I Ended Up Having Passionate Sex With a Girl Who Teased Me

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“You are delicious and you have such fine legs,” says Thomas and lowers his face and covers her inner thighs with kisses. His tongue reaches her dripping wet pussy and enters her. He eats her soft folds, driving his tongue deep inside of her. “Yes, mmm, have mm mercy” she moans. As he enters his fingers into her wet pussy dripping like rain forest. His fingers fuck her faster and faster. He lifts up his head and kisses her passionately to muffle her moans as he keeps finger fucking her to heaven. “Please, let me see your cock now,” says Sarah in a sultry tone. cheating

It was autumn. Thomas had just entered a university. He was an introverted guy, too shy for his own good. Had he had more courage he could have been popular with ladies. His body was well toned from climbing. Because every gram of extra fat was useless weight when climbing he kept himself lean.

One day while he was waiting in the cafeteria line a girl in a low cut black dress walked past him. She had small firm breasts and the dress itself wasn’t excessively lascivious either; and yet there was something mesmerizing in her exposed snow white skin. There were very slight and delicate red pimples on her chest. But to his surprise instead of putting him off, he found them strangely attractive. At that moment Thomas experienced a sudden chill running through him, similar to that hot wave that comes over you when you trip and barely manage to stay on your feet. If I could only see her smile, he thought to himself. He stared after her for quite some time. At her long raven hair, at her elegant dress reaching above her knees, at her black stockings and at her brown knee high boots. Thomas’s petrified state was only broken when someone jostled him from behind, exclamin, “Move!” But it was too late Thomas had already fallen head over heels.

During the next week Thomas followed her around the campus as much as possible. Just looking at her made him happy. He was trying to think of a way to approach her. And one day an opportunity presented itself. She was playing volleyball with two other girls. The weather was nice and sunny and they were bouncing the ball casually until it got stuck high up on a tree. They tried to shake the tree but the ball was firmly stuck. It is now or never, thought Thomas to himself. He walked towards them and said, “Let me try to get down.” Climbing the tree and getting the ball down was the easy part.

“You are quite a climber aren’t you,” said the girl.

“Yes, well, I am Thomas by the way,” said he somewhat awkwardly and held out his hand to her.

“Ha ha, are you nervous?” laughed the girl playfully.

“No, I mean, I am just not used to climbing trees. It was quite high, I usually do bouldering,” he blushed slightly.

“No, I don’t think it is the height that frightens you. Anyway, I am Sarah,” said she and grabbed hold of his hand. She pulled herself closer to him and whispered in his ear, “I know you have been following me around. Well, are you a stalker?”

“I am not a stalker,” protested Thomas blushing.

“Oh I am only teasing you,” said Sarah Laughing,”But I do think you need to be punished.”

“I am not a stalker,” Thomas repeated.

“So what, are you saying that you haven’t been staring at me?” asked Sarah.

“Maybe a little, but I am not a stalker,” said Thomas.

“All right, but as a punishment, I will ask you a question and you will have to tell me the truth.”

“Fine, ask away,” said Thomas.

“Are you a virgin?”said Sarah.

“Yes,” said Thomas with some discomfort.

“Well that wasn’t hard to know, but I bet you never even kissed a girl, am I right?” said Sarah

“I got to go,” said Thomas and ran away.

The next day Thomas was sitting at the cafeteria when Sarah sat on the opposite end of his table.

“I wasn’t trying to be mean yesterday, I was just teasing you a little. You look cute when you are teased. Thank you for the ball and all,” said she.

“I want to get to know you, is that already?” said Thomas somewhat shyly.

“Know me?” said Sarah, smiling seductively. Her feet came out of her shoe and suddenly pressed against Thomas crouch under the table. He froze and she laughed.

“What are you doing?” asked he was taken aback.

“What do you mean? Is something the matter,” said she, playing innocent. As her feet felt bulge growing in his pants. After she felt that he was sufficiently hard she pulled back her leg as if she had not done anything, suddenly exclaiming, “Are you hard? Really, you are a pervert.” Thomas turned red.

“Well, I will let you take care of it yourself,” said she and left his table.

When Thomas was going home Sarah ran into him and grabbed hold of his hand.

“Do you mean if I visit you and greet you parents, great,” said she without giving him a time to answer. Luckily nobody was home.

“Well, show me to your room then,” said she. She sat down on his bed seductively, raising up her feet in front of your face.

“You like feet right? You are a pervert after all. What is that you are hard again?” said she playfully. She then got up and kissed Thomas on the lips for the first time.

“How was that,” she asked.

Thomas had enough, ”I want you, all of you,” he whispered into Sarah’s ear, kissing it.

“Then show me that you love me,” said she as Thomas kept kissing. First her ear, then her neck and chest as he unbuttoned her blouse with his long slender pianists fingers. His tongue ran over her chest, licking her perky breasts. Her sensitive nibbles harden in his mouth as he pushes her down on the bed.

“What are you going to do next,” says she with laugh.

“What éver I want,” whispers Thomas as grapes her hand fingers entwine as he brings his mouth up to kiss her passionately. His other hand presses firm on her flat stomach. The tip of his fingers reach into her cute pubic hair. She can feel her arousal building as he presses on her stomach. His fingers reach down her panites and find her clit and start to massage it. Sarah pushes down her skirt and panites. She is burning hot with expectation as she sees the bulge in Thomas’ pants.

“I have never actually been with anyone, be gentle,” she Sarah. She moans as Thomas sticks one of his fingers slowly into her wet pussy. It comes back sticking wet. He holds it up for a moment before putting it into his mouth with a smile.

“You are delicious and you have such fine legs,” says Thomas and lowers his face and covers her inner thighs with kisses. His tongue reaches her dripping wet pussy and enters her. He eats her soft folds, driving his tongue deep inside of her.

