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First time in the Game

Big John   May 18, 2014   | 25737 Views
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She turned and looked at me then she closed the door behind her. We had shared something to gain something but I am sure we had both also lost something during the game. ‘Shit!’ I think as I jump to my feet. ‘Where am I and what the fuck am I doing here?’ was screaming in my head. cheating

She turned and looked at me then she closed the door behind her.

We had shared something to gain something but I am sure we had both also lost something during the game.

‘Shit!’ I think as I jump to my feet. ‘Where am I and what the fuck am I doing here?’ was screaming in my head.

I was in a hotel room. It was small, the wall paper was cheap - the one imprinted with velvet swells - the curtain that hung over the closed window was purple to match the velvet swells. The room smelled dusty - mouldy even - like it has been unused and locked away for a time.

I checked myself in the mirror - all body parts were still attached. There was no visible blood or scars and no pain - so nothing was broken.

I walked into the small bathroom. There was a toilet and small cubical with a mouldy crumpled shower curtain, it was horrible and what’s more it stank .

I walked back out and sat on the edge of the bug-infested bed I was laid out on when I woke.

I started to piece last night together. Left work at 6 then went to the gym. I was meeting Harry, a new guy at work at 8, but did I meet him? It was hazy. I couldn’t put it together. All I knew was I was here now.

‘Where is here?’ shot through my mind and ‘How do I get out?’

I searched the room pulling the curtain open to let in more light. I needed answers. Behind the curtain was a small in-window air conditioning unit that was broken with pieces missing from the front. On top was an envelope. On the front, beautifully written in old script was my name and ‘please open’.

I ripped it open and two keys fell to the floor. I tossed the envelope to the floor and opened the neatly folded letter inside.

Written in the same hand was as follows.


Welcome to the game.

Sometimes in life we have to make choices, we can no longer sit on the fence.

Today is that day for you.

You will find two keys one is for transport the other is for a room you need to find. In that room there will be a woman. You are to find her and to follow the instructions she has. You have 1 hour to complete your first objective.

Just so you understand. We have something of yours, something very precious. If you want it back you will not contact the police or try to contact you wife - she will not be available.

Your first clue she will be at the end of the rainbow.’

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I screamed out

‘What’s fucking happening how the fuck did I get into this?’ I tried to recall… nothing came to mind.

 I ran out of the room picking up the keys as I went. The sunshine beat down on me it was hot, the air was thick and I had no idea where I was. There was a car parked about 10 meters away. The rest of the area was abandoned. The motel was run down the main building was in ruins.

I jumped into the car and stuck the key into the ignition. It started.

‘Yes! Yes!’  There was one road out of here so I headed in that direction. I drove for about 40 minutes thoughts running thought my head, all coming back to ‘What the?’ and ‘How?’

I just knew that they, the game people, had something of mine - my wife my family? - I didn’t know.

I turned a large bend and a town appeared ahead. ‘At the end of the rainbow what does that mean?’ I asked myself hitting the steering wheel ‘What does it all bloody mean?’

‘There it is!’ I saw hotel called the rainbow. I pulled up out the front and jumped out and hurried inside.

I didn’t even know who or what I was looking for. I walked over to the reception where a lady was at the counter.

“Hello,” I said my voice getting more frantic as I only had 15 minutes left. “I am Dion Clarkson and I am looking for someone.”

The lady smiled.

“Good morning Mr Clarkson we have been expecting you.” She reached under the desk and pulled out another envelope, handed it to me and walked away.

I ripped it open and read

“Congratulations on your choice

You have a second key, use it to find the room she will be waiting. Remember it’s the choices we make, that makes us who we are.

Time is ticking. You will find her at the end of the rainbow.”

I looked at the second key and then around the lobby, the reception lady was nowhere to be seen.

‘At the end of the fucking rainbow!’ I was beginning to want to kill the fucking leprechaun that I might find there.

I raced to the end of the hallway shoving keys in every door as I went, none fit until I reached the last door - right at the end, of the hall, away from everything.

The door opened and I walked inside.

“Who’s there? Is it you?” I heard a lady’s vice call out.

I found her sitting on the bed. She smiled at me.

