Surprised & Fucked by Strangers

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I was doing routine work expecting it to end up with sex, but never expected my body to be offered to VIP's and I ended up fucked by many strangers one after another. banner2 By Dina Petro

This story consists of three parts, which will be all listed here bellow

Part One:

Being the executive secretary and the public relation officer for an international insurance & help on the rood company, which was a job that required lots of attention, pressure and time, I am a very good-looking Girl in my late twenties, and my name is Lara, it seemed like the sexy and gorgeous appearance had something to do with adding the public relation officer part to my job by my boss, who was the general manager of our branch of the company.

I was on duty during a holiday season, evening time when my boss called me asking me to arrange some legal signatures of insurance papers by a very important client, a trucking company, that company was one of the most important clients our company had, dealing with millions of dollars.

That was why the boss was personally interfering, he called me and instructed, “Lara, you take the papers personally to them, have them signed and sealed, this is a very important customer remember?”

I answered “Yes sir, I sure will”

It wasn’t the first time I deal with this company; they have an agent who usually deals with us, Jiff, who happened to be a very nice man, super good looking and he was a great tipper when I would take his papers to his residence or to his office.

I admit being a super naughty woman, who would not hesitate to advance in any relations with clients which sometimes was in fact with some fringe benefits, meaning I would flirt with a client, get closer to him, may be close enough to sleep and have sex with him, that was exactly what happened with Jiff, I slept with him a few times, which had increased the efficiency of processing his company’s papers, and resulted in doubling or even tripling my tips here and there, I am calling it tips! I know he was using and enjoying my body; I have no objections to calling it anything else that matters.

I called Jiff saying, “The boss had instructed me to bring some official papers to your company, when do you want me to bring them, and I need the hotel name and address please?” Up to that point of time, all I knew that I would take the papers to his residence, may be enjoy some quick fun and sex for an hour or so, then come back to my office to resume my office duties, just like usual.

He said “Yes Lara, you are right, we do need the papers immediately, I am not in a hotel room now, but I will give you an address to attend to, which is the “executives’ residence”

I said “the executive residence? I have never heard of that, what is it?”

He said “it is a luxury Villa house we use for our VIP Executives’ meetings and may be stay, during visits to nearby branches”

I said “OK, I will be on my way as soon as you send me the location of that address”

He sent it to me; I got in my car and started driving which was no more than a few minutes away from our office area any way, upon my arrival, I was shocked of how luxurious the place was, with a main gate and a door keeper, he let me in, he seemed to have informations about me and my car specs, I parked the car and walked to the main building door, two guards were there too, then I was greeted by Jiff, the agent.

To be honest, I started worrying about the way I was dressed, if it was a quick visit to Jiffs residence or hotel room, it would have been fine for some flirting and a quick fuck, but I seem to be facing some situation that required some formality, or at least that is what was on my mind by then, I wasn’t dressed like a slut when seen from a distant, but the closer any person gets to me, the more of seminude he would notice me.

Let me explain my outfit, I had a black, long, dress of light, fully transparent material, with my back fully exposed, the dress would hide nothing of my body, but I had a light, transparent pair of pantyhose under it, no panties, the dress had an underlayment of light material as a self-bra, covering my nipples and a small part of my tits, from a distance, you could not see my nipples or tits, but by getting closer to me, you could easily notice my nipples poking the soft, light material of the dress and underlayment.

The dress had another piece of underlayment barely covering my ass and pussy, not completely though, it extended from above my bikini line to the bottom line of my ass, again if anyone was a couple of feet from me would easily see all my assets as if nude, the dress and underlayment were transparent so were the pantyhose.

Any person would try to place a hand over my tits, ass, or pussy, would clearly notice and feel the nudeness I was in, as he would literally feel my nude assets under the light, soft unnoticeable material of that slutty dress, pantyhose, or the underlayment parts, again, I knew it sounds way too much of seductive invitee outfit, but remember Jiff had seen me nude a few times, he had fucked me a few times as well, so I must admit I had on mind to get his cock hard for me thinking I would see him alone.

Jiff had a drink of whisky in his hand; he held my hand looking me up and down with exclamations marks appraising how sexy and gorgeous I looked, it gave me a release when he obviously showed how much he liked my outfit, meaning it was fit for the mission I was there for.

