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Wife Fun In Train

Akash_Shah   June 09, 2022   | 11318 Views
This incident happened when she was returning from Chennai.She was traveling in second-class a/c coach along with her nani to Coimbatore and then continuing her journey to Mettupalayam. stepmom

I live in a hill station. I work for the defence in Wellington. There is total tranquility where I live. This incident happened in October 2004. My wife Mahima was traveling from Chennai to Mettupalayam in the Nilgiri Express. Being in the defence I could not accompany her for a marriage of our relative at Chennai. This incident happened when she was returning from Chennai.She was traveling in second-class a/c coach along with her nani to Coimbatore and then continuing her journey to Mettupalayam. 

I was to pick her up and bring her back to my place. On the way since she left Chennai in her compartment was a good-looking handsome guy who kept staring at her. Mahima being a very attractive girl of 36-28-30 didn’t mind being looked at since it was routine for guys and girls to give her a second glance. The night passed uneventfully. Nani was to get down at Coimbatore. Nana was to come and pick her up. The train stops for 45 minutes at Coimbatore. For nearly 40 minutes, nana had note shown. Mahima was getting really worried. This guy offered the use of his mobile to call up and find if nana has left home. Just then, nana shows up just as the train signals to leave. Relieved that nani has left Mahima came to her compartment and started arranging her baggage. Just then, this guy entered and it hit Mahima like a jolt that other than these two people the entire coach was empty. They started to make small talk. He told her his name is Harkrith and that he too is from Chennai and going to Ooty, to visit some relative. They just got to talking and Harkrith told her she looks very beautiful. He told her he had seen many women in Sari but the way Mahima had draped the sari around her was very sexy. My wife was stunned to hear this. Being a very adventurous kind of a person she didn’t mind. They became quite friendly and were chatting about various things. One of them was that Mahima told that her husband is a very understanding and broad-minded person. For which he told that all defence men are narrow-minded that’s why when they are in at the front, their wives are in bed with others. 

They were having an argument when suddenly Hartkrith told my wife that if I kiss you will your husband mind. Mahima now in the mood of a challenge told him, “No” why will he mind? All I have to do is tell him. That’s how our relationship is. So he told let me kiss you. Mahima agreed. So he came closer to her and kissed her on the lips. It was a short kiss. Mahima laughed at him and asked if that was all he could do. Once you challenge a man he can go to all lengths. So now he held her by her hip. Her sari reaveling her tits and hips. He touched her there in her most sensitive area, her hips. She gets instantly horny if I touch her there. He planted a kiss on her lips, now pushing a tongue into her sweet mouth. She responded by allowing him to enter into her mouth. They were French kissing for quite some time. His hands slipped from her hip to to her stomach and further upwards to her tits. He tried to un-button her blouse, but was unable to do so. So he put his hands from the top and tried to grab at her nipples and tits from top. She responded by opening her blouse and doing a slow dance for him and removing her sari. Harkrith was amazed at this. He was now horny as hell. Mahima even more so. 

She now offered to him her bare tits and nipples at his mercy. Harkrith was dumbfounded. At first he just kept staring at her and her lovely milky white tits and pinkish nipples. He soon put his mouth to her pink nipples and sucked on them. My wife placed her hands on his dick and approved what she felt. It appeared so be nice and hard and at least 7 inches. She pulled down his track type of a pant and lowered his jogs. She liked what she saw. It was a nice 6 inches dick, black as all Indian cocks are with a slight curve to the right. She bent down and placed her mouth at his prick. The head of the dick was big, but not as big as mine. My dick is 7.5 inches and 2 inches in diameter. It fit nicely in her mouth. She licked the head of his cock and proceeded all the way to the shaft. She deep throated him. He was groaning. He seemed to be enjoying what he was getting. She fondled his balls and licked the top of his balls. 

This gives immense pleasure. Just as she was sucking him, she lifted her sari and asked him to finger her cunt. He was only to pleased to oblige. Mahima has long legs. As he was riding his hands up her sari he kept feeling her legs. They were smooth as velvet. He kept roaming his hands up and down her legs. This too gets Mahima very horny. She started sucking even more vigorously. Finally, he placed his hands to her love nest and discovered she wore no panties. Harkrith could contain no longer and fingered to glory. Her cunt was very wet and she was very horny, plus the absence of sex for more than four days made her come almost immediately. Almost immediately, Harkrith also came on top of Mahima’s tits, mouth, and tongue. This encounter had to end here as the train was pulling into the platform at Mettupalayam. Mahima just had time to clean up, wear her sari, and be presentable to the outside world. 

On the way home she forced me to go to a by lane on the Mettupalaym –Coonoor highway and she demanded to be sucked as she told me her encounter. So that’s it guys if any of you readers want to ride with my wife e-mail me at [email protected]

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