A Real Challenge: A Night of Firsts.

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Reassured of my dominance, I licked his cum off my hands and went back to his friend. I patted his hard cock on my tongue, moaning playfully. I was having the time of my life, people were stopping in the street to watch, and I was loving it. I took the second man’s cock back into my mouth again and again, slowing going deeper each time. Then I kept my tongue out, flicking along the underside of his shaft as I took him down my throat. As the tip of my tongue touched his balls, he came, sending a torrent of hot cum down my throat. I came up for air again, grinning ear to ear. I wiped my mouth on his shirt and stood up whispering, “I take it I can go inside now?” The men stepped away from the door wordlessly. I looked over my shoulder before going inside, and slapped my ass while looking at the dog walkers. stepmom

My name is Christina Campion, Chrissie to my friends and Champion to my opponents. My family moved to the States from Brazil when I was thirteen, and I was thrust into sports immediately. My Mom thought it would help me make friends, my father knew better though. Sports didn’t make me any friends, but they made me a winner. I’ve dominated at everything I’ve ever tried. I was all state in Soccer, and my team took top in our division Volleyball in High School. I got a free ride to college on sports scholarships, but even college-level athletes posed no challenge. I learned a lot my freshmen year though, mostly about the differences between boys and men. I was as good at sex as I was at everything else, word got around and I became pretty popular. This didn’t win me any more friends than sports did though, well, except for June.

Juniper Maki was my dorm-mate in my second semester, and she was the first person to ever understand me. She saw men how I did, as conquests, challenges to be surmounted by “real women”. She kept a comically large dildo on her desk, and would cut notches in it after each victory. She was working her way up for what she called “the ultimate challenge”. It was called “The Queen of Spades Gauntlet” a no-breaks marathon of pleasure through some house in Atlanta. Apparently a friend of hers organized it a few years back and no one had completed it since. That was all I needed to hear, I knew I would beat it.

There were a few obstacles though. First of all, I had never been with a black man, let alone eight of them. Secondly, I had never been in a gangbang before. The last hurdle that had to be jumped, was my lack of any red dresses, which apparently was required for this event. Everyone has a weakness, even me, and mine is shopping. I’m just not great at it. So, after enduring her goading, I took June with me to pick out what she called a “Fuck’em Dress”, but it just wasn’t me. I convinced June that if I was going to do this, I’d do it my way.

The week before the event, June and I were going over my strategy. “Alright J, be real with me, that thing they say about black guys-” I started but she cut me off.

“Oh yeah,” she said, grinning ear to ear, “so huge.” I gulped, I usually got a little nervous before competitions, but this was ridiculous. I was anxious, excited and terrified all at once, not to mention very wet.

“What else do I need to know?” I asked.

“I’ve tried twice before, and I really don’t know what to tell you…” She said with a chuckle, “I’ve never made it past the first room.” I could hardly believe that, I had never met anyone as insatiable as June.

“How did your friend do it?” I asked, grasping at straws.

“Oh, Shiloh?” June responded, “She practically lives black cock, she's a professional.” I began to think I might be in over my head already, but I’d never backed down from a challenge and I wasn't about to start now.

That friday morning, June and I took the train to Atlanta. On the ride, I told her my plan. I had been working my way up with an oversized dildo for the last week and I was certain I could handle whatever the boys could swing at me. I had also packed my long red jersey top and my black short-shorts that made my ass look incredible. June sighed heavily,

“That’s not a Fuck’em Dress, Chrissy…”

“I know, but I’m not a Fuck’em Girl, I’m a Champion.” I said with a grin. The rest of the ride consisted of June regaling me with tales of the big black bulls she’s bedded in the past, and occasionally rambling about her friend Shiloh as if she were a movie star. I’m not above admitting that by the end of the ride, I’m was squirming with excitement. We went to the hotel, and June helped me do my make-up. Also not my strong point. She went a little heavy on the mascara, but she said it was important for “Psychological Warfare” so I didn’t complain. She said the same thing about the bright red lipstick.

I threw on the long red jersey, my crotch-less black fishnets and the short-shorts.

“Look, don’t get too worn out on the first few guys, the faster you make them cum, the faster you can move on.” June said as I pulled my auburn hair into a loose ponytail. “I got this J, I’m the champ, remember?” I said, drawing two thick lines of eye-black under my eyes. “This is my game face.” I said pulling on a ball cap backwards and steeling myself. It was 8:45, game time.

June and I took the bus to the guy’s house, apparently he was some local rap producer with an in-house studio. We walked up to the porch and there were two tall black men in tailored suits standing in front of the door. “Which one of you signed up?” The first one said, looking us over with a visible hunger.

“She did, I’m just here to see Shiloh.” June said, pointing at me.

“She’s upstairs with Darnell.” he responded, opening the door and letting June through. I tried to follow but the other man put out his arm.

“Not you, Red…” He said, unzipping his fly, “You start here.” I looked around, the sun was down but the neighborhood was well lit. Cars were passing the house and a couple was walking their dog. “I’ve never done anything like this in public.” I said, trying not to show how nervous I was. “First time for everything, Red.” The first guy said, unzipping with a smile. I thought about June’s advice, I had to make this fast. I dropped to my knees, licked my lips and locked eyes on the two biggest cocks I’d ever seen.

