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First time sex on a yacht

SmileyGirl   May 01, 2014   | 98497 Views
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“Hold the rail – I want to explore you.” he said. I held onto the rail at the front of the boat - I was totally naked, bent over with my pussy on show to the world and I didn’t care – I felt incredible. Invincible. Sexy. And alive. banner2

We’d been together a couple of months when Rob suggested a weekend away on his yacht – just the two of us.

“The weather looks great Beck. Just bring casual clothes, swimmers and lots of sun-screen. We don’t want any exposed parts of you to burn.” he added with a wink.

I was so excited. I’d never been on a yacht before let alone slept on one. It was going to be an adventure…

We stopped on the way to the marina and picked up prawns, salads, fruits, champagne and ice. Rob seemed to know exactly what would work and I left it all in his very capable, very sexy hands.

On board Rob was busy getting the 45-foot Beneteau ready for sailing so I had a look around. I felt immediately at home and stowed my bag in the large cabin at the front. It had a huge walk-around bed.

I couldn’t resist lying on top of the white linen and looking up at the sky – I could see the blue sky above me through the huge, open skylights and feel the breeze on my face.

I found myself reaching down, lifting my skirt and moving my g-string to one side so I could slide two fingers into my moist pussy.

There was something incredibly sexy about being in a busy marina and hearing people walk by while I was fingering myself and looking up at the sky. Butterfly feelings started to run through me and I drifted into pleasure land.

Rob’s face appeared at one of the skylights – he was grinning.

“That’s my girl. Make yourself at home.”

“Come and join me?” I purred.

“Later Beck.” he smiled “I want to sail to a special place I know before dark. You take your time and enjoy.”

So I did. I took some time to have a little play with my clit and pussy looking up at the blue sky and hearing waves lap on the hull of the boat.

Mmmmmm. A great start to the weekend.

Shortly afterwards I heard the engine start so I climbed upstairs onto the deck. My pussy throbbed again when I saw Rob at the wheel steering the boat slowly out of the marina. He looked more handsome and sexy than I have ever seen him before.

Wind was blowing through his blonde hair and it sparkled in the afternoon sun. His face was totally relaxed – he was a strong, capable man clearly in his element. I sat down and alternately watched Rob and the surroundings as we headed away from the busy marina and into the peaceful waters of the bay.

Once we were in clear water Rob put the sails up and we flew along in peace and quiet with the engine off. I couldn’t take my eyes off my beautiful man – something about sailing was setting him free.

After a couple of hours we reached a secluded bay and Rob dropped the anchor.

“This is where we’re staying for the night.” he smiled.

It was a fabulous spot – a beautiful bay with tall, green cliffs around us - open to the West so we could watch the sunset later. Rob opened the champagne and poured 2 glasses.

“To endless tomorrows my beautiful lady.” he smiled raising his glass in a toast.

We clinked glasses and then sipped champagne listening to the waves lapping on the side of the boat and watching the sun start to dip towards the horizon.

As I drained my glass Rob took it gently out of my hand. He leaned forwards to kiss me.

“Are you ready to rock the boat with me beautiful?” he asked.

No words were needed as our lips met.

Rob started with tender kisses, taking his time with every corner of my lips and letting our tongues dance. Then leaving me aching for more, he gently grabbed my hair and held it so he could kiss and gently bite my neck.

I heard myself whimper, holding my mouth open for more kisses, wanting to feel our tongues meet again. But he denied me, kissing my neck, my face, my shoulders, everything but my mouth. Finally he came back to my mouth, satisfying my desire and sending sparks to my pussy.

He lifted my arms up and took my t-shirt off over my head then unhooked my bra to release my breasts. I looked around, nervous that someone might see me.

“Relax gorgeous girl – there’s no-one here.” smiled Rob.

He bent his head and gently began to suck on one nipple while he caressed the other breast. He bit playfully and then sucked again. I could feel juice start to run down my legs.

He unhooked my skirt and slid it off with my g-string. I was sitting naked on the deck of a yacht with the sun on my body – it felt amazing.

Rob pushed me gently onto my back and opened my legs. Slowly and gently he slid two fingers into my soaked pussy while he worked on my clit with his thumb. I moaned and closed my eyes – this was absolute heaven.

“Nice baby?” he asked.

I nodded – I was struggling to speak. Gradually he intensified the pressure and speed on my clit and worked his two fingers in and out of me until I couldn’t take it any longer and tipped over into my first orgasm of the night.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, baby that’s fabulous.” I moaned as the waves of pleasure crashed over me. “Oh baby I feel so gooooood.”

