The neighbor’s young daughter

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I was fond of my neighbor's young daughter who was straight, finally I seduced her and loved sex with her. banner1 By Dina Petro

Camelia is my neighbor’s young daughter, she was barely eighteen by then, but she looked much younger, she had a gorgeous, small, tiny petite body; from the first moment I saw her at her parent’s house, I could not help myself but think about getting under her panties, I had so many fantasies about it till one day things worked out the way I was dreaming.

I had a few small conversations with her about her school, friends and so on while chatting with her mother occasionally but I tried my best to be short and conservative in front of her mother, I did not want to be spotted thinking of her daughter sexually, especially that the mother knew I was bisexual and into women as much as men.

One day, I was all alone at home when I heard an unexpected knocking on my door, I looked through the door cell to be surprised it was camelia, our neighbor’s daughter, I opened the door with a huge smile, she said, “Hi auntie, I have something to show you and get your opinion about it, Can I come in?”

“Of course, you can honey, please come in” was my answer with the biggest smile on my face, I let her in, closed the door, she sat down on the couch, and I said, “I am drinking a glass of wine, would you like me to get you a glass of juice or milk or anything else Camelia?”

She shocked me by saying, “I would love to have a glass of the same wine, I know you have a good taste Aunt Leslie, I am eighteen now and I can drink, don’t you know that?”

I slapped her gorgeous butt playfully, giggling and saying, “are you really? I didn’t know that; besides, I can give you the drink anyway”

Later, she opened the bag in her hand saying, “I bought some undergarments, I want to show them to you and get your opinion if ok with you, I hope you have time for me, do you?”

To me, that was like getting a huge bonus of sweetness in life, I mean, I was sure she would try them on for me, wow, how lucky I would be to see this sexy, hot beauty naked in front of me, I seem to have been spaced with the pleasing surprise with a smile drawn on my face without noticing it, she waved a hand in front of my eyes saying, “wake up, anybody there, if you are busy or going somewhere, we could do that later?”

I said, “No honey, I am not, I have all the time in the world in fact, not only I want you to show them to me, but I would also like you to try them on for me, one after the other”

We laughed together, and she said, “Yes of course I will, how would I know they look good on me if I didn’t?”

Deep inside, I was saying to myself, I do not want to see them on you, I want you fully nude darling, I would love to indulge my eyesight with that lovely butt of yours, or your titties and pussy as well, but I could not say that to her of course, I knew she wasn’t a lesbian or bisexual, but I wanted to try as hard as I could to get her lay down for me to enjoy eating her lovely, sweet, young pussy.

She was showing me the garments one by one while we were chatting and it was the first time, we had our own privacy to talk openly together, she was telling me how comfortable she felt with me and she liked me, I assured her it was mutual, but deep inside, I really wished she liked me the way I liked her, sexually I meant.

She had started trying them on when she was peeling her adorable, hot body little by little for my happy eyes and emotions, the first sight I had of her bare titties, I was going crazy, I felt as if an electrical current was flowing through my whole body, my pussy was itching and getting misty and wetter each time I looked at her tits and nipples, I tried not to stair at her nude body, but I could not help it, the more I had seen the hornier I was getting.

Finally, I had the chance to see Camelia fully nude, and I was right in my fantasies when I imagined her nude body, she had the cutest ass, the loveliest pair of perky tits, and a silky soft, gorgeous, tempting pussy, I found myself feeling her body saying “My God Camelia, you have a real soft skin and a gorgeous body, do you work out, have you ever been a dancer or a model?”

She laughed saying, “well, Yes I dance, I love dancing”

I said, “really, I want you to dance for me please, will you?”

When she grabbed her clothes to put them on, I pushed them a way saying, “No, I want you to dance nude for me, it is much better that way, I hope it is ok with you?”

