A 54 year olds encounter in a hotel

lovetoexplode   April 01, 2022   | 64337 Views
After a hard day of work, Jill a 54 year old married mom decides to masterbate. However, she is interrupted by a young porter in the room... rings

After a long day of a business trip, you decide to go to your hotel  suite and rest for the evening.   You decide to undress, and toss on a robe.   Since it was a stressful day, and you are feeling a little frisky, you decide to get your vibrator and have a few orgasms to wind down. 

So you sit in the bed, pull your robe to the side, and turn on your vibrator.  You decide to start on medium speed to have a build up to an orgasm.   After a minute or so, you are very wet, so you decide to put the vibrator on high.   You begin to orgasm, and you thought maybe you heard a click to the room door, but you figured it was just down the hall.  You have a big orgasm that causes you to scream out in pleasure!  When you open your eyes you realize the porter had entered the room to stock the mini-fridge.

You open your eyes and you see the porter, who is a young black man in his mid-20’s.   Your eyes lock, and before you can say anything or even move he says “Can you please do that again?” and he take off his shirt to reveal a very athletic and  muscular body.  For some reason, you say ok, and turn on the vib again.

As you turn on the vib, he comes closer to you and takes down his pants.  He reveals a very large and erect cock, probably 9 inches or so.  He starts jerking and says “lets cum together baby” and you whisper ok.  The excitement of all of this has really got your clit tingling, and you can feel the orgasm coming on quickly.     You yell out “I am going to cum”, and you tilt your head back in pleasure.  This causes your robe to loosen and reveal your amazing breasts for the first time.  You begin to orgasm, and he moves closer to you, jerking fast.   He says “keep cumming, here I come”, and you turn the vibrator on high, and your medium orgasm turns into a back to back multiple orgasm.  You scream out, “here I come again” and you cum hard, and gush all over the bed.  As you are cumming, he says “here I cum” and he moves right next to, standing over you on the bed and explodes all over your tits with 5 or 6 loads of cum.    You open your eyes and for the first time you see his cock up close.  It is quite large and still very erect, and it happens to be right by your head, so instinctively you put it in your mouth and start to give him a blowjob.

You suck on him for a few minutes.  His cock is so big you can only fit about half in your mouth.  He is already so hard.   He pulls out of your mouth, looks at you and then picks you up!  He is so strong, and you straddle him.  He grabs you by your ass and lifts you up on his cock, and gently lowers you onto it.   As you slide on his cock, you realize this size of his cock.  You have never had one this big!  At first there is a little bit of pain as you are stretched but it transitions into great pleasure.   He starts to grind and pump his hips into yours.    You feel his strong hands on your ass as he grinds.  He puts his head in your tits and caresses your nipples with his tongue.    He starts pumping faster and faster, and you can’t hold it anymore and you orgasm again. Your body becomes limp from the powerful orgasm, but his strength holds you firm.  As you orgasm he gets more excited and pumps faster. You feel him get super hard and he pulls out just before he explodes. You feel his cum drip down your leg.   You say “you could have cum in me”, and he says “don’t worry, I am not done with you yet!”

He carries you over to the wall, and gets down, wraps one leg around his head and starts to eat out your pussy.   He is gentle yet firm with his tongue, and it doesn’t take long for you to orgasm again, but this time with a huge gush all over his face!  He gets up excited, and rock hard again, and picks you up and carries you over to the desk.  He places you on the desk, goes in you standing and starts pumping you with furry.

You have never been fucked and pump with such power before, and in just a few minutes, you start to orgasm.   This makes him even more excited, and he starts thrusting even faster which you didn’t think was possible.  You orgasm again,  and say, “don’t stop” so he keeps pumping at the rapid pace.  Sweat flies off him, as he thrusts into you  your orgasms seems to be ending but then has a huge rush again.  It is like an orgasm on top of an orgasm!  You scream, “oh my god” and wrap your legs and arms tightly around him.   You feel his young muscles on you, and sweat is now flying all over each other and on the table.   You grab his tight ass and feel his muscles as he thrusts into you.  He says “here I cum” and then grunts out in pleasure as he explodes in you. You feel his hard cock pulsating in you as he shoots cum in you.  He clutches your breasts as he cums.    By now your pussy is soaked with cum and your own gushing.  He says “wow baby” as he leans on you.  And you say “I am not done with You yet, let me ride you”!   He says “I don’t know if I have anything left, but let’s try it!”

While still in you, he picks you up and carries you over to the bed.  You are both so sweaty, it is hard for him to hold on to you, so you wrap your thighs around him tightly, and hold onto his shoulders.   He lays on his back as you are on him cowgirl.    You can feel that he is not totally hard yet, so you slowly start to grind on him.   He grabs your wonderful breasts and that act alone starts to make him harder.  He puts his fingers in your mouth so you start to ride a little harder.  You now feel him fully erect in you.   You say “now I am going to ride you as hard as you fucked me!”   You still riding him hard, and he takes his hand and starts to play with your clit.  He says “show me how you can cum” and within a minute or so, you start to orgasm again,  and he says “ride me hard to make me cum” so you start riding fast!  Just as you complete you orgasm, he grabs the vibrator and puts it on your clit.  He turns it on high!  “Cum baby! Let’s cum together”.  The combination of his very large hard cock and the vibrator is so powerful and you begin to have a HUGE orgasm, and literary start screaming, he says “keep going I am almost there!”  You keep grinding but the rhythmic grinding becomes more spastic as your struggle and have another orgasm.  He grunts as he explodes, you scream as you cum.     After you are all done, you get off and say “thank you!”  He says, I will never forget that, and he goes on his way.

You shower, get dressed, and get a phone call from your husband.  How was your day he asks?  Pretty uneventful you say….

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