Jiff walked me to a strange Luxurious Villa, dark corridors, decorated with classic high class old type stoned walls, built in lights with dimmed lights everywhere and different colors, as soon as we were alone in the long corridor, the first thing he did was take me in between his arms, hugged me close, kissed me everywhere then started feeling my ass and tits, saying he missed me so much and wanted a taste of me before anything else. I kissed him back, then got on my knees, pulled his cock out of his zipper and started sucking on it, giving him the blow job of his life, although it was a quick one due to the place and situation.

The end

Part two:

While sucking on Jiff’s cock, I was shocked by another man approaching us, staring at me and my body, Jiff said “Lara, I want you to meet Frank, our second agent, he is my colleague, and do not worry about him, he is fine and he knows everything, just go on with what you are doing babe”

Frank walked till he was close to us, he started feeling my tits and ass, took a kiss from my lips, I did not stop him, nor did I reject, and then Jiff said to him “what do you think Frank? Would they like and enjoy her?”

Till that moment, I did not know what was going on, and what were they talking about, but I went with the flow, knowing I am always safe and happy near Jiff, no matter what, Frank held my head with his hand, pushed it further towards Jiff’s cock, as if asking me to go on with what I was doing, I did, then Frank said to Jiff “She is damn gorgeous man, of course they would love her, anyone who would not get a hard on seeing such a sexy, gorgeous beauty, would be a fake man”

They both giggled, as they both helped me up on my feet, turned me around facing the wall, lifted my dress up, lowered my pantyhose down and started feeling my ass, rubbing it and feeling my pussy as well, then Frank backed up, pulled his already hard cock out of his zipper and started massaging it, while Jiff held his dick in hand, started rubbing its engorged head to my outer pussy lips, it did not find any resistance to start gliding in between my pussy lips down in my cunt slit, it went all the way down, balls deep, and he started fucking me like there was no tomorrow.

A few minutes later, he stopped, pulled his cock out, rubbed his dick to my asshole and started pushing his cock in me, he knew I was an anal sex lover, he did it to me a few times of course, While Jiff was fucking me standing doggy position, Frank was staring at his friend’s cock invading my gorgeous ass, Jiff said “you see Frank, she is one of the best women on earth to be enjoyed by being fucked in the ass”

Frank got closer touched my ass cheek close to his friend’s cock, then said “I know Jiff, I could see how good she is at it, I can’t wait to fuck her ass as well”

That was when I knew exactly who would be my next fucker, but I did not mind or object to that, I just giggled winking an eye at Frank while being ass fucked by his colleague, I extended my hand waving for frank to get closer so I could feel his cock, he smiled getting closer, I held his dick in my hand while being fucked, I bent over and sucked on his cock a few times as much as I could while being fucked in a standing and bending position, which indeed, wasn’t easy to deal with two cocks that way.

Finally, Jiff was close to cum, he pulled out of my ass and started rubbing his cock while shooting his thick white cream over my ass cheek, I loved and enjoyed the feel of it, once done, he pulled a paper towel and wiped my ass dry and clean again, and he pushed his dick back in pants and zipped up.

Frank was happy his turn came, without a word, he kneeled behind me, started licking my freshly fucked pussy and ass, then he got up, held his dick in hand and started pushing it up my cunt, he started fucking me so hard and so fast, I loved it. While being fucked by Frank, Jiff walked closer to my face, kissed me on the lips saying “Honey, Frank will fuck you and enjoy your gorgeous body, then he would walk you down the hall to your next mission which I will explain right now to you.

He continued saying “Lara, you trust me, don’t you?”

I nodded saying “of course I do Jiff, I would do anything you want me to do, without any questions asked”

He said “down the hall, there is the executive room, we have two of our highest bosses in ranks, the General manager, a man in his fifties, and our CEO, a man in his thirties, who happens to be the son of the company owner, they are drinking and enjoying the night in there, I intend to present your gorgeous body as our top, precious treat for them tonight, I hope you don’t mind?”

