A businessman with a fetish

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Semi-nude Lili met the business man to have a contract signed, he had a pantyhose fetish, her pantyhose drove him crazy banner2
By Dina Petro

Lili of 29 years old is a good-looking woman with a sexy, curvy body, nice big size set of tits, works as an executive secretary at a company, she happens to be an open-minded woman, being a bi-sexual woman who loves and enjoys lots of sex gave her rich sexual experiences.

Richard, her boss called Lili to his office, holding a contract folder in his hand saying, “Lili, you know all the details of this contract, don’t you?”

She said, “Yes sir, I sure do”

The boss said, “I would like you to kindly take it to Mr. Simons’ office, he is there, waiting for it, he will read it and sign it, please take it personally to him, he may need some explanations about some points”

Lili, “of course Sir, right away”

The boss said, “Mr. Simons’ secretary and staff has already left, it is closing time for them, but he is in the office, just walk straight into his office please”


Now, continuation of the story with a different speaker, the writer Dina Petro, impersonating the heroine of the story Lili.

I picked the contract up, hopped into my car and drove away, the company I was going to was not far from our office, only a few driving minutes, I reached the company, as told, I walked straight into Mr. Simons’ office, he stood up, greeted me and asked me to be seated next to his desk, facing him because we wanted to read the contract together.

Without any prefaces or formalities, after greeting me, we went direct forward to business, he was reading the contract and I was waiting for any question or clarification needed. I knew Mr. Simon, we met a few times at work, all I knew he was a firm, serious and stiff man, he doesn’t flirt with women at all during work, or that was what I knew about him, but I noticed him looking at me once in a while, checking me out top to toe while he was reading the contract.

It was a hot summer day and I was dressed lightly, more of slutty outfit I would say, a daring, short, light material floral dress, low cut top, with a top zipper that was partially unzipped showing my cleavage and most of my tits, I had no bra under the dress, I also had no panties either, but I was wearing a pair of fully transparent pantyhose.

Mr. Simon asked a few questions about some paragraphs in the contract, which were cleared by myself, he didn’t say a word till he was done, he folded the contract folder after his signature saying, “this mission is done”

I thanked him, picked the contract up and was about to get up when he stopped me, looking downwards almost whispering, “Can I buy your pantyhose for (…) dollars, a big amount of money, worth buying dozens of pantyhose’s, my lower jaw almost dropped to the ground of a shock, I asked smiling, “What did you say Mr. Simos?”

He smiled saying, “well, I am a businessman, I gave you an offer for buying your pantyhose, you have the right to accept or reject the offer”

Although I am not the type of a shy girl at all, but I was almost embarrassed, flushed all red only from the surprise not from the subject itself no matter what it was, I know I am up to such things.

He looked me straight in the eyes with a wide smile saying, “I know you did not expect such an act from me, but to be honest, I will till you a secret, I have a pantyhose fetish, and from the minute you walked in and I saw your hot, sexy pantyhose over that sexy, hot body of yours, I could hardly concentrate on anything”

I smiled saying, “You are right Mr. Simone, from what I know about you, you are not like that, but it doesn’t bother me at all by the way, I know the money you offered could buy dozens of pantyhose’s, but I will accept your offer if it makes you happy, what should I do, take it off, or you have some conditions to the deal?”

He laughed saying, “No you don’t do anything please, your acceptance makes the pair of pantyhose my property, and I would like to do whatever I like with it if ok with you?”

I unintentionally tried to cover up a little, by pushing my lower dress end down, zipping my top when he stopped me saying, “no mam, you leave everything the way it is please, and leave it for me to handle it from this moment on”

He got up, turned around his desk walked to me, held my arm, helped me up, turned me around a couple of times, lifting my dress up a bit as if checking my pantyhose, in fact he seemed to have been checking my fully showing semi-bare assets under the dress and pantyhose, then in a sudden move he pushed me on the chair on my knees, he ripped my pantyhose off making a big hole around my ass and pussy revealing them to his eye sight, he lowered his head and started licking my ass hole without a word.

I have to admit liking what he was doing, he was licking my ass and fingering it till I was so horny and so wet, then he got up, got rid of his shirt, pushed his pants and boxers down to his knees, revealing a long, rock hard cock, he started rubbing it to my asshole, then started fucking me in the ass, I didn’t object at all, it wasn’t the first time I get fucked anal of course.

He was slowly and carefully pushing his huge cock into my back fuck hole inch after another till he was balls deep in me, he froze for a moment till he got a clear sign from me for him to go on with what he was doing and he started fucking me in the ass like the real whore I deserved to be fucked.

Mr. Simon wasn’t an older man like most businessmen, he was a handsome, tall man of mid-forties, he fucked me nonstop for a good while before he stopped, pulled out of my ass, helped me up, turned me around till I was on my back over his desk, he cut more holes out of my pantyhose, used his lips and teeth to do so, he pushed his cock in some holes pushing my hose up and away, then he bent over, licked my pussy till I came all over his mouth and tongue.

He started teasing my pussy and my hose with his monster dick, till he finally pushed it in my cunt and fucked me again, real hard, fast and deep to near satisfaction, I came at least three to four times during his fucking me process, finally, Mr. Simon was about to cum when I got off his desk, on my knees, took his cock in my mouth, started sucking on it, milking it till he rewarded me with a huge load of cum, all over my face, hair, tits and the rest of my body, I sucked him dry clean again and ran to the office bathroom for clean up and to get dressed again.

When I came back, he was fully dressed and ready to leave the office, he walked to me, handed me a good amount of money with a big kiss on the lips whispering in my ear, “Lili, please do not take it any other way, we are business people after all, we had a deal and mission accomplished, I am paying for the deal that is all babe”

I smiled saying, “but this money is a lot more than the offer you gave me to buy my pantyhose Sir,”

He laughed saying, “Yes, part of it is for buying the pantyhose, and the rest for being so kind allowing me to use my pantyhose over your body, the way I did”

I laughed pocketing the money saying, “you mean, it doesn’t mean I have acted like a whore or a hooker who got fucked and paid?”

He said right away, “not at all, no way my dear, I would not have done it if you were one anyway, but I have a request to make please?”

I said, “yes please, anything you want will be done without questioning”

He said, “What had just happened here is our secret, only you and me would know about it, is that a deal?”

I got closer, wrapped my arms around him, hugged him close and kissed him passionately on the lips and said, “of course Mr. Simon”

He laughed saying, “honey, you don’t call a man who had just fucked you, Mr. Simon, Jack is the name for you, and I am sorry you will have to go back without any panties or pantyhose”

I laughed saying, “no problem at all Jack, I have dozens of them”

He laughed saying, “which means, we could still have more business deals?”

By then I had already opened the office door, walked out, turned around peeking through the cracked door saying, “of course, any time, just wave at me, my body and all of my pantyhose’s will be under your control and for your service” I closed the door and walked out.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]
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