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Ash and Val go on a first date

whippingboy   October 10, 2021   | 20030 Views
“Tell me what you want, Ash!” What did I want? Wasn’t it obvious? I wanted her to lick and suck my dick! “I...”, I stammered slightly, as without breaking eye contact, she rubbed the head of my cock on her cheek, “I…” “Say it Ash!”, her eyes opened a bit more, her eyebrows arching questioningly, “say it and I’ll do it. Say it or I’ll stop!” “I… just… want… you know!?” I stammered out, my heart fluttering “Fucking hell, Ash!” Val said as she sat back, “Why can’t you even say ‘suck my dick’ what’s wrong with you?” rings

Hi, I’m Ash, short for Ashley, short for Ashley James McLeod, and I’m going to tell you a bit of a story. A story about me and the girl next door. The girl next door is Val and Val always said that her name was short for Valkyrie, but her mum said her name was Valerie. I guess that doesn’t matter a lot, you’re probably more interested in what she looks like. 

Well you’re going to have to wait for that. Starting a story about Val and jumping straight to what Val looks like while skipping over the most attractive thing about Val, would be a bit of a crime. Val was a tease, and she loved thinking about sex, and the power she had over people who were interested in sex. And specifically, the power she had over men who were interested in sex, with her. Val loved teasing, and damn if she wasn’t good at it. And I’d be damned if I wouldn’t do anything she asked me because she made me feel so alive.

Val’s family had the block of land next to my family and we became friends, not because we had much in common, but because we spent so much time together. Living in a small rural community, Val and I had shared the bus to school since we were kids. As we grew up, we’d share a car ride to town for Friday night socials, and when we went swimming with friends we’d always go together. Neither of us had brothers or sisters, and Val was only a couple of years older than me, we just grew up in each other's homes.

She snuck me my first beer and she was the first girl I kissed. Or more correctly, the first girl that kissed me, since she was the one who became curious about kissing long before I did. I just went along with it, the same way I always did when she suggested something. Not because I was weak willed or anything, just because it was always easier to just go along with Val when she wanted to do something. And, since I was a kid, I loved spending time with her, so I went along with all her plans.

Today was no different to that. We weren’t really kids any more, but the nature of our relationship hadn’t changed. She’d grabbed one of the farm trucks, and we’d driven up to a swimming hole together. Neither of us had our driver’s license, but that didn’t matter much where we lived. And to be honest, I think Val wanted to get stopped by the local police, so she could practice flirting her way out of a ticket. And just to make sure we’d have something to talk to the police about, we were both drinking beer in the car on the drive. It was a scorching hot day, and the truck didn’t have working air conditioning, so the windows were open and the music was loud and Val was throwing that truck around the corners like she was racing and we were having a great afternoon

But when we’d arrived at the swimming hole, and thrown our bags and towels down on the ground and were stripping off our shirts and things, Val cursed under her breath, “Fuck”, she started, “I forgot I was wearing these underwear…”

I wouldn’t say our families were poor, because we never went hungry, but we never had a lot of money to spend on things in town. So when it came to swimming, we just swam in our underwear and used the same towels we used at home in the bathroom. Which normally meant I was wearing my black briefs and Val was in whatever underwear she normally wore.

But what she normally wore wasn’t a black lycra micro thong. 

“Fuck, I forgot I was wearing these underwear, I guess you’re going to cop an eyefull today”, she said as she turned her back on me. 

Val, with her long curly red hair and hazel eyes. With her sunburned button nose and freckled slightly blushing face. With her long legs and small pert breasts. She unbuttoned her shirt and dropped it on her towel and wiggled her perfect bum out of her tight ripped denim shorts.

And I didn’t think I was staring, but it took a long time for my eyes to travel up her legs to find her face smiling back at me, looking over her shoulder, and the way she arched her eyebrows at me made me lose my breath.

“Why Ashley James”, she said softly, “I do believe you’ve finally noticed me!”

And so we went swimming and fooled around in the water splashing each other, and the way her small tits bounced, and the way she squealed and shrieked, spoke to me deep down inside, and my dick got really really hard.

Hey look, it wasn’t that I hadn’t noticed Val before today, believe me I’d lain awake many nights jerking myself off thinking about girls. Val was the girl I knew best, so I’d thought about her a lot. But that was wanking late at night and she’d really just been a fill in for some kind of generic girl. 

