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That was when Barry said, “Hey, I'll give you five bucks if you give me a blowjob.” Not sure if he was joking or not, everybody stopped talking stopped and looked at me. ”No way,” I quickly retorted. Next Craig giggled and then said that he would give me six dollars and followed by Paul’s offer of seven. Lesbian

The Poker Game

One afternoon after school a group of us, five in all, went to Adam's house to play cards. He’d received a set of poker chips and a deck of cards as a birthday gift from an uncle or someone and he wanted to try it out.

Adam's parents both work and he is an only child, lucky SOB, so we had the house to ourselves until around six pm when his mom got home. We kept it simple, just draw poker and five card stud. So after we played a few hands, those of us that didn't really know how to play caught on pretty fast.

Besides Adam, Danny, Paul, Barry, Craig and I (Rodney) were there. I didn't know Paul all that well. He was more Adam's friend than ours. He was Hispanic and bigger than the rest of us and let us know it.

Adam and the rest of us lived within a couple of blocks of each other and were pretty good friends.  Danny was the smart one of the bunch, good looking and could do anything in sports. Craig was a black kid and fairly new to the neighborhood.

Anyway, we were playing when someone said it wasn't any fun just playing the same thing over and over.

That was when Adam suggested that it would really make it exciting if we played for money. After talking about it we agreed to meet again tomorrow afternoon and bring money with us.

After I got home I scrounged around for some money to play with. Since I’d just bought a new pair of Nike tennis shoes that weekend I was really broke. However, I knew where mom kept some spare money so I snuck out about twenty bucks to play with the next afternoon. I hadn't given much thought as to what would happen if I lost and couldn't replace it.  Hey, even though eighteen, I was still a dumb teenager. 

The next afternoon we all met at Adam's house again with our money. Adam played banker and sold everyone chips. To start with we all bought ten dollars’ worth. After a short time I was up to close to twenty bucks in chips and thinking this game was really easy. That was before my string of bad luck hit. Before I knew it I was down to a couple bucks. Then I lost again and only had thirty cents. I tried to borrow some money from the other guys but no one wanted to give up what they had.

That was when Barry said, “Hey, I'll give you five bucks if you give me a blowjob.” Not sure if he was joking or not, everybody stopped talking stopped and looked at me.

”No way,” I quickly retorted. Next Craig giggled and then said that he would give me six dollars and followed by Paul’s offer of seven.

With a real serious expression on his face, Adam said, “I’ll give you ten and I’m not kidding.”

Then a couple of guys laughingly chimed in saying that they would take him up on it.

Barry, who knew that I had stolen the money from my mom, reminded me that I needed to replace the money. When I looked questioningly around at everyone, they all encouraged me to do it. The thought of my mom finding the money missing and me having to tell her I took it and lost it gambling was weighing heavy on my shoulders. After all, I know I could never blame it on Jenny, my older sister. She was Miss Goody-Two-Shoes of the family and there was no way anyone was ever going to believe me over her.

So, I sucked in my breath and said, “Okay.”

Suddenly everyone else was making cracks and saying, “Go for it” and stuff like that.

Hopefully I said, “Give me the money first.”

”No way,” Adam snapped, “You’ll have to blow me first. Besides everyone here knows I’ll owe you the money.”

”Okay, but not in here,” I replied, “It’ll have to be in private.” 

That caused a symphony of groans from the other guys.

Adam got up and said, “Let's go to my bedroom.”

Agreeing, I got up and meekly followed him out of the den, where we had the card table setup. In his bedroom Adam turned to me and threatened, “You better do it or I'll knock the crap out of you.”

When I told him he better give me the money, he said, “Afterwards I will.”

So after the macho stuff was over, Adam nervously unbuttoned the top button on his shorts, unzipped them and then looked me square in the eye, “You’re going to do it, right?”

I wanted to say, “Hell no, LET ME OUT OF HERE,” but I, again, thought of my mother finding all that money gone. ”Yes, yes I'll do it.”