“Hi I am Dion. I woke up in a room and I was told to find you. They have my…” Fuck - all the sentences were coming out at once.

She stood up and handed me an envelope. She didn’t say anything. She looked at me as I opened it.

It simply read

‘She is a slut treat her that way.   FUCK HER!!!!!’

A condom fell out of the envelope onto the floor.

Before I had even looked up she was taking off her clothes. She dropped to her knees and grabbed at my zip.

My mind raced ‘I can’t I am married I have a wife - Sally do they have her?’

Sitting on the fence was not helping. I loved my wife - saving her was more important then sex.

She pulled my cock out of my jeans and started to suck on it. She was sucking me deep into her mouth – long, hard sucks - unlike Sally but very effective. I was hard before I knew it.

Grabbing hold of her head I start to pump into her face fucking her mouth with my now hard member.

“Suck it, that’s it suck it you dirty slut.” I said as I continued to pump into her mouth. Her lips were sucking hard each time I pulled out and opening when I thrust back in.

“Get on the bed.” I tell her.

She opened the packet and put the condom in her mouth sliding it over my cock sucking me as she slid it down coating me with her mouth juice. She then complied again without a word.

“On your knees you fucking slut I going to fuck you doggie” I said. My frustration at not knowing what was happening or how Sally was had turned to anger and I intended to take it out on this fucking slut’s holes.

My cock, still coated with her salvia slid straight into her pussy. I thrust all the way in deep inside this beautiful slut I was riding.

‘Fuck her!’ the words came back into my head ‘Fuck her!’ I didn’t have a choice.

Grabbing hold of her I fucked harder then I have ever fucked before pulling her hips hard into me as my cock thrust deep inside her.

“Take that slut! Take it in the fuck hole!” again and again I pounded into her. This tipped her over the edge and she started to moan loudly. She screams out

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m cumming, fuck me, fuck me please!”

“Who are you?” I screamed slapping her on the ass hard to get her attention. 

“Slut! I... I’m a slut for you to fuck!” she yelled, her pussy starting to convulse harder then before. She squealed louder and there was more force on my cock than in her first orgasm.

“Fuck me! Fuck your slut!” she screamed as the pleasure she was receiving overtook thought and reason.

I fucked her hard. “Take it, take it all.” I screamed as my hand once again struck the olive flesh of her ass.

The sting once again brought cries of pleasure and relief as she bucked back against me taking my cock as deeply inside her as possible.

“Not again!” she screamed as another wave of pleasure engulfed her and I continued to spank her ass I trust in and out.

I fucked her until her wave passed then pulled out.

“On your knees slut, suck me!” I commanded.

She did, she sucked me again like her life depended on it. She took me as deep as she could, looking up at me for my approval or just to see the person attached to the cock in her mouth.

“That’s great! Keep sucking fucking slut, keep sucking my cock!” I say looking into her eyes.

There was no need for any words. Her eyes said it all as she continued to suck me as commanded.

‘End of the rainbow……. Slut …… FUCK HER!’ screamed back into my head again.

So I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up.

I dragged a chair to the window and opened the curtain just a little.

“Get on the bed I said get on the bed and play with your pussy. Do it good slut!” I said as I slid into the chair.


She laid on the bed and her hand went straight to work. She wriggeld closer to the side of the bed I was sitting. The sunlight drenched her body.

“Like this? Do you like this?” she asked.

“Hold your pussy open, I want to see inside you. Fucking slut you are!” I said. “Do you like it? Do you like getting fucked? Are you really a slut who craves cock any way you can get it? Show me what you are.” I said now standing and walking to the side of the bed.

I shoved three fingers in her spread, shaved pussy and ground them deep inside her.

“Do you like that? I ask looking deep into her eyes. She didn’t answer.

“Come on slut I asked you something!” I demanded to know  

“Yes I do I like it.” She says in a soft voice

I stuck a forth finger inside her already red pussy and thrashed about with wild abandon.

“Shall I? Are you a slut will you take a fisting?”

She shook her head to say no but it was too late. My pussy soaked hand slipped straight into her pussy tunnel - it opened up for me easily and my hand fitted nicely inside her hole as her outer lips clung to my wrist for dear life.