Today, Val was looking very hot, and I wanted her.

We splashed around in the water for a bit and then in a moment of calm, when neither of us was pretending we were getting even for being splashed by the other one, Val came up close to me. We were both standing up to our chests in the water and just kind of looking at each other.

“Close your eyes”, she said to me in a husky voice, her nipples of her breasts showing through her wet sports bra, bobbing in and out of the water.

I looked her in the eyes for a few seconds and liked what I saw, so I closed my eyes, and played along.

She swam up close to me and I felt her wet sports bra, pressing up against my chest. She nudged my arms up around her neck and shoulders, and I felt her hands on my waist under the water. She brought her mouth up to my ear and started whispering to me.

“Do you remember that day we kissed?”, she asked me. She could have said anything right then and it wouldn’t have mattered. Her closeness and whisper made all the hairs on my neck stand up. “For months after I kissed you, I’d touch myself every night and think of that kiss. I’d touch myself and get all wet and slippery, and I’d stuff my wet fingers into my pussy and my mouth and imagine it was your hard cock. You got me all so very flustered!”

Her hands had been moving up and down my back and I felt them at my waistband as she slipped one of her hands into my briefs and grabbed my cock.

“But the hardest part about my dreams was that I didn’t know what your cock looked like! And so do you know what I had to do?”

It took me a few moments for my brain to catch up and realize she was waiting for an answer, her hand slowly pumping my cock up and down was the center of my universe, and making my mouth do anything other than just hang open, was difficult.

“No”, I croaked, “I … I don’t know what you had to do”

Both of her hands grabbed the waistband of my briefs and slipped them down my hips and over my legs.

“I had to go and buy myself a dildo from that sex shop in town, and stuffed that in my pussy and mouth instead!” her voice was a whisper right beside my ear, so quiet, I had to focus to capture every word, “I’d imagine you holding the back of my head while you slammed your cock into my mouth and I had to struggle for breath. Fighting for every breath as my fingers rubbed my wet wet pussy.”

I opened my eyes and looked at her. She pulled back slightly and putting both hands on my chest pushed me back into the water. She giggled as she retreated away from me back onto the shore, with my briefs in her hand, waving above her like a captured flag.

“And now I want to see for myself if what I’ve been imagining all these years is actually true!

Did I mention that Val could be cruel sometimes? Sometimes she just loved to tease me about things and she could be pretty merciless when she did it. I knew, in my heart, that this was going to be one of those moments.

“Val”, I begged, “please can I have my shorts back?”

She sat down on her towel and put my briefs on my towel beside her.

“Hell no!”, she said to me, “I’ve waited long enough to see your dick and today I’m going to see it!”

She pulled another beer out of our bag, opened it, and took a long sip.

“Come on Ash, what I felt in the water felt pretty good, you haven’t got anything to be ashamed about”.

I covered myself with my hands and walked out of the water. I walked up to her, stood in front of her, and because I knew she wouldn’t settle for anything else. I moved my hands out of the way of my rock hard cock. My face was flaming red and I looked over her head at the trees behind her because I couldn’t meet her eyes.

“Holy shit!”, she exclaimed, “Ash, you are truly blessed!”

I felt her hands slide up the sides of my legs and, with a slight detour around my butt, find their way to my hard cock. She started pumping both of her hands slowly and gently on my shaft, and I let out a low raw moan.

I felt her move and I looked down and saw her kneeling in front of me, her eyes wide open and fixated on my cock as she pumped her hands slowly back and forwards. She stopped her hands for a moment and squeezed my shaft really tightly. I moaned again.

“God this is making me wet”, she said as she looked up at me, “It sounds a bit like you’re in pain there Ash! Does it feel nice, or should I stop?”

“Yes! No!”, I replied breathlessly, “It feels nice, please don’t stop!”

“Look at me Ash”, she said huskily, and I could feel her breath on the tip of my cock.

I looked down, and there she was, kneeling between my feet, her wet red hair cascading down her arched back and her perfect butt in a tight black lycra thong, her eyes sparkling up at me as her hands squeezed and pumped at my engorged penis. The head almost violently purple because of her tight grip, just in front of her open mouth.

“Tell me what you want, Ash!”

What did I want? Wasn’t it obvious? I wanted her to lick and suck my dick!

