An Older office client

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Without meaning it, or knowing it, I seemed to have been flashing my older client some assets under my pantie less skirt and over my braless tank top, he was a big flirt and I flirted back, which had lead to being fucked by him at the office. cheating By Dina Petro

I was working in the office, around an hour before closing time a client walked in, he needed his insurance papers processed internationally in his country, I smiled asking him to have a seat, I processed the papers on my PC, the answer came “it might take a little while, but we will get back to you soon”

I told him the content of the message from the main insurance company, he said, “Well, I have to have them processed today, otherwise, I would be without my insurance coverage, I know it might be very close to your office closing time as mentioned at the door, but I can wait if OK with you?”

I said, “Of course it is OK with me, I have no problem staying beyond office hours, I will wait for your papers no matter how long it takes, please have a seat, I will get you something to drink”

He was an older man of mid to late fifties, very big in body size, he was around 6 ft tall and big all over his body, he was a good-looking man with good manners and nice sense of humor as well, I felt comfortable around him, although we were the only two people in the office after closing time everybody went home, I was trying to utilize the time working hard, moving around putting back all the paperwork of that day back into the suitable files in the drawers, file cabinets and everywhere else.

Steve was the client’s name, he was one hell of a big flirt by the way, regardless of his age, but that didn’t bother me at all, I happen to be a big flirt as well and I was flirting back with him in an open crazy, manner while moving around and working, we kept laughing, joking and flirting all the time.

It seemed that I wasn’t paying attention to the way I was moving around, bending over in my revealing clothes, short skirt and low-cut sleeveless tank top, at a certain point Steve said, “Mary, may I ask you a sensitive personal question please?”

Without turning around or looking at him, I giggled saying, “Of course you may Steve, you have been flirting with me asking me all kinds of personal questions anyway”

He giggled as well saying, “No, but this one is too sensitive I believe”

I said, “You don’t know me enough yet, there is nothing called too sensitive for me, go right ahead please”

He said, “I love the way you are dressed, so beautiful and so sexy, which I have already told you about, but the question is, do you usually work in your office without your panties or bra on?”

I was totally shocked to be honest, without paying attention or meaning to flash my assets, I seem to have forgotten I was braless and pantie less, I tried to cover whatever was showing at that moment by changing the way I was standing, facing the other direction from him, while arranging the files in the lower drawer, I was silent for a moment before answering him which caused him to say, “I am so sorry, I seem to have offended you by asking such a stupid question?”

I turned around facing him with a wide smile, then I giggled saying, “Not always, please forgive me if I offended you by that, I didn’t mean to, honest”

He said, “Offended me? Who said so? Indeed, you have pleased me to the utmost pleasure making me the happiest man seeing some damn gorgeous assets, but I just didn’t want to steel looking at them secretly, I was just trying to legalize my looking by asking you such a stupid question”

We were both laughing so loud, I said, “it sounds like you have already seen things you are not supposed to see, have you?”

He said, “I sure did and that made me the happiest man on earth, I hope it is ok with you that I was looking down there?”

I was giggling again saying, “Well, it sounds like you already like what you have seen, and no need for me to ask you if you like what you have seen?”

He was nodding and saying, “damn right I enjoyed it very much, I hope I am forgiven for looking secretly?”
I said, “Yes you are, it is fine with me, it is too late to do anything about it anyway, we can’t cry over spilled milk, can we?”

I went back to work, tried my best not to flash any of my assets to his hungry eyes, when I bend over facing him, I kept trying not to allow my tits or nipples to show, and when I bent over looking the other direction, I tried my best no to flash my ass or pussy either, but it seemed that our wide open conversation gave him courage, he would feel my ass over the skirt when I pass by him, or he would slap my ass playfully, my responses to his actions were very much inviting, simply because, I did not try to stop him or move away when he did that.

A sound came from my PC announcing the arrival of an email, I walked to the PC on top of my desk from the side, without going around the desk, bent over, I swiveled the screen and started reading the email which was about his papers, I said, “It seemes that your papers are ready, finally”

By then I felt him standing right behind me, almost hugging my body from the back, he placed his arms around my waist first, then lowered them to my legs, moving them upwards over my thighs, under my skirt till he was feeling my bare ass and saying, “I wish they took much longer preparing them”

I laughed saying, “Aren’t you happy your papers are ready?”

He said, “No, not at all, I am happy being here with the most gorgeous and the sexiest woman on earth”

I was flattered and turned on same time, while saying that, he gave me a couple of short peeks on the cheek, his right hand moved from feeling and touching my bare ass to my pussy, he cubed my, already wet, pussy and started almost finger fucking me, my eyes were totally closed and a couple of high moans escaped my mouth instead of rebelling or stopping him, my elbows were resting on the desk top and I was partially bending over, right after hearing my hint of approval moans, he got down on his knees, lifted my skirt up and started licking my pussy from behind, eating me by all the meaning of the word.

He was damn good at it, only a few minutes and I was ready to cum in his mouth, right after my orgasm subsided, he got up backed me so close again and I felt something warm and huge being rubbed to my pussy lips, I almost screamed “What the hell do you think you are doing Steve? Don’t you think it is too much?” my words came out of my mouth so softly and in no single sign of my being angry, upset or not wanting him to go on, he must have gotten it so fast.

