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Yes they call me things. Slut, mole, bitch whore… Maybe I am? But at least I now get what I want. Jamie was the first married man I corrupted and slept with. Yes he was a friend’s partner but that just made it all the more fun. rings

I can tell you where it started… I had just had enough.

Man after man promising the world. Then giving me an atlas.

I was sexually unsatisfied and decided ‘no more!’

I also realized that all the best men were taken. So if I wanted good stuff I had to go where the good stuff is…

Taken men

Yes they call me things.

Slut, mole, bitch whore… Maybe I am? But at least I now get what I want. 

Jamie was the first married man I corrupted and slept with. Yes he was a friend’s partner but that just made it all the more fun.

I knew his likes, wants and desires because Kate had told me all about them over and over. So I knew exactly how to get him. And the game was on.

I knew Kate had gone away for the weekend - I saw it on her Facebook page so I decided to drop over to her place.

I wore a short skirt and tight top and my put hair in pig-tails. My nails were painted red just as Jamie liked. I looked hot.

I knocked at the door holding a box of stuff that I had told Kate I would drop over - donations for the school fundraising. Jamie answered the door.

“Oh Michelle it’s you.” he said looking me up and down slowly.

My cunt pulsed as I knew he had already taken the bait.

“Hi Jamie, I told Kate I was going to drop off these two boxes for the school fete is she home?” I asked. Knowing full well she wasn’t.

“No, sorry she’s gone away for the weekend.” he replied. She’ll be back on Sunday evening.

“Oh I’m really sorry, I’ll come back another time.” I said doing my best ‘damsel in distress’ pitch.

“It’s OK I can take them for her,” he said sticking out his chest and arms to take the box from me.

“OK great I’ll just go and get the other box from the car.” I said.

I opened the back door of my car. Jamie had put the first box aside and followed me out. I bent over allowing my short skirt to ride up and bare my perfectly shaven pussy and ass to him. I never wear undies unless it is totally necessary.

Today it was totally necessary not to wear them.

I pretended to struggle with the box. I felt Jamie’s gaze on my moist pussy, which was staring right back at him.  He just gazed, not saying a word.

When he was directly behind me and I pulled the box a little harder pushing back so his crotch impacted with mine.

“Oh sorry I didn’t know you were there.” I lied.

“Yes I… I… just got here,” he fumbled. His face was bright red.

“Here it is.” I said handing him the box. “I think you may need a glass of water - you look a bit hot.” I added.

“Yes I am hot… oh its is hot…  I mean.” Jamie sputtered the words out.

His stumbling words made me certain he was on the hook and it was time to reel him in.

“It is hot.” I agreed, “I would love a cold drink if you have one,” tightening my net just a bit more.

“Sure come in. We have cold drinks in the fridge.” he offered.

“Only if it’s not to much trouble.” I said looking flirtingly at him once more.

“No trouble at all.” he said with a smile.

I passed him the box and followed him inside. He put the box down next to the first one.

“Oh gee ooops silly me.” I said looking shy. “I need these - I didn’t know they were here.” I said picking up my white suspender set and stockings.

“They must have fallen in last night during well… you know…” I said seeing his eyes light up.

Kate had told me about his passion for pig-tails and suspenders and I was playing right up to it.

Jamie passed me a bottle of cold water from the fridge. I opened the top sucking on the open end just a little before drinking some down.

“Would you like some?”  I said holding the bottle in my cleavage.

“Yes …….. ah… um… oh… It’s ok I have one.” he said.

“I wasn’t talking about the drink Jamie.” I said as I started to lift up my skirt - my hand rubbing my pussy -pulling it apart exposing my pink inner loveliness.

“You… I’m… married! You’re my wife’s friend I can’t. No!”

“Jamie your words say no, but you cock is going to break through your shorts.” I said.

“Are you sure?” I asked as I walked closer to him and started to rub his hard cock through his shorts.

“Oh that would feel so good in me.” I purred into his ear.

“Oh fuck I’m married… I...” He stopped talking as I took a few steps back and started to put on my stockings and suspender belt.

That was it. He was gone. He was mine. The challenge was won and I felt like the ruler of the nation.

I slowly took my top off. My nipples were as hard as my pussy was wet.

“Come here Jamie. Come suck my girls. Make them feel good.”

