The Maid/ housekeeper Diary (4) Part 4 The Naughty Husband

dinapetro   December 09, 2021   | 19241 Views
Working as a maid, the husband seduced and fucked me while his wife was a sleep in the bedroom Lesbian By Dina Petro

Writer’s Note:
I am writing about some of my experiences on a lovely job I was doing, housekeeper or cleaning girl, working by the hour through a services office.

The stories will be in series but not necessarily connected or on the same subject, but all the same manner, each time will be a different story about a different live experience.


I was asked to report to a house its tenants needed a maid by hour, I wore my blue, short dress, not so tight to my body, but best fit, the bottom part of the dress was very short, almost more than half of my thighs were showing, kind of fluffy, loose bottom him, comfortable to move around and work with, but I have to be careful as it would flash assets easily, a pair of white, mesh net type G-strings panties and no bra, the shoes were white, light and low sandals.

I wrang the doorbell and greeted by the woman, going inside the house, I met the middle-aged, good-looking couple, wide smiles on both, the wife took me around, showing me things to be done, when I started working, she excused herself telling me she needed to take a couple of hours nap, she told me not to clean her bedroom till she wakes up.

Fifteen or twenty minutes later, I was working in the kitchen, the house was huge and so quiet, the husband walked into the kitchen saying he wanted to fix the under-counter cabinet door and he would not get on my way while working, I smiled saying “It is your house Sir”.

Pete, the husband was a super good-looking, middle-aged man, he was a big flirt too, I must admit I was flirting back with him, I had also noticed him checking me out top to toe from the minute I walked into his house, but he was very careful not to let his wife notice it at all, and he was good at hiding it from her, but not from me.

My smiling, laughing, and flirting back with him was taken as an approval of what he had on mind, he was looking up my dress noticeably making sure I noticed it while smiling, then he started hitting hard on me, using his hands feeling my body, my tits first, the he made a real naughty brave move when he faced me, hugged me so close and gave me a long, passionate kiss on the lips, during which I felt his hand creeping up my dress searching for my pussy, I did not totally reject him, but I kept pointing at the upstairs, where his wife was sleeping, reminding him that she might catch him.
He said, “I know my wife, she does not wake up easily, she is a heavy sleeper”

I said, “so, what do you have on mind, this is not proper thing you are doing sir.”

He said, “I am not going to force you into doing anything Sally, but to make it short and direct to the point, I like your sexy, hot body so much”

I giggled saying, “You don’t think it is part of my job to let you do what you have on mind do you?”

He said “No, I know it is an extra activity”

He pulled me closer to him, hugged and kissed me on the lips, whispered in my ears that he would reward me with a very generous pay if I let him fuck me quick and before his wife wakes up.

I would be a liar if I said I did not expect it, same time, I have done many things like this on my job as said in previous parts, but I was totally against it, being cautious of his sleeping wife upstairs who might cause troubles to me and him.

He was not stupid, he could easily comprehend my approval to his offer knowing why I would refuse, his sleeping wife, he pulled me by hand to his living room, walked to the door leading to the upstairs bedrooms, he closed it and locked it, then walked back to me while I was standing next to a big couch, he pulled his pants and boxers down, revealing an outrageous, huge cock, it was over 10-11 inches long and very thick, it also was rock hard, he seemed very naughty man who knew how to seduce and tempt a woman into sex.

On the first sight of his abnormal cock, I was totally shocked and tempted too, a sex and cock loving slut like me could never ever refuse or fight the temptations of such cock and such offer, I instantaneously felt my pussy itching and getting damp under my clothes, I did not think twice about it, if he gets caught it would be his problem as she is his wife after all and he is the one who is hitting on me, I got on my knees, placed my hand over his lovely dick and started feeling and massaging it, I bent over placing my lips over it and started sucking on it like a sweet, tasty Lollypop.

He started lifting my dress up while I was sucking his cock, feeling my ass, he peeled my panties off and started rubbing my pussy to the best he could in that situation we were in. As of a sudden, he stopped me from sucking his cock, lay me on the couch, got on top of me, kissed me on the lips, then started kissing his way down so fast, it was obvious he was doing it fast as he did not want his wife to wake up while we were fucking, he got in between my legs and started licking my pussy like an expert, he made me Cum twice before he positioned himself between my legs on his knees, rubbed his cockhead to my engorged, wet pussy lips and started pushing it in me.

True he was well hung, having a huge, long, and thick cock, but he made sure I was ready to receive it, over an above, my being a well experienced woman, sex-wise, especially with big cocks like his’, my cunt was taking his cock, swallowing it inch after another till, he was balls deep in my pussy.

He fucked me missionary like that for a few minutes, good enough to make me orgasm one more time over his cock, we changed positions and he fucked me doggie till he was ready to cum, I turned around took his cock in my mouth and started sucking on it, milking it till the last drop, swallowing all of it.

He put his clothes back on, ran upstairs before being seen or noticed by his wife, I walked nude to the nearest bathroom, cleaned up and put my clothes back on, went back to work like nothing had happened, except, I felt, well fucked, and fully satisfied making a hell of a lot of extra money as well.


See you in part 5 which will be a different story of same manner

Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]

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