The special, Quick mission

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My boss asked me to get a contract signed by a business associate at his house, I ended up getting fucked, but I got it signed. cheating By Dina Petro

Working for an insurance regional office in our city, I was the executive secretary to the General Manager and the public relations officer as well, to have a comfortable working job with some extra privileges, more than what other employees or secretaries at the company get, I had to offer some sacrifices here and there, the sacrifices were not small, but they were good to allow me to chose my own preferable working hours and do lots of things that others were not allowed.

I happen to be a good-looking woman of late twenties with a sexy, curvy figure, my boss is a big flirt man of late forties, a good looking one, although my boss was married, but he happens to be a woman lover who would always require more of flirting, eyeing and much more. He was granted a comfortable access to my body a couple of times at first, yes, we had sex at the office a couple of times when I started working for him.

He kept asking me to wear some sexy, revealing clothes at work which pleased him and enhanced him to work better as he claimed, he went further by asking me to shorten my skirts and dresses, dropping the bra and the panties and working without them, which was fine with me, except that everything has a price.

I am one hell of a sex loving woman who would take any chance to enjoy sex with the men I like out of the clients and customers who visited the office, but that went further by trying to utilize my body and pleasure to make some extra money here and there, we could call it tips, or whatever, I know there is one and only one meaning to it, whoring or sex for money, some kind of a hidden prostitution if we may, but so what? I had no problem with that, no atter what it would be called.

When things got deeper and further with the boss, realizing that I was making some extra money here and there, we had some kind of a deal, I could do anything I want as long as it is behind walls without affecting the companies work or image, but in return I had to promise him to utilize my body to facilitate some of the work when and if needed, that is over and above availing my body for him personally and for some of his close friends or special gusts.

Coming back to our today’s story, my boss, Jim, called me into his office, he handed me a folder saying:

“Cindy, this is a contract that needs to be signed by Mr. Jackson, my friend and our business associate, I would like you to personally handle that please, I will email you his address and GPS location in a minute”

I said, “Yes sir, consider it done, but when should I go there?”

He said, “I will try to contact him and see his availability, he said he could not pass by the office or my house because he is traveling tonight”

I went back to my office while Jim was traying to call his friend, only a few minutes later, I received the needed information’s through my email, then Jim asked me to step into his office again, he said, “you have received the needed information’s I believe?”

I nodded, he said, “You can go now, he has a gathering of a few important VIPs of businessmen and women, he also wants to do us a favor giving you a chance for a few minutes to advertise for our company, right before their leaving time, which is soon”

I said, “Yes sir” I turned around, started walking towards his office door when he stopped me, he was checking me out, top to toe with a smile, he got up, walked towards me, got closer, hugged, and kissed me on the lips, pushed his hand up my skirt rubbed my pussy over my panties and whispered in my ears:

“Honey, this contract is very important for me and for our company, I need to have it signed no matter what it takes, I mean get it signed even if you have to lift your skirt up and lower your panties”

I said, “What? Is he going to fuck me to sign the contract, didn’t you have an agreement with him on the signature?”

He giggled saying, “we did, but I know the guy very well, he is a woman’s loving man, never gets enough of them and always needed enhancement to do anything, but he had promised me to take care of your tips for taking the contract over to him”

I looked at myself, I was wearing a mini skirt and a formal suit type black fully buttoned top, a pair of thigh high stockings and a matching set of black bra and panties under my clothes, with a pair of high heels, I looked him back saying, “do I have to loosen up a little, maybe drop the bra and panties and leave them here as a part of seduction plan, if you want me to?”

He giggled saying, “No need for that, he knows what he wants and knows how to get to it so fast, he is a businessman who utilizes his time perfectly well, you will need no seductions at all babes”

I smiled saying, “well, at least I am getting tipped, but what if he forgets to tip me after he fucks the hell out of me?”

He kissed me again saying, “I will buy you dinner and tip you well, if you come back with the signed copy of the contract, just go now please”

Without any changes to what I was wearing, I grabbed my car keys and the contract and walked out, I arrived at his door on time, I did not know the man by the way, may be I had seen him before at the office but I could not remember till that moment, when he opened the door for me, I remembered him, he was the handsome business man of late thirties.

While walking through the entrance corridor to his living room, he whispered in my ear saying, “my guests are top VIP’s, they are about leaving, please take no more than five minutes to brief them about your company, then we will both see them off and talk about our business”

Everything went fine as scheduled, his guests left, he came back to the living room, I was standing there when he checked me out top to toe with a smile, I thought we were about to start taking about business while he would be flirting with me or sweet talks me, but I was wrong, he wasted no time at all.

He looked me in the eyes saying, “you are a gorgeous woman Cindy, I have a feeling you would taste as good as you look, and those hot, thick mouth lips of yours were created to give the best blow job I would guess, am I right?”

Wow, true I am a wide-open minded woman, a sex loving, well experienced slut, but such direct forward words embarrassed me, I was blushing red without saying a word, I just looked down, he got closer, placed a quick peek on my cheeks, then a quick kiss on my lips, I did not fight it or stop him at all.

He said, “did your boss warn you about me?”

