NYC bath house-[G-58]-part-1-of-1

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Charles by now was also playing with his cock and rubbing my ass. I got so turned on that I reached over and started playing with Paul’s cock. After I stroked him a few times, he said, “If you want to try it out for size, go ahead.” stepmom

NYC Bath House

This happened to me several years back when I was in New York City on business. One night all my work buddies went back to our hotel, so I found myself alone running around the city looking for some interesting fun.

Well after a few drinks and it being a little late at night, I decided to visit one of the NYC bathhouses to see if anything was happening. This bathhouse was one of the better ones around at the time. It was located off 5th avenue and 15th street. The place was a three-story complex with private rooms, a work out area, a sauna and steam room.

I’d been there for about an hour and hadn’t really found anything interesting so was about to leave. But to get to the locker room and my clothes, I had to pass one of the private rooms that had its door open. I stopped and listen to two guys talking and eventually joined in their conversation. One guy named Paul, was nude with a big beautiful cock flying at half-mast and the other guy, Charles was also well endowed.

As we continued to talk about anything and everything, Paul started casually stroking his cock. Well, I’d had a few too many drinks and him stroking was turning me on. When they invited me to sit down, I did. By now, I’d dropped my towel and was playing with myself while looking at Paul.

Charles by now was also playing with his cock and rubbing my ass. I got so turned on that I reached over and started playing with Paul’s cock. After I stroked him a few times, he said, “If you want to try it out for size, go ahead.”

I said, “Thanks,” as I leaned over, put my head between his wide spread thighs. Before I took it in my mouth I gave Paul’s semi erect cock a lick from his balls to the engorged reddish/purple head. I’m not sure why but it seemed to be the thing to do at the time. I remember a real salty sweaty taste to it. Once up to the head I open my mouth and wrap my lips around the thick shaft. Paul’s cock was about nine inches long and thick. Even though it was difficult to swallow, I engulfed it, swallowing it completely. When I started to suck him, Paul muttered something to me like, “You’re a good little cocksucker.”

I could feel Paul’s cock growing in my mouth, getting longer and harder. The whole time I’m sucking Paul was verbally abusing the shit out of me. He was calling me every name in the book, faggot, bitch, queer, cocksucker and homo and I have to admit I was very turned on. Soon Paul had his hands on the back of my head adjusting and controlling my speed.

Meanwhile, I reached out and started stroking Charles’s cock while I continued to suck Paul’s cock.

Paul suddenly muttered, "Oh yeaaahhh, I'm gonna cum.”

To be honest I'd no clue what to do right now. Because Paul was a total stranger I didn’t want to swallow but I was so curious about how it would taste and feel. So, the first taste of pre-cum I pulled his cock out of my mouth. Grabbing my hair, Paul started franticly stroking his swollen cock as hard as he could as his orgasm overtook him.    

"Cum for me,” I groaned as I watched Paul’s hand pumping up and down his thick shaft.

"Unnnnhhhhhh, fuuuuck," Paul shouted as he let go. I was nearly delirious with excitement as the thick blasts started splattering all over the side of my face. Changing my mind, I shamelessly opened my mouth to catch as much of Paul’s cum as I could. As I swallowed some down, I could feel my stiff cock twitching in time with the swollen, spewing head of Paul's big cock.

Hot ropes of Paul’s cum hit my face and my hair and it was so warm and felt so good. Big gobs of cum slid down my face and neck coating my chest with the same sticky glaze that covered my face.

As soon as I raised my head up, Charles was standing there cock in hand, wait his turn. Still horny as hell, I grabbed his cock and eased back Charles’s foreskin, revealing a fat reddish/purple head. Flicking out my tongue I teased his pee-hole where I could see that a small amount of clear liquid had accumulated. Leaning forward, Charles smiled as he watched my lips slide over his big cockhead and down the thick shaft until I felt Charles's pubic hair rubbing against my nose and lips.

I pulled back until his cockhead slipped out of my mouth. Then I ran my tongue all over it before eagerly sucking his cock back in my mouth. Bobbing my head, I plunged down deeper with each pump of my soft, full, pink lips. Guiding my head with his hands twisted in my hair, Charles watched as his saliva-slicked shaft slid in and out of my hot mouth, sinking again and again between my cum slick lips.   

"Mm-hmm," I moaned passionately around his cock, sucking harder, taking more and more of his cock into my mouth. He gasped, arching his back as I took his cock, letting it slid so deep down my throat that my chin was pressed against his balls and my lips fluttered around the base of his shaft.

Charles gasped again as I throat-fucked his cock for a moment longer, then slipped my mouth back up along his thick shaft. Thick saliva was pouring out of my mouth and down his shaft. I gasped, my wet mouth poised around the head of his slick cock making loud, slurping sounds. I gulped loudly, then plunged back down, bobbing up and down rapidly and moaning eagerly all the while, sucking his cock like a desperate man.

I slurped my mouth off Charles’s cock, my lips shiny and wet and dripping. As I stroked his cock rapidly with my fist, pumping it up and down Charles gasped, “Slut.”

I moaned as Charles pushed me back down. With a purring sound, I willingly swallowed his cock again, sliding my lips all the way down to the base of his cock. He looked down at me as I hungrily slurped and sucked again, swiftly bobbing my head up and down.

Charles made muffled little whimpering noises as my head pumped up and down his shaft, my mouth bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. He leaned back, closing his eyes, savoring the sensations as I sucked and pulled, pumped and stroked, rolling my mouth, massaging with my supple tongue and squeezing his cock and balls with the sole intention of making him erupt in my mouth.

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