Even though I acted cool I was a nerd and had zero sexual experience. So almost in tears I asked, “What do you want me to do?”  Which kind of caught Adam by surprise. He was as inexperienced as I was and really didn't know how he wanted me to do it.

”You know, just put it in your mouth and suck on it,” Adam said dubiously.

”I know that dummy, but how do we do it?”  I asked.

”Shit, get on your knees I guess. How the fuck do I know? I've never done this before, either,” Adam responded.

I got down on my knees and Adam opened his fly, but all I could see was his snow-white briefs.

”Well?” I said.

”Just a minute,” Adam said, as nervous as I was. But, he over came that momentary shyness and hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his briefs and pulled both his briefs and shorts down.  When they hung up around his knees, he pushed his briefs the rest of the way to the floor around his ankles with his shorts. Being nervous, he really hadn't achieved an erection and his un-cut cock looked kind of small just hanging there between his legs.

“Okay, suck it,” he ordered.

”Okay, okay I will, but you’ll have to get a little closer.”

Then with a disgusted snort, Adam stepped out off his shorts and briefs. Now naked from the waist down, he moved up to me. Nervously, he reached down and took his limp cock between his thumb and forefinger and held it out at me.

When he ordered, “Do it,” I took it between my thump and forefinger; eased back the foreskin touched my lips to the now partly exposed head of his cock. I didn't know what to expect, but it wasn't that feeling. The texture was so smooth on my lips and it didn't taste nasty like I thought it would.

“Well, open your mouth, ass-hole,” he again ordered.

I took a mental deep breath, opened my mouth and Adam pushed his floppy little cock into my mouth. As I closed my lips around it, I thought to myself, “Well, you've done it now.”

As Adam pushed his still limp cock on into my mouth he said, “Suck it. Come on suck it,” and that’s exactly what I did, I sucked on it. It was kind of like sucking on my thumb.

”Oh shit, yes, suck it,” moaned Adam, “shit that feels good.”

I could tell, even without the sound effects, that he was getting excited. Not only emotionally, but I could feel his cock starting to grow inside my mouth. As I sucked I could feel it getting bigger and that, somehow, was kind of turning me on. I mean the feel of and just the thought of having a guy's cock in my mouth was a very erotic sensation. Then for some reason Adam pulled off his T-shirt and he was totally naked there in front of me. And I was on my knees sucking on his cock.

As it hardened in my mouth I was able to feel the head and the hood around the tip. I started feeling it with my tongue and then as I grew more confident, exploring more as Adam started moving his hip, pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. I soon got the idea and my head started bobbing, moving my lips up and down on his now stiff shaft. In moving my hands to keep my balance I accidentally touched his balls. Embarrassed, I quickly jerked my hand away.

“No, don't stop,” snapped Adam as he took my hand and put it back on his nut sack. Shyly, I started fondling them, another new and erotic experience for both of us.

With Adam moving his hips and me bobbing my head, our rhythm got off and Adam slipped out of my mouth.

I got a look at him then, and saw that he no longer had a little limp cock. It was now stiff and long, real long for our ages. It must have been good six inches long. With it out of my mouth I could see his whole naked pelvic area. Seizing the opportunity, I ran my eyes up and down so I could take in his entire naked body. For some reason, that really turned me on, even more.

Adam was so anxious, that when he tried to push his cock back into my mouth he missed. I could feel the saliva covered head sliding around my cheeks and lips, as he was starting to pump his hips at me.

I stopped him, looked up at his agonized face, took his cock at the base and lowered my lips around it again. This time it wasn't limp; it was full, hard and forceful. Now it fit nicely in my mouth.

With a smile I started sucking, again, but this time with a little more authority. I was starting to turn my head to get different feels of the cock in my mouth. Now it even tasted a little different than it did the first time that he put it in my mouth. It was kind of a sweet salty taste that I couldn't quite place.