“I...”, I stammered slightly, as without breaking eye contact, she rubbed the head of my cock on her cheek, “I…”

“Say it Ash!”, her eyes opened a bit more, her eyebrows arching questioningly, “say it and I’ll do it. Say it or I’ll stop!”

“I… just… want… you know!?” I stammered out, my heart fluttering

“Fucking hell, Ash!” Val said as she sat back, “Why can’t you even say ‘suck my dick’ what’s wrong with you?”

She let go of my cock and flopped back on her towel, frustration written deep all over her face.

“Was I fucking unclear?” she pleaded, “Were you getting mixed signals or something? I’ve got a brain Ash, I need some talking with my fucking, you need to engage here!”

“I’m sorry”, I said as I sat down on the towel beside her and took her hands, “I’d really like it if you sucked me, you know, if you want to.

She shook my hands off and pushed me down onto my towel, and flopped back down beside me on her towel.

“If I want to? Fuck Ash, was there any doubt there that I wanted to? Did I not just tell you that I’d flick my fucking bean every night before I went to sleep imagining you pounding my throat so hard I couldn’t breath? Did I not just fucking tell you that?” Her voice was quavering with emotion and her eyes, so bright just moments ago, suddenly filled with tears.

Have you ever felt like you were about to win the whole wide world just to have it snatched away from you at the last moment? Like maybe you were watching the lottery, and all the numbers that were called out were on your ticket, and you circled them all and double and triple checked them and went to collect your prize only to discover your ticket was from the week before and you won nothing?

That was about how I was feeling just then.

“Tell me what to do!”, I blurted out to Val, “Tell me what to do Val, please, I’ll do anything. I… I just can’t say it, I can’t talk like that. I’m afraid that I’ll say something dirty and you'll hate me for it. Forever. Like I’ll say something, and you’ll never talk to me again. That you’ll never look at me the same way. Please Val, I’m too afraid to say what I want in case it isn’t what you want. And I couldn’t stand that! I couldn’t stand not being with you! I’ll do anything...”

Val looked over at me and her face changed a bit, and she looked quizzically at me.

“Well shit”, she said softly, “that might have just got you off the hook, mister. That might have been about the only thing that you could have said just then that made any sense at all!”

She sat up slowly and ran a fingernail down the length of my cock, watching as it twitched in reaction. She sat up beside me and moved over so she was sitting on my thighs, looking down at me. Her tears were gone and she looked like she was thinking hard. She peeled her wet sports bra off, revealing her small perfect breasts, and dropped it beside her.

“You can put your hands on my tits”, she said, guiding my hands with her own, “be gentle with them”.

My mouth went dry as I stroked her breasts gently with my hands. Her small nipples began to stiffen slightly as my thumbs brushed them, and encouraged, I worked at them gently. I felt my dick begin to harden again, as she squeezed and stroked it with both hands. She moved forward slightly, until her lycra covered mound was above my cock, and started rubbing against me, squashing my dick between her mound and my stomach. It felt amazing and I moaned in encouragement.

“And since you lack the ability to communicate with anything other than a hard cock and moaning, I’m going to be the one saying what to do'', she looked me in the eyes and found some kind of agreement there, so she took my hands from her breasts, pushed them down beside my hips and pinned them with her legs. She leaned down to whisper in my ear again, like she had when we’d been in the water.

“And you’re going to do what I ask you to do, when I ask you to do it, without arguing with me, as long as your dick is hard and you’re moaning in pleasure. Aren’t you?”

She ground her pussy against my cock, arching her back as though she was trying to focus the entire weight of her body, unto her lycra clad pussy, to crush my cock against my pelvis. 

“God, yes!”, I said, and whether I was agreeing with what she was doing, or what she was saying, didn’t seem that important right at that moment.

I felt her fingernails scratching and flicking gently at my nipples and she began to work herself into a bit of rhythm sliding back and forwards along the length of my penis, the thin lycra, already damp from swimming, slowly becoming wetter and wetter from her own excitement.

My cock had never felt this hard before, it was as though with every movement when she slid forward, she forced blood to the end of my dick, and then she slid back and let some more into my cock, and then she squeezed all that into the tip with her next movement. I tried to move my hands out to grab her breasts but she kept them pinned at my side with her knees. 

Her hands found my chest again, and she dug all her fingernails in as hard as she could. She raked her fingernails again and again down my chest and I could feel them biting deeply into my skin.   