I hesitated a second or so before saying “No, I don’t mind of course, But…”
he interrupted me saying “no buts darling, you would be rewarded by an exceptionally generous tip tonight by them, they are both sweet, highly mannered and generous, if you were not happy with what they give you, I promise to take a good care of that”

He seemed to know for damn sure I would have no objections to that, he was no fool, all what was going on between us, was a mutual benefit, two-way business, including the sex, he would fuck me, enjoy my body, and at the end would offer me some money calling it tips, which is no more than paying for the sex and fun he had with me. The truth is, until that moment, he had never offered my body to any of his friends or colleagues against money, which he was literally doing it at that point, he was offering my body to his bosses for sex and fun against money (tips if you want).

Besides, I could not reject such an offer, I knew as much as he did, all what he was doing to me was fucking me with fringe befits including the cash money he was paying me each time I put my clothes back on, after being fucked by him, so why would I play and act like a lover or a girlfriend of his’ while we both knew the core relations between us, sex and money.

Mind you, it was the first time Jiff shares my body with another man, both feeling me, touching and fucking me exact same time, and there he was talking to me while his friend was fucking me like the slutty whore I deserve to be fucked, and we both were accepting it like it was a normal routine thing, so isn’t it that obvious to me, to him and to all of you readers?

I nodded smiling and saying, “what am I supposed to do Jiff, get naked and walk and sit in between them to fuck and enjoy me?”

Frank and Jiff giggled when Jiff said, “Not exactly darling, but something very close to that, you just walk in the room, if they like what they see, you would clearly notice it, as they are in a tipsy, happy mood now, so if they did, just let go without the need for any long conversations or seductions, yes let them have your body, agree?”

I giggled saying “somehow I do feel like a whore, but I have no objections to that because I guess I am one, one way or another”

By then Frank had already pulled his dick out of my pussy, shoved it into my ass and started fucking me in the same, fast and hard fucking paste, he was close to cum when he pulled out of my ass and started milking his dick over my ass cheeks the exact way Jiff did a little while ago at the same place.

After cleaning up, I pulled my pantyhose up, pushed my dress down, straightened my clothes, fixed my make up and started walking down the hall as I was told, both men disappeared as agreed, the main hall door was wide open, I walked in the huge room and noticed two men, one was old in his fifties but in a great shape and a good-looking man as well, the other one was a gorgeous handsome man of mid-thirties, they were sitting in two seats with an empty seat in between them forming a circle.

I looked at both of them with a wide, sexy feminine smile, and I started walking towards them in a very slow and sexy way, neither of the men could hide how stunt and fully shocked they were, both had their hungry eyes fixed on my body, checking me out top to toe, when I approached the middle seat between them, both stood up, extended their hands, held both of my hands and helped me sit in between them with their eyes wondering everywhere over my body.

The older man looked at the younger one saying “you see, I have told you that our “Jiff” is an excellent man with a very high-class taste in women, he would not offer anything thing less than perfection”

The younger man nodded smiling and saying “I agree and admit he is”

The end

Part three

I instantly remembered the instructions, if they showed interest in me and my body, I should not waste time in seductions, so I extended both of my hands to both men, laid my hands over their crotches rubbing over their pants and saying, “So I get it you both like what you see?” I felt some hardness and some cocks were wakening up, trying to jump out of their pants.

I fiddled with both of their zippers at the same time till I managed to pull both of their cocks out and started massaging them with both of my hands same time while looking them both in the eyes one by one with naughty, sexy and lusty smiles, till I started hearing some moans while both were trying to push their crotches up allowing me more space and access to their already hard dicks.

I turned towards the older man, bringing my face closer to his’ trying to kiss him on the lisp when he pointed his finger at the younger one saying “he is the boss, start with him, I would be happily pleased with the base to start with”

I turned to the other man, got closer and started kissing him on the lips, feeling the older man’s hands touching my ass, rubbing it while I leaned and started sucking the younger man’s dick, then I turned around and started sucking the other one’s cock, alternating between their cocks till I felt they wanted more than that.

The surprising thing was, while I was doing all of that, another, strange big, tall and chubby man, called Mark, or the assistant, kept coming in and out of the room, bringing drinks or any other things needed while the men were being sucked and playing with my body, as if he wasn’t there.

I got up, lifted the top of my dress down revealing my big, firm and gorgeous tits with rock hard nipples to the men’s hungry eyes, then I lifted the bottom of my dress up to my waist and took my pantyhose completely off, then I took the doggy position in between the men, my face to the older man pushing my tits and nipples to his mouth and rubbing his dick, while I felt the younger man started feeling my bare ass, kissing and licking my pussy from behind.

