One night stand between total strangers

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I was very horny chatting on line with a friend, while doing my work at the hotel i seduced a client ended up fucked and well tipped by him. rings By Dina Petro

I was working the evening shift at the hotel as a housekeeper when I was involved in a hot sexual conversation chat with Berry who lives in another country, Berry knew all of my sexual secrets, he also had the magic words of turning me on, at a certain point of time, Berry was detailing to me how he was virtually licking and eating my pussy, sucking on my hard clit, I was getting so horny, I got rid of my panties and was rubbing my pussy till I came.

Although Berry made me cum or he made me masturbate till I had an orgasm, but I wasn’t sexually satisfied yet, I felt I was in bad need for a real cock to penetrate my cunt and fuck me to full orgasm and satisfaction. At that time, I had to go to the service cabinet at the upper floor hallway, to organize it and get something out of it, it was a duty call although my pussy was still itching and so wet, without putting my panties back on, I just went to the upper floor.

I was standing in front of the service cabinet, which is located at the main, semi dark hallway, I heard a room door click opening, I looked, it was an older client trying to get out of his room, he didn’t see or notice me looking in the direction of his room, I turned around so quick with my back to his direction.

Being the naughty woman I am, and the state of uncontrollable horniness I was in, all together had set my slutty mind on fire to do some strange, slutty show to that client, I bent over the hoover on the floor as if doing something to it, but I knew I was flashing my bare ass and pussy under my short uniform skirt to the eyesight of that stranger, I did not hear any other door clicks as a sign of closing it again, neither did I hear any movement of the man, I knew for sure by then, he was enjoying the sexy show I was giving him.

A couple of minutes later, I decided it was enough, I straightened up, started turning around when I heard him saying, “Excuse me Miss, do you work here? I need some help please”

I walked towards him with a smile saying, “Yes Sir. I do, how can I help you please?”
I heard the man mumbling to himself in low voice, but I could still hear it, ‘Damn, you are so sexy, cute and hot’

I said, “excuse me Sir, I didn’t hear you?”

He seemed a little nervous saying, “Sorry, I mean, I need to ask you a question, but it is a discrete, private one, could you please step in, I don’t want anybody else to hear us?”

I nodded smiling, stepped into his room, he followed me closing the door behind him, inside his hotel room, right behind the door, I asked him again, “What kind of help could I offer you Sir?”

he said, “I have a personal problem, does this hotel have some special services or any other company to offer such services through the hotel”

I said, “what kind of special services you need, maybe I could help you with that?”

He seemed shy or acting shy, looking downwards trying to hide something at his crotch area, which was building up making a tent, I liked that, I felt flattered one way or another, I smiled saying, “Trust me Sir, please say it whatever it is”

He had all the power and courage gathered at once, which shocked me, he just held my hand, pulled it towards his crotch placing it on his hard cock over his pants, without jumping or reacting negatively, keeping my hand under the control of his hand, I giggled saying, “Oh, you need a call service, there is nothing to be ashamed of, using your money, you can ask for any woman of your choice?”

He said, “Yes I need immediate help, I am willing to pay no matter what it takes, I was hoping you could…” he just stopped talking, but still looking me straight in the eyes with his hand holding mine tight over his hard cock.

I am not stupid, I knew the guy wanted me to do it, but I was in no position to refuse, it was the exact thing I was in bad need for, his cock under my hand felt kind of nice and big, without thinking twice about it, I looked him back in the eyes, rubbed his cock a little with my hand saying, “You don’t mean you want me to do that sir, do you?”

Pushing my hand tighter over his cock he said, “Well, I am not exactly saying that, but I was hoping you would, since it is you who caused it anyway”

As if I didn’t know it, I almost shouted, “Me? How come, how and where?”

He said, “I am sure it was unintentional by you, but in case you did not know, you seem to have forgotten to wear some panties under that sexy short skirt of yours, which means I was so lucky to have been rewarded with a look at one of the hottest, most erotic, gorgeous pussy of yours, I was unable to control myself since that moment”

Deep inside, I knew it was me and knew I did it on purpose as well, I did not want to make it a longer conversation about it, to avoid lying or falsifying things, I just said,

“Well, if you want me to take care of it, then we cannot call it paying in this case, we are not allowed to do such thing at the hotel, but we could go around the bush by calling it generous tips, if that suits you?”