They were long and girthy, but the way they were swinging in my face told me that they weren’t yet fully erect. For the first time in my life, I wasn’t sure if I could do this. These two were massive, and I hadn’t seen the other six. I took one in each hand, gently massaging them. I could feel them growing in my hands, but I couldn’t waste any more time marveling at their size. I wrapped my lips around the first black beast. I took it slow at first, building up saliva and working the shaft with my hand. He was moaning, loudly, and the dog walkers had stopped to stare. I pulled his huge cock out of my mouth quickly, the suction making a satisfying popping sound.

Without hesitating, I stuffed the other cock into my mouth. Sucking and slurping, I got it wet enough to start going deeper. It was difficult at first, I had never had anything this big in my throat, but after a few tries, I was able to take him halfway before gagging. I came up for air, and with gag-induced tears in my eyes, I went back to the first guy. I let go of both cocks, dug my fingers into the back of his legs and forced his huge meat all the way down my throat. I held it there for a moment, opened my eyes, looked up at him and winked.

“Oh damn, Red.” he moaned, as I pulled back and started stroking him with both hands.

“You gonna feed me that hot cum? I whispered, batting my big green eyes. “Yeah, yeah, yeah I’m gon-” He was interrupted by his own involuntary moan as he shot his huge load in my hands. Big cocks or no, they were still just men, I could do this.

Reassured of my dominance, I licked his cum off my hands and went back to his friend. I patted his hard cock on my tongue, moaning playfully. I was having the time of my life, people were stopping in the street to watch, and I was loving it. I took the second man’s cock back into my mouth again and again, slowing going deeper each time. Then I kept my tongue out, flicking along the underside of his shaft as I took him down my throat. As the tip of my tongue touched his balls, he came, sending a torrent of hot cum down my throat. I came up for air again, grinning ear to ear. I wiped my mouth on his shirt and stood up whispering,

“I take it I can go inside now?” The men stepped away from the door wordlessly. I looked over my shoulder before going inside, and slapped my ass while looking at the dog walkers.

Inside were two more guys, built like linebackers and covered in tattoos. They were sitting on opposite sides of the black couch completely nude. I pulled off my jersey and threw it at them, ran my hands down my body slowly and then got on all fours. I crawled towards them, biting my lip and moaning. One of them stood up to meet me, his thick black meat swinging between his legs. I reached for it, but he walked around me, pulled down my shorts and slapped my ass hard. I cried out, my pussy was soaking, for a moment I didn’t care about finishing the gauntlet, I just needed that huge cock inside me.

He lifted me off the ground like I weighed nothing, and positioned me over the armrest of the couch. I looked back at him as he slowly slid his massive cock inside my dripping pussy. It was so big, I was so full, so stretched, I couldn’t believe it. I turned my head back forward just in time to get a face full of the other guy’s big dick. He slapped his heavy meat against my lips and I opened wide for it. It was in my mouth just in time, because the guy behind me thrust deep, causing me to scream into the hardening cock. I felt that huge cock slide in and out of me, slowly at first, giving me a moment to get used to being so thoroughly stuffed before he began to pick up speed.

It was so much, it was too much, I’d never felt anything like this before. I was so overwhelmed by his huge, pounding cock that I couldn’t focus on the one in my mouth. That didn’t matter much to its owner though, who grabbed the back of my head and began to thrust his cock into my mouth. I came, then again and again, each time moaning loudly into the mouthful of black meat that was sliding over my slick, red lips. I’m good at deepthroating, I’ve had a lot of practice in the area, but this was something entirely different. Thick, bubbly ropes of saliva and faint streaks of lipstick ran along his hard cock, giving it a sheen. My mascara was running in lines, flowing over my eye-black. He pulled out of my mouth and rubbed his spit-slick cock against my face, smearing my make-up further. The guy behind me pulled out too, and I started to catch my breath.

My break didn’t last though, as the first guy picked me up again and laid me on my back over the Ottoman. They high-fived and traded holes, the guy who just finished fucking my mouth grabbed my ankles and pushed them up towards my head as he stuffed his red-ringed cock inside my aching pussy. This angle was tighter, it hurt more but the pleasure was indescribable. My head was hanging over the edge, and I could see the huge, hard cock that was pounding me just moments ago standing at full attention, inches from my mouth.

My former pussy pounder slid off my hat and grabbed a handful of my hair before stuffing his thick cock straight down my throat in one thrust. His balls hit my face and I gagged on his huge cock. If I had been face-fucked a minute ago, I was being throat-fucked now. It was easier to take it in my throat from this angle, but the size was still the key issue. I coughed up spit and pre-cum, and it ran down my face in thick layers. My head was swimming, I saw stars, I couldn’t breathe and I was being fucked harder than I’d ever been fucked in my life. The guy fucking my throat grabbed my ankles. The other one started to rub my clit with one thumb as he drove his long cock into me to the shaft again and again.