He approached me slowly as I leant on the kitchen bench. He bent and pulled my right nipple into his mouth sucking softly as he fondled my left breast.

I ran my fingers through his hair stopping at the back.

“Suck them.” I said “Come on. You’re not being free – remember you’re sucking for pleasure Jamie. My pleasure.”

Instantly he increased his sucking pulling my nipples into his mouth as he sucked moving from girl to girl until I was ready for more.

“Jamie take off your clothes.” I said.

He complied and dropped them where he stood.

“The bedroom Jamie. Where is it? Where is your bedroom?”

“We can’t do it there. No. We can’t.” he pleaded.

“No? Really? OK then.” I reached for my shirt and started putting it on.

“What are you doing?” Jamie yelled. His eyes were bulging as much as his 8-inch thick, hard cook.

“I’m out of here. If you want this it’s my way Jamie. It’s that simple.” I picked up my skirt and headed for the door.

“Michelle stop … please stop. The room’s this way.” he said dropping his head.

We walked into the bedroom. Jamie followed me like a naughty schoolboy. A schoolboy controlled by his cock.

“Well why are you waiting Jamie? Your cock is still hard. Sit on the chair and wank it for me.” I commanded.

They had a beautiful girly room with photos on the wall and next to their bed. The chairs matched the curtains carpet and bed setting in color.

Jamie sat down without a word and started to pull on his cock.

“Harder Jamie harder! I want to see you wank like you mean it.” I commanded.

I watched him feeling strong and powerful that this man was complying with my every instruction. And what’s more he was loving it.

“More Jamie. Get off the chair and on your knees.” I commanded.

I walked over and took up position on the chair. The chair Kate had been fucked in so many times before. I know that because she had told us all.

“Eat me! Come lick my wet pussy. Do it good or I won’t let you fuck me.”

Jamie crawled over and went straight to work licking and slurping at my pussy and hole. His tongue found my bud and he licked and sucked it in a maddening motion that I am sure most men think makes us girls feel good.

“No Jamie.” I grabbed his head. “Here! I want you to lick here. I will tell you when to lick and when to suck. I want it slow at first then increase your pace but never take your tongue or lips off my clit. Do you understand?”

“Yes I will. I need to suck and lick your clit.” he answered

He did just as I asked. He was mine. Putty in my hands. And unlike all the other useless fucks, so far Jamie was fucking awesome.

I lay back on the chair and he did as instructed. Bringing me closer and closer to a body-zapping orgasm with each lap of my clit.

“Ok now stick two fingers inside me and finger fuck me as you are licking. Alternate between sucking and licking. Don’t stop.” I demanded.

He lapped it up. The more I told him what to do the better he got and the better I felt. My body rocked forward as his fingers found the inner reassess of my hole. My clit was lost in the pleasure his tongue was applying. I came my juices dripping out of me as the screams flew through the air.

“Suck it! Suck it hard!” I screamed.

“Don’t stop! Shove another finger in as well, keep going keeeeeeepppppp going.” I screamed - my voice was along for the ride as well.

I have never felt an orgasm so intense. The muscles all through my body tensed as the waves of lust ran past them and exploded out of both sets of lips.

I grabbed his head and bucked into his face until the pleasure subsided.

“Oh fuck Jamie that was so good. Too good, you have a very lucky wife. You know she told me you like to have your balls sucked. Is that true?” I asked.

“Yes I love it.” he replied.

“Lick me clean.” I chirped

He bent back over and licked around my outer pussy walls sucking my girl juice all up and making my pussy glisten - each tap of my clit sending another pleasure hit to my soul.

I stood up and jumped on the bed. I laid on my back with my head off the end.

“Well over you come. You want your balls sucked don’t you?” I asked.

He paused for a bit, then he walked over without a word.

Was it seeing me on the bed where his wife should be? I don’t know. But his cock was as hard as ever.

He mounted my face letting his balls drop into my greedy, open mouth.

I’ve sucked balls a thousand times, but never did they taste as good as this. They were in my mouth because I wanted them and I get what I want. I sucked and licked them rolling them around in my mouth until I wanted to taste his thick, hard meat.

“Oh Jamie be a good boy. Stick that cock in my mouth.” I said.“You want it ready to fuck me right?” I teased

“Yes in your mouth and in your pussy. Oh Michelle you have no idea how much I want to fuck you.” he said. Desperation accompanied every word.

