First time with another man

GPguy   October 10, 2021   | 18645 Views
I had always been interested in exploring with someone that was the same sex. I wanted to suck a cock, while having mine sucked. I wanted to top a man and I wanted to be topped. I… Luxury I had always been interested in exploring with someone that was the same sex. I wanted to suck a cock, while having mine sucked. I wanted to top a man and I wanted to be topped. I had been approached by different men over the years but never by someone that got me horny for his cock.

My first lover was a disappointment. His cock looked amazing as it was cone shaped with a thick base. I was hoping to have him stretch my hole for the larger cocks I was hoping to find. We were both new to same sex relations and we both had erections at removing our clothes. His mouth was very nice but he was no cock sucker. I took his into my mouth but he lost his erection. I'm not sure as to why but I started to get very dominant with him. I got him on his back with his legs on my shoulders and put my large cock head against his anal opening. The pre-cum drippings on my cock was enough to let me in. 

He moaned and closed his eyes as I slowly pushed and pulled into him. It took a few minutes for him to take me deeper. Once I was all in, he started to really relax and we started fucking like two young lovers. He was reaching for me to pull me deeper while moaning like a bitch in heat. " Fuck with that big cock!" And I did. We tried several positions and settled with me fucking him from behind, laying on his belly as I pounded his tight manhole to his first anal orgasm. 

My wife has a rough vaginal tissue, and as she was my first and only for many  years, I thought all women were like that. The first  time I fucked someone else, they offered very little stimulation . They thought I was a machine as I fucked them for hours. My new lovers anus was tight but very smooth. I spit at his hole to keep him wet until my pre-cum and his own wetness caught upto all the attention my throbbing cock was giving him. I really didn't know how this was all going to work out so him begging me to cum as his orgasm kept his cock oozing cum was a nice surprise . And when my balls unloaded, it was awesome. I couldn't move . I was completely spent. He tried to roll me off but it took a few minutes.

After that experience , I couldn't wait to have my hole pounded . My first was a little overwhelmed with it and wouldn't respond to my messages. It took a while to find my top. Longer to find one that fucked me till I came. 
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