This is How it all started (prostitution) (part 3)

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It all started as family help and support, ended up being professional prostitution stepmom

By Dina Petro

Continued from part 2 of same story

Writer’s Note “Dear fans and readers, all characters in this story are of 18 years old and older, this is a genuine true story, but not of my own life, it is of a close friend’s life, all names and places mentioned are replaced by fake ones to protect the personalities of people involved, I will be writing it in the first person as if she was speaking to you…”

At a certain time, I was working as a prostitute with Damien as my manager, people got to know me much more than Damien’s shop, he even felt he was making money off of my body much more than he made off his shop, of course I was making same amount of money as we always split fifty, fifty.

At that time, it was fair for both of us, he provided me with the safe, comfortable place to fuck my customers, he also provided me with customers as he knew a long chain of people through his shop, and I was doing the action itself, to please those men he got in the apartment he availed, and we split the money I earned, maybe it doesn’t sound fair, having fifty percent of my body earning as a prostitute for availing place and customers, but for me then, as a beginner, I would not be able to do it without him, that is why he deserved what he took.

While working for Damien in his tailor shop, I knew he fucked most of his female customers, especially the married wives who came in to take measurements for their dresses, he would always flirt with them, ends up touching their bodies at sensitive areas till he finally gets to fuck them, most of them were middle aged ones of thirties or so, but not all, some were much older and others where much younger.

I would say most of his female customers used to come to the shop much earlier, when I was still at school, the reason was choosing the times, when their hubbies where at work, pretending to come for their new dresses, but they would actually enjoy some drinks with Damien and some sex too, even fucking him and some of his friends like I did first.

The second major turning point of my life, or I should say my sexual life was when I came to work one day finding one of those middle-aged women, a real good-looking woman of early thirties, dressed sexy in super expensive clothes, I was told by Damien that, she was a very rich woman who usually seeks rare designs of dresses and never wanted anyone else to have that design, and she used to pay him generously.

Damien told me, he had always tried his best to get closer to that woman, but he never could get any closer, she was always serious, strict and direct forward, she would come and look at the designs; take the measurements and leaves on the spot as he said.

I came in early that day, because one of our teachers was absent, as soon as I walked in, Damien introduced us to each other saying “Maria, please meet Mrs. Anderson, she is one of our important customers” then he looked at her saying “Please meet Maria, my assistant”.

She shook hands with me, smiling and saying, “Your assistant seems very good looking and young Damien?”

He said “Yes she works for me part time to help her family with house expenses”

Damien looked at her again saying “Mrs. Anderson, I believe that new model, would look good on Maria, if you want to see it on someone else before you try it on? although I think it would be too short and too tight for you, I mean it would be a little too brave to wear, revealing a lot of your…you know?”

She smiled saying “Yes, that sounds like a good idea, why don’t you try it on for us, sweet cutie” wow, she called me “sweet cutie “, as Charlie used to do, which I felt was nice of her, I nodded smiling, took the dress from Damien’s hand and went inside to try it on, the dress looked very expensive and very fancy, made of silky light material, it looked so little in my hand, I knew it would not cover much of my body.

Once I put the dress on, my bra would show no matter what I did to hide it, as the dress was very much low on the top cut, and was so tight hugging my body, outlining my underwear, making it look ugly under it, that is when I took the decision to wear it without my undies or bra, but looking at myself in the mirror, I was seminude, most of my body was showing, and whatever was supposed to be hidden under the dress, was outlined by the dress as it was so tight and very light as well, meaning, I would say I looked naked in that dress, but it looked so good on me, making me dream of owning such a dress one day, I knew it would turn some heads making make many cocks rise under men’s pants in the street, if I walk like that, I imagined making a lot more money even if I just walked in it, showing customers.

As soon as I walked out of the bedroom towards them, I expected the reaction of Damien as I knew he loved my body, he fucked me many times, and I knew him well enough to expect his reaction, but what I did not expect at all was, the lower jaw of Mrs. Anderson dropping almost to the ground as soon as she saw me.

The lady was speechless, her eyes mesmerized on my body, looking me in full details, top to toe, I really blushed red, feeling as if a “pussy hungry man” was checking my body out that way, it was not easy to make me blush at that stage, I was already a formal prostitute, getting fucked and touched by men many times a day, but a woman to look at me in that manner, that was something new to me.

Not only I decided to wear the dress on bare skin body, but I also used the highest pair of heels we got in that bedroom, I knew such a dress would go well with high heels, but again, the high heels made my ass stick outwards much more than it normally did, showing in that sexy dress.

Other than the whistles of Damien at the beginning, it was a total silence in the room, then she murmured her first words “Oh my God, where the hell did you get that Damien?”

He said “I knew you would love it, and it would be a breath taking, once you wear it”

She looked at him saying “Who the fuck is taking about the dress Damien? I am talking about that gorgeous piece of art under that dress, the girl”

I looked down, blushing further saying “Thank you Mrs. Anderson that was a nice compliment, I hope I deserve?”