I came again, harder than I’d ever cum before. My legs were trembling, and I was digging my fingers into the black leather of the ottoman. The guy fucking my throat gasped, pulled out and rapidly squeezed out a hot load right onto my forehead. I was exhausted, my throat was raw and my breath came out in ragged gasps. The room was spinning and I had forgotten why I came here in the first place. The other man was still slamming his cock inside me, sending lightning bolts of co-mingled pleasure and pain through my body. It all started to come back to me, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I pulled him deep and took his hand off my clit, bringing his fingers to my lips. In time with his thrusts, I sucked his fingers, first one, then two , then three at a time. He moaned loudly and started to pull out, but I held him there, feeling his hot cum fill my pussy. Then I pressed my heel against his chest, and pushed him off of me.

“Damn, girl, you a freak.” he gasped, looking up at me as I got to my feet.

“No, I’m a champion.” I said confidently as I found my hat and pulled it back over my cum-drenched hair.

“You’re halfway done, Champ, the rest of the guys are upstairs with the Queen.”

I took the stairs two at a time, June had never made it past the living room, but I was going to beat this challenge. At the top of the stairs was a long hallway, a trail of black rose petals on the white carpet pointed towards a pair of double doors at the end. I passed a few rooms on my way, and could have sworn I heard June getting fucked in one of them. I pushed open the double doors and inside were four towering black men, standing around a blond woman dressed in red lingerie.

“I didn’t expect you to make it this far on your first try.” She said.

“I’m a winner.” I said breathlessly.

“Have you ever done anal?” She asked, producing a bottle of lube.

“Once with a toy, but nothing that big.” I replied, gesturing towards the four massive cocks lined up in the room.

“There’s a first time for everything.” She said with a smile that was somewhere between coy and cruel. I smiled back, took off my hat, let my stiffening hair down.

“Let's go.” I whispered hoarsely. One of the guys, tall and lanky with dreads pulled back, approached me first. He looked like he could be my age. He took two hair ties off his wrist, and put my sticky hair up into two rough pigtails. The guy who had fixed my hair walked back to the bed and sat on the edge, stroking his big dick

“Hop on whenever you’re ready. I pulled my hat back on and climbed ontop of him, feeling his huge cock fill me. I expected more pain, but maybe my pussy was getting used to this sort of abuse. I started to ride him, slow and steady, as two more guys got on the bed. I leaned forward a bit, grabbing their dicks and starting to stroke in time with my own motion. As I rode, the woman poured the lube over my ass and slipped a finger inside.

I cried out, I couldn’t help it, it felt incredible. I kept riding, and she slipped in another, stretching my ass gently.

“Don’t stop riding, that’s the key.” She cooed, sliding a third inside me. I moaned, and the men repositioned so that one was standing and I could get his cock in my mouth. When her fourth finger slid inside me, I screamed into his stiff rod. I focused on riding, sucking and stroking as she worked the better part of her hand around inside me. I came hard, squirting for the first time in my life, soaking the young man under me. He responded by bucking his hips, sending waves of pleasure through my entire being.

The woman pulled her hand out, and before I could react, I felt the fourth man’s huge, mercifully lubricated cock pressing against my gaping ass. He grabbed my pigtails and worked his rod inside me, eliciting another primal pleasure scream from me. I rode the younger man’s cock like a wild woman, rocking with each thrust of the other man. I had never felt this way before, so fulfilled, so completely pleasured. I was ruined to all other experiences, everything else was lesser because of tonight.

I took one of the free cocks, and thrust it down my throat until I choked on it again and again. I couldn’t tell you how many times I came, but after what felt like forever, the man jerked on my pigtails and thrust his huge cock into my ass. He went in to the hilt, and came, a hot river of sticky cum filled me and I bucked back against him. My bucking must have done something for the man I was riding, because he came a moment later, flooding me with more cum. I climbed off of him, and pushed the man I had been deepthroating down onto the bed. I stroked him off into my mouth and swallowed every drop of his sticky-sweet seed. The last man looked at me as he got off the bed, I followed and he positioned me on my knees, back against the bed. As I rested head against the mattress, he dangled his huge cock in front of me.

“What are you waiting for?” I asked, “Fuck my whore mouth already.” I spat onto his cock, and he took hold of my hair and thrust his thick, throbbing cock down my throat. He fucked my face violently until he was about to burst, then he pulled out, tore off my hat and dropped his huge load into it. I had never seen so much cum from one man, it was amazing, awe inspiring, I was still thinking about how he could produce that much cum when he slapped the hat back on my head and pushed it down over my eyes.

I sat there quietly for a minute, until I heard her voice again, “Looks like you’re in the club.”

“What club?” I asked, looking up at the blonde woman. She handed me a small, black jewelry box, and inside was a charm bracelet with one charm on it. A small, silver playing card. The Queen of Spades.

“Any of these men are yours when you want them, how you want them, unless I’m using them at the time...” she said smiling warmly, “You’ve earned them.”

“I won?” I asked, the room was spinning again.

“Girl, we all just won.” the younger man said, stroking his cock.

“I could use a shower, anyone want to join me?” I asked, watching his cock slowly stiffening all over again.

“I’m in, Champ.” he said, standing at full attention again. I had found a real challenge, and I was ready for more.

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