“Yes, mmm, have mm mercy” she moans. As he enters his fingers into her wet pussy dripping like rain forest. His fingers fuck her faster and faster. He lifts up his head and kisses her passionately to muffle her moans as he keeps finger fucking her to heaven.

“Please, let me see your cock now,” says Sarah in a sultry tone.

Thomas pulls his face close to her and stares at her with his ocean blue eyes as he keeps rubbing her clit.

“Are you horny?” he asks.

“Yes, please give me your cock. I want to see your cock,” says she. Her hand on his bulge. He takes out his cock. It has been fully erect for a while now, a little bit of precum drips out from the tip. Sarah grapes his manhood from the shaft. It is large and veiny, the head of his dick is pinkish and reaches over the shaft like a mushroom. While Sarah is holding his cock in her hand stroking it slowly, Thomas takes off his shirt revealing his well formed abs. Sarah, still admiring his cock pulls it closer and takes in a sniff of its scent. She hesitantly pushes her tongue right in the middle of the tip, tasting the precum for the first time. Still stroking him slowly. She puts her soft and wet lips on the head of his cock, licking the tip with her tongue, slowly. She can feel his cock twitch in her mouth as she swallows the head completely. Her lips slowly move back keeping close contact with the cock, softly pressing against the head of the cock. Her lips close as she pulls all the way back. She starts licking the shaft with her tongue. Thomas put his hand on the side of her head saying, “You are so cute.”

“Am I specialty cute with your cock in my mouth?” asks she.

“Yes,” replies Thomas with a smile.

Sarah takes his cock again in her mouth, her head starts bobbing up and down as she starts taking her deeper slowly. She starts gagging a little as his dick hits the back of her throat. She starts jerking him faster with her soft hand as she continues to give head.

“Does my hand feel better than yours?” she asks, smiling coyly.

“Yes, much better,” says he.

She makes an effort trying to take him as deep as she can, but still cannot take him all the way. She gag again as the throat pushes against her throat. Some of her drool drips down on her chin and onto her chest and breasts. That excites Thomas even more.

“Wait I am getting close, I want to cum in your pussy,” says Thomas. But Sarah only smiles devilishly, and starts to jerk him off faster, sticking out her tongue as she sucks his cock, faster and faster until he explodes her mouth. She opens her mouth and shows him his cum before swallowing.

“All gone, here let me clean you up,” says she and starts licking his cock clean. It gets instantly hard again.

“This time I want to cum inside of you,” said he. He pushes the dip of his cock slowly into her wet, dripping folds. Inch by inch her pussy swallows first the cockhead and then the shaft. She lets out a moan and he feels an incredible pleasure as he enters her tight soft pussy. His cock slides right in. He can feel her warm skin against his as enters fully into her pussy. She lying on her back arches her back. Seeing her pink perky nibbles on her beautiful, slutty breasts makes him even more horny. He grabs hold of her his and rams into her pussy and buries his face in her breast, kissing her chest all around.

“Yesss, mm, more, don’t stoppp!” she moans.

Thomas kept pushing his hips into her, his dick carving its shape into her pussy as the pressure of her sticky hot walls fought back.

“My god! Mmnn yeah that feels good,” she moans.

As Thomas pushes his dick as deep as he can and holds it in there for a short moment, Sarah starts squirting.

“I am coming, coming yes ohnnn ahh,”she moans as she lets loose.

Thomas smiles, kissing her as he starts moving again slowly.

“How do you feel?” he whispers.

“Just great,” said she, out of breath.

Thomas grabs hold of her hands and pulls falling back his back and pulling Sarah up, so that now she is on top. She looks amazing sitting on his cock all wet and sweaty. She puts her hands on his hard chest.

“Your muscles are really tight,” says she.

His cock starts twitching inside her.

“I can feel your dick feeling left out,” said she and starts to move again slowly. He puts his hand on her clit and starts to rub it with his fingers, she bites her lower lip, moaning with pleasure. She starts pushing into her dick faster and faster building up pleasure again. He puts his hands on her firm breasts and pinches her nibbles softly, before starting to massage her breasts. He traces his hand down her stomach touching her cute belly button with his finger as she rides him. He then starts applying pressure on her lower abdominal, which turns her on even more. His hands end up on her ass. He starts helping her to fuck him faster lifting and pulling down her as with his hands. They fuck faster and faster. Thomas cannot hold back anymore. He lifts his upper body and grabs hold of her back in a tight hug and pulls her down on top of him kissing her. He can feel her boobs pressing against his chest. As she holds her he starts fucking her from the bottom thrusting his hips as fast and strong as he can.

“Mmn, mnnn,” she tries to moan but his kissing muffles it. His rock hard pulsing iron rod of dick fucks her like a piston and she loves it.

“Yes, yes I am coming,” said Sarah breathing heavily.

“Me too,”said he.

“Inside, inside! Cum inside of me,” said Sarah.

And he does, Thomas bursts deep inside of her twitching and pulsing as cum rushes out of dick. She can feel it filling her up. She too reached an orgasm. They climax together before collapsing into each other. Cum dripped from her pussy still hosting his dick inside of her, now growing soft. She still lies on top of him. They are both out of breath as they hug each other lazily with contentment feeling so relaxed. They lay there for a while in silence catching their breath, no need to talk, the moment is already perfect.

“Will you be my girl forever?” Asks Thomas?

“That is not what I want to hear,” said Sarah.

“But don’t you love me?” Asks Thomas shocked.

“That is what I want to hear, say it,” says Sarah.

“I love you,” says Thomas.

“Yes, I will be your girl silly, I love you,” says Sarah smiling.

And they fuck happily ever after.

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