She hooked both of her feet over my thighs, to get them off the ground, and grabbed the end of my cock with one of her hands, bending it back against her as she smashed her pussy into me.

“Lift me off the ground”, she moaned at me, “lift me off the ground with your big fat cock!”

So I pushed the palms of my hands into the ground and arched my back as hard as I could and I lifted her off the ground. Lifting both of us as high as I could onto my feet and shoulders. I felt her losing balance, but the hand that wasn’t strangling my cock, found my chest and dug in and she bucked against me and I felt my orgasm building.  

“Tell me you’re going to do what I tell you”, she gasped out at me, “That you’ll do whatever I tell you!”

“Yes, I will”, I agreed, “Yes, I’ll do anything! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

The pace of her bucking back and forth suddenly changed, her back arched and she turned her face up towards the sky and I felt a shudder go through her. Her fist clenched around my cock as tightly as she could, crushing it against her.

“Yessss!”, the sound that came out of her didn’t even sound like a word, it was like an animal noise.

“Yesss!” I agreed, and unable to hold back any longer, I spurted hot cum all over her clenched fist, and I collapsed back down to the ground, unable to hold my back arched any longer.

Our eyes met, and while we had both met the immediate needs of our carnal appetites, I could see that Val was far from finished. Her hand on my chest slid forward around the back of my neck, and she ran her fingers into my short hair and clenched them into a fist.

“Lick your cum off my fingers”, she said softly, and moved her sticky messy hand up in front of my face, “lick them clean and then I’m going to suck your cock”.

She pulled firmly with the hand that was entwined in my hair and my head moved back slightly.

“I don’t want to!” I'd planned to say as I opened my mouth, but I only got as far as “I…” when she jambed her fingers into my mouth.

“This is so hot”, she whispered in my ear, “stick your hand in my knickers and finger me, while you suck my hand clean”.

I felt my cheeks go scarlet in embarrassment, as I sucked my salty cum off her fingers. But I eagerly slipped my hand under the edge of her soaking panties and started fingering her. She released my hair and grabbed the wrist of my hand and adjusted it under her, I slipped a finger into her and started rubbing frantically.

“GENTLY!”, she barked at me as I rubbed her, “Fucking hell”. The hand that had my wrist let go and I felt her fingers near mine, pushing past them she began to touch herself frantically.

She was jamming her hand quite hard into my mouth and I began to choke a little, but she seemed to be too distracted with finding her rhythm with her own fingers and mine to care too much. I tried to turn my mouth away, but she wasn’t letting me get away easily. I was gagging on her fingers and unable to breath, and she wasn’t letting me take her hand out of my mouth, and I was panicking and thrashing around trying to breathe, but even in that state when I looked up, I saw Val as I’d never seen her before.

She was riding me like a mechanical bull, fighting to stay on top of me as I fought to get her hand out of my mouth, so that I could breathe again. Getting off on me struggling underneath her, her back arched and her head thrown back, completely uninhibited, living in that hedonistic moment as waves of pleasure rolled through her.

And I thought to myself, “Who am I to deny her this pleasure? What greater service could I offer her, than to just bend to her will in every way that she could want? And, you know what? If I die, I die!”

She shuddered again, goosebumps covering her breasts, and she spasmed on top of me. She ripped her hand out of my mouth and with both hands, pulled my hand out of her knickers. She shuddered again and collapsed on top of me, sliding down beside me.

“Don’t say a fucking word!”, she said huskily. 

She slipped the hand that had been in her knickers around my neck and gently started stroking my lips with her fingertips. I could smell her on them and I leaned into it. Parting my lips, I eagerly sucked her fingers into my mouth, and savoured the taste of her from her own fingers.

We lay there under the shade of a willow tree with the sound of the stream beside us and as I felt my heart rate settle, I relaxed and felt her breath on my neck and her firm breasts up against my back. I knew that life could never get any better than this.

The hand that wasn’t having its fingers licked clean slid softly up my side, wandered exploritorally over my chest, and pinched each of my nipples in turn. It then slid down to my cock and began to massage it back to life.

“Ashley James McLeod”, Val whispered in my ear, “you touched me just how I needed to be touched, so I’m going to give you one last chance to tell me what you want me to do to you. One last chance, you got that?”

I didn’t really need to think about it too hard.

“Marry me”, I said to her, “Marry me Valkyrie, and make me yours forever!”

“Good choice”, she said, “good choice!”

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