Well, I was now going pretty good on his cock, slurping and sucking and tonguing it. I was so caught up in what I was doing that I was in my own little world, not unlike Adam but with different feelings of pleasure. Then Adam started to pump into my mouth again and blurted out, “I think I am going to cum.”

I quickly pulled off of him and whined, “No, no not in my mouth.”

In a panic Adam said, “I'll give you another five bucks.”

I thought a minute and then went back down on his throbbing cock. Closing my eyes, I took up where I had left off and waited for the unknown.

It didn't take long until I felt Adam’s hot, thick cum spray inside of my mouth. My first instinct was to pull off and get it out of my mouth. But, unfortunately, Adam had grabbed a hold of my head and was fucking my mouth with abandon. I couldn't have pulled off if I wanted to. I had no choice but to swallow his load of cream. 

And lucky I was, I thought, as I savored the somewhat tart taste and smelled the pungent aroma. I continued to suck until I was sure that he was dry and then I let him slowly slide from my mouth. I could feel the cum that had escaped from my mouth oozing down my chin.

Adam looked down at me and said, “That was the most awesome thing that has ever happened to me. Shit, you can really suck a cock.”

I know I should have felt insulted, but for some reason I took pride in his compliment.

After pulling his briefs and short back on, Adam reached into his pocket, pulled out a ten and two-fives, handed them to me and said, “Don't tell anyone I gave this to you.” Thus, Adam gave and I received my first tip.

As we started to leave his bedroom I said that I needed to go to the bathroom and clean my face. Adam took my arm to stop me, turned me around to face him, leaned forward and licked his own cum from my chin. I know our lips touched during the moment, but neither of us kissed. However, the feeling was imbedded in my mind.

When we returned to the game and all eyes were on us. When I pulled out a ten to buy more chips a collective “Wow,’ came from the three left behind.

When we finished playing cards, we all agreed to meet again tomorrow afternoon. I said that this whole thing had to be kept a secret or we all could get into trouble for gambling. However, the gambling part was the least of my worries. I didn’t want what I'd done to get around school.

Since he only lived a couple of houses further down from me, Barry, the good looking, smart one of the bunch walked home with me. We didn't say much, but I could imagine how curious he was about what happened in Adam's bedroom. When we reached my house, as I peeled off to go in, I said, “I’ll see you tomorrow at the school bus stop.” 

The next day at school Adam and Paul saw me between classes and motioned for me. When I went over to where they were standing they said that they had come up with an idea that I might like. They said that instead of stealing money from my mom that they could each give me ten bucks to start the game.

I looked at them and said, “Yeah, and what?”

Shuffling their feet, they anxiously told me that I could get there a little early and give them both a blowjob.

“Ten bucks, each?” I double-checked. They both agreed that, that was what they meant. Little did they know that I had enjoyed sucking Adam off so much that I'd have probably done it for nothing?

Adam told me, “When you got to my house just come in and go to my bedroom.”

When I got there and went into his bedroom, both he and Paul were naked and already had erections, that I assumed was in anticipation of what was about to come. As I got down on my knees in front of them, they both looked at each other with big smiles on their faces. Like Adam, Paul was uncut and the tip of his cock was pretty much hooded with his foreskin. He was about as long as Adam, but thicker. When I leaned towards him, he immediately moved closer and shoved his cock in my mouth.

Compared to Adam, I really had a mouthful with Paul. After three or four sucks Paul reached down and said, “Here, pull the skin back.”  Then he put his hand about halfway up the shaft and pulled it back, I felt the foreskin being pulled back leaving a super smooth cock head. I couldn't lick and suck on it enough. It was a very erotic feeling for my tongue. That was about the time Adam grabbed my head and pulled me to his cock, claiming it was his turn.

After that, I went back and forth until all of a sudden Adam blurted out, “Shit, the other guys will be here any minute.”

Pulling out of me, he started jacking off really fast and hard. Paul, who was casually stroking himself while he waiting his turn, got the hint and started really jerking off. When Adam started getting close and told me to get ready to open my mouth when he told me to. ”Not for ten bucks,” I reminded him. 

