected. She fucked 23 guys so far and not counting the guys when making the video. I have a Party to take her to on the way back. That should give us another thousand. I think I’m going to enjoy farming out this one. Maybe I’ll keep around a lot longer before I sell her off.”

Juan laughed and answered, “We should lube her holes up first. She was whining about me hurting her cunt when I fucked her.”

“That’s a good idea Bro,” Tito replied. “Let’s give her an enema too before we go.”

They had me remove my dress, take out the anal plug and then squirt some soapy liquid in my ass. As I lay there, Tito kept telling me what was in store for me, that is, spending my weekends and nights being farmed out. He squirted a lot of lube in my pussy and even rubbed my clit and for some reason that just got me horny again wanting to have sex. He chuckled at how I responded to his play.

“Kathryn I see you have accepted being my newest Puta. Your cunt is reacting nicely to just a little play. I knew after fucking you in the bar, you were wired to be a Puta. And what Cisco told me from watching you for two nights, I was right. You love to fuck! Once you finish the party today, I’m going to take you out to dinner and spend some quality time getting to know you better. Then I’ll drive you home. But instead of the dress, wear that black bra panty you came here in. I want to see what you look like dressed like the whore you are. You’ll be wearing a lot outfits like it in the future.”

Juan laughed when he said I was going to be dressed up. It was just the net black bra where you could see my nipples with gold bars and a black net thong. I was completely exposed. Then he took out his phone and shot a few photos of me. I refused to smile.

As we were about to leave, we suddenly heard, “This is the police. You in the room, come out with your hands up. If you make us come in, we’ll be shooting.”

Tito looked out the window seeing Police and Sheriff Cars parked in front and all around the motel. He turned to me and told me to put the dress on over my outfit. Then he walked over pulled up the back of the dress and stuck the money in my panty. He laughed telling me to keep it for him and he’ll get it later. Then they opened the door and pushed me out first as they followed. I had my hands up and seeing Sid, I quickly ran to him and gave him a big hug. He held me tightly as tears started to flow from my eyes. I was rescued, but for some reason I didn’t want to be liberated. I was ashamed of what happened, and didn’t want anyone to know about being a whore.

Afterwards, I looked around. Cisco was on the ground kneeling with hands cuffed behind his back. His face was all bloody. Tito and Juan were roughly being arrested. I was brought over to Sid’s car and he had me sit in the back. It took a long time, until all of the evidence from videos of me fucking and of other girls before me. I’m guessing the room had cameras and why Cisco always knew when I was up.

Then the police interviewed me to what happened. I told him about being drugged and made to have sex for two days. Sid was listening to my details. Afterwards, he apologized for not getting there sooner. He told me that they finally found me by tracing the GPS from my car.  Sid drove me home. I called in sick for work the next day. I wasn’t ready to face anyone feeling like a soiled woman.

Anyway, they now had probable cause to search Tito's house. They found lots of drugs and two drugged girls that were handcuffed in different rooms. One was missing from San Diego a week ago and another was a Hispanic girl that didn't speak English. They felt that they had enough evidence to put these guys away for a long time.

As for Geri, she finally showed up to work on Wednesday. She said she was taken to the desert where she was fucked by a motorcycle gang for days. During which time, they keep putting things up her ass to make her hole as large as possible. They took lots of photos and video of her being ravished. They kept her chained up and had her walk around on all fours giving guys blow jobs. They even put an anal plug that had a tail attached to its end. When she finally showed up for work she was not the same friend. She seemed distant and paranoid that all of those videos they took would end up on the internet and everyone would see her.

As for what has happened to me since this ordeal, has changed me. For weeks afterwards, I tried to be a good normal girl, but I kept dreaming of being ravished over and over again. They weren’t nightmares, but dreams with me waking up very horny. In my head, all I thought about was sex, but didn’t pursue any. All I could see written all over me were those nasty comments. I began believing that all I am was a puta. Once the markings disappeared, I began seeing myself differently. I started to become normal again, except the trail and the constant discussions with the DA, kept that experience in my head.

But then Juan being out on bail visited me. He was waiting for me in my condo, when I got home from work one Thursday night. He asked for the money and I told him that the cops took it, although I kept it. Then he said a trigger word and when I woke some time later and was really horny. We had sex the rest of the night. I guess I really needed it too, because that weekend I had men visiting me for sex, with Juan accepting the money. It wasn’t as bad as before, but I accepted the fact that I was now their owned puta.

It took months and I had to testify at their trials but Geri didn’t. The defense showed the videos of me and agreeing to the sex, while accepting money on that Friday. And for some reason, when I went on the witness stand, I told everyone that I had agreed to the whole event. I still don’t know why I said that, but I did to the disbelief of the DA. I thought they would now get off, but the other girls’ testimony told a better story. Luckily the jury saw the truth and my testimony didn’t matter. They all were convicted except Juan. For some reason he got off while the others didn’t. Sid took me aside and scolded me. Without my knowledge he put a listening device on me. When Juan came over, he used a trigger word afterwards, I became horny again. He took me to a motel and the rest of the night I street walked bringing back men to fuck me. I was used all weekend as a prostitute. Little did I know, Sid was watching the whole event.

Monday he visited me at work and told me that I’ve been brain washed or something to that effect. We went to a hypnotized he knew and it took a while until the trigger word was found and then eliminated. When Juan came back the next weekend to use me again, he was arrested. Now I know why I testified the way I did and why I was always so freaking horny. To make a long story short the month I was a prostitute still is affecting me. I got used to it and the orgasms they created in me and my gentlemen friends.

Months later I was a good girl again. But after my internet date and having sex at a hotel I found that I liked having sex for money. I finally just gave into my urges for sexual pleasure. I found out that I really love the feeling of a throbbing cock in me and knowing that this guy is hard because of me. It’s why I started to write the stories of my adventures. The “Too Horny Stories” where I really enjoy having sex for money, has made me realize that Tito did me a big favor.

I did get the Tattoo on my back removed, but left the one next to my ear to remind how my now normal sexual behavior all got started. Sex is now the best part of my life. And when in France and the UK being as a paid sex provider, I was no longer innocent and a Lady. I wrote a few stories about those fun vacations if anyone is interested in reading.

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