A surprise quickie to the cleaning woman by the boss

dinapetro   June 10, 2022   | 5802 Views
I was doing my cleaning job when the boss surprised me by hugging and kissing me, then under my skirt eating my pussy, then fucked me nonstop till he came in my mouth cheating
By Dina Petro

I was doing my Job in the house kitchen when the boss, the house owner, walked into the kitchen saying, “would you be sweet enough Tammy to prepare me a quick meal? I know you are not a cock and it is not part of your job, but I will tip you good for it, and I am so hungry”

I said, “Of course Sir, you didn’t have to bribe me with the tips to do a humanitarian service for you?”

We both laughed loud as I was teasing him that way, he walked away, only two minutes later before I had started preparing his meal, the boss walked back in with a smile saying, “I tell you what Tammy, forget the meal, I will take a rain check on it, but I need another ‘humanitarian’ service, if you would?” he had a smiling naughty face on, winking an eye while saying that.

What I need to mention is that, the boss was a real good-looking man of early thirties, an athlete, big man’s look that would make any woman drool to have him in her bed! but to be honest, I wasn’t thinking that way at that moment, I said, “Of course Sir, anything for you, you name it and I would do it without thinking twice, but why did you change your mind about the meal? I would happily prepare it so fast for you”

I was facing the counter, working while talking to him, with only my head turned towards him, he smiled walking closer till he was almost glued to my body from behind, he wrapped his arms around my waist and planted a kiss over my cheek saying, “I changed my mind because I think I am in need for something else instead of food, I have just decided to make you my meal instead, don’t you chicken on me, you have just said you would do anything for me?”

While saying that, his hands were roaming all over my body, almost feeling and rubbing every asset he could reach over my clothes, I giggled looking at myself saying, “but I am not dressed in anything abnormal or semi-nude to make you that horny Sir” mind you he was a total stranger to me, and it was the first time I work at his house or even meet him.

Before giving me any chance to say anything else and before answering me he was on his knees behind me and under my skirt, moved my panties aside and started licking my pussy, my ass and inner thighs, I have to admit I wasn’t about to stop him or push him away, because I happen to be one hell of a sex loving slut who would never say no to being licked or fucked, especially by a handsome, strong, athlete man like that one. I started to like what he was doing, I loved his courage and direct forward method of approach, besides, as I have said earlier, he was the dream man of any woman. Instead of rebelling or fighting him, I bent over the counter, spreading my legs further giving him better access to my assets under my skirt and my moaning was getting louder as a sign of enjoying what that man was doing down below.

In between licks and kisses to my pussy and ass, I heard him saying, “It is not your outfit that got me so horny, it is the truly gorgeous body under it”

I giggled in between moans, he was doing a great job eating my cunt and ass hole, he was ripping my clothes off me one piece after another same time, he was taking his off as well.

When he got me down to only my panties on, he lifted me up over the counter, spread my legs, moved my panties aside and started an outrageous job of pussy eating till I was shaking and trembling all over, having my first orgasm over that courageous, gorgeous man’s lips.

He helped me down, over the kitchen floor, he got under me and we started a lovely sixty-nine, I was sucking his lovely, rock-hard, long and thick cock while he was eating my pussy again, then he asked me to ride his dick and fucked me damn good till I came again, he helped me up again and fucked me standing doggie by the kitchen counter.

He was changing positions every 10-15 minutes of fucking me like a fuck machine, he had the strongest sex drive power I had ever had till that moment, he fucked my mouth, pussy and ass till I was sore everywhere, not that I am complaining, I have already admitted earlier how much I love sex in all of my three fuck holes and more, I was enjoying it to the fullest extreme by then. He was ready to cum while I was having another orgasm same time, he pulled out of me and pushed his cock into my mouth, I squeezed lots of cock thick, creamy juices of his dick into my mouth, over my face, hair, tits and everywhere else.

When done, we relaxed a few minutes without any word, then I just picked my clothes up and ran to the nearest bathroom, cleaned up and put my clothes back on, when I came back, he was all dressed again, he smiled at me saying, “thank you Tammy, I loved it, I hope you did too?”

I nodded smiling with a red face.

He said, “I have decided it is enough of your cleaning job, just consider it finished, you have done much more than I have ever expected anyway, I know you have something important to do at home, you have told me that earlier, you can leave if you want at any minute, he walked to where my purse was over the couch, and shoved a fat envelop into it that he had prepared while I was in the bathroom, I took my purse, kissed him on the cheek without any further words, walked out of his door, when I checked the envelop, it had a great amount of ‘tip money’ (?) that made me so pleased.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
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