I went down on the older man’s cock, took it in my mouth while lifting my ass up higher to the younger one, I felt his dick being rubbed to my pussy lips, then he shoved it in me and started fucking me while I was sucking his friend’s dick, a few minutes later, I switched positions between them, sitting in the older man’s lap allowing his dick to slide into my cunt while sucking on the other man’s rock-hard cock immersed in the fully taste of my pussy flesh and juices.

When I switched positions again, the younger man started rubbing his cock to my ass hole this time and started pushing it down in my ass and fucking me so hard like there was no tomorrow, he fucked me till he was ready to cum, I kept sucking the older man’s cock while the younger man pulled his’ out of my ass and started massaging it over my ass cheeks util he milked it splashing his cock cream all over my ass.

The next step was totally shocking for me, he snapped his fingers, Mark rushed in with two towels in his hands, a wet damped, soapy one and a dry one, Mark used the wet towel to clean my ass, then he dried it with the dry towel and disappeared again, wow! I have never expected to be fucked and Cummed on by one man while another one comes to clean the Cum off my body just like that, what an executive special service.

I turned around so fast, took his dick in my hand, wrapped my lips around it, started sucking on it, taking all the cum leftovers in my mouth, cleaning and drying it while the older man was busy fucking me from behind same way, half way in my pussy, then in my ass till he came the exact same way over my ass cheeks, he did not have to snap his fingers as Mark came rushing again exact needed time, as if he was watching us, he rushed in with two fresh towels, wet and dry and cleaned my ass again with them.

I turned around, started sucking, milking, cleaning, and drying his dick with my mouth while the younger one was feeling my ass and appraising how sex y and gorgeous it was.

The strange thing though, Mark only cleaned my body, did not clean the men’s cocks as if he knew that was my job to do using my mouth and tongue, he must have been reading all of our minds, or else he was an expert in such things.

I got up, put my pantyhose on again, straightened my clothes and started walking behind Mark outside the hall, he walked ahead of me, turned to the right towards a long dark corridor which had a huge mirror over its end, he pulled an envelope from the shelf, opened it up faced it to me showing me that it had lots of higher dollar bills inside of it, but I noticed his cock was already out of his pants zipper, and rock hard, he must have pulled it out of his zipper while walking ahead of me.

He said, “these are all yours, as tips from the bosses, but you are too sweet to leave it like this, would you?” he was pointing at his rock-hard cock which seemed about a foot long and very thick as well”

After all, he was watching and had seen all the actions, poor guy, he could not handle it anymore, he wanted a bite of my pussy as well, I smiled and without any hesitation, I got on my knees, took his dick in my mouth, and started sucking on it for a few minutes.

He held my hand asking for more than just a blow job, he turned me around facing the mirror and leaning on it, he lifted my dress up to my waist, pulled my pantyhose down just enough to get access to my pussy and ass, then he started pushing his dick in my front fuck hole slowly first then faster, fucking me as hard as he could, he was super big, it was the biggest cock I had that night, but I liked it one way or another.

After a few minutes of continued fucking he pulled out of my pussy and started pushing his monstrous dick into my rear fuck hole, my well fucked ass by then, and fucked me till he was very close, he pulled out and started splashing his thick creamy cock juices all over my ass, the exact same way all of his colleagues who had previously fucked me did, he had his towels next to him, cleaned my ass, zipped up, I straightened my clothes and make up, walked behind him till he walked me to my car.

Once seated in my car and started it, I started feeling some soreness in both of my ass and pussy, I must have been over fucked by those monster fuckers one after another that night, five cocks fucked me in a short period of time, some of them two at a time, and others one on one, but that was fine, I am used to such things it wasn’t the first time I got fucked that many times in a day anyway.

On my way home while driving, I decided to pull the envelope out of my purse and counted the money in it, wow! that was a lot of money, no matter how many times I got fucked, or how many dicks went through all of my fuck holes, I felt as if all the soreness was disappearing at once, feeling so happy saying to myself, if they would call me back asking me to make a ‘u’ turn to get fucked by another five dicks, I would gladly do it.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]
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