Wrong hotel room changed my lifestyle (Part 2)

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In her thirties, by mistake while drunk, Natalie got into her young colleagues hotel room who was traveling with her on a mission, she was drunk and that got her fucked by him and changed her life style ever since, she spread her legs wide after that for many men to fuck her. Two Parts banner2

By Dina Petro

Writer’s Note:


This is a fully true story which happened to a close friend of mine, not of my own personal life, all names of characters and places were changed to fake ones to protect personalities.


Continuation from Part (1) of the same story


She placed a soft passionate kiss over my lips, got up and walked out of the room closing the door behind her, I guess I went through a lot that night, all new to me, the night club, getting drunk, acting loose and slutty, that topped with the female sexual experience I had just had with that woman, I was sure I was so tired and ready to fall asleep.

Just the way I was, fully naked, I lay down on bed trying to sleep as is where is, but again without prior notice, forgetting all the events happened that day, I found myself thinking about Billy again, although I had just had a very intense orgasm, but I started touching myself and masturbated again and I fell asleep right away, strange enough during my sleep I was having a dream, a lovely one, I felt a hand going over my nude body, I was sure it was a male’s hand this time, feeling me, touching me in various places first, then rubbing my tits, pinching my nipples, I loved it and felt a huge smile drawn over my face, in my dream, then I felt the same person’s tongue going over my tits, sucking on my nipples, kissing its way down to my belly, licking on my naval then downwards to my crotch.

Although it was just a dream, to me, but it was the first time I feel a man’s tongue over my pussy since I was divorced, except for that little incident with Cindy that night, I had not had sex with anybody after my divorce from my ex-husband, my evil mind was so happy saying, it was about time I enjoyed myself, that night after going out, dancing and drinking, at least I am dreaming about it, hoping I would not wake up till I am fucked at least.

My pussy was literally licked, he was sucking on my hard clit, I was moaning louder and louder, then I felt a nice cock pushing itself in between my wet, fully engorged pussy lips, all the while my eyes were closed, I was honestly trying not to pen them up, afraid of waking up and losing that exceptionally hot dream of mine, he started pushing his cock in me slowly and carefully, it was sliding in my pussy with utmost pleasure accompanying it, a pleasure I had not felt in ages, finally the cock was balls deep in me and I was kissed on the lips while being totally fucked.

My brain started functioning again, how could it be, how could I be literally fucked during a dream, I had decided that was it, I had to open my eyes and I did, I opened my eyes on the sight of Billy, my colleague in between my legs with his cock balls deep in my pussy fucking me, a true life event not a dream, I was totally lost, almost fainted, I tried closing and opening my eyes again a couple of times, it was true, I was being fucked by him.

I must be honest with myself, at that point I had mixed feelings, either scream and make a fuss out of it, or try to be quite and enjoy the moment and wait till later on when things could be explained, then I had decided to go in between both ideas, I looked him in the eyes with a total shock, my mouth wide open, I screamed “what the fuck Billy? What the hell are you doing to me, how did you get in my fucking room anyway?”

Billy seemed to have been so close to Cumming, so was I in fact, he did not listen to me, neither did he stop fucking me, he kept on slamming his lovely cock in and out of my cunt which I was enjoying every moment of the action, he kept at it, moaning and screaming, I did not freeze either, I kept cooperating with him moving along with his laps of fucking my cunt, It was too late to stop any of his fucking actions or even fight it by then, I had to enjoy it, I was moaning and screaming along with him, he was ready to cum, then I screamed again, “Don’t Cum in me at least please, I am not on the pill or any other protection against pregnancy”

He pulled his dick out of me, came closer to my face, without thinking twice about it I took it in my mouth, sucked it and milked it till he started shooting his cum loads in my mouth filling my mouth with huge loads of cum, some of it was seeping outside the corners of my mouth, I sucked him dry clean again, he pulled out of my mouth, I was shoveling the cum out of the corners of my mouth pushing it back again in my mouth swallowing every drop, looking him in the eyes with lots of anger by then.

“I need answers Billy, right away, how dare you do all of that to me?”

He smiled looking me in the eyes and saying, “I thought you have the answers Natalie, not me?”

“What do you mean?” I screamed again, trying to cover my body with the bed cover sheet this time.

Looking at me with a wide funny smile asking, “Did you drink Natalie, where you drunk when you came in the hotel?”

I said, “well, that is beside the point, what does that have to do with what you have just done?”

He said, “You mean what you, or we have done Natalie, I did not come to your room, this is my room you are in”

I looked around screaming, “what?”

He nodded smiling and saying, “Yes, you are in my room, how did you get in my room?”

Then he continued saying, “well, put yourself in my place Natalie, I come in my room after being out, I find the most gorgeous woman in the world, the one that I had had many dreams and fantasies about fucking her, I found her fully naked, widespread, and sleeping in my own room, on my bed, what would you do if you were me? I couldn’t just wake you up and ask you to leave my room, I could not resist your charm, your body, my cock was rock hard looking at your naked assets in front of my own pussy hungry eyes, I had to act the way I did, and you were cooperating all the way, why now?”

I was totally shocked this time, I looked around and yes, it wasn’t my room, it was his, how could I? my tears started dropping down, I lost control and started crying, William came closer, he hugged me so close trying to cool me down saying things could happen, I screamed saying, “you must think I am a slut now and I did this on purpose to trick you fuck me as you just did”

He kissed me again saying, “No Natalie, I know you would never do such a thing, I know you very well remember? There must be an explanation for that, just cool down, relax, try to remember what happened when you came into the hotel”

I told him everything happened, openly and honestly, about my trying to loosen up and have some fun for a change, about my going to the night club, getting drunk and trying to open my room with the card but it would not open up, simply because I was trying to open his room by mistake failing to differentiate between our rooms which were side by side, and how the housekeeping girl opened it up for me without making sure I was trying to open the wrong room door, but of course I dropped out all the sexual details happened between me and her at that point at least while detailing to him.

Billy and I took a shower together in his room ended up sleeping on his bed for the rest of the night, having sex one more time before falling asleep till afternoon the next day, I knew things opened up between William and myself, but I wasn’t stupid or selfish, I knew the age difference between us and I was sure it would do me or him no good thinking of permanent relations of getting married or being GF & BF, both of us were merely interested in each other’s body, which was fair, that Is why we kept distance to a point.

We kept both rooms, I knew he would meet some women down there and would want to bring them to his room for fun and casual sex, I did not want to deprive him of that at all, but I never knew I would loosen up that much and that fast either, I seem to have opened up so fast allowing my legs to spread apart for any possible chance of casual sex.

I had female-female sex with Cindy a couple of more times, more serious and deeper this time, when alone in the room ordering something from the room service, receiving the guy in a real naughty, slutty outfit, seminude, flashing assets to his hungry eyes, I ended up seducing him and having sex with him.

When the mission was over, and we went back home, Billy and I kept in contact with some casual sexual relations at my place and or his’, but I felt my whole life was flipped upside down, I turned into a real cock hungry slut who would never say enough to sex, but I felt I was enjoying life to the best I could, and I still am by the way.


Wishing you all the best



Dina Petro

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