Open Marriage (Part 2)

dinapetro   June 08, 2022   | 3282 Views
Open marriage life led Jim to offer his wife to his business associate Brian to fuck and enjoy all night long. Luxury By Dina Petro

Continuation of part 1 of the same story

Joanne was sucking Brian’s cock to the best she could, and she was very good at it, he was moaning, enjoying it till he stopped her, he did not want to cum in her mouth before he fucks her, he wanted to fuck that cunt he was dipping his tongue in just a few minutes ago. He pushed her back on bed, spread her legs wide and took her the old missionary style, he was a well-hung man, very big indeed but she did not seem to complain, which gave him an idea of how big her husband was, or at least that was the cause in his mind.

Joanne was taking his dick inch after another simply and easily, he was pushing it slowly and carefully till he was balls deep in her cunt, then he stopped, froze for a moment before he resumed the fuck action, in and out till he was slamming his cock in her pussy, balls deep like a bullet.

Joanne came again being fucked, but Brian did not want it over for him, he stopped, spread her legs wider and went back to her pussy licking and fingering, but this time he was going further down in his licking process till he started licking her lovely anus, he loved it and her reaction showed obviously how much she was liking and enjoying that action.

Brian tried pushing a finger in her ass hole, then two, she didn’t seem to object, on the contrary she was moaning and shaking enjoying the action which was encouraging him to go further, and his further action was to go in between her legs again, pushing them wider and up to her chest making both her ass and pussy facing him, holding his hard cock in hand he rubbed it to her pussy lips and pushed it in all the way, fucked a few laps making sure his cock was fully lubed again, then he pulled out, holding it in hand, he started playfully rubbing his cock huge helmet to her ass hole, same time he was looking Joanne straight in the eyes as if waiting for her approval or else rejection.

Joanne was smart enough and experienced enough to know exactly what was Brian after, she smiled, winked an eye and nodded without a word, which was enough for him to try pushing harder, but she told him to slow down as he was so big, he did and he was trying with care and patience till he cock head popped into her butt hole, he started pushing it in slowly and carefully again till he was balls deep in her ass, he froze for a minute or so allowing her back hole to adapt to his huge dick, then he started pulling out slowly again, then back in.

After a couple of laps of slow fucking her ass, she asked him to stop, she wanted to take control of that action, they switched positions, she wanted to ride his cock and take full control, she did and she was dancing over his dick in her ass, taking it slowly first, then speeding up till she was fully fucked hard and deep.

Their next position was dogy style, the way Brain wanted to fuck her ass and pussy alternating his dick in between both of her fuck holes, which he was happily doing till he was ready to cum, he pulled out and came in her mouth and all over her face, tits, and belly.

They were relaxing together without any discussions of any of their families’ situations at all as they both had promised Jim to discuss it together later on, they fell asleep, woke up in the middle of the night for another fuck session before they slept again till the next day.

Jim seemed to be so tired he was still sleeping when Joanne got up, showered, put her clothes back on, she wrote him a goodbye note and left to her house, of course Brian overslept without reporting to the office that day, but Joanne called Jim, her husband detailing him on everything.

Later, Brian had called Jim apologizing about not being able to get to work, but he wanted the approval of Jim for a visit to his house that night for some purpose on Brian’s mind, Brian went shopping and bought a real expensive golden set for Joanne and went to their house as per agreed time at night. Joanne and Jim were both ready and waiting for him, Jim opened the door for Brian while Joanne was in the kitchen, he whispered to Jim, “thanks body, I don’t know how to thank you for a wonderful, unforgettable night”

Jim shook his hand saying, “The pleasure is all mine body, I just hope she was up to your fantasy expectations?”

Brian, “She sure was, haven’t you noticed, I could not make it to the office today, but I felt bad giving your wife money as if treating her like some whore, so the reason for my visit tonight is to give her a gift she deserves”

They were both seated when Joanne arrived, dressed like a real super lady this time, she hugged and kissed both and took a seat, Joanne asked them about their drinks and got them when the conversation started, first thing, Jim was so anxious to find out the secret behind Brian’s wife not minding him fucking another woman, so was Joanne in that matter.

The situation of what happened last night, and the other conversations gave Jim the courage to ask Brian a real taky, dirty question saying, “Brian, if I visited your country, would you let me fuck your wife the same way I did to you?”

Brian looks at Jim and his wife, both waiting for an answer, he giggled saying, “No, not the same way of course, but I would suck your cock if you let me, and in my own hand I would push it deeper into my wife’s pussy”

Although the first “No” came out of Brian’s lips got the couple very intense and taken in a shock, but soon enough they both relaxed and laughed so loud, especially after Brian’s continuation of saying, “Not because I am braver than you are Jim or Joanne, but I want you to know my wife and I have an ‘open sexual marriage relations, and we are both bisexual as well”

“Wow, wow what a huge coincidence” both Jim and Joanne screamed together same time.

Brian shocked looking straight into both of their eyes one after the other asking, “why”

They said it together, “we are exactly the same, open sexual marriage and both bi”

Although Brian was speechless, he wasn’t sure how to react, he was sure happy to find out, but he never would have thought they would be, they all cheered up their drinks and drank to that, Brian laughing loud saying to Joanne, “So, I could imagine you’ve had your enough share of cocks to be able to handle my big cock that easy last night?”

She was laughing so loud agreeing and nodding, but in between laughter she was looking at her husband saying, “Yes I sure did, but I am not sure if sweet Jimmy could handle that cock of yours or not?”

All started laughing when Brian responded saying, “well, there is only one way to find out, if he is willing to try?”

More drinks were distributed, Joanne started dancing and stripping for both guys, their hands got busy touching each other this time while feeling Joanne’s body and assets, it did not take long for clothes to start flying off of all three of their bodies to announce the start of a pleasurable threesome orgy of a very special kind, not just any threesome orgy, it was with all three literally involved with one another all the way, Jim’s cock was fully sucked by both of Brian and Joanne, and he sure was fucked by Brian while licking Joanne’s pussy.

Brian had the pleasure of alternating his cock into Joanne’s cunt and ass again that night, but in a different manner this time, he had her husband’s dick in his ass exact same time, as he pushed his cock in the wife the husband’s cock slips out, when he slips out of her fuck holes, her husband’s Dick is shoved balls deep in his ass.

Joanne ended up Cumming at least five to six times that night while both men came sharing their spunk with each other and with Joanne as well, that lovely orgy was repeated a couple of nights before the departure of Brian to his country, he arranged it for the couple to visit him in his country and in his own house to complete the orgy with both couples together as it was supposed to be.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]
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