I rolled onto my tummy and he fed his cock into my mouth. It was so big I had to stretch my lips to get it in my mouth and could only manage the head. I sucked him hard like Kate had told us all he liked.

“Oh that’s great! That is so fucking perfect.” he screamed as I sucked harder and harder. I pushed him back and looked at him.

“I chose you Jamie because Kate told me you fuck like a man possessed.” I said.

“I want you to fuck me that way. I want you to ram my pussy until it’s red and sore and until I stop you and beg ‘no more’. Do you understand?” I always ensure that what I want is clear and understood.

“Yes totally! Fuck you good and fuck you hard.” He answered

“I will. I will fuck you.” he repeated.

“Well off you go. Show me what a good fuck is then.” I command

The power in the control was as good or better than the sex itself. I almost came as I gave him my instructions.

He needed no more guidance.

He pulled me around by my leg and dragged me to the end of the bed. I was the perfect height for him to stand and fuck me while I lay spread on their marital bed.

He spread my legs wide and rammed his cock straight inside me as if he was now finally getting control.

“Wider Michelle spread your legs so I can fuck you good.” he yelled.

I complied with ease. This was what I wanted. What I had come here for.

“Fuck me Jamie, oh that cock is so fucking big you are fucking filling me. Come on. Do as you promised.” I demanded.

He started to fuck me well. Long and hard. Over and over he pounded into my well-fucked pussy hole. With each pound his pelvis rammed into my clit adding another sensation to the pleasure my stretched pussy hole was taking.

“Fuck me fuck me that’s it, take me take meeeeeee.” I screamed as another orgasm flooded my system.

Jamie kept pounding into me, he grabbed my legs harder pulling me into him and he thrashed about inside my well-beaten hole.

Again and again I came. Everything from mini pleasures to thunderous uncontrollable orgasms shook my body and sent a stream of love juice over his rock hard cock.

“More” I screamed, “Fuck me Jamie, fuck me. Better than you fuck your wife! Fuck you cheating shit.” I yelled reminding him of his place.  

He grabbed hold of my hips and slammed me into him as hard as he could. I felt the head of his cock smack into the back walls of my inner womanhood and loved it.

Throwing me around the bed and shoving into me at will he pounded away again and again.

Then with my legs high in the air Jamie pounded in deep on top of me.

“Harder fuck you! Come on, fuck me you fucking shit fuck me.” I screamed willing him on to render my hole useless.  With each word I yelled he pounded harder again and again.

“Cum fuck you! Cum!” I finally screamed. My pussy was beaten and battered more then ever before in its life.

“Cum or get the fuck out of me.” I screamed.

 “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fffffuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkkkk”

Jamie closed his eyes tight. Was he picturing Kate? Was it loss of all control? I don’t know. I just know he pounded me longer and harder then I have ever been done before.

My pussy closed in on him allowing him to cum, grabbing his cock and milking it until each drop of Jamie juice was emptied deep inside me.

“Aaahhh fuckkk fuckkk take it all take it!” His words drifted away as did his thrusts.

I lay back, my body still shaking form the ramming it had just received.

“Oh Jamie you are such a good boy.” I said.

I was happy that I had just been fucked better then I had ever been fucked before. And, even better, I had controlled it all.

He stood there with his cock in hand.

“Michelle you are a super fuck. That was so hot. You took me so fucking easily. Kate never lets me fuck her so wild like that.”

I stood up as the waves of pleasure subsided. Each move I made reminded me that my pussy had just been violated in the most pleasurable way.

“Why thank you kind sir.” I replied.

I walked downstairs grabbing a towel and wiping myself down as I went. I found my clothes and got dressed.

Grabbing the drink I had started two hours earlier, I sculled it down.

Jamie waked downstairs, his cock was soft but still looked so suckable. But I had got what I wanted and I felt so fucking great.

“Are you sure you need to leave” Jamie pleaded.

“I’ve had enough for today. But who knows what might happen in the future? Until then I’m sure this will be our little secret.”

I turned and walked to the door. Stopping to look at that sexy, well-hung specimen of a man one last time I turned again and set of into the sunlight for the rest of my day.

Jamie was the first of many married men.

Maybe I am a slut, a cheat, bitch and a whore?…

But I get fucked well and good every time and I’m happy with that.

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