She looked me eye to eye, I felt her eyes were full of lust, something I would only see in the eyes of a man while checking my naked body for the first time, I was embarrassed again, looking down, trying to avoid her lustful and very strange look at me, but she seems to have noticed my being uncomfortable and said smiling, “First of all, the Name is Lisa, not Mrs. Anderson, I would like you to call me Lisa please” she got up, walked closer to me, looked at all parts of my body, concentrated on the upper parts of my tits and cleavage, and on my thighs and ass as well.

She looked at Damien, then at me, then she kind of placed her hand over my ass cheek feeling it and saying “you seem to have dropped the undies, did you?”

I smiled saying, “Yes, they looked odd under it, so I had to”

She smiled saying, “what a great, wise decision you have just made”

Her hand was still on my ass as if it was glued to it, her eyes mesmerized on my body, she looked me in the eyes again and said something that surprised me and Damien as well, she said “if Damien could manage to shorten this dress by an inch or two, then I would definitely buy it, not for me, but I would pay you twice the salary he pays in in a month, just for you to wear it for me for one hour only”

Damien was shocked saying “and what would you do during that hour?”
she smiled saying “none of your business, she would be the only one to find out, and if she agrees to it, she would be rich”

later on, Damien told me, he had never ever heard that woman talk like that, she would even rarely smile, he said “well, Maria needs the money bad, and maybe we could work something out, you could make a rehearsal in that room” pointing at the bedroom.

She looked at me saying “Really? Would you Maria?” I kept quiet, shocked actually, until that moment, I did not know what neither of them meant, I heard nothing and knew nothing about woman-to-woman sex, I wasn’t even thinking about it at that moment.

Lisa got closer to me, her body almost touching mine, facing each other, placed a hand over my ass again, rubbed it softly and whispered in my ear, “Forget about him, just do what I tell you to do, would you?” I was still quiet, smiled looking her in the eyes.

She grabbed her purse from the chair, pulled my hand and walked me behind her into the room saying “Don’t you move a foot from where you are Damien, not until you see us both again through that door, clear?”

He smiled saying “Yes mam, loud and clear”

As soon as we were inside the room, she opened her purse up, got a wallet and pulled a good, fat bundle of money out of it, handed it to me saying “this is all yours baby, just take it?”

I said “what for, what shall I do in return?”

She smiled saying “nothing at all, just obey my orders and instructions and I guarantee you full satisfaction and pleasure, you seem to be so fresh to what I have on mind, I have a feeling you would love it, just trust me would you?”

I looked at the money in her hand, which looked so tempting, smiled then looked at her eyes again, she kissed me on the cheek, rubbing my ass again saying “take them sweetie, just trust me, you won’t regret it” I took the money and placed them away.

She hugged me so close, wrapped her arms around me and gave me the longest, most passionate kiss on the lips, twisting her tongue in my mouth, I was frozen first, then started cooperating with her, true I did not feel a thing in the beginning, but once she pulled back, got on her knees in front of me, looking at my body, upwards, feeling my legs, thighs, bringing her hand higher under my dress.

She got up again, hugged me so close while both of her hands rubbed my ass, then whispered in my ear “baby, if you walk down the street with this dress, not only you would see tents poking the men’s pants, but you would see women’s nipples hardening too, you may even notice some liquids seeping down the women’s legs”

I smiled saying “you don’t mean that about women do you?”

She smiled holding my hand saying “want to find out by yourself?” she pulled my hand under her skirt to her pussy over the panties, I felt her panties soaking wet, almost dripping juices from her pussy.

She looked me in the eyes saying “that is what you have done to me, so can you imagine?” she pushed me to bed, lay me on my back and started passing her hand, her tongue all over my body, till she got me naked and got between my legs.

True it was the first time I have ever been with a woman till that moment, but she sure made me cum three time while she was licking, eating and finger fucking my pussy, she proved being right to me, she was one hell of a pussy eater, that was the first time, I have ever made prostitution money on women, but not the last.

That woman fucked me at least ten times after that incident, each time she would pay me much more than the one before, I had other female customers of Damien fuck and pay me as well, and finally I started having female friends for fun even on my days off from school and from work, becoming a genuine bisexual hooker.

Finally I came to a point where I could not stand it anymore, I told Damien, I could not be that rich, having that much money piling in my bank account while my mother still works so hard, I can even afford buying her a new house now and a car too, why not let her live the real life she deserved.

He said “are you going to tell her you work as a prostitute and you make all that money, you are spending on her off your pussy and ass efforts?”

I said “Not really, but we can find a way to go around it, can’t we?”

Finally we found the perfect way, we told mom that Damien’s business was going well, making lots of money, he started giving me a percentage of his income for helping him, but it did not work that much, the percentage would be very low, not enough for me to give her tons of money.

Finally, as I knew how much Damien needed me depending on my body for most of his income, I told him “Listen, if you want to continue earning lots of money using my body, you have to announce marrying me, at least in front of my mother and sisters, this way we could help them out, it could be just virtual marriage, on papers”

He hesitated a few days, but finally approved of it, that is when we had a ceremony and I found the best way to ask mom to stop working and bought them a new house in a nice neighborhood, my sisters started going to a decent college.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]

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