”Yeah, alright fifteen, okay?” Adam added hastily and then looked at Paul, who nodded agreement.

“Oh shit, yeah, okay, I'm ready, open up,” moaned Adam.

I did and he shoved his cock in. Grabbing my head, he started fucking my mouth with rapid thrusts in and out. Almost immediately his balls exploded and I was swallowing his cum.

”Me, too,” sang Paul as he rammed his cock into my mouth so quick that Adam’s cock brushed his on the way out. Paul started fucking me so hard that I thought he was about to rip my mouth open at the corners. It was a relief when I felt my mouth starting to fill with hot cum. Then Paul mumbled something in Mexican and pushed hard into my mouth supplying even more liquid gold. However, it was a little too much and I gagged and coughed causing me to take a couple of shots to my face and down on my T-shirt. I was licking my lips and swallowing as much as I could.

“Man that was hot, fuck I could do that all day,” said Paul as he shoved his cock back into my mouth so I could suck the remains and clean it off for him.

They got dressed just in time.  As we walked out of the bedroom the doorbell rang. We played cards for an hour or so then had to break it up because a couple of guys had to go home.

Again, Barry and I walked home from Adam’s together. Barry had pretty much avoided me at school today, but seemed to be over whatever was bothering him as we walked and talked.

Then he asked, “What’s all that on you T-shirt? It looks like you spilled a milk shake or something on you.”

I looked down, “Fuck, it's dried cum.”

”Cum, where did you get that, you never went to Adam's bedroom today?” he asked.

”I did it before you guys got there.” I answered.

”You gave Adam another blowjob?”

”Yeah, him and Paul, both,” I confessed.

”Did they pay you?”

”Hell yes, fifteen dollars each,” I told him.

We walked a little farther in silence then Barry said, “How much would you charge me?”

”Shit, you’re my best friend. As long as you didn’t tell anyone, I wouldn't charge you anything. I'd blow you for free,” I said.  

Barry's eyes got real big, “Honest, you wouldn't charge me? It's still early and my folks won't be home for a while, wanna come over?” he asked anxiously.

And I knew for what, too.

We got to Barry's house and went upstairs to his room. As he shut his door, I told him to, “Take off your shorts,” and as an afterthought, I added, “and your underwear.”

He complied instantly and not surprising, when he pulled his shorts down he was already hard and sticking straight out. As usual with Barry, his cock was perfect. Nice cut head, straight, thicker at the head and tapered down to his balls. 

”Hey, I'm not going to be naked by myself you take off your clothes, too,” he ordered.

That was the first time I had been asked to do that, but I really didn't mind. In fact, I kind of wanted to get naked, especially with Barry. The more I looked at him in this new sexual light, the more I could really appreciate what a good looking, handsome guy he was. I was pretty anxious to suck him because I had wondered the night before after I had got home, what it would be like with him, being my best friend.

As he came up to me, as was becoming the custom, I dropped to my knees. Reaching out, I fondled it for a few seconds and then took my best friend's cock into my mouth. He immediately got into it and started moaning and thrusting his hips at me. I had only sucked on him three or four minutes when he pulled out of my mouth and before I could move, spewed cum all over my face. After three or four big ropy globs hit my face, I quickly slipped my mouth back over Barry’s cock and swallowed the rest.

Barry got off just in time. As we were putting our clothes back on, we heard his mother at the front door. I flew down the stairs, through the kitchen just in time to keep her from seeing my cum covered face. I was enjoying the feel of Barry’s cum on my face so much that I didn’t want to wash it off until I absolutely had too.

At school the next week, although I couldn’t hear what was being said, I could tell by the whispers and the stares that someone had spilled the beans and my secret was out.

Not knowing how people would react and not wanting any trouble, in gym class I stalled around until I was the last one in the shower. As I rinsed off and turned around I found myself face to face with two naked classmates.