She didn’t seem to mind, she was laughing and smiling all the time she was dancing, I was sure she had an innocent thinking by then, but I had the most devilish thinking of course, I wanted to see her sexy body, I wanted to feel it, she was shaking her ass in a sexy way and I kept feeling and slapping her ass softly, she seemed to like it, then she said, “I can do lap dance, would you like me to lap dance for you?”

My heart beats went much faster, and my lower jaw dropped almost to the floor, she said exactly what I was hoping she would, without hesitation, I said “Yes of course I like that, please do it Camelia”

She was backing up to me till her but was over my lap while I was sitting on the sofa arm, I grabbed her closer to me, her back to me, I wrapped my arms around her and was brave enough to cub both of her tits with my hands and squeezed on them a little, I went further by pinching her nipples which I felt were getting hard by then, she was shaking her booty rubbing it to my lap, although my dress and panties were in between our bodies, but I felt as if she was rubbing it to my pussy direct, I almost came instantaneously.

I stood up, turned her around, facing me and hugged her so close with my hands over her ass cheeks, I whispered in her ears saying, “I want to thank you for this lovely lap dance”

Then I just got my mouth closer to here’s placing a kiss over her lips, she giggled but, she kissed me back, I did it again and again till we were engaged with a long lip to lips passionate kiss, our tongues were circling into each other mouth and I took advantage of the situation, feeling her body all over with my hands till one of my hands cupped her cunt which was warm and felt a little wet, that gave me the hint I wanted to know, I took her by hand walked her inside my master bedroom, lay her on bed, I lay on top of her playfully first, then we kissed again and I started kissing her neck and her earlobes, kissing my way down over her gorgeous body, my tongue was licking and feeling each inch of her silky soft body, I took a little longer at her belly button and around it, then speeded up downwards till I passed my tongue over her pussy lips, she shivered, moaned much louder, but did not stop me or move away, on the contrary she spread her legs wider bucking her back upwards as if getting her pussy closer to my mouth wanting more of that.

I used all of my expertise and talents on pussy eating over her gorgeous cunt, I took my time licking and eating her pussy, sucking on her clit, using my tongue only at first, then I started using my fingers as well, I kept doing it without stopping till I made sure she came, at least, three times on a raw, her body was shaking and trembling in between my hands, it was one of the most erotic, most pleasurable moments of my entire life.

I stopped, lay next to her on bed, hugged her so close wanted to give her a chance to relax and come back to earth, but she shocked me when she got up and started taking my clothes off piece by piece till I was in my birth suit, fully nude, she started feeling and kissing my body, started with my tits first which she admitted she was so fond of them, because they are big, much bigger than here’s as she stated, then the shocking surprise of my life came when she got to my pussy, she sank so deep in my cunt making me cum one time after another nonstop.

In a recess period while hugging each other, I asked her, “Honey, have you ever had sex with another woman, you seem to know what you are doing Camelia?”

Her answer came instantly, “No, never, I have never been that close to a naked woman, but I will admit I was a little curious about it”

“Curious? How come, you are so young babes?” was my next question.

She said hesitantly, “well, I have watched lesbian and bisexual women on the porn sites a couple of times, besides, some of my friends and colleagues are bisexuals or lesbians, they kept flirting with each other touching each other in a sexy way, but they did not know I knew about them”

I kissed her on the lips softly and said, “first of all, what is between us is a secret, and I promise to never tell anybody about it, do you promise the same?”

She nodded with a wide smile, I continued, “did you like what happened between us today, do you regret it?”

This time, she hugged and kissed me on the lips saying, “never regret it, and of course I loved it, can I be honest Aunt Leslie?”

I said, “Yes of course, by all means, didn’t we agree this would be our own secret?”

She said, “yes we did, actually I want to admit I had some fantasies about having sex with you, I have always liked you and was fond of your sexy body, but I didn’t dare say anything about it to you?”

True I was shocked in a pleasing manner, but I loved what she had said, ever since, Camelia and I have been meeting and having sex whenever we get the chance to do it without letting any body notice or know about it, she wanted it secretly from her mother and the rest of her family which was totally fine with me.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]
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