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First time sex story - after my high school prom

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Jasmine imagined a rough but erotic first time sex where Chris finds her in a barn feeding horses. He approaches her from behind and wraps his muscular arms around her body, kissing her on the neck. He tears off her blouse and skirt, exposing her petite body. He plants heavy kisses on her partly-opened lips and tears off his shirt, displaying his well-toned torso. Jasmine runs her hands across his chest and grabs his tight ass. She wants Chris to have her rough. Lesbian

It’s every girl’s dream to have a date for the prom and to possibly lose their virginity before going to college. It was only one day until her prom and 18 year-old Jasmine didn’t have a date.

Her efforts to make Chris, the school football captain, notice her had all been futile. He had girls drooling all over him, but hadn’t committed to anyone. The reason Jasmine refused to give up on Chris was because of the countless times she had caught him checking her ass as she walked by him in the school hallway and on the football field.

Jasmine had enjoyed many fantasies about Chris ever since seeing him naked in the boys’ locker room a few months ago. He was muscular, with a full six-pack and a killer smile.

In one of her fantasies …

Jasmine imagined a rough but erotic sexual encounter where Chris finds her in a barn feeding horses. He approaches her from behind and wraps his muscular arms around her body, kissing her on the neck. He tears off her blouse and skirt, exposing her petite body. He plants heavy kisses on her partly-opened lips and tears off his shirt, displaying his well-toned torso. Jasmine runs her hands across his chest and grabs his tight ass. She wants Chris to have her rough.

He pushes her down by the shoulders to her knees and she shoves his thick dick into her mouth. She has never seen or sucked a cock this thick and enjoys sucking it dry. The fact that Chris was going to fuck her in this barn excites her as he bends her over to take her from behind.

His cock slides right in to her dripping wet, pink pussy and he starts fucking her wildly. She lets out screams, not caring that her parents are just meters away. He fucks her and spanks her tiny ass. She wants pain and pleasure, so she turns to lie on her back, spreading her feet far apart.

That was just one of the fantasies Jasmine wished would come true with Chris.

So badly, she wanted him to ask her to the prom. With just one day to go, Jasmine was afraid she would be there alone. All of her girlfriends had dates and having them feel sorry for her only made the situation worse.

Then something happened that changed her fate completely. Jasmine was late for music rehearsal and as she ran down the down the school hallway, she heard a groan that sounded like a person in pain. It was coming from the boys’ locker room, where girls were not allowed. The groaning increased in intensity and she thought this person must be in real pain. She stormed into the locker room to find Chris writhing in pain on the floor and wearing only his shorts. She ran over to him.

He seemed to be in real pain, as his deep blue eyes looked at Jasmine. She knelt in front of him and he motioned to his dislocated shoulder. He told her she needed to pull his arm to bring the shoulder back into its normal position.

Jasmine couldn’t fail to notice the bulge forming in his black shorts and she was really impressed. She told him to hold still while she tugged his arm with all her strength. His shoulder was fixed. The bulge in his shorts was at its peak and Jasmine felt shy because her erect nipples were starting to show. Chris was eyeing them lustfully.

Chris thanked her and she wanted to run away. But the man she had fantasized about for months was right in front of her and she wanted him bad. She wanted to suck his cock and let Chris have her in any way he desired.

Chris moved closer and gave her a soft kiss on her lips. Before he could move away Jasmine pulled him towards her and kissed him passionately. He slid his hands inside her bra. They were warm and felt nice on her breasts. She wanted the moment to last forever.

Slowly she removed his black shorts and thought,

‘Boy that is huge.’

His dick was bigger than in her fantasies and she wondered if it would fit in to her pussy or mouth. Chris lay on his back as she sucked his cock. Her pink pussy was pulsating with desire and she wanted nothing more than a good fuck from Chris. She felt dirty, like a real slut, but she was relishing every moment. Before they built up to a point of no return, she stopped him.

Chris sat up and asked,

‘Why did you stop baby?’

Jasmine smiled wickedly and said,

‘Take me to the prom tonight and we can continue from where we left off.’

‘Jasmine, will you be my date tonight?’ Chris asked in the most sincere voice.

‘Yes, and what took you so long to ask me?’ she replied.

‘I was afraid you would say no, he said with a shy look on his face.

This was all Jasmine wanted. She stood up to leave. They both knew they wanted each other, but she wanted it to be right. She wanted to lose her virginity on prom night, with the boy of her dreams. She couldn’t wait to tell her friends what had happened and surprise them with the fact that Chris, the envy of all the girls at school, was taking her to the prom, not to mention that he would also fuck her.

That evening Jasmine’s doorbell rang at exactly 7.30 and she knew it was Chris. She wore a long sleeveless red dress over a white bra and white thong. It was a matter of time before these would be torn away.

At her door was the most handsome gentleman, wearing a three-piece suit and a bow tie. Chris looked spectacular.

‘You look beautiful my lady. Shall we?’ he said and Jasmine smiled politely.

They drove in silence but in their heads they were imagining the things they would love to do to each other. Jasmine wanted Chris to fuck her in the car, spank her ass and bite her nipples. He wanted to lick her clit and bring her to orgasm repeatedly.

Chris also had an erotic fantasy of his own. He wanted Jasmine to kiss his nipples, suck his cock and balls. Then he would fuck her on the bonnet of the car.

They got to the prom early and had a wonderful night dining and dancing. All the other girls Chris used to fool with were green with envy when they watched the pair leave the party together. Jasmine knew this was the night she would stop being a virgin.

Chris drove fast. The sexual tension was at its peak and he couldn’t wait to tear her pants away. Fifteen minutes later they were coming to a stop at Chris’s place and once inside, they headed straight to his room.

His parents were out of town so they had the whole house to themselves and could fuck as much as they wanted.

They undressed each other quickly and Chris laid Jasmine on the bed. He kissed her on the lips passionately as he ran his hands all over her hair. He twisted and pinched her nipples, sending spasms of electricity all over her body.

Spreading her arms wide, he started licking Jasmine’s full breasts which was a totally new experience for her. Minutes later Chris was down on her shaved pussy. This was the day Jasmine would enjoy multiple orgasms because as soon as Chris stuck his tongue in her pussy her legs shook violently, closing Chris’s head between her legs.

He didn’t stop and Jasmine was gasping for air as he started working his way up to her belly, all the way to her tits, kissing and sucking them.

Jasmine’s pussy swelled and her natural juices started dripping again. It was time for Chris to fuck her.

She let out a wild scream as soon as his dick touched the opening of her wet vagina. It was not going in. The pussy was too tight because she was still a virgin. Using his middle finger he fingered her slowly and kept adding more fingers to increase the width of her cunt.

After a while he introduced the dick and pushed it harder, he used such force that his balls hit her cunt lips hard and she screamed loudly in both pain and pleasure.

His big cock kept pounding her pussy as he spread her legs even wider. He grabbed her ass and flipped her on her back to ride her from behind. He wanted to go all the way in, and she kept moaning and screaming in enjoyment. She had never felt anything like this and in that moment she felt like her body was being ripped apart as she splashed her juices all over his dick.

Chris fucked her even more before shooting loads of cum deep inside her. There was so much, it dripped put of her pussy.

They were both breathless and totally wasted - it was just matter of time before they would do it again.

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