“Enjoy baby, Enjoy!” Rob smiled gently sliding in and out of me as the waves subsided.

I tried to sit up but Rob pushed me back down and started to kiss my inner thighs. He alternately kissed and then gently bit my thighs and groin making me writhe and wriggle – desperate for him to lick my pussy.

Then with expert skill he started to lick my hungry gash starting with the outer lips then thrusting his tongue deep inside me and tongue fucking me. Then he started long slow laps from my cunt all the way up to my clit. Each time he reached my clit he flicked it tantalisingly, and then went back to my cunt.

“Please Rob Please.” I begged grabbing his hair, “Let me cum again. Let me cum.”

But he continued to tease me, stimulating my clit just enough to get me on the brink and then moving away again. I was constantly on the edge of orgasm.

He slid 2 fingers into me and slowly moved them in and out and finally he gave me what I needed, constant, regular pressure on my clit with his magic tongue. I basked in the knowledge of certain orgasm, went higher than I’ve ever been before, then tipped over into a fabulous, warm pleasure state.

As the waves lapped onto the side of the boat, the waves of pleasure lapped over me. Rob kissed me tenderly – he tasted and smelled of me – musky and sexy. I was in a jelly-like state lying melted on the deck.

Rob stood up and slowly stripped off his shirt and shorts.

He looked so handsome in the gentle, evening light. His fabulous cock was standing to attention. I opened my mouth instinctively – I wanted to suck it so bad. I sat up and Rob was at the perfect height for me to take him in my mouth.

I took him all the way in – I wanted him deep in my throat. He grabbed my hair and fucked my face and I took everything he gave me. Then I explored his meat, gently biting him, sucking the head, rubbing his cock on my face, and sucking on his sweet balls.

Rob moaned with pleasure.

“That’s great baby, that’s so good.” he said. I enjoyed him for a while longer before he pulled out.

“Come with me.” smiled Rob holding out his hand.

We walked naked together to the front of the boat.

“Hold the rail – I want to explore you.” he said.

I held onto the rail at the front of the boat - I was totally naked, bent over with my pussy on show to the world and I didn’t care – I felt incredible. Invincible. Sexy. And alive.

“You look so beautiful Beck.” said Rob

He took his time rubbing my legs, back, ass and pussy with his whole hand.

I stared in wonder at the beautiful surroundings – the shimmering water, the setting sun and the yachts in the distance. I couldn’t believe I was bent over, naked and getting felt up by a beautiful man on a yacht.

Rob quickly slid two fingers into my gash again and worked my hole hard pumping every wall. As he found my g-spot he rubbed and I felt the familiar intensity rise. I came hard, squirting all over his hand and the deck. I screamed as the tidal wave of pleasure overcame me. I’m sure they could hear me for miles.

“Wow Wow Wow!” was all I could muster as the waves disbursed.

Rob quickly entered me with his huge cock.

Grabbing my hips, he thrust into me hard and deep. The boat started to rock with the intensity of our movement. I screamed has he upped the pace and pounded into me with everything he had. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me.

“You feel so good Beck.” he growled. “Your cunt is on fire girl.”

I just moaned and screamed. There was no way I could speak or answer him – the intensity of the surroundings and this amazing pounding was overwhelming all my senses.

Rob slowed the pace slightly and I gathered myself. Then again hard relentless pounding making me scream and yell.

Then he pulled out and directed me to the sunbaking cushions on the deck.

“Lay down beautiful – I want to see your face when I fill you with my cum.”

I lay on my back and he put my legs on his shoulders and leant on to me entering me hard and deep and pinning me to the deck. His breath was close to me and his weight on top of me was confining and utterly fabulous.

Rob found a fabulous rhythm, entering me with long, deep strokes, his pelvic bone bashing my clit with every thrust. I could feel my cunt wrapping around his meat, tightening down with every pleasure wave.

We both went higher and higher and higher together until he yelled

“Are you ready baby? I’m going to fill you with my cum!”

“I’m ready I’m ready. Give it to me.” I begged.

“Wooahhhhhggh!” Rob yelled “Arrrrrgggh!”

I felt his cock spasm and his hot cum fill me. I came again screaming with his yells. The shared intensity was unbelievable.

Rob stayed on top of me until his cock softened then rolled next to me and gathered me in his arms, kissing my face tenderly.

“How was your first sex on a yacht?” Rob asked me.

“Baby that was wonderful.” I smiled just wonderful. “Thank you.”

“Thank you beautiful lady.” he smiled stroking my face.

“And we’ve got the whole weekend ahead of us” he continued “I have plans for you my girl.”

“Sounds fabulous.” I grinned snuggling into his chest.

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