Rubbing his fat cock head to my slippery wet pussy lips trying to push it in me, he said, “I want to fuck you babe, I think I would faint or die if I didn’t fuck that lovely pussy of yours which I have just tasted and felt it is the tastiest pussy I have ever licked in my entire life”

I said, “but….”

He interrupted me saying, no buts Mary, I want to fuck you with your full approval and consent of course, I know I am so big and I have a big cock, but I have a feeling you would be up to it and can handle it easily, I will make a deal with you, it is more of a bet than a deal”

“What is that?” my question came.

He said, “You will do your best in handling my cock, taking as much as you can of its length in that lovely pussy of yours, and you will be rewarded of (…) dollars for each inch of it you take inside of you, a deal?”

He didn’t wait or give me a chance to answer or argue with him, he started pushing his cock in my cunt, of course my pussy was taking and swallowing his dick inch after another slowly, nicely and easily, I was just moaning while he was pushing it in, I felt it going deep inside of me balls deep when he froze and stopped moving, finally, he said, “Guess what Mary?”

I said “What?”

He said, “you may have to multiply that money I promised by ten, believe it or not, all ten inches of my fat cock are balls deep inside your lovely pussy and I assure you it feels like heaven on earth for me”

I laughed saying, “you make me sound like a hooker or a prostitute, taking your cock in me inch after another for the money you are giving me?” but again, I didn’t sound mad or angry at all, I was laughing loud while saying that.

He protested saying, “no fucking way my darling, I am treating you like the queen of queens, I am not paying you for fucking you, it is just a bet and everybody have bets don’t you agree?”

He started fucking me slowly at first, then he was speeding up the paste, faster and faster till he was slamming every inch of that fat, meaty cock of his’ in my horny cunt, we were both moaning of enjoying it to the utmost. While being fucked hard and in between moans I said, “Steve let’s not kid ourselves, only a slutty experienced whore could take that huge cock of yours so deep and so fast the way I did, so don’t be so sensitive about calling me a whore, I am one, make me feel like one and fuck me the way a prostitute deserves to be fucked”

He was laughing saying, “Honey, if it doesn’t bother you that much, I personally would rather enjoy fucking a nice, experienced whore than sweating trying to push only an inch or so into the pussy of an unexperienced woman”

“Then fuck me like the whore I am Steve” I said.

The conversation between us while he was fucking me was so slow, taking time between words and sentences, and in between moans and fuck words that encouraged us both.

He pulled out of me, got down so fast licked my pussy for a minute or so, then he started licking my ass hole, shoving his tongue and fingers into my ass as deep as he could, he was an older, fully experienced man, he seemed to know his way around and knew exactly what he was doing and what he wanted out of my body, that he was in total lust for it at that time.

He managed to get my ass so wet with his saliva, he got up again, pushed his dick in between my legs, rubbing it to my pussy lips from underneath of me, he whispered in my ear, “Mary, if you want to be really treated and fucked like a real whore, then you should know that a whore’s capabilities are way beyond what we have done already, by then he pushed his dick in my pussy again balls deep and froze to continue talking.

He said, “are you ready for another deal my sweet little hooker?”

I am not stupid, I knew exactly what he was aiming at, from the minute he got down, licked and finger fucked my ass, he wanted to fuck me in the ass, I knew it, and I had no objections to that at all, I laughed saying, “sure what kind of a bet this time Steve?”

He said, “I will multiply the amount of money we talked about by two for each inch of my cock if you can take it or part of it up your ass, what do you say to that?”

I laughed saying, “If I took your cock up my ass and took the money, I would be an official hooker, or a prostitute I guess?”

He laughed as well saying, “well, I felt already that not only you don’t mind being called a prostitute or a hooker, but you enjoy hearing it as well, so why not?”

I said, “I am down Steve, go ahead and try to fuck me in the ass, we will see how far I can go or take it”

He was so considerate and so carful by trying to fuck me and push his cock into my ass, but it wasn’t the first time I get fucked anal of course, and I love it as much as I love being fucked in my pussy, if not a little more, he kept at it, easily and slowly till he was balls deep inside my ass, he froze for a moment, then started fucking me in the ass, faster and deeper till he was slamming his cock into my ass the same way he was fucking me in my pussy.

I had already cum at least four to five times when he was close to cum, he said in between his loud moans, “I knew you can take it up your sweet ass Mary, from the moment I went down, licked and finger fucked your ass, it didn’t look like a virgin ass at all to me, you are one hell of an international whore babes”

The moment he said that, I was Cumming one more time, screaming as loud as I could, he laughed again saying, “you see how much you love being called a whore while being fucked, the moment I called you an international whore, you came right away”

I laughed saying, “you bet I do, I find it a big turn on for me”

Steve stopped talking and was moaning loud, he pulled out of me so fast, I turned around, took his cock in my mouth, sucking and milking it till he rewarded me with a huge load of cum in my mouth, over my face, hair, tits and everywhere.

I sucked his cock dry clean again, we both washed up in the office toilets, he took his papers and left without any further personal information’s exchanged between us, to avoid embarrassing or offending each other, it was left as is, just like a one-night stand fuck between two strangers.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]
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