I didn’t know them very well, but I knew that they lived in my neighborhood. When I started to leave they spread out and blocked my path. Jerry the more predominate of the two said, “We’ve been hearing some stuff about you today. Is any of it true?”

”I don’t know,” I answered, “what did you hear?”

As they both stood there fondling their cocks, he said, “We’ve each got fifteen dollars, why don’t you stop by my house after school and we’ll discuss it.”

“I’m not sure where you live,” I answered.

“We’ll meet you where you get off the bus and you can walk with us.”

I sat with Barry on the bus and sure enough when we got off Jerry and Toby were waiting. As soon as we joined them, they demanded to know why Barry was there. Before I could say anything, Barry told them that he was my business manager. “And, speaking of business, if I understand correctly you both want Rodney to give you a blowjob and you’re each willing to pay fifteen dollars for the privilege?

By the time we got to Jerry’s house the deal was struck and Barry had collected the money. I was so horny that I couldn’t wait so I immediately dropped to my knees, unbuckled Jerry’s belt, unzipped and pulled down his pants and underwear.  As it came into sight I admired his cock. His cock was a bit bigger than mine, too.

Not wanting to rush, I kissed his thighs and balls. I loved taking in his body with all my senses, rubbing my face in his small patch of dark pubic hair, enjoying its feel and slightly musky smell. I slowly gave his cock a long lick, being careful to wet the whole shaft with my tongue. When he was well lubed with saliva, I held the base of his stiff cock with one hand and took it as deep as I could in my mouth. I knew I was pleasing him when he started to moan. Twisting his fingers in my hair, Jerry held my head down with both hands, not in a rough way, but so there was no doubt what he wanted.

He got so excited that he started gradually thrusting deeper and deeper into my mouth. Enjoying myself, I relaxed, allowing him to go in almost to the hilt and then tightening my lips for the outstroke. Jerry was going nuts. He was bouncing and panting and carrying on, and that just made it all better. When I knew he was going to cum I pushed his cock as far back as I could without gagging just in time for him to let it go in my throat.

Next it was Toby’s turn. I laughed as I moved towards him. He was scared shitless, but he was trying to put up a good front. I pulled out his cock and he was already almost fully erect. When I tried to take him in my hand he shuffled away. When he butted up against the arm of the couch, his cock was close to my face, so I took it into my mouth.

I took it in nice and slow, teasing his throbbing head licking up the pre-cum that was dripping out. He had no patience at all and shoved it into my mouth as far as he could. I knew he was going to blow his load soon so went ahead and gave him a good fast sucking, letting him set the speed of the mouth fucking. I didn't realize that he was about to cum until he put his hand on the back of my head to keep me full pulling away. Sure enough after a few plunges he tensed up and filled my mouth with his cum. 

Toby was so funny. He was so embarrassed that I’d sucked his cock that he tripped over himself trying to get up and get away from me.

Barry glanced over at me as I was starting to get and said, “Hang on a second.” When I glanced at him, he was unzipping his pants as he moved towards me.

When I looked puzzled, he said, “You’re already down on your knees so what the hell.”

Taking me by the back of the head, he touched the head of his cock to my lips. A shiver went through my body. Barry must have felt it too because his smile broadened, “You like it don’t you?” he said more as a statement than a question. I could only nodded. “Am I handsome, Rodney, am I your best friend, you will do anything for me won't you, you want to suck my cock don't you?'

I only nodded as I felt Barry push a little harder forcing his cock between my lips and into my mouth.

He gave me a few slow strokes and then I went down on him. His cock tasted so good. Reaching down he patted me on the cheek and told me to consider this his agent’s fee. Then things started getting more intense and the cock in my mouth was throbbing looking for release. Suddenly both Barry’s balls unloaded, filling my mouth with cum.

I continued sucking a small group of guy’s cocks the rest of the way through our senior year in high school, and only stop when everyone went their separate ways to college. To think, it all started with a poker game.  

The End…

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