As if he could not believe his ears, he did not seem to expect me to accept his offer that easy or that fast, he was shocked and happy same time, he hugged me so close whispering in my ear, “we can call it anything you want, as long as I get to that pleasure of yours hidden under these clothes, I will make it tips to remember for ever for you, I promise”

While hugging me he pulled me towards his bed, he kissed me on the cheeks first, then on the lips, then his tongue was trying to find its way deep inside my mouth, I was passionately responding to all of that, kissing him back, circling my tongue in his mouth as well, his hands were roaming all over my body, feeling my ass, my tits, then I felt his hand lifting my skirt up, there were no barriers to stop his hand from directly feeling my fully bare assets under my skirt, which we both knew I was pantie less.

He managed to get me on bed on my back, slowly stripped me to fully nude, he was admiring my body with all kinds of sweet complimentary words, telling me it wasn’t in his dreams to ever find a hot, gorgeous sexy, young woman under his full control like that, I was flattered again and was determined to give him all the pleasure he deserved while enjoying it to the best I could at the same time.

He had literally felt, touched, kissed, and licked every single inch of my body before getting to my pussy, he sucked my nipples pinched them hard, then he was finally at my hot, welcoming cunt, he licked me like there was no tomorrow, two orgasms in serries I had during that lovely action of his, towards my sex hungry body at that time.

By then, he had already stripped nude, I got on my knees, held his lovely, around nine inches long, and super thick cock in hand, I passed the tip of my tongue over its swelled, reddish helmet first, I passed my tongue under his cock, and along its length on the side, opening my lips wide, making a circle I wrapped my lips around his dick and started giving him the blow job of his life, I know I am very good at that, I was told I am the expert among my friends in sucking cocks.

He could not take it anymore, he wanted me to stop, he said, “I would love to feel my cock spasming its cum deep inside that lovely upper fuck hole of yours, your mouth, but I don’t want it to fail me in getting hard again, I hate to lose the opportunity to feel it deep inside your other fuck holes if I could?”

I giggled, lying on my back on bed, widespread for him to fuck me saying, my other fuck holes, you seem to be hoping to fuck my ass as well?”

He just inhaled some air saying, “I wish, would it be possible, it would be a dream come true for me babe?”

He was already pushing his cock against my outer pussy lips, it started invading my, cock hungry pussy, I whispered in his ear, “If you continue to be as good, nothing is impossible”

He fucked me like there was no tomorrow, I felt his monstrous cock slamming my cunt like a jack hammer, at least ten minutes later, he wanted the fucking position changed, he got me on all fours and fucked me doggy for another ten minutes, I had two more orgasms being fucked that way, once my last orgasm had subsided, he pulled out of my pussy, got on his knees behind me and started eating my pussy again, but this time he was eating and rimming my asshole as well, making me fly to heaven, I loved the feeling of his tongue being dipped deep in my pussy and ass alternatively.

He got up again, fucked me in my pussy for a few strokes, without thinking about it or discussing it, he pulled out of my cunt, and started rubbing his cockhead to my annus, pushing it slowly till its head popped into my rear fuck hole, he seemed to have taken my previous words as an approval for him to fuck me in the ass, which were anyway.

It is true he was stretching my ass hole and inner ass walls with his lovely fat and long cock, but it felt like heaven on earth for me, it was just what I wanted and exact same time I needed it, a good fuck was my hope and wish and there it was happening faster than I had ever dreamed.

At the exact time I had one more orgasm, he was moaning louder and louder announcing he was ready to cum, he pulled out of me, I turned around, took his cock in my mouth, sucked on it till I was rewarded with the first huge cum shot in my mouth, followed by another, then a third till he offloaded his dick in my mouth, over my face, tits and everywhere over my body.

After a few minutes of relaxation for both of us, I rushed to the bathroom, got cleaned up, put my clothes back on and told him I was ready to go back to work, he pushed a nice bundle of money into my hand, kissed me on the lips whispering in my ear, “These are your tips for the lovely evening I got, it is not a pay in any way of course, you are not a whore for sure, but ten whores together in my bed would not have given me half the pleasure I got from you, thanks again”

I thanked him, kissed him back and walked out of his room, closing the door behind me without knowing anything about him or him about me, we left it at being ‘one night stand between total strangers’.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]
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