I nodded smiling, he continued saying, “then you already know we are running out of time, I have to catch a flight right after feeling your sweet lips around my cock and tasting your pussy?”

My lower jaw almost dropped to the floor, but he started unbuckling his built already and I had decided to come back to being me, the real slutty whore I am, I got down on my knees in front of him, once he pushed his pants and boxers down, I was shocked by the size of the monstrous dick he had when it sprung to my face, but nothing I could not handle, I held it in my hand, checked it out before I started licking its tip, passing my tongue over its length and started sucking on it like the cock sucking expert whore I happen to be, he was moaning, enjoying my cock sucking procedures, I was shocking him by taking every inch of his long, thick cock deep down my throat.

A few minutes later, he stopped me saying, I do not want to cum like that, I have other plans, I still have a couple of more holes to go through before I give you my cum darling”

I knew he wanted to fuck the hell out of all my fuck holes, but I was almost prepared for it anyway, I stripped off, he was helping me, he got me in doggy position over the couch, got behind me and started licking my pussy like an expert pussy eater till I was screaming loud with my pussy juices flowing in his mouth, he got up, held his huge cock in hand and started fucking me doggy for at least 10-15 minutes making me cum one more time that way.

He stopped as of a sudden, pulled his cock out of my leaking wet cunt, helped me up and took me to the side arm rest of the couch, he stood me there backwards and helped me get over the side arm rest on my back, he was positioned in between my legs, he licked my pussy and ass for a couple of minutes, then he was teasing my pussy and ass with the length of his cock, he was rubbing the length of his dick to my pussy lips and my ass hole ring, finally he looked me in the eyes, placed his cock helmet at the entrance of my rear fuck hole and started applying some pressure pushing it in me.

Like I have mentioned earlier, I have no problem being fucked in my ass or in any fuck hole of my body indeed, I am one hell of a cock loving woman who would accept being fucked anywhere, his cock started sliding slowly in me, he kept pushing it slowly inch after another till I felt his balls rubbed to my ass announcing the full, deep penetration of my ass by his monstrous dick, he froze for a minute or so till my ass was stretching and adapting to his cock’s girth, it did so fast and when he started moving it real slow in and out, it was feeling the best ever.

He started fucking me hard and deep pulling his whole cock length out till only the tip of his dick was in my ass, slamming it back in me, he kept at it and I started orgasming one time after another, enjoying each inch of his cock in my ass till he was breathing hard, I felt his cock swelling up and feeling warmer in me, I knew he was about to cum, he pulled out and gave It to me, I sucked it and he rewarded my body with a huge load of cum, he came all over my tits, mouth and everywhere.

He grabbed the contract which was on the coffee table, he placed it over my belly, opened the folder up and signed it saying, “I have gotten enough incentives to sign it no matter what” we both laughed, I collected my scattered clothes off the floor and table and couch, ran to the nearest bathroom, cleaned up and put my clothes back on, I did not bother wearing my bra or panties, I just stuffed them into my purse, when I came back, he was fully dressed.

He came closer to me, gave me a quick hug and kiss, then he handed me an envelope with a wide smile saying, “No offence miss Cindy, please do not misunderstand me, this tip was preplanned to thank you for your efforts of bringing the contract to my house, it has nothing to do with the pleasure we had just had or the priceless pussy of yours, I hope I am clear?”

I kissed him back, gave him a wide smile saying, “well understood and accepted many thinks Sir, have a safe enjoyable trip”

I walked out and went directly to the office, as soon as I walked into my boss’s office, I smiled as he looked me straight in the eyes saying, “that wide smile tells me he signed the contract with ink and signed your mouth, ass and pussy with his cum, correct me if I am mistaken?”

I giggled opening my purse, I pulled my bra and panties from my purse saying, “I wanted out of there so fast, I did not bother to wear them back”

He started laughing loud, got up from his chair, walked around, picked me up and lay me on my back over his desk, he spread my legs, lifted my skirt up and started licking my pussy and saying, “I don’t smell his cum, but there is a little cock scent in there”

I laughed saying, “you have to kiss me on the mouth if you want to smell and taste his cum, he came in my mouth and over my body, you know I do not allow strangers to cum inside me, don’t you?”

He pulled his already hard cock out, rubbed it to my pussy and started fucking me and saying, “But I am allowed to cum inside your cunt sweetie, am I not?”

My boss’s cock was already balls’ deep in my cunt, in between moans I said, “Can you count how many times you have fucked me already?”

He laughed saying, “that is impossible to count, too many of them, but why?”

I giggled saying, “then you are not a stranger Mr. idiot, and yes I want you to cum deep in my cunt please”

He kept at it nonstop making me cum twice till his cock started swelling and warming up inside my pussy and he started shooting various loads of cum deep inside my cunt, I was Cumming one more time along with him, his cum was leaking outside my pussy, he pulled out, brought his cock to my mouth, I sucked it dry clean again, then he said, “now you deserve a generous bonus of a fancy dinner and a good tip, get ready we are leaving now”.

I cleaned up, put my undies and clothes back on and walked out the door hand in hand with my boss.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]
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