“Aaaahhhhhhh!” she screamed “You’re ripping me in two! Stop! Fuck stop!”

“Are you a slut? If so take it!”

She fell quiet for a time then said

“Yes I’m a slut. Fuck me, use me, I’m a slut.” she resigned herself to her fate.

I started to move my fingers inside her and slowly at first started to pull out putting pressure on her putter lips with each tug.

“Oh yes that’s so fucking full. I am so fucking full. You’re fucking stretching me so fucking wide.” she said as her hole began to open.

I increased my speed as I ran my free hand over her body pull tugging at her nipples and breasts.

“Do it! Do it! Fist that hole!” she screamed as she was driven past any reasonable limits and could only hang on to the mind blowing orgasm passing through her system.

“Yesssssssssss aaaarrggggg yeees ssss fist meee fist my slut fucking hole!” she screamed over and over as the juices now slid out of her fuck hole with my hand.

I fisted her again and again, she opened her legs wider doing as I command each time.

“Get back on your knees.” I said as slid my fist out of her well-worked hole.

She did as I instructed.

“Now pull your ass open.” I adjusted the condom and rubbed some of her pussy juice all over it.

She has opened her ass hole as wide as she could.

I walked behind her and slid my cock slowly into her ass.

She wilted for a second.

“Are you a slut or not?” I demanded to know.

She kneeled firm and strong.

“I am a slut fuck my ass if you wish.” She said without even looking at me.

I did. I shoved my cock straight back in and start to fuck this tight, delicious hole with no patience and no mercy. I fucked her ass like a madman having his first and last fuck all in one.

“Fuck that’s tight; your ass is so fucking tight. Keep taking it.” I told her.

She did. She kneeled proud and firm as my member relentlessly fucked her rear hole.

I felt the unmistakable feeling of cum on its way so I continued to fuck her harder.

“Ohhh fuck slut I’m coming, I’m going to fucking cum.”

Within an inch of cumming I pulled out, sliding off the condom, and pushing her over in one motion. Jumping up on the bed over her I shot my load. Shot after shot of hot sticky cum flew out of the end of my dick striking her all over her body as if I was a painter creating art and she was my canvas .

“Aaaaaaarrrrgggggg yes.” I screamed as each load hit its desired result. I kept pulling until the last drops dripped into her open mouth.

“Wow what was something!” I said.

She nodded. Then she went to the bed under the pillow. There were two envelopes one for each of them

She read the one addressed to her out loud.

‘Congratulations you have completed the game you are a winner. There is a car in the parking lot outside. The navigation system is programed to guide you home. Your part in the game is complete.’

She handed me the other envelope and went to the shower to clean off.

‘Mr Clarkson - congratulations you are a winner.

You already have transport the coordinates to you home are programed in to guide you home

Good-bye and thanks for playing the game.’

I walked into the bathroom.

“Can you tell me anything?” I ask.

She stuck her head out of the shower and shook it.

“I woke up here, I had a large envelope one marked with the number 1. The other envelopes with your name and my name were only to be opened only once I completed my first task.”

“Which was?” I asked.

“Getting fucked like a true slut by whoever came in that door.” She said.

“I am married, my husband has never done the things you have done to me.” she said with her head down.

“I am married too, I have never cheated before, never even thought about it.” I replied.

She got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her then walked into the other room and got dressed.

“They told me the had something precious to me and if I didn’t I….”

“You knew you would never see them again…” I finished her sentence for her.

Completely dressed she picked up the key and walked to the door.  

She turned and looked at me then she closed the door behind her.

We had shared something to gain something but I am sure we had both also lost something during the game.

I drove home not knowing what was next. ‘Was it over? Was Sally home? Was she alright?’

I rushed inside - there she was sitting in the kitchen.

“Hey babe” she called “how was your day?”

‘Do I tell her? Can I? Does she know?’ again my mind wandered.

“So?” she asked.

I still stood there dumb-founded not knowing what to tell her.

“What you been out fucking all day or something?” she said with a serious look.

“Ah, no, I was…” I stammered trying to come up with something… anything.

“Honey its OK you know I’m playing with you.” she said … “Its just a game.”

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