The Naughty older man

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I was doing a cleaning job, the older man asked me to do it bottomless against money, he ended up fucking me. Luxury By Dina Petro

The minute I walked into his house for a cleaning job as per request through our services office, Frank, the house owner, was eyeing my body, checking me out top to toe, besides, he was a big flirt as well. He was an older man of mid to late-fifties, big in size with athlete body.

All of his eying and flirting actions were from a distance, he did not get anywhere near me while I was working, but I have to admit flirting back and acting as loose as I could of course, the outfit I was wearing was sexy, a lose top and a short, knee high skirt, being a good-looking woman of late twenties with silky soft white skin must have been the point of interest of that naughty older man who seemed to be a ‘pussy hungry’ man from the first minute I met him.

I was about to start cleaning the major living room which was open to the kitchen, which was still having a small Christmas tree from the last Christmas, he approached me direct forward this time saying “Sally, I am sure you have noticed my eyeing your body wherever you go, I really like what I see very much, but I hope I did not bother you or harass you other than eyeing your body and flirting with you?”

I giggled saying, “No, you did not Sir, I did not complain either, did I?”

He smiled saying, “No you did not, but I have a very special request which I am going so spill out directly without going around the bush, if I may?”

I said, “Well, go ahead Sir, say it, I will be honest and direct forward as well by answering you”

He said, “I have an offer for you, if you finish the rest of your job bottomless, I would give you the amount of money of (---)”

I did not give any denial or approval reaction right away, I happen to be a sex loving whore, besides, I do this kind of low paying job for the purpose of getting better tips, no matter what it would take to make those tips, showing my body or at certain situations offering my body were part of that. I wasn’t truly shocked from hearing his request, it wasn’t the first time a client asks me for such thing, but I acted shocked, silent abet without losing my smile, then I said, “what do you mean sir, and how could I do that?”

He smiled saying, “you know what I mean Sally, but for the how part, it is easy, just drop your skirt down, make your panties follow it and continue working like that showing me your goodies”

I said, “I would be literally nude by then, I am not wearing any bra”

He smiled saying, “what a nice piece of information, I would love that, but you still can keep your top as per our deal”

I was silent, thinking about it for a while, I wanted to do it by all means, the money he offered was very tempting, but I did not want to sound like a desperate whore, I said, “I am sorry Sir, I can’t do that, I need the money, I have a lot to do with them, but how could I display my body like that?”

He shocked me by insisting and increasing the money offer, which finally made me approve of his request, without any further hesitation, I found myself wanting to do it, especially that I happen to be a sex loving whore and it was my chance to seduce an older man building fire in his body, I said, “OK Frank, you got yourself a deal” I took my skirt off and dropped my panties down, right where I was standing and continued working like that, as if nothing happened.

The man laid down on his back over a couch in the living room, lifting his neck and head up by a huge headrest, I sure was acting like a slut, I made sure my back was always facing him while I was doing lots of pending over and getting on my knees as if mopping and cleaning the floor areas, making sure my fully bare assets, ass, pussy and all were in full display for his ‘pussy hungry eyes’.

Frank was getting an instant hard on, a few minutes later, he was bold enough to pull his dick out from under his sweat pants and started massaging it, I acted as if I did not notice or see him, but I was looking at it through the corner of my eyes without him noticing me. Finally, I looked at his cock smiling and saying, “what the hell are you doing Frank?”

He said, “I hope that doesn’t bother you Sally, I am trying not to get closer to you as per our deal, just eyeing you, but to be honest, this is the first time I feel my cock gets that hard and that big for a long time, I couldn’t help it, sorry”

I was laughing, still looking straight at his hard cock and saying, “It is OK, I understand, it is a nice cock by the way, I bet it hurts showing all of its veins and trying to get out of its skin, I noticed how hard it is getting”

He said, “Yes, you are right, it is hurting me, as if trying to get out of the skin, I have to admit to you, I am living my most pleasurable moments, I wasn’t even dreaming to see such a gorgeous body with breath taking pussy and ass like that, but my cock seems to be asking for attention, that is why I am massaging it myself at least”

I giggled again saying, “you are making me feel guilty for making it that hard, I can take care of it, I can give it a little kiss or ride it right a way if you want me to?”

With a wide-open mouth of a shock he said, “want you to do that? I would love you to do it if you would, please, I would be the happiest man ever”

I walked closer to him, leaned over the couch next to his cock, gave its shiny head a little kiss while looking him straight in the eyes and saying, “But I am sure you understand that riding your cock and getting fucked over it is something extra, it is not part of our deal is it?” I knew I was acting like a real hooker by then, and sounded like one, asking for extra money to be fucked by him, but…what the heck, I had started it and wanted to benefit from it as much, besides, I knew by getting him turned on that much, wanting to fuck me so bad, he would never refuse anything I was about to ask for.

He moaned loud saying, “Oh God, yes of course, let us say double the amount we agreed, for riding my cock and making me cum while fucking you”

I didn’t want to waste anytime for any oral sucking or anything else, I had a feeling he may cum fast, the poor guy seemed to be so happy getting it that hard, I just lifted my leg up, saddled his body, held his dick in my hand and started lowering my body over it after I lined my pussy up with his cock, I felt it touching my outer pussy lips when I rubbed a little, he started lifting his back up higher, trying to fuck me fast and he screamed, “Please let it go inside, I want to fuck that sweet cunt of yours so bad”

I applied some pressure over his cock allowing it to start sliding in my already engorged and slippery wet pussy, I kept at it till he was balls deep in my pussy, I rested over his cock a little, watching the excellent look of satisfaction over the older man’s face while he was closing his eyes, enjoying the feeling of his dick stretching my pussy inner walls, then I started dancing over his cock up and down nonstop.

Frank was fucking me, and I was riding his cock like the real whore I am, we were both pushing in and out till he was screaming asking if he could cum inside my pussy, I screamed “No, please don’t, but you can Cum over my pussy or in my mouth if you like” he couldn’t choose, he had no time for it, he pulled out of my cunt and was shooting his cum loads over my wet pussy, ass cheeks and everywhere he could.

I got off him, got on my knees and sucked his dick dry clean again, I collected my clothes, went to the bathroom for a quick clean up